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Welcome to the Awesome Office Show, the podcast that’s all about leading people, creating culture, and inspiring Awesome for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Each week we talk to an inspiring leader leading and awesome company and learn what it takes to create a winning business and all-around Awesome Office. This is a behind the curtain look that you’re not going to find anywhere else. If you care about developing stellar cultures that provide lasting value for employees, customers, and shareholders, then this is the podcast for you. The Awesome Office Show is co-hosted by SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly and Hughes Marino's Sean Spear. Similar to Entreleadership, HBR Ideacast, Tim Ferriss, NPR's How I Built This, Smart Passive Income.

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The Awesome Office Show is all about helping you lead people, create culture, and inspire Awesome at your company. Each week we talk to a business leader, entrepreneur, HR pro, or engagement specialist at the most successful and buzzed about companies in the country, and learn their most actionable tips, tactics, and best practices - and share them with you. This is a behind the curtain look that you’re not going to find anywhere else. If you care about developing stellar cultures that provide lasting value for employees, customers, and shareholders, then this is the podcast for you. The Awesome Office Show is hosted by SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly. Similar to Entreleadership and HBR Ideacast.
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How to Achieve 7x Growth While Giving Your Team More Ownership, w/ WorldBlu FounderTraci Fenton

Reminder - we’re combining the Awesome Office and Brand Builder podcasts into one show. (Think of it as Awesome Office 2.0.) What’s different? In a way, not a lot. We’ll still do culture-focused features and interviews every other Thursday, led by host...
SnackNation author

How “Inside the Box” Innovation Helped Project 7 Disrupt the Gum Industry

Exciting news - we’re combining the Awesome Office and Brand Builder podcasts. Think of it as Awesome Office 2.0. What’s different? In a way, not a lot. We’ll still do culture-focused features and interviews every other Thursday, led by host Sean Kelly...
SnackNation author

Top 5 Shortcuts To Scale Your Brand, with M13's Courtney Reum

We’re currently experiencing a golden age for startup brands. It’s easier today to launch, build, and scale a consumer brand than perhaps any other time in history. But that’s not to say it’s easy. Startup brands still face obstacles, old and new, incl...
SnackNation author

How Scott Painter is Turning Fairness Into a Global Brand, with Fair and True Car founder Scott Painter

This week’s Awesome Office guest is a builder of disruptive brands. We’re talking about Scott Painter, probably best known as the founder and CEO of both True Car and Cars Direct. He’s made a name for himself by launching and leading companies that ant...

The 12 Dos and Don’ts of Employee Appreciation

Today is Employee Appreciation Day, but this week’s Awesome Office episode is not about that. (Well, not really....) Our focus this week isn’t how to appreciate your employees once a year - or even once in a while. It’s about creating a year-round cult...
SnackNation author

How to Maximize Joy in the Workplace, Richard Sheridan Redux

This week we dig into the Awesome Office archives to bring you one of our absolute favorite conversations. From kid programmer in 1971 to Forbes cover story in 2003, Joy, Inc. author and Menlo Innovations CEO Richard Sheridan has never shied from chall...
SnackNation author

How to Build an Authentic Culture from the Bottom-Up, w/ SnackNation's Joey Joyce

Building an authentic, employee-led company culture is what most of aspire to. It can be the key to making your org a magnet for talent. Retention and engagement suddenly become a breeze. The problem - it’s a lot easier said than done. As always, we’re...
SnackNation author

13 Tips for Throwing a Kick-Ass Company Summit

Is your company locked in departmental silos? Has communication stalled out? Is energy down, or morale dipped a little low? A Company Summit might just be what the doctor ordered. Company Summits are a great way to unleash your creativity and tap into ...
SnackNation author

How to Manage the Whole Person, w/ SnackNation President and COO Ryan Schneider

By now you’re probably familiar with the concept of "work-life integration," which is rapidly replacing the outdated notion of "work-life balance." Work-life integration simply acknowledges the reality that work is a major part of our lives. Most of us...
SnackNation author

How a Ketogenic Diet Can Help You Achieve Your 2018 Health Goals, with author Mark Sisson

In our last episode we focused on 2018 goal setting. Considering that health- and fitness-related goals account for nearly half of all New Year's resolutions, there's a good chance that a many of you are currently engaged in the noble struggle of eatin...
SnackNation author

Forgot to Set 2018 Goals? Here’s the Procrastinator’s Guide to Winning the Year

The New Year has a way of sneaking up on us.  During the hectic months of November and December, we sprint like crazy to hit our Q4 goals. The next thing you know, it’s the holidays, and family obligations kick in. Blink, and it's January 1st... and we...
SnackNation author

How to Hack Your Job for Optimal Meaning and Fulfillment

According to a 2014 survey of 20,000 U.S. employees, only 36% of workers find meaning in their work. In other words, nearly two thirds of employees don’t find their jobs meaningful at all. If that statistic alarms you (it should), or if you find yourse...
SnackNation author

How to Become a Magnet for Talent & Build a Top Performing Team, with ForceBrands CEO Josh Wand

Josh Wand believes that entrepreneurs need to "find their magic." What does that mean? Simply that entrepreneurs need to discover the things they do that nobody else can duplicate. By all accounts Josh has found his. He's a master connector, providing ...
SnackNation author

How to Develop an Irresistible Employer Brand, with SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly

“Employer Brand” is a pretty buzzy word these days. It seems like it's on the lips of every recruiter, HR pro, and CEO as they try and figure out how to differentiate their workplace from the rest.  But is it just a buzzword, or something more meaningf...
SnackNation author

How to Discover Your Unique Ability - and Bring It Out in Others

Think about the one thing you love to do. It could be a task you perform in your job, in school, or in your everyday life. This is the thing that energizes you when you think about it, and motivates you to get up every day. When you're doing it, time s...
SnackNation author

How FabFitFun Made the Swag Bag a Big Business, w/ FabFitFun co-CEO Daniel Broukhim

You could say that FabFitFun is one of the more successful subscription box companies out there - and you wouldn’t be wrong - but I’m guessing that co-founder and co-CEO Daniel Broukhim might not totally agree. That’s because he and his team see FabFit...
SnackNation author

How Deep River is Changing the World with Culture, w/ Deep River Snacks CEO Jim Goldberg

This week we’ve got an in-depth look at one of the most inspiring and authentic company cultures that we've ever come across - Deep River Snacks. If you want to understand Deep River Snacks, look no further than their infamous tagline - “Because we giv...
SnackNation author

How to Become a Better Public Speaker at Work

For most people, it's scarier than dying. Of course, we're talking about public speaking, the most dreaded of all workplace activities. Despite the fear, public speaking is an incredibly useful skill for employees - and not just executives. It's an eff...
SnackNation author

How to Lead with Radical Candor

Radical Candor is de rigeur in business these days. It's a concept that pops up again and again - in business books, conference keynotes, and even, dare I say, podcasts. But what is Radical Candor? And how do you pull it off with alienating people? (I....
SnackNation author

Advanced Hiring Secrets w/ Sean Kelly

Have you ever wondered where the word 'company' comes from? Most of us use it interchangeably with 'business,' but it's not quite the same thing. It's actually a lot simpler than that. The etymology tells us that company is a military term that simply ...
SnackNation author

Introducing Brand Builder

This week we’ve got something a little different. We’re debuting a brand new podcast called Brand Builder, and we’re giving Awesome Office listeners an exclusive first listen. Brand Builder is a new podcast from the folks behind Awesome Office that bri...
SnackNation author

How to Approach Your Day Like a CEO

These days, CEOs are kind of the new rockstars. Our collective obsession with entrepreneurship and innovation has transformed the Zuckerbergs, Musks, and Bezos’ of the world into pop culture icons. It can be easy to forget that Chief Executive Officer ...

How to Adopt The Champion’s Mindset, w/ NFL Running Back Reggie Bush

At Awesome Office, we often say that your company is like a sports team, and I think after hearing this interview you’ll definitely agree. This week we’re bring you a conversation with Reggie Bush Yes, that Reggie Bush: Super Bowl Champion, two-time NC...

How to Transform Your Company by Creating a Culture of Deep Connection

This week on the podcast we’re featuring a recent presentation that I gave at the Human Capital Institute conference in San Francisco. It’s all about transforming your company - not with things like new technology or processes or management techniques ...

How Top Performers Train their Minds to Win, w/ Dr. Glenn Fox of USC’s Performance Science Institute

When we think about training for high performance, we usually think about training our bodies. We might even think about working our craft. But how often do we consider training our emotions? Not very often, right? Well, if we care about performance, t...
The Awesome Office Show | Similar to Entreleadership and HBR Ideacast author

How to Turn Your Biggest Competitor Into Your Best Friend

Starting a business is hard. Scaling a business is much harder. That’s one of the biggest takeaways from our interview with Brandon Weber, the co-founder and chief product officer of VTS. VTS is the world's leading asset management and leasing platform...

How to Know When a Pivot is the Right Move, with Hutch CEO & Co-Founder Beatrice Fischel-Bock

We all want to experience success. But how do you get there? Is it a straight line? When do you know to adjust course or make big moves away from your original strategy? This episode will dive into all of this. HUTCH is a Los Angeles company that boast...
The Awesome Office Show | Similar to Entreleadership and HBR Ideacast author

Why You Should Care About the Current State of Education, w/ SeekU Co-Founder Avriel Epps

At Awesome Office, we think that education is magic. If you've heard the show, you know we're big on personal growth, and there are few things as crucial to growth as investing in yourself via education. But our current system of higher education isn’t...

Why Virtual Reality is Going to Change Your Life, with Survios Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer James Iliff

Sometimes Virtual Reality gets a bad rap. Everything new is a little scary, and there’s a fear on the part of some that widespread adoption of VR means that we’ll somehow get “lost in the Matrix.” But as this week’s guest James Iliff tells us, that isn...
The Awesome Office Show | Similar to Entreleadership and HBR Ideacast author

Why Work Environment Can Be Your Biggest Competitive Advantage, with Russell Shubin of Shubin Donaldson

We’ve talked a lot about why your work environment is so important when it comes to maintaining an outstanding company culture, but no one has summed it up as succinctly as this week’s guest, Russell Shubin: “Form follows intention.” These three simp...
Awesome Office author

How to Scale Giving and Fun, with Movember’s Adam Garone

How do you start a global philanthropic movement? If this week’s guest is any indication, all it really takes is a few beers and about 30 mustaches. Seriously. According to Adam Garone, that’s exactly how The Movember Foundation was born way back in 20...
Awesome Office | Similar to Entreleadership, How I Built This, and HBR Ideacast. author

How Irrational Generosity Drives Today’s Most Successful Leaders, with PTTOW! and Worldz CEO Roman Tsunder

Rarely do you meet someone who exudes as much positivity, joy, and generosity as today’s guest, Roman Tsunder. Roman is the CEO and co-founder of PTTOW! and Worldz, two premier events that unite the top business leaders from around the globe. What star...

AO 100 - Ten Quotes That Will Make You a More Successful Leader

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Awesome Office show. Yep, you read that correctly - 100 episodes. (Crazy, right?) Those of you who have been on this journey with us from the beginning know that the show has evolved a bit over these past 99 episodes...

How Erik Oberholtzer Turned Tender Greens Into a Multi-Million Dollar Success with Conscious Capitalism

Food for thought - what we eat matters. It might seem obvious, but the daily decision about what we eat has implications that ripple through our lives in unexpected ways. It’s not just about how our food choices affect things like our mood and overall ...

How Self-Driving Cars Will Reshape the Way We Live and Work, w/ Fifth Wall Co-Founder Brendan Wallace

Did you ever wonder why we’re so passionate about creating awesome offices? It’s really pretty simple - Where you work often determines how you work. And how you work ultimately determines your success.  This week’s guest is Brendan Wallace, the co-fou...

How hmbldt Plans to Become the Coca-Cola of Cannabis, w/ hmbldt CEO Gunner Winston

Hmbldt CEO Gunner Winston doesn’t want to settle for best-in-class. In part, that’s because hmbldt’s space - the cannabis industry - is so nascent, that beating their competitors just isn’t a big enough challenge. But more than that, Gunner sees medica...

How to Become A World-Class Communicator - Hank Fortener Redux

This week we’re going back to the archives, to bring you one of our earliest and best guests, Hank Fortener. Hank Fortener is an adoption expert, speaker, and sought-after authority on culture and leadership. As the founder of and Wor...

Why Hawke Media Just Does it Better, with Hawke Media CEO Erik Huberman

Ask Erik Huberman what sets Hawke Media apart from other marketing agencies, and he doesn’t mince words: “Most agencies suck.” In fact, that’s one of the main reasons that Erik founded Hawke Media more than three years ago. Hawke Media is an “outsource...

How Esports Became Bigger than Baseball, with Team Liquid COO Mike Milanov

In case you haven’t heard, esports are kind of a big deal. They’ve attracted massive worldwide audiences, sold out live events at Staple Center and Madison Square Garden in mere minutes, and boast an aggregate viewership that has eclipsed traditional s...

Sun Basket’s Recipe for Startup Success, w/ Sun Basket founder and CEO Adam Zbar

How’s this for a recipe for success: Work at McKinsey. Go to film school. Take over a high-level strategy role when your colleague has a mental breakdown. Start your first company in your mid-thirties. Sound a bit... circuitous? Well it's precisely the...

How An Appetite for Risk Helped MeUndies Ship More than 3 Million Pairs of Underwear, with MeUndies CEO Bryan Lalezarian

Sometimes being the company that VCs just don’t “get” can actually work to your advantage. Take MeUndies, the wildly successful direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand on a mission to produce the world’s most comfortable and sustainable underwear. After a s...

How Grit Helped Kimberly Fowler Pioneer the Hybrid Fitness Category, with YAS founder and CEO Kimberly Fowler

There’s no one out there who embodies the idea of “enjoying the journey” quite like today’s guest, YAS founder and CEO Kimberly Fowler. YAS stands for Yoga And Spinning, and is a pioneering hybrid fitness concept that combines yoga for athletes with th...

How to Coach Your Company to Win Championships - Jason Nazar Revisited

This week we’re going back to the archives for one of our very favorite episodes, our conversation with Jason Nazar. Jason Nazar, is the co-Founder and CEO at Comparably, a company whose mission is to make work better by providing the most accurate and...

LIfe Lessons from the World Series of Poker, with Crowdfunder co-founder Rafe Furst

Rafe Furst has a reputation for being ahead of the curve, a knack for identifying new technologies and consumer trends well before they become mainstream. He also has the track record to back it up.   Since beginning his career in Silicon Valley in the...

Does this Business Hold the Key to Solving LA's Homeless Crisis? w/ The Giving Keys President Brit Gilmore

The Giving Keys has put up some impressive numbers under president Brit Gilmore’s watch: 70+ employees. 1400 retail stores around the globe that sell their products. Half a million keys sold to date. But there’s another, even more impressive number. 10...

Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Be on Shark Tank? Rareform’s Aric Avedissian Can Tell You

By all accounts, LA’s Rareform was doing pretty well. They had a unique product that was clearly resonating with Millennial consumers - one of a kind bags and accessories made from repurposed vinyl billboards. Then a little thing called “Shark Tank” ha...

How Los York Became One of the Top Content Agencies in America By Creating “Holy Shit” Moments, with Founder Seth Epstein

If you ask Seth Epstein what his company, Los York, does, he could tell you that that they create "culture defining content" for top brands like Samsung, Motorola, and JBL. He could tell you that they're the creative agency of record for the Jordan bra...

The Future of Workplace Culture, with Rising Realty founder and president Chris Rising

There's no doubt about it - big changes are coming. New technologies like artificial intelligence and automation will fundamentally alter the way we work. But what will that look like, and how should companies adapt? This week on the show co-host Sea...

Why A Great Team Beats a Great Idea Every Time, Pt. 2 with Cross Campus CEO Ronen Olshansky

Is it better to bet on a company with a great idea but with a team of B-level players, or one stacked with A-level talent working on an average idea? It’s a question that early-stage investors have debated for decades, but for this week’s guest there's...

Why Everything You Think You Know about Culture is Wrong, with Invite Manager CEO Tony Knopp

When you hear the word “company culture,” what comes to mind? If you picture a whimsical work environment filled with highly social Millennial co-workers, cruising around on hoverboards and gathering around the company’s kegerator on Friday (or Tuesday...