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Daily discussion, music, politics& poetry with a Scottish #indyref theme curated by David Greig and friends. Guests change each day, and include Nicola Sturgeon, Jim Sillars, Karine Polwart and more.

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David Greig and friends present a lunchtime #indyref show at Edinburgh Fringe 2014
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Sun 24 Aug 2014 – A New Scottish National Anthem

It’s Time To Leave The Capsule If You DareCountdown to Indy - A New Scottish National Anthem With Drew Wright, Kieran Hurley, Dumb Instrument, Janice Galloway, Bram Gieben, Annie Grace and Ruth Wishart.

Sat 23 Aug 2014 – Living Independence

Hang On To YourselfLiving Independence

Fri 22 Aug 2014 – Exploring The Common Weal

So Wiped Out With Things As They AreExploring The Common Weal With Robin McAlpine, Peter Arnott, Jenny Lindsay, Laura Eaton-Lewis and Hector MacInnes.

Thu 21 Aug 2014 – The London Scots

Floating In A Most Peculiar WayThe London Scots With Stephen Greenhorn, Rona Munro, David Greig, Linda McLean, David Morgan, Adam Ramsay and Lach.

Wed 20 Aug 2014 – Women and Scottish Independence

Suffragette City Women and Independence With Tasmina Sheikh, Kate Higgins, Elaine C Smith, David Greig, Kirstin Innes, Tracey S Rosenberg and Laura Eaton-Lewis. Three of the most prominent female voices in the Yes Campaign – Tasmina Sheikh, Kate Higgin...

Tue 19 Aug 2014 – Sport, Dreams and Independence

We Could Be HeroesSport, Dreams and Independence

Mon 18 Aug 2014 – The Media in Scotland

Waiting for The Gift of Sound and VisionThe Media in Scotland With Iain Macwhirter, Derek Bateman, Kirstin Innes, Fiona Ferguson, Peter Arnott, Ross Colquhoun, Rob Mackenzie and Martin Lynch.

Sun 17 Aug 2014 – Sunday Session with Karine Polwart

In Her Frock Coat and Bibbety Bobbety HatSunday Session With Rachel Newton, David Greig, Luke Wright, Amy Geddes, Camille O'Sullivan and Adie Elias Baako.

Sat 16 Aug 2014 – Wales and an Independent Scotland

The Dragons Have Been BledWales and an Independent Scotland With Neil Murray, Buddug James Jones, Sarah Jane Leigh, Catrin Dafydd and A New International.

Fri 15 Aug 2014 – Lesley Riddoch interview – Could Scotland Blossom?

Moonage DaydreamsCould Scotland Blossom?

Thu 14 Aug 2014 – Ireland and an Independent Scotland

Tony Went To Fight In BelfastIreland and an Independent Scotland

Wed 13 Aug 2014 – We Need To Talk about England

From Ibiza to The Norfolk BroadsWe Need To Talk about England

Tue 12 Aug 2014 – The Yes Campaign

Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly DazedThe Yes Campaign

Mon 11 Aug 2014 – What Would a Scottish Foreign Policy Look Like?

Algeria TouchshriekWhat Would A Scottish Foreign Policy Look Like?

Sun 10 Aug 2014 – Sunday Session with Cora Bissett

So Swishy In Her Satin and TatSunday Session

Sat 9 Aug 2014 – Exploring Tory Scotland

A Godawful Small AffairExploring Tory Scotland With Ewan Morrison, David Torrance, Alex Massie, David Greig, Jenny Lindsay, Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai).

Fri 8 Aug 2014 – Negotiations After Yes

Dancing With The Big BoysNegotiations After Yes With Jim Sillars, David Greig, Fiona Ferguson, Peter Arnott, Andrew Tickell, Kevin Cadwallendar, Lady Alba, Josephine Sillars.

Thu 7 Aug 2014 – Money and Wages in an Independent Scotland

My Brain Hurts A LotMoney and Wages in an Independent Scotland With Ricky Ross, Nicola McCartney, Ian Fraser, Ben Dyson (of Positive Money), Agnes Torok, Julia Taudevin, Laura Eaton-Lewis, David Greig.

Wed 6 Aug 2014 – The Braveheart Myth

Sailors Fighting In The DancehallThe Braveheart Myth With Linda McLean, Kieran Hurley, Jenny Lindsay, Fiona Watson, Alan Bissett, Colin McGuire, Seafieldroad.

Tue 5 Aug 2014 – What Happened To The Idea of Britain?

Bevan Tried To Change The NationWhat Happened To The Idea of Britain? With David Torrance, Neal Ascherson, James Robertson, Isobel Lindsay, Andrew Tickell, Julia Taudevin, Jim Monaghan, Peter Arnott, Wounded Knee.

Mon 4 Aug 2014 – Nicola Sturgeon interview

Lady StardustIn The Eye of The Storm With Nicola Sturgeon, David Greig, John Carnochan, Tracey Rosenberg, Dan Bye, Whyte and Mackay (Daily Reckless)

Sun 3 Aug 2014 – Gender Politics and Indyref

Wham! Bam! Thank you Ma’am!Gender Politics and Indyref With Jo Clifford, PastaChips, Kate Higgins, Harry Giles, Julia Taudevin, Kirstin Innes, Rachel Amey, Gordon McIntyre.

Sat 2 Aug 2014 – Is There a Scottish Establishment?

Tactful CactusIs There a Scottish Establishment? With David Greig, Peter Arnott, Laura Eaton-Lewis, Andrew Tickell (Lallands Peat Worrier), Mandy Rhodes, Cameron Wyllie, Chrissy Barnacle and poet Bram Gieben.

Fri 1 Aug 2014 – The Metaphors of Indyref

Hazy Cosmic Jive The Metaphors of Indyref With David Greig, Linda McLean,Β Janice Galloway, Davey Anderson, Hannah McGill, Martin O’Connor, Van Badham, Rachel Newton. Wow. I felt very nervous on this show but the crowd were glorious. Rachel’s song got u...