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In each one minute episode of Audio Marketing Tips I'll give you one actionable tip that you can follow to help you reach a wider audience, build a business and make money using the power of audio.

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In each one minute episode of Audio Marketing Tips I'll give you one actionable tip that you can follow to help you reach a wider audience, build a business and make money using the power of audio.
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Always Tweet Show Guests & Mentions

When you have a guest on your show or mention a product, brand, or person be sure to tweet it out afterwards. Sharing your content with others that you feature in it will be sure to attract them to retweet it and open you up to a wider audience.
Mike Russell author

Reshare Your Best Audio & Gain Listeners

Reuse and recycle your best content. Look at your statistics - I use Spreaker to distribute this podcast - Spreaker statistics are awesome! You can see popular episodes and your most listened to shows. Retweet, like and share your audio again on Google...
Mike Russell author

Forums: Great Content For A Radio Show

Find forums online that match your passion, join them, contribute and learn about new topics that you can talk about during your online radio show. I'm a big fan of Adobe Audition and subscribe to many online discussion forums to learn more about it. Y...
Mike Russell author

Is 2013 The Year Of Social Audio?

Audio could be the next frontier for social media. We already have Instagram to help us share photos and Vine for video but how about short, timely social audio clips? An article on Mashable suggests Dubbler and Eevzdrop could change the landscape of a...
Mike Russell author

Get More Listeners By Anwering Questions

What can you do to get more listeners to you radio show? Answer listener questions. It's the best way to tap into the zeitgeist of your listeners and attract more ears to your message. Is there a pattern in your inbox or do you get asked the same quest...
Mike Russell author

Portable Recorders: Audio On The Move

Portable recorders like the Roland R-05 or Blue Microphone Mikey can be used to record people on the go that you may bump into. You never know who you'll meet when out and about or at a convention. Celebrities, authorities on your subject or a listener...
Mike Russell author

Back Up Your Audio To The Cloud

Do you create megabytes, gigabytes or even terabytes of audio and have no idea where to store it? Audio storage can be a problem especially if you like to record in the highest quality .wav file. A solution I can advise is to back up your audio to the ...
Mike Russell author

Google+ Sign-In: Great For Podcasters

The brand new Google+ sign-in for apps and website is exciting. I think it's a big deal for podcasters. You can now share stuff from apps and websites to your Google+ stream along with a big button. One of these buttons is titled 'LISTEN'. Two audio pl...
Mike Russell author

Transcribe Audio: Reach A Wider Audience

Transcribing your audio can help to increase the audience that discover your content. People learn in different ways - some read, some listen and others watch. YouTube allows you to upload your own transcription documents and will sync the writing perf...
Mike Russell author

How To Shorten Web URLs For Audio

How can you make sure your web address is remembered when you read it out? Get a short URL. A web address that's easy to say and easy to remember. It's easy to register short domain names such as .fm and .co using a domain registrar such as GoDaddy: h...
Mike Russell author

How To Make An Audio Book

Amazon platform ACX can turn your book, if you're a published author, into an audio book. It means your audio book can be distributed through Amazon, iTunes and Audible. It's really easy to sign up and use but at present you need to be resident in the ...
Mike Russell author

SlideShare & Audio To Create A Slidecast

SlideShare is a fantastic platform that allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations, Word docs, Adobe PDF files and even Keynote stuff (with a little converting to PDF!) I've uploaded a couple of presentations so far and seen an amazing amount of vie...
Mike Russell author

Pinterest For Audio Using SoundCloud

Pinterest, the growing social network, can be used to get your sounds heard. There was a blog about this in 2012 when Pinterest announced they were unmuting the web. If you want your sounds to be heard on Pinterest you need to use SoundCloud. Make sure...
Mike Russell author

Embed URLs in Audio Using

* An app launched last year called * It's like a social network for audio. * It generates a tweeting noise that allows you to share a web URL, image or short text. * You could embed audio into your podcast at the end to c...
Mike Russell author

World Radio Day: The Power Of Radio

* Today is World Radio Day - #worldradioday * A celebration of the positive impact radio can have on people around the world. * "The humble wireless is an increasingly useful tool in improving health and education among some of the most disadvantaged a...
Mike Russell author

Vine App From Twitter To Promote Audio

* The Vine App from Twitter is growing - * Use it to record 6 seconds of you podcasting or playing with your mixing desk. * Many Vine video clips were created over the weekend of The Grammys, Fashion Week and US snowstorm. * Ther...
Mike Russell author

Podcast Intros, Outros and Content

* Start with your podcast name and episode number to identify your show. * Tell the audience what your podcast is all about - briefly! * You could use intro music for your podcast or have a professional podcast intro produced. * Get into the content of...
Mike Russell author

Google+ Hangouts Audio Only Mode

* Google+ is second biggest social network according to Trendstream's Global Web Index. * Google engineer Tim Blasi announced a bandwidth slider to help users with poor internet connections. * Slide it right down and you get to audio only mode. * This ...
Mike Russell author

Audio Is The Best Online Media

* According to a blog from Mark Ramsey Media audio is crushing it online! * According to USA TouchPoints audio pulls in more reach than streaming movies and TV combined. * Any audio or radio stream pulls in 40% of 18-24s, a third of 24-34s and one out ...
Mike Russell author

YouTube for Audio

* YouTube is great for uploading and sharing audio too. * Don't just upload audio with a logo. * Make a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation to match your audio. * Use screen recording software to capture and talk about software you love. * Get started w...
Mike Russell author

Audio Content Syndication Using Spreaker

* Spreaker is a service that allows you to syndicate podcast audio. * Get started by reading a blog or email newsletter you've written. * It's easy to record your thoughts and then upload or broadcast them. * Syndicate the audio to all your social netw...
Mike Russell author