Four music teachers, all in their first five years of teaching, discuss current issues in music education; offer resources, tips, and tricks; and catalogue their growth and missteps made as young teachers.

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Four music teachers, all in their first five years of teaching, discuss current issues in music education; offer resources, tips, and tricks; and catalogue their growth and missteps made as young teachers.
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Jazz Workshop Episode 5: Dr. Clay Redfield

I talk this week with Dr. Redfield about the easy mistakes first year directors make with their bands, and peel back the curtain on what made Robert McQueen HS in Reno such a powerhouse. Dr. Redfield's Bio can be found here. Recorded 11/5/2019

Alternative Evaluations

This week we take a look at alternative forms of administrative evaluations that one might be able to use in their own professional development.   Recorded 11/3/2019

Of Bursars and Boosters

So your fundraiser was successful and you have a pile of money, how do you navigate the financial bureaucracy of your new school and spend that money on your students and program? These are the questions Sus brings us today, and we thought it would may...

Jazz Workshop Episode 4: From First Steps to Continuing Education

This week I sit down with Max Kiesner, director at our local city college to talk about how he's adjusting to his new gig, and what universal concepts he tries to teach whether he's in front of a bunch of green freshmen, a high powered performance ense...

Incorporating Musicianship Skills into Your Rehearsal.

This week we share how we integrate singing, pitch memory, dictation and other musicianship exercises into our lessons.   Recorded 9/29/2019

Jazz Workshop Episode 3: Form and Developing a Curriculum

This week I sit down with Clyde Quick to talk form, organizing the year into units, and choosing charts to teach concepts.  

Teaching Problem Solving Skills with Younger Students

Veronica is exhausted by her seventh graders who don't know how to "band" yet and are not used to delayed gratification when they have questions. What do you do to teach problem solving with your youngest students?   Recorded 9.22.19

Jazz Workshop Episode 2: Getting Your Band to Swing

This week I sit down with Josh Murray at Rio Americano High School to talk swing, and some of the most fundamental steps one can take towards establishing a swinging rhythm section.   Recorded 9.5.19

Staying On Top of it All.

This week we discuss a few opportunities to help build community in your ensembles, but our main focus is on the different organizational systems we use for lesson planning and keep on top of the workload of being a program administrator as well as a t...

Jazz Workshop Episode 1: Improvisation

So, Jazz Workshop is the new project we're sprinkling in between family episodes of AMusEd. This week we have on Bobby Rogers. He and John discuss at length what he does to get his kids improvising from day one.   Recorded August 6, 2019

Season 6 Kickoff

We're back, catching up about changes in our teaching loads and what we're excited about for the coming year.   Recorded 8.24.2019

A Bridge Too Far: Band Directors stepping into Teaching Orchestra

Our friend Jeff just took a new job where he has to teach a string orchestra. He brought his questions to the podcast. Warning: John talks a lot on this one.   Recorded June 9 2019

End of Semester Potpourri Spring 2019

Time for our grab bag episode at the end of the year. We talk about Olin's Presentation at the CBDNA Athletics Bands Symposium, student recognition and awards and an assortment of other topics along the way. We'll have a few more episodes out before we...

Teaching in a Rural Community

This week we talk with one of Olin's graduating students who is going off to teach in a one music teacher town. We discuss not only the challenges of being a first year teacher but also the challenges of teaching in a rural community.   Recorded 5.18.2...

Advocating for Yourself

We spend a lot of time advocating on behalf of our students, our programs and for music education in general. Sometimes we need to take a second and look into standing up for and taking care of ourselves as well.

End of the Semester Units

What can you do at the end of the semester after the final concert? What sorts of units can you build into the curriculum that are not performance based to engage your students?   Recorded 5/5/2019

What makes a Class a Program?

This week we discuss the difference in scope and mission of a class and a program in the performing arts.

More than Just a Class

Sus has questions about building the program off of an all inclusive class in the fall and several classes split off of that in the spring, with  the focus on bringing community and a sense of belonging to her program.   recorded 4/11/2019

Ya like Jazz? How about Anxiety?

John gets some (more) on air therapy and we talk out some steps moving forward for our programs. Not as much Jazz pedagogy on this episode, but there's sure to be more to come.   Recorded April 7, 2019

Adjudicators, Clinicians and Guest Conductors.

Who do you bring in front of your kids for feedback for them and your own teaching? It's Festival Season, so that's on most folks minds, but how else do you engage with feedback for your own teaching and who do you turn to for that? Recorded April 3 20...

The Joys of Teaching Middle School with Selena Dalmacio

Or should we say "joys." Selena speaks to teaching band orchestra and choir at the middle school level, and how equally challenging and rewarding it is.

Pre-concert Practices: Dress Rehearsals, Calls etc.

Veronica is looking for best practices in a world with so many demands on our kids time.   Recorded 3.17.2019

Program Values and your Audition Process

What values are on display in your audition process? How does it tell the kids what you value and what you are looking for in them. How does it tell them what is important to you?  Recorded 3/10/2019

Resources for the General Music Teacher with Anne Mileski

Anne stops by this week in a crossover episode (we're still building our expanded universe) to talk about a few resources for General Music teachers and some of her experiences developing as a teacher in Texas. For more resources, check out her podcast...

Curriculum Redesign

John and Veronica start a discussion about designing or re-designing curriculum over the summer (for units!).   AMusEd is moving to a Wednesday release schedule to better coordinate with our other MuTeD network podcast pals. You can find Everything Ban...

CASMEC Debrief (with Chelsie Chan)

We discuss what we walked away from our state conference with and talk a bit about master's programs and other avenues of professional development.

Scheduling with Brandon Lee

Recorded 1/13/2019, our first week back from break. We sat down with Brandon to hash out some questions he had about the different ways our schools scheduled classes, as his is going through a change now and he was interested in how other schedules aff...

Second Semester Goals for 2019

This is the kickoff episode for our second semester for this season, where we discuss our goals for our teaching in the second semester.   Recorded 1/21/2019

Tell Your Neighbor You Love Them

So this one jumped the queue. Dr. Eric Hammer passed away on Monday 1/28/2019 and this podcast session was spent reflecting on our memories of him and how we processed our grief this week making music with our students. Recorded 2/2/2019

2018 Wrap-up: Getting Students to Practice over Break

This is our last episode before we take our mid-season break. We'll be back with new episodes for the Spring Semester on January 28th.   Recorded 12/16/18

Never Abandoning the Fundamentals with Bobby Rogers

Bobby is here to talk about backwards mapping warm-ups and fundamentals exercises from your concert to make sure there is always time for great teaching and not just rehearsal in your class. It's band focused this time but we swear he'll be back to tal...

Encouraging Students to get involved in the Music Community

What opportunities do your students have to perform/encounter amazing music around town? With the Holidays approaching those opportunities skyrocket and we wanted to address them.   Recorded 12/2/18

When Performances are Postponed: Cancel or Reschedule?

The week before thanksgiving we dealt with the aftermath of the Camp Fire and the impact the smoke had all over Northern California. In light of so many performances in the area being cancelled we discussed what steps does a program take next?    Recor...

How to defuse (or prepare for) parents who go above your head.

This week we talk about setting up policies in your program so your admin always has your back when parents go around you.    Also, it's John's Birthday.   Recorded 11/13/2018

Marching Percussion with Justin Preece

Olin and John sit down with Justin Preece to talk marching percussion. Justin is the percussion coordinator for the OSUMB but he worked as a percussionist and educator in Texas for 20 years before moving to Oregon.   Recorded 11/4/18

Long Term Planning and the Tyranny of Immediacy

We suggest strategies to take a look ahead and take a load off of our plates.   Recorded 10/28/18

Integrating Composers into the curriculum

We talk about how to engage more with composers of your source material in an ensemble class.   Recorded 10.19.2018

Stimulus Variation in Rehearsal

We spitball different ideas for mixing up your rehearsal, generally focused on band but can be extrapolated to choir and orchestra. Sus was absent.   We're trying a new recording format, feel free to offer feedback.   Recorded 10.14.18

Developing a Process Oriented Curriculum

Veronica is looking for ways to devote more of her time to a curriculum that isn't oriented around performance literature, but in which the performances are a byproduct of everything she has taught up to that point; developing an underlying curriculum ...

Collaboration Ups and Downs

Sus vents a few frustrations about collaborating with colleagues on big projects while she's still trying to sort out her role in the department. We then discuss different opportunities for collaboration each of our programs offer us.

Building a Healthy Community in your Program

This week John talks about the pillars that make healthy community in his quest for building culture and commitment in his program.   Recorded 9.20.18

Conflict Policies

Veronica is working on her conflict policies with her admin, and so wants to bounce some ideas and get feedback from the group   Recorded 9.16.18

Procedure for Music Teachers

This week we discuss how learning procedure effects music teachers and how we need to be empathetic when teaching procedure to our students. Olin is away at band camp.   Recorded 9.9.18

Differentiated Instruction in the Music classroom

This week we discuss our efforts at differentiation in our classrooms for students of different abilities in the same ensemble. Amused is a proud member of the Music Teacher Development Podcast Network. Season 5 of AMusEd is sponsored by Vandercook Col...

Getting Started

With a new school year there's just so much going on. We bounce ideas off of one another to solve a few quick problems and share solutions to the worries of how to get off the ground.   Recorded 8/25/18

Season 5 Welcome - Leaving students you love

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a great labor day weekend. This episode is more personal than topical as we haven't done this in a few months and there's a lot to catch up on. Specifically, Sus changed jobs. We have a few surprises in store for this...

Season 4 Wrap-Up

Reflections on our teaching this past year and some goals for our programs and ourselves for the 2018-19 school year.

Enabling Your Student Leadership to Teach

John's back from a week at a BSA Camp School with some pedagogy on enabling youth leadership, and Olin shares his methods for empowering his student leadership. We're no Dr. Tim, but 'tis the season, and we hope you find it helpful.    Recorded 6/1/201...

Defining the Purpose Behind End of the Year Trips

Veronica is grappling with how her end of the year trip is handled for her band program. We share our thoughts on the value of these trips and suggestions for how one can reflect on that value and purpose.

Reflections on Culture

Veronica did a reflection exercise with her students and we all copied it. We talk about our different results and reflect ourselves on the culture of our programs.   Recorded 5.13.2018