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Arts interviews, reviews, and features from WFIU Public Media from Indiana University.

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Arts interviews, reviews, and features from WFIU Public Media from Indiana University.
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Crawling To The Aid Of A Fading Monument

The Bloomington community gets creative as it tries to save the Alexander Memorial in Courthouse Square.
Culture – Arts and Music author

A Beautiful Place To Paint

For the past 40 years, Indiana Heritage Arts (IHA) has promoted the tradition of this painting style as it was practiced by T.C. Steele and others in Brown County.
Culture – Arts and Music author

Twilight Turnout

"A free performance featuring a wide variety of dance styles and a Q&A on stage, immediately afterward. It's a perfect opportunity to explore one of the country's finest arts..."
Culture – Arts and Music author

New Collaborations Take Bloomington Early Music Festival To Next Level

The 2018 Bloomington Early Music Festival reaches new heights through collaborations with both local and national organizations.
Culture – Arts and Music author

Early Music Festival Adds A “New” Kind Of Old Music

Local musicians Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen bring "new" Old-time music to the 2018 Bloomington Early Music Festival.
Culture – Arts and Music author

Greeting The Granfalloon with a Raucous Reqiuem

Local chamber choir Voces Novae premieres a movement from The Vonnegut Reqiuem as part of the Granfalloon.
Culture – Arts and Music author

Sparks Of Inspiration Fly At Jacobs School’s String Instrument Laboratory

Students learning to play stringed instruments like the violin or cello face familiar challenges as they begin their musical careers, like surviving nerve-wracking auditions and making time for hours of practice. But they also have to keep their instru...
Culture – Arts and Music author

Stories of Peace

Documenting MLK’s “Beloved Community” in Bloomington
» Culture author

Jumpstart’s 2018 Innovation Competition Winner

"El Capitane is an opera project that explores identity politics and focuses on creating a diverse and sustainable audience for the art form. " Alejandra Martinez
» Culture author

John Cleese Discusses The Serious Business of Comedy

And now for something completely different........
» Culture author

‘Tis The Season For Dining At The County Fair

Monroe County Fair is not a place for those with a timid appetite
» Culture author

George Pinney: A Look Back At 30 Years At IU

This spring, George Pinney retired from his position as head of the Musical Theater Department at IU's Theater School. He reflects on 30 years of teaching.
» Culture author

What It Means To Be An American in 2017

Governor Holcomb offers his perspective, and celebrates the "Indiana example"
Arts and Music author

Trashion Refashion Show Celebrates Diversity, Sustainability

"Anything goes" in fasion show dedicated to the reused and recycled. The only prohibition: Nothing new!
Arts and Music author

One Million Stars To End Violence Wraps Up in Bloomington

Reflections on how One Million Stars to End Violence Project made its mark on Bloomington this year through the Lotus Blossoms Education and Outreach Program.
Arts and Music author

Quilts of China: From Practical Craft to Valued Art

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Arts and Music author

Finding A Missing Piece In The Local Arts Scene

"My first puzzles, the back side of the puzzle could actually be a hand-painted set piece that you might’ve seen onstage at a Cardinal performance."
Arts and Music author

Play on Words: A Seventh Grader Puzzles the World

Daniel Larsen, the youngest person to have a crossword published in the New York Times, explains how perseverance and Elmer Fudd helped him achieve his goal.
Arts and Music author

Voces Novae And The Author Of Ben Hur

Arts and Music author

The Surgeon Who Planted Trees

This doctor's career, avocation and family life combined to build a generations-long legacy.
Arts and Music author

Above Ground: Taking Shots Against Gender Discrimination

A photography exhibition showcases a new generation of feminist activism in China.
Arts and Music author

Coming Soon, To A Theater (Or An Architecture Tour) Near You

Donna Sasse's dream is for all residents of Columbus, not just visitors, to take the architecture tour.
Arts and Music author

From Outlaw To Upright: Getting Inked In Indiana

An exhibit at the Grunwald Gallery of Art explores the power of tattoos to delight, rebel and heal.
Arts and Music author

Pussyhats Galore: Taking Washington By Knit And Purl

Knitting hats to wear to the Women's March on Washington, Bloomington women join thousands nationwide who are taking up needles to stand up for their rights.
Arts and Music author

Open Your Mind With Comedian Stewart Huff

Comedian Stewart Huff addresses the history of close-mindedness in his new comedy special.
Arts and Music author

While Stan Has Another Go At Evil, Gould Hits The Road

The comic, writer and actor on growing up an outcast and why the role of the comedian just got more important.
Arts and Music author

Circus 2.0: Seizing The Power Of The Greatest Show On Earth

Local circus performers return home from years on the road, open their own studios, and find more to love in the circus arts than the thrill of a great show.
Arts and Music author

Running Away With The Circus, And Bringing It All Back Home

Bloomington's Gentry Bros Circus retired in 1916. In 1983 Bernadette Pace, with her backyard trapeze and passion for flight, brought the circus back to town.
Arts and Music author

We Gather Together: An Annual Tradition In Transition

Old friends have been gathering in Brown County every September for the past 40 years. Now, the next generation is trying to find its place in this tradition.
Arts and Music author

Backstage Pass: Four Decades On The Bloomington Music Scene

Longtime WFHB Music Director Jim Manion finds continuity between Hoagy Carmichael's musical impulses and the DIY spirit of today's punk shows.
Arts and Music author

Rosamond Purcell Strives To Find Beauty In Unlikely Places

"Greatest living 17th-Century photographer" find treasure in others trash
Arts and Music author

Just Like Pagliacci Did: Creepy Clown Comeback Story

Clowns have been sending out mixed signals for hundreds of years. But why is this narrative of the evil clown suddenly so compelling again?
Arts and Music author

Curators’ Proactive Approach To Preserving Indiana’s History

The Indiana State Museum is actively collecting items associated with the conversations about LGBT rights in Indiana. In the past with social movements like women's suffrage, museums relied more on donations.
Arts and Music author

You Can’t Go Home Again: Reflections At The Beach

The last time I visited Indiana Beach I was only a child. Even then, though, I knew my connection to the amusement park wasn’t typical.
Arts and Music author

The Balalaika and Domra Association of America in Concert

Arts and Music author

Lotus Festival 2016 Preview

The lineup of artists performing at the 2016 Lotus Festival of World Music and Arts has been announced
Arts and Music author

Limestone Wants To Move The Needle On Diversity In Stand-Up

As an organizer of the annual Limestone Comedy Festival, Mat Alano-Martin feels a responsibility to book comedians from a diversity of backgrounds.
Arts and Music author

Mo Mitchell: Checking In With 21-Year-Old Comedy Vet

Mo Mitchell is one of Bloomington's youngest comedians, but she's making a name for herself at Limestone Comedy Fest.
Arts and Music author

Something Old, Something New: Reinventing The Wedding Gown

Liby Ball is a seamstress in Bloomington who welcomes all to her studio.
Arts and Music author

Digging Up Bones: One Man’s Hobby

There are plenty of dinosaur bones out west, but fossils on federal land are reserved for museums and universities. This makes thing complicated for hobbyists.
Arts and Music author

Size Matters: A Tiny Tribute To Hoosier History

The Museum of Miniature Houses offers a tiny, but telling way to teach Hoosier history.
Arts and Music author

Think Outside The Practice Room At ‘Arts Start Up Seminar’

The seminar is part-event planning and part-career training. Attendees will learn what it takes to turn a big idea into a successful event.
Arts and Music author

Issue-Driven Comedy With A Southern Accent

Stewart Huff and Tom Simmons want to challenges what audiences expect from southern comedy.
Arts and Music author

Lucky Horseshoes And Trick Donkeys Offer Cultural Clues

Lilly Library curator Andrew Rhoda discusses how puzzles can teach us about history and ourselves.
Arts and Music author

The Wunderkammer: All The World In A Room

Personal effects mingle alongside safari souvenirs in an exhibition at the Grunwald Gallery representing the more curious contents of IU's collections.
Arts and Music author

Historic Cinema Celebrates Re-Animation

The Historic Artcraft Theatre in Franklin, Indiana screens a horror classic and celebrates its own re-animation.
Arts and Music author

A Revivalist Musical Tradition Thrives, “With A Vengeance”

Anna& Elizabeth perform using Crankies, shadow puppets, folk instruments and unique harmonies to bring stories old as time to life again.
Arts and Music author

Southern Indiana’s Lost Craft

A century ago, making and selling oak rod baskets helped some southern Indiana farmers supplement their incomes. But today, the craft has all but disappeared.
Arts and Music author

An Unusual Home Studio That Launched Many Careers

Audio engineer Mark Hood started his successful career in an unlikely place.
Arts and Music author

Rediscovering Halston’s Timeless (And Seamless) Elegance

The designer who determined what the 70s looked like spent his teen years in Indiana. Budding Hoosier designers are finding inspiration in vintage Halston.
Arts and Music author