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Two guys. Two lists of the top 100 albums of all time. One podcast.

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Two guys. Two lists of the top 100 albums of all time. One podcast.
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2019-08-29 14:08
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Erich Hertz and Daniel Nester author  
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Album Oriented 84: DJ Shadow and Portishead

Daniel breaks out the wheels of steel to lead our discussion of DJ Shadow's 1996 debut opus Endtroducing...whilst Erich busts out the trip hop for Portishead's 1995 smash, Dummy. And the digressions! We got Joan Armatrading, Sheena's "Sugar Walls," Rob...
Daniel Nester author

Album Oriented 85: Spiritualized and Tom Waits

Erich presents English neo-psychedelics Spriritualized and their 1997 opus Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space.  Daniel encircles gravelly voiced rebel saloon singer-songwriter Tom Waits, and his beloved album from 1985, Rain Dogs. Along the ...
Daniel Nester author

Album Oriented 86: Jeff Buckley and PJ Harvey

We're wallet chains-deep in the 90s for this episode. After a recap sitting shiva over Fab Four's Sgt. Pepper's relegation to the bottom of only one list, Daniel presents Grace, Jeff Buckley's 1994 masterpiece. Then it's on to Erich and Stories from th...
Daniel Nester author

Album Oriented 87: The Beatles and Dolly Parton

Only in the perverse minds of rock critics would the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, regarded by most everyone as one of popular music's landmark achievements, place down at #87 on the New Musical Express and is *excluded* from Entertai...
Daniel Nester author

Album Oriented 88: Roxy Music and New Order

Daniel leads the episode off with NME's #88, For Your Pleasure, Roxy Music's second album from 1973. (And yet, Erich still arrives at our episode's recording in a full re-creation of Brian Eno's outfit from that LP's inner gatefold sleeve: frilly shoul...
Daniel Nester author

Album Oriented 89: Air and Sleater Kinney

Album Oriented has made it to the 80s of our two top 100 lists! You know what that means, don't you? We're living in the 80s! Like Killing Joke, by day we run and by day we dance. We do. Erich takes us on a Moon Safari, the 1998 album by Air, the elect...
Daniel Nester author

Album Oriented 90: The Streets and The White Stripes

We close out the 90s with two idiosyncratic artists from the aughts that use "garage" to describe their music in very different ways. Daniel presents A Grand Don't Come for Free, the 2004 sophomore release from British hip-hop garage act The Streets. (...
Daniel Nester author

Album Oriented 91: The Byrds and Sly & the Family Stone

We begin with Erich's peerless mastery of Jesus-based musicals. First up: Erich presents the Byrds' 1968 album Notorious Byrds Brothers. Topics covered include the under-celebrated Roger McGuinn, authenticity, and David Crosby's pro-threesome song, "Tr...
Daniel Nester author

Album Oriented 92: Super Furry Animals and Elliott Smith

We remember the nineties, specifically 1997, as Daniel presents Welsh neo-psych Super Furry Animal's 1997 release, Radiator, from the New Musical Express top 100 list. Just how neo-psych is it? Three band members are credited with "claps." That's neo-p...
Daniel Nester author

Album Oriented 93: The Zombies and N.W.A.

British pop-psychedelia underrated masterpiece meets West Coast gangsta rap pioneer manifesto in Episode #93. Erich presents our second "Mojo Swap" and tells us the story behind The Zombies' 1968 release Odessey and Oracle. Of course the most popular t...
Daniel Nester author

Album Oriented 94: Beyoncé and The Who

To the left, to the left! Daniel puts his freakum dress on and offers his hot take on Beyoncé's 2006 masterpiece, B'Day (pronounced BEE-day, not Bi-DAY). Erich presents our first "Mojo swap," which in this early-ish episode we call a "substitute" befor...
Daniel Nester author