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Oregon Rooted is all about Oregon’s cannabis culture. We are here to bring you the best podcast celebrating that culture. The goal is to bring this community together where all are able to share ideas through a network of growers, dispensaries, farms, and people who represent the culture. The show features news, reviews, interviews, entertainment, culture, plenty of grow talk, prizes, contests, and Oregon based content. Oregon Rooted supports growing your own and will share knowledge for beginners, advanced, and experts alike to cultivate the best herb on the planet. We will also look for the best products in cannabis, test them, share the results, and give a few of those products away. Go to www.oregonrooted541.com, become a member of the community and help others with your knowledge! To contact, email us at oregonrooted@gmail.com, subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook, and follow on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

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Oregon’s Cannabis Culture
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11.12.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

52: Far Out Farms/Fungus

Thor from Far Out Farms/Fungus flies all the way from Colorado to sit down and talk about his passion for cannabis, how it has become a medicine and tool for addiction, his skilled Super Cropping tech, and the Colorado scene. We then dive into an in d...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
2.12.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

51: Keygrow Solutions

Straight out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Joel Keygrow from Keygrow Solutions, a conventional nutrient line, sits down with us to discuss organic, conventional, and synthetic nutrients. We break down some chemistry, and what scientific approaches he takes wit...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
7.11.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

50: Full Circle Fungus/Psychedelics

On The Dirt Show this week, we boldly change the pace and sit down to introduce Full Circle Fungus and discuss psychedelics. We go over Oregon’s 2020 initiative to decriminalize mushrooms, talk about using hallucinogens, and offer up some information o...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
27.10.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

49: Sugar Tree Farms

Recently winning the High Times Cannabis cup for their sungrown Forbidden Fruit, our featured guest, Sugar Tree Farms, out of Central Point, Oregon, sit down with us to share who they are, where they are headed, and entice us with some of the best sung...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
25.10.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

48: Curious About Cannabis

Jason Wilson, M.S., from Curious About Cannabis podcast, returns to the show this week to talk about the release of his 1st season, at the end of October, and to have an in depth conversation about mold in cannabis. Sparked by a recent article in a loc...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
6.10.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

47: Organarchist

On this episode we feature return guest Organarchist. We sit fireside and talk about some KNF recipes, doing living soil in pots inside/outside, end of season harvest, IPM, and a story about trusting friends, sharing cannabis, and building close commun...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
20.09.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

46: Full Circle Pharms/Eminence Concentrates

Featured Guest this week is Full Circle Pharms & Eminence Concentrates. Hailing from Kansas, Mike Albers, Kaleb Garibaldi, Blaise Albers, Rocky Manflower, and Zach Hartwell all sit down to talk about chasing a dream, growing consistent top shelf fl...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
18.09.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

45: The Dirt Show

On this show Lady Sativa and Higherpeaks decide to hangout with all the listeners and discuss the latest issue surrounding vapes/vape carts across the states and in Oregon. We also go over the upcoming harvest, the grow, and we shout out to a couple re...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
5.09.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

44: Good Earth Organics

This weeks guests are Chris Boatman and Kayla Rau from Good Earth Organics. We have been using their soil in our garden this year with huge success. We have seen some of our best plants yet! Diving into the science of what makes a great soil, topics li...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
27.08.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

43: Cloudwave Organics

Cloudwave Organics joins us this week for a Farm sitdown. They were originally known as Golden Beaver Farm. After surviving a tragic fire they are back growing high CBD cannabis and will be adding a 2020 OLCC rec program. Keeping it closed loop they wi...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
20.08.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

42: Funk Extracts

Ramsey with Funk Extracts is our Featured Guest this week. We are proud to have them as our first extractor on the show. Varieties of extracts, the different consistencies, how flower is picked for processing, logistics and navigating as a business, an...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
13.08.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

41: The 'Firsts' of Cannabis

This is the ‘Firsts of Cannabis’ episode where we take a look at some cannabis milestones. From its earliest uses of fiber and medicine, to the high tech electronic gadgets of today, weed has proved itself useful and entertaining throughout the centuri...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
29.07.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

40: Willow Billy Farms

This week we feature Mike and Brittany from Willow Billy Farms. Located in the heart of the Illinois Valley, these down-to-earth people bring the love with high terpene THC, and broad spectrum CBD. We took a tour of the properties and sat down to talk ...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
22.07.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

39: Curious About Cannabis

This week we talk with Jason Wilson, M.S.. He’s started a podcast called Curious About Cannabis, an education based cast to compliment his book. We dive deep into the complex and new industry developing around CBD, or Cannabidiol. The scene is full of ...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
14.07.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

38: Frost Farms

In this episode we sit down at the Indo Expo in Portland with East Coast O.G. Krippy Pete. Krippy is known for having his hands in cultivating some of the best cannabis found in Florida for the last few decades. He now is operating as a large scale gro...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
8.07.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

#37 Organarchist

This episode is a sit down with Featured Guest Organarchist. He is a closed-loop farmer that has developed his own strand called Ripchord. We discuss things like CBD backstrap, old school ‘black market’, and how you can’t grow crack from seed. Hilarity...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
25.06.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

#36 Wicked Kind

This weeks featured guest is Tim Snail from Wicked Kind. We talk about being a business in the cannabis community, competition, what it takes to grow and survive, and of course what’s to come. So grab some medibles, take a hit, and enjoy the next Wicke...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
15.06.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

#35 Greenwork420/Second Gen Genetics

This episode is our anxiously awaited follow up with Greenwork420 Seeds and Second Generation Genetics. We talk EVERYTHING about breeding cannabis. Higherpeaks also updates the 2019 outdoor season. So, grab a bong and your notes for this seeder breeder...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
2.06.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

#34 Donnie Mendoza/HRG

Featured guest this week is Donnie Mendoza from Horticultural Rep Group. He represents a group that carries lines like Nectar For The Gods, SLF100, Bigfoot Mycorrhizae, and MaxMicrobe. We chat about a lot of products we use and don’t use, about medicin...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
18.05.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

#33: Kyle K./Growth Science

This week’s Special Guest is Kyle from Growth Science.  Kyle, who has a degree in plant biology and who helped Growth Science release their organic line to the market, talks with us about soil and plant science, while touching on subjects not covered m...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
10.05.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

#32: Second Generation Genetics

Our special guest is breeder J.D. Short from Second Generation Genetics. We sit down and talk about J.D.’s history, his methods, his breeding program, and some genetics perspective on the industry. So, clean the banger, change the bong water, and grind...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
30.04.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: #31

It’s that time again! Grab a bong or a big fat blunt with a side of dabs and come laugh with Lady Sativa and Higherpeaks. In this episode we dive into some Oregon news and we check in on the status of the rest of the world.
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
15.04.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: #30

We pulled this one from the 420 vault. It’s with Special Guest Jason Wilson & Anthony Smith, which at the time, was recorded at Evio Labs in Central Point, Oregon. We had a chance to talk with them about there trip and what interesting bits of info...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
1.04.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: #29

We were gone, now were back and stronger than ever! Episode 29 is with Special Guest, Kash’d Out. We saved the best for our relaunch and are proud to have caught up with this Orlando, FL. based reggae/rock band while on tour. They gave us a taste of wh...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
31.03.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: #28

Our special guest is OhriginalDankster from StaeFli Farms.  This is a notill medical farm located in Southern Oregon representing our very own Rogue Valley.  Special shout out to Dandelioness.  Behind every good hardworking man is an even better woman!
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
31.03.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: #27

Our Special Guest this week is Greenwork420 previously known as Full Spec Genetics!  He is an up and coming breeder with some serious strains like this seasons ‘In Utero’ and ‘Sour V’.  We are growing a few this season greenhouse style and will be keep...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
30.03.2019 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show #26

Our special guest is Kyle from Elevation Organics!  We get the opportunity to pick the brain of a Colorado pioneer.  Oregon is known for its top shelf organic flower and Kyle has brought the nutrients to support what the OG’s have to offer.
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
17.01.2017 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: #25

Time to grab your favorite piece, sit back with your best fire and enjoy Episode 25.  We dive into an inspirational story told by a veteran of the Vietnam war.  Larry, our special guest, explains how he is scared to ever quit consuming cannabis as medi...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
6.01.2017 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

Episode 24: Rogue Farmers live

This week we talk with Rogue Farmers in our first ever live event at Talent Health Club.  We talk grow and regulations.  Please join us for some serious grow talk and prize giveaways: Interviews: Rogue Farmers Talent Health Club Supporters: Vaporous Pi...
HigherPeaks, lady Sativa author
17.12.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

#23: Jason W./Kenevir Research

We catch up with Jason Wilson from Kenevir Research this week and clear the air concerning the newest changes to the regulations on December 2nd.  He explains how to work with your trusted lab and streamline a very complicated process.  He also shares ...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
13.12.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

Episode 22

This week’s episode goes into depth with Lady Sativa on Oregon Canna News.  The state has seen some insane obstacles in cannabis testing rules and the requirements just keep changing.  Also, Higherpeaks goes into some grow talk by chatting about the ba...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
30.11.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

Episode 21: Laurel James, RN.

This episode we go medical with special guest Laurel James, RN.  She is an experienced medical professional with a passion for sharing the benefits of cannabis.  Join us with some of your own medicine as we take a walk through the world of cannabis as ...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
20.11.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

Episode 20: Shadowbox Farms

Welcome to Episode 20!  Our special guest is Dani Jurmann, CEO, with Shadowbox Farms.  We wanted a big show and what better way than to bring in a leading Tier 2 farm to talk about not only sun growing in fields, but more importantly, large scale green...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
1.11.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

Episode 19: Golden Beaver Farms

TheHappy Halloween.  This week’s special guests are Bryce and Mathew from Golden Beaver Farms.  We have a grower sit down and talk about our tour we had in August.  The crew loves their flower and edibles, as they are both on another level, but what se...
Higher Peaks, Lady Sativa author
22.10.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

Episode 18: Feminizing Seeds

Lady Sativa and Higherpeaks have a great time this week talking about some Oregon Canna News.  Higherpeaks gives a state by state update for the upcoming 2016 November elections, and also talks what’s growin’ on with feminized seeds and how to produce ...
Higher Peaks, Lady Sativa author
14.10.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

Episode 17: Mongo Ranch

Higher Peaks and Lady Sativa visit Joe Gooding of Mongo Ranch.  He tells what they are about, how they grow, and all the plans for the future.  With 40 acres, the medicine they grow, although substantial, is a small portion of this family farm.  Using ...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
13.10.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

Episode 16: Kenevir

We talk with special guest Anthony Smith and Jason Wilson from Kenevir Research this week about the changes in regulations on October 1st, and what it means for growers and consumers.  Anthony also drops some science on plant oils and extraction.  Also...
Higher Peaks, Lady Sativa author
6.10.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

Episode 15: Jason Osborne

We are back with special guest Jason Osborne.  He is fighting local city ordinance of having to many cannabis plants.  Medically he is legal but the city makes no exceptions to the 4 plant rule for everyone.  Dive into the depth of this man’s passion f...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
16.09.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

Episode 14: Ancient Herbs

We’re back! This week we interview Shawn Leach from Ancient Herbs.  He talks about his organic Formula 1 and 2 plant medicine.  Both very effective mixtures of essential oils.  Lady Sativa talks Oregon Canna News and Higherpeaks talks about the OR grow...
Higher Peaks, Lady Sativa author
26.08.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

Episode 13: Kenevir

This week Higher Peaks, Lady Sativa, and West Kush head out to Golden Beaver Farms for a long awaited visit.  The hosts spend the day talking cannabis and helping with a harvest of King Cake, a new favorite.  Higher Peaks catches up with Jason from Ken...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
18.08.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

Episode 12: Beneficials

This week on the show Higher Peaks and Lady Sativa talk about Oregon Canna News, and Higher Peaks talks in depth about beneficials and applying them in IPM (Integrated Pest Management).  Grab your notes because the crew goes into depth on the beneficia...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
11.08.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: Episode 11

This week on The Dirt Show we kept it simple.  Higher Peaks and Lady Sativa talk about some entertaining and controversial Oregon Canna News.  Also, the details about the Indo Expo and the products we saw are discussed.  We then finish by talking about...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
5.08.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: Episode 10

We are at Episode 10!  This is a special show featuring Hermetic Genetics.  They are a seed company, and Stephen Duarte, the owner, has been studying breeding and genetics for approximately 2 decades.  Listen in as Stephen drops some serious science on...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
29.07.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: Episode 9

Week 9 is here and we are excited to bring on 2 special guests for this episode.  Spaz from Bully Gardens and Nick who is a recreational grower and medical supporter who leads a 5k group, the Oregon Recreational Marijuana Friends on Facebook.  They are...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
21.07.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: Episode 8

This week we resume talks with Kenevir Research.  Higherpeaks sits down and speaks with Dr. Kim Ross and Jason Wilson about hidden contaminants in medicinal herbs.  We also talk about changes coming to Oregon on October 1st.  Lady Sativa talks some Ore...
Higher Peaks, Lady Sativa author
14.07.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: #7

This is a very special week for Oregon Rooted.  We are on Episode 7 and have a special interview/grower sit down, with Jaybird Farms.  Jay talks about what and how they do things and shares what it takes to grow one of the most significant strains on t...
Higher Peaks, Lady Sativa author
7.07.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: Episode 6

This week on Episode 6, we do an interview with Jason Wilson from Kenevir Research.  We talk about several things concerning CBD’s and the ECS.  The conversation was a teaser for future sit-downs with Jason and also to have the community send in their ...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
30.06.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: #5

Episode 5 is our first show to feature winners to our Piecemakergear giveaways.  The contest included a chance for our Facebook, Instagram, and Dirt Show followers.  This week on the show we talk This Week in Oregon Canna, some basic 101 on the differe...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
23.06.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: #4

Welcome to Episode 4!  This week we cover our test of the Piecemakergear Kazili.  The crew hikes Table Rock and decides if it can handle the rougher trail.  We mention the giveaways on Facebook, and Instagram, and how to enter a giveaway for a free mat...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author
16.06.2016 https://feeds.podcastmirror.com/~images/981501558743172.jpeg

The Dirt Show: Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3.  This week we fit a ton of information in.  We talk about our show supporter PieceMakerGear, and give some shout outs to the crew.  Lady Sativa brings us some entertainment while Higherpeaks talks some Oregon Canna News.  Highligh...
Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author