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Unstable Molecules is a podcast dedicated to exploring the origins of the Marvel Comics Universe. Beginning in the 1950s with the comics, creators and company who went on to establish Marvel, Unstable Molecules focuses mainly on the period between 1961 and 1968 when the Marvel Comics Universe was established. Characters like Spider-man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-man and the Fantastic Four are discussed along with artists and writers such as Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. As Stan would say:"Excelsior!"

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Exploring the origins of the Marvel Universe! A podcast dedicated to the early days of Marvel Comics.
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Treasury Edition 01 – Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics

In this special Treasury Edition we take a break from looking at comics to review the first episode of Robert Kirkman’s new documentary series...

Panel Breakouts Episode 010: Jack Kirby& the end of war!

This episode briefly looks at war comics and Jack Kirby’s work for the final issues of Battle at the end of the fifties. We...

Panel Breakouts Episode 009: Love Romances #85

We take a quick peek at the type of Romance anthology comic that the Marvel team was producing just before they created the superhero...

Panel Breakouts Episode 008: Teen-age Crossovers

How the idea of the Marvel interconnected universe – where heroes would crossover or “guest star” in each other’s books – first occurred in...

Panel Breakouts Episode 007: Young Romance #1 (1947)

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Young Romance #1 (1947) launched the genre of the Romance comic which, at one point in the 1950s, sold...

Panel Breakouts Episode 006: Miss America Magazine #2 (1944)

Patsy Walker’s first appearance is in Miss America Magazine #2. Nov 1944 cover date in a seven page introductory story pencilled and inked by...

Panel Breakouts Episode 005: Venus (1948)

In her excellent history of American Romance comics, Love on the Racks, Michelle Nolan describes Venus as Marvel’s first attempt to match a character...

Panel Breakouts Episode 004: Crazy, Wild& Riot (1953-4)

Never to underestimate a trend, Atlas produced 3 imitations of MAD within months of the comic’s first issue – Crazy, Wild and Riot (3...

Panel Breakouts Episode 003: Dippy Duck (1957)

Dippy Duck was the last of Timely/Atlas’ Animal Funnies with a cover date of October 1957. It’s also the last comic to bear the...

Panel Breakouts Episode 002: Homer the Happy Ghost (1955 to 1958)

Homer the Happy Ghost was a bi-monthly kids humour comic that ran for 22 issues between 1955 and 1958. It was clearly another of...

Panel Breakouts Episode 001: Patsy Walker #95 (1961)

Over the last year I’ve been reading and researching material for the Unstable Molecules podcast, looking at the influences on the early Marvel universe’s...