Two Ladies in the Kingdom - Women and Muay Thai

A podcast by two female Muay Thai fighters living and fighting in Thailand, Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu (of and Emma Thomas (of We discuss what's happening in female Muay Thai in Thailand, what's happening with us personally, and answer questions from listeners. We also tackle a Focus Topic each month. This podcast is sponsored by Lo-bloo protection.

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bringing the world of female fighting in Thailand to you
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Two Ladies in the Kingdom E11 2ITK – Going Home and Finding Home

above, listen to our podcast subscribe to us on itunes!    above, full podcast on YouTube Emma and I haven’t podcasted in a while, so there’s quite a bit to catch up on before we launch into some updates about recent female Muay Thai events. Some of th...
Two Ladies in the Kingdom author

E10 2ITK Podcast– Female Muay Thai, Attachai Gym, World Titles

subscribe on iTunes There’s actually been quite a lot going on in Female Muay Thai, which Emma and I get to go over. We cover quite a lot and we’ve tried to be conscious of giving a bit of reference to names we mention, and I’m pretty excited by how mu...
Two Ladies in the Kingdom author

E09 2ITK Podcast– Getting Caught Up| Female Muay Thai in Thailand

Hey Everyone, welcome to episode 9 of Two Ladies in the Kingdom. Emma and I have added a different format in which we do solo-podcasts as well as the conversational type, so we hope you’ve enjoyed those last solo casts. Here we get back together to cat...
Two Ladies in the Kingdom author

E08em01 2ITK Podcast– Emma Talks about Her Sexual Assault in Thailand

play Episode 8 – Two Ladies in the Kingdom podcast This is Episode 8 of “Two Ladies in the Kingdom,” the podcast Emma and I usually do together.  We’re trying something a little different by also adding “solo casts” – episode 7 is just me solocasting l...
Two Ladies in the Kingdom author

E07sy01– Two Ladies in the Kingdom Podcast– Sylvie Solo On the Road

It’s been a few months, but we are back! For loyal “Two Ladies in the Kingdom” podcast listeners, Emma and I are expanding our format. Previously our podcasts were with Emma Thomas and myself Skyping together to discuss the latest in what’s happening w...
Two Ladies in the Kingdom author

E06: Why it’s Hard to Fight Female Thai Fighters– 2ITK Podcast

if viewing in email click through to the post to listen to the podcast subscribe to our podcast on on itunes Things We Covered In our Podcast Emma is still looking for a gym and that’s awarded her the opportunity to try out a few different places, most...
Two Ladies in the Kingdom author

2ITK Podcast e05 – Sylvie and Emma – On Training Aggression

The video above is the full podcast on YouTube Emma is from England, living and working in Bangkok for the past 5+ years; she’s a teacher, blogger at Under the Ropes, and a fighter who is currently looking for a new home gym. Sylvie (me) is from the US...
Two Ladies in the Kingdom author

2ITK Podcast e04– All Things Female Muay Thai in Thailand– Overtraining

You can download or listen to our 4th episode above, watch it on Youtube below, or subscribe to the Two Ladies in the Kingdom podcast on iTunes. – if in email, click through to the post. See All My Podcast posts: Two Ladies in the Kingdom Emma is a 51 ...
Two Ladies in the Kingdom author

2ITK Podcast e03– Two Ladies in the Kingdom: Thai Food, Rape Culture Awareness, Fights

You can download the podcast above, or subscribe to Two Ladies in the Kingdom on itunes. Our podcast is sponsored by Lobloo, the makers of the best female groin protection on the market. Save 10% on any Lobloo protector, male or female, with our very o...
Two Ladies in the Kingdom author

2ITK Podcast e02– Getting Stuck With 1 Trainer– Two Ladies in the Kingdom

Videocast Above, Podcast Below Here is our 2nd episode of the Two Ladies in the Kingdom podcast. We had our first episode on the subject of “gym hopping” last month and today our theme is what to do if you get stuck with a trainer you don’t work well w...
Two Ladies in the Kingdom author

2ITK Podcast e01– Two Ladies in the Kingdom– Women and Muay Thai– 01 Gym Hopping

The Two Ladies in the Kingdom Podcast is now available on itunes! Emma and I decided to try out a monthly podcast (above). We chat together on a regular basis and keep each other up to date on the fighters we both follow, which tend to be the fighters ...
Two Ladies in the Kingdom author

Interview With Sport Psychologist Dr. John Gassaway– Getting Into Mental Training

The full Skype Interview (1 hour, 20 minutes) with Dr. John Gassaway on Getting Into Mental Training (above) – an mp3 version is available at the bottom of the post in 4 parts.  We’re talking online from across the globe – me in Pattaya, Thailand, John...
Two Ladies in the Kingdom author