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Welcome to the podcast for True Life Church located in Jefferson City TN. Our mission is to help people become fully devoted followers of Christ by providing biblically sound teaching and preaching. We hope you enjoy our messages, and please leave feedback. Visit us at

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Welcome to the podcast for True Life Church located in Jefferson City TN. Our mission is to help people become fully devoted followers of Christ by providing biblically sound teaching and preaching. We hope you enjoy our messages, and please leave feedback. Visit us at
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How Can I Understand The Bible For Myself?

Have you ever experienced someone twisting your words, taking something you said out of context, only sharing part of what you said, or adding to what you said? Do you find it frustrating? How do you think God feels when we do that to His Word?
True Life Church author

How Can I Make The Bible A Part Of My Life?

True Life Church author

What Can The Bible Do For Me?

Verse 16 says that “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God.” It literally says that “every Scripture is God- breathed” (see also 2 Peter 1:20-21) as opposed to inspiring. Scripture did not come from us, but it came to us perfectly from God.
True Life Church author

What Makes The Bible Unique?

“What Makes The Bible Unique?” 2 Peter 1:12-21 Sermon Series: “The Bible Questions”   Introduction: What makes the Bible unique among books, particularly other religious books? How do we know that it is true and other religious books are false? How do ...
True Life Church author

What’s The Bible About?

In one sense, the Bible is 66 books written by about 40 different authors over a thousand year plus period of time.  Yet, in another sense, it is one book with one author and one overarching story.
True Life Church author

Even If

Even if I experience heartache, betrayal, depression, sickness, tragedy, grief, addiction, failure.... there is still hope.
True Life Church author

Make A Difference

God is faithfully connecting the dots of our lives in order to use us to make a difference in the world. How can we make a difference?
True Life Church author

Connect The Dots

Life can seem really random sometimes, but God is working out His sovereign will through free moral agents. The book of Esther pictures divine sovereignty and human responsibility perfectly intertwined together.
True Life Church author

Strategic Prayer

The Model Prayer begins and ends with the glory and Kingdom of our God! I want to remind you that prayer is not about manipulating God to do our will, but it’s about transforming our will to do His will and bring Him glory!
True Life Church author

The Pattern Of Prayer: Praying For Our Needs

Does God want us to pray about our own needs? If so, how and what do we pray? We will see this week in Matthew 6:11-13 that God instructs us to ASK HIM specifically for provision, pardon and protection.
True Life Church author

The Prayer Of Surrender

Kent Hughes has written, “The Lord’s model prayer is an outline of the elements that an ideal prayer should contain. Its simple structure is very specific. It begins with the foundational awareness that God is our ’Dearest Father’ with whom we have the...
True Life Church author

The Pattern Of Prayer: Who We Are Praying To

“The Pattern Of Prayer: Who We Are Praying To” Matthew 6:5-13 Sermon Series: “40 Days Of Prayer”   Introduction: We are planning to study the Lord’s Prayer over the course of the next three weeks. This is Jesus teaching His disciples hot to pray. It is...
True Life Church author

The Posture Of Prayer

Posture can be defined as "the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting." That is primarily how we think of posture. However, another meaning of the word is "an approach or attitude."
True Life Church author

Practical Guidelines For An Effective Prayer Life

Are you ready to communicate with the God of the universe?  Sound intimidating?  Well, that is what we are actually invited to do through prayer.  How is your prayer life? So, how do we actually pray?  What are some practical guidelines for praying eff...
True Life Church author

The Good News Of The Birth Of Jesus

Why is the birth of Jesus such good news? The birth of Jesus is good news because it is historically factual.  It is not fake news, but it really happened. The birth of Jesus is good news because it is spiritually transforming. This is such good news b...
True Life Church author

The Other Unusual Birth In The Christmas Story

There was another unusual birth that was a part of the Christmas story, the birth of John (often known as John the Baptist), who was related to Jesus through their mothers.  His birth was a miracle because his parents were past childbearing age (it was...
True Life Church author

God Is Sovereign

True Life Church author

Why Believe The Christmas Story?

True Life Church author

The Importance of Small Groups

True Life Church author

Crossing God’s Deadline

Proverbs 29:1  “He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck, Will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.”  NKJV
True Life Church author

Set Free By Jesus Through Discipline

What kind of person has God created and saved me to be? The answer is found in Romans 8:29, which says, “For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.”
True Life Church author

Set Free From Worry

Anxiety is a common problem.  Everyone worries about something at least from time to time.  Some people have extreme problems with anxiety and/or fear.
True Life Church author

Set Free From Sexual Sin

True Life Church author

Set Free From Excuses

It’s time for us to stop making excuses and choose to make progress in our lives.  Excuses enslave us, but we can by set free from them.  In this text, I want to show us three choices we can make that will enable us to make progress and 3 reasons why w...
True Life Church author

Set Free From Depression

True Life Church author

Set Free From Addiction

True Life Church author

Set Free To A New Identity

Our identity is who we really are.  In reality, our identity comes from God, and we are who He has made us to be and who He says we are.  We are made in His image and are His highest creation.
True Life Church author

Set Free From Pride

This is not a popular message.  It’s not an easy message.  This is the kind of message that would make some people mad!  Some may not think this is for them, because they have so much pride!
True Life Church author

Set Free By The Truth

So far in this series, we have seen that Jesus sets us free through His finished work on the cross as we trust Him.  Today we are going to see that in order to experience and live in the freedom that Jesus purchased for us that we must know and do the ...
True Life Church author

Set Free From Religion

True Life Church author

Set Free From The Curse

What is a curse?  It is a judgment from God (Genesis 3, Deuteronomy 27-28).  It is not man-made or Satanic.  It is not passed down from our ancestors (Exodus 20:4-6, Ezekiel 18:1-4, 2 Chronicles 25:1-4).  We are affected by our upbringing and genetics ...
True Life Church author

Set Free By The Cross

We are looking at a story from the Old Testament, but it is a picture of the cross and the freedom that we have through what Jesus did on the cross so we are going to make the New Testament applications of the story.
True Life Church author

Multiplying Disciple-making Disciples

Jesus’ mission for His church is to multiply disciples among all peoples with the end result of planting churches. This plan was given by Jesus before He went back to heaven (and is often called the Great Commission) and was modeled for us by the early...
True Life Church author

Multiplying Leaders

“Multiplying Leaders” Acts 6:1-7 Sermon Series:  “Multiply” 1.  The Background:  A.  These men and women met the resurrected Christ and He changed their lives. B.  Jesus created His church, the community of the redeemed, and these Christ followers did ...
True Life Church author

Multiplying Disciples

True Life Church author

Marriage Is Meant To Be Spiritual

True Life Church author

Marriage Is Meant To Be For The Purpose Of Raising Godly Children

God is very clear in Malachi 2:15 that He makes a man and a woman one in a marriage covenant because He is seeking godly children as fruit of the union.  That is part of His purpose for marriage.
True Life Church author

Marriage Is Meant To Be Oneness

This text, as well as other places in Scripture, make it clear that in marriage the man and woman become one.  However, the issue is, “What does it really mean to be one and practically how can we function as one?”
True Life Church author

Meant To Be Series – Q & A Session

Meant To Be Series - Q & A Session
True Life Church author

Meant To Be A Covenant Relationship

The opposite of a covenant relationship is often the reality of marriage in modern America. However, that is the opposite of what God designed marriage to be because He designed marriage to be a covenant relationship.
True Life Church author

Meant To Be For The Glory Of God

True Life Church author

Am I Truly A Follower Of Jesus?

True Life Church author

God Questions– Question and Answer Session

Question and Answer session on God.
True Life Church author

What Happens When I Die?

What happens when I die? There are only a few options. Here they are: Option #1-There is no eternity so we only go to the grave. Option #2-Reincarnation. Option #3-Some type of heaven by our religious efforts or some type of punishment for those who ...
True Life Church author

Which Is Right: Creation or Evolution

Creation and evolution is a highly debated and very important subject. Let’s start by defining the two positions. Microevolution is change within a species while macroevolution is change from one species to another.Creationism: It says that the Creator...
True Life Church author

How Can A Good God Allow Suffering?

This is the most common objection to the Christian faith. How can a thinking person not have this question on some level at some time? We intuitively think that a good God who is all-powerful would not allow evil and suffering yet we look around us a...
True Life Church author

Do All Roads Lead To Heaven?

Jesus is the only way to God! Lee Strobel summarizes the way this claim is often viewed when he says that “many people consider it arrogant, narrow-minded and bigoted for Christians to contend that the only path to God must go through Jesus of Nazaret...
True Life Church author

Is The Bible True?

There’s a couple of different points of view on this. One very common one is expressed by Dan Brown in the DaVinci Code book and movie. He wrote, “The Bible is a product of man, my dear. Not of God. The Bible did not fall magically from the clouds. Man...
True Life Church author

Is God Real

You probably wrestle with some of these more than others (for me, Bible, Suffering, Creation, Die). The first question we are considering today is the question, “Is God Real?” Along with that, if God is real, what is He, she, it like?
True Life Church author


This word pictures Jesus’ mission that He gave the church of making disciples of all the nations. We believe every church should be a “glocal” church, which means that it is attempting to reach its local community and ministering internationally at th...
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