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From guidebook and travel feature writer Robert Scott Kelly comes this immersive story-driven podcast offering a full pack of tales, histories, interviews, and curiosities from around our world. Learn more:

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From guidebook and travel feature writer Robert Scott Kelly comes this immersive story-driven podcast offering a full pack of tales, histories, interviews, and curiosities from around our world. Learn more:
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The Showdown: Hadrian's Wall v The Great Wall

If the two most famous walls from the ancient era entered the arena to duke it out, which would remain standing at the end? In this somewhat tongue-in-cheek episode of Travel Tape, I follow a mixed Chinese-English family as they walk the green, wet Eng...

#15. The Greater Patagonia Trail (4): Over the Volcano & Home

It's the final month in Chile for the Unbounded film team and they've covered a lot of ground and seen landscapes they never knew existed on our planet. In this final podcast episode following and interviewing the team while they are still on the road,...

#14. Of Gneiss & Men: Bouldering in the north of India

Joshua Cook feels pretty chuffed these days to have taken part in opening up the next big thing in a sport he loves. In May 2017, Joshua, who hails from Colorado in the US, found himself travelling in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, during the re...

Ep 13. Leaving Bhutan Part 3: the Annapurna Circuit& Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna Circuit: journey to these two Nepali trekking routes in this one episode of Travel Tape, the third installment in the Leaving Bhutan mini-series. Joshua Cook, the itinerant English lit teacher, is my guest once again...

Ep 12. Easter Holiday Special: Good Friday in Malacca

In the UNESCO Heritage town of Malacca, Malaysia, a Good Friday evening procession that began in the 16th century continues to this day. This Travel Tape podcast uses live recording from the 2016 event, and interviews with local historian Colin Goh, to...

Ep 11: Leaving Bhutan - An Interview with Joshua Cook (Part 2)

Joshua Cook is now in a village at the start of the Annapurna Circuit, one of the Himalayas' most famous hiking routes. In this second part of Travel Tape's interview series with the itinerant literature teacher, we talk about missing life and friendsh...

Ep 10: Leaving Bhutan - An Interview with Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook travels the world one teaching gig at a time. He's just finished a year in Bhutan, the reclusive, exclusive Buddhist kingdom, and has set off on a 6-month motorcycle journey across the Himalayas. In this first interview with Travel Tape, Jo...

Ep 9. A Fluid Frontier

Some borders are walls; others are just lines on a map. In the Xishuangbanna region of Yunnan Province, China, it's the latter. Burma's to the south, and about the only things demarcating the boundary are forests and jungle rivers, which the locals on ...

Ep 8. Interview with Garrett Martin (Part 3)

Garrett Martin and his team are almost halfway through their filming and backpacking adventure in Chile along the Greater Patagonia Trail. And what a journey it has been! In part three of Travel Tape's extended interview series with @UnboundedFilm, Ga...

Ep 7. Interview with Garrett Martin (Part 2)

Garrett Martin, a young filmmaker from the US, is still on an ambitious trek down the Greater Patagonia Trail, in Chile, but he's now he much wiser about both the hiking and the filming he has to do. In this second interview with Travel Tape, he talks ...

Ep 6. Interview with Garrett Martin: Filming The Greater Patagonia Trail

An obscure Wiki Travel entry leads a young filmmaker to plan a 4-month trek down the Chilean Andes to document a linked route known as the Greater Patagonia Trail (GPT). In this interview, the first of a new series in which I follow adventurers and reg...

Ep. 5. When We Love Another Land

If you fell in love with a new country and thought you might want to become a citizen, just how much would you sacrifice to make that a reality? In 1989, TC Lin (born TC Locke), a freshman in the US, went to Taiwan on an exchange program and felt such ...

Ep. 4. Fables& Follies: Campfire Tales from Kenya

Everywhere in the world, people enjoy sharing stories about their encounters with wild animals. In this episode of Travel Tape, Kenyans Josphat Mako and Kyle Ray, Tanzanian Lenganasa Tombo, and UK-born guidebook writer Stuart Butler swap fables, legend...

Episode 3. The Borderlands: A Princess Story

In the 7th century, the Tang court in China sent Princess Wencheng off on a long journey to marry the king of Tibet. The princess was influential in converting Tibet to Buddhism, but her full impact and legacy has been contested by central authorities ...

Episode 2. The Borderlands: The Korean Corner of China

War, migration, annexation, and pure happenstance have turned many border regions into hybrid zones where people who identify with one country can find themselves citizens of another. In the opener of this multi-part series, journalist David Eimer and ...

Episode 1. Walking With The Maasai, Part One

In the summer of 2015, travel guidebook writer and photographer Stuart Butler took a five-week walk across Massai (Maasai) country in southern Kenya. His goal: explore new models of conservation, evolving attitudes towards wildlife, and gather the best...