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A biweekly catch as catch can podcast that discusses all things nerdy from Sci-Fi, sports, the paranormal, movies, music, comedy, history and so much more

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A biweekly catch as catch can podcast that discusses all things nerdy from Sci-Fi, sports, the paranormal, movies, music, comedy, history and so much more
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To Boldly Pod Presents: Fourth and One

To Boldly Pod presents: Fourth and One   A half hour interactive Sports Talk Podcast aired live on Spock Rock Radio   This debut episode we discuss Superbowl LII, give our thoughts, listener thoughts and our predictions about the game
Daniel Floyd author

Pod Date 1125.17

This episode: - We celebrate one year of podcasting - Detroit Lions - Michigan Football - The Question(s) Cartoons and Social Media Trolls
Daniel Floyd author

Pod Date 1022.17

This episode is all about Halloween:  Three Creepy Ghost Stories from the web Two Personal Ghost Stories The Question: What was the scariest movie you saw as a kid? WTF?! Flight 666 Spock Rock Radio's Marathon to benefit Special Olympics
Daniel Floyd author

Pod Date 1010.17

Talking Points: - Movies It and Blade Runner 2049 - Fake News and is getting Butt Hurt Jumping the Shark? - Musings from My Work Van: School Buses and Idiots - The Question (Teen Crushes) - WTF?! Time Travel and Drunks
Daniel Floyd author

Pod Date 0917.17

This episode we discuss: Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan Alabama Fan Forum and Society Superbowl Prediction  Musings from my Work Van - Jive WTF? - What hit my car?
Daniel Floyd author

To Boldly Pod - Pod Date 0827.17

This Episode we discuss My (Re)Investigation for paranormal activity at the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) Camp in West Branch, Michigan Dreams and how departed loved ones appear in them Mayweather and McGregor and Social Media And Finally... WTF??...
Daniel Floyd author

Pod Date 0806.17

This episode we discuss my coming vacation and my side trip to investigate the West Branch Bigfoot sighting; my solo investigation at the CCC Camp; Ribbing Music, Music you mark out to and Roger Waters

Pod Date 0723.17

This episode we discuss my hunt for the West Michigan Dogman Fireside Conversations with Rob and Dan about UFOs and the Paranormal Lords of October Battle of The Network Stars  Sports Fan and Anguish Listen to Lords of October new song Anabell Lee at...

Pod Date 0709.17

This time out I discuss my podcasting absence, Spock Rock Radio, Nerding Out, The coming "Beerfoot" Hunt with Rob and Sports Contracts & Fans Anger   Spock Rock Radio   Nerding Out   If it Rocks w/ Billy The Bluesman Floyd   Tunes from the TARDIS ...

Pod Date 0521.17

This time out we discuss the movies Alien Covenant and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (special guest review by Rob) We talk about changes in sports and parental involvement  Musings from My Work Van covers marking out to a favorite song And we debut ...

To Boldly Pod - Pod Date 0430.17

In this episode we discuss: - Dreams - The NFL Draft - Phoenix Forgotten - The Question (What concert did you walk away from disappointed?) - Musings From the Work Van

Pod Date 0416.17

In this episode we look at the headlines; we discuss "What Happens when you Die?" We also look at the movie The Ghost in a Shell as well as two versions of "And Finally" all about The Beatles and Yes.

Pod Date 0402.17

This time we talk to authors WC Hoffman, Paul Counelis and Chris Ringler about their books and what made them become writers. We also discuss the Lexi Thompson Rules fiasco and The Question and Musings From My Work Van cover songs by your favorite band...

Pod Date 0319.17

I am joined by Jason from the Genesis to John the Revelator Podcast for part two of our Paranormal Mythology conversation. Share my Paranormal experience I had after the last podcast I discuss March Madness and the NCAA Basketball Tournament I pay tri...

Pod Date 0304.17

This time out we discuss the Oscar Snafu, the television show Agents of Shield, review the movie Logan, part one of our discussion about Paranormal Mythology with an interview with paranormal investigator Thomas DeBarr and Musings From My Work Van all ...

Pod Date 0219.17

This episode we discuss, Physics and The Paranormal with Rob, The Superbowl & The Sports Dead Zone, The Coming and Going Doctor, The Question "Songs You Love / Hate" Musings from my Work Van & And Finally

Pod Date 0204.17

This episode we discuss, DB Cooper, the Superbowl, new arenas, the movies The Bye Bye Man and Split, we pay tribute to John Wetton and in And Finally we discuss everyone's right to their opinion

Pod Date 0115.17

We discuss the movie Rogue One, the NFL Playoffs and the Detroit Lions, ask two Questions to Social Media and a chat about being yourself