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What is cool about Colorado? Where should you check out? Who lives here? Find out here.

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Connecting you with the people, places and things that make Colorado awesome!
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A break from the norm as Mike & Steph have a few drinks, explain the current situation and why things will be a bit different for the next year, and a re-cap of some of our favorite episodes over the last 3 years. NSFW for sure, lots of color in th...

Mt Evans

Well we walked this one in a bit, no lie. But we had fun like always. Listen and you will know: how many people in the Colorado Mountains are going to survive the next human crisis, why CDOT should use the blockchain, how Mt. Evans got it's name and wh...

Colorado Average

What is Colorado like in November? What activities can you look forward too? What is the weather like and can you ski or snowboard?  Find out the answers to this and more on our culture, how we dress, what kind of money we make and how long our average...

The Art of Survival

The Art of Survival, a distribution by Colorado Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks & Wildlife. Hunters Safety Course, Selling Amazon T-shirts, Bed & Breakfast, Classic movies @ Harkins, Stats

Colorado Underground

What do you know about Colorado's underground places? Did you know Red Rocks has one? How about Downtown Denver? Find out all the details, including floating heads and treasure. Full show notes here:  

The 37th Parallel runs through Colorado

Full show notes here: 
Stephanie Parker & Mike Lilja author

Stories for the Gas Fire Ring

It’s Steph & Mike from This Is, Season 3 Episode 6. T SHRITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! WOO HOO! Get yours here and help support your favorite (Colorado) show!    Littleton Adventist, Soulfly, Nile &...
Stephanie Parker & Mike Lilja author

Hiking In Colorado

Westminster Castle Pit Bulls! Banning things is dumb
Stephanie Parker & Mike Lilja author

Pipe Dreams

Today we discover a very innovative and simply brilliant idea of a mobile bong & pipe cleaning service. Holly & Jake are pounding the pavement as we speak, so give their story a listen and their service a try, because we know you don't really w...
Stephanie Parker & Mike Lilja author

Fire Ants In Your Pants

This time we speak of A map that a pirate would be jealous of , Where else besides Colorado is an awesome place to retire, and An amazing place to take in beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Colorado.  Listen to the end to learn about Snippy the Horse a...

Sound of the Underground

Michael Dalton who is a former professional rodeo clown and bull rider, world traveler and self-taught videographer. We interviewed him at Base Camp. Listen to find out how growth is affecting small towns like WP, what social media’s impact can do, why...
Stephanie Parker & Mike Lilja author

5 Points In Real Life

Stephanie Parker & Mike Lilja author


Homeless Camp Council Colorado Nick Names Audible Trial- It's a BIG help, thank you!! It's a great resource Wiki on Colfax Denver Library History of Colfax Email your quiz answers to What museum was clos...
Stephanie Parker & Mike Lilja author

S2 E11 Eww That Smell

Today we learn what life was like for prostitutes from the earliest days of Denver in the 1850's up through the early 1900's when prostitution was outlawed for good. Where was this Holladay Street? How many women did this? What did they do afterwards? ...
Stephanie Parker & Mike Lilja author

Missing 411 by David Paulides

On this episode we first shout out our sponsors and ApLeeGrif for giving us an iTunes rating and review before we move onto an actual haunted house, and the few times we have been to pretend haunted houses. We complete the day with a chilling look at p...

Platte Shatte

Hang out with us today as we learn about the South Platte River. It was vital for the start of Denver and it left 3 ft of mud after a major flood in 1965.  Westword best of 2017 Article on the junk and nasties in the S. Platte River Alan Pen...

Highways and Loops

Today we tackle the information we have on the highway systems in Colorado. When they were started, their various names, the enormity of their construction in the mountains. Why are our city roads so crappy now and what does the future hold? What is a ...
Stephanie Parker & Mike Lilja author

S2E7 Masses of Asses

Masses of Asses — This Is Colorado Our feature was the Long Hopes Donkey Shelter at Sources: http://fox2...

Season 2 Episode 6 Jack Slade Outlaw Tales of Colorado

Season 2 Episode 6 Our ebook of free and inexpensive things to do in Colorado Our show sponsors: J Law Creations and Esthetics by Elena Use code This Is Colorado for 20% off your first purchase. It’s a great way to support our efforts! Outlaw Tales o...

S2 E5 Precipitation and Water Basins

Find out how to publicly shame people who disrespect Colorado nature, a current scheme to rip off Colorado River water, and all you ever wanted to know about how Coloradan’s get their water supply. We also have a new book available on Amazon called “Co...

Season 1 Episode 3 Denver's Early History

In this episode learn why Denver is called Denver, when it was started and about several bad situations early residents found themselves in. http://www.dai...

S2 E4 Taste of Peru Cooking School

Come find out what this amazing cooking school is all about. How it came to be, who runs it, and why. We encourage you to try it out yourself! Also some interesting information about potatoes. Listen to find out why we were curious about them. Show not...

S2E3 Ski History in Colorado

In this episode we discover a river front adventure park, freed nipples and learn about the ski history of Colorado. Find out about a swing that tosses you out 40 ft over a river, not so scary woman parts, and the 10th Mountain Division's influence on ...

S2 E2 Early Colorado Notables

Season 2 Episode 2 Early Colorado Notables Our new e-book (expanded), T-shirts now available, 17 Epic Things to do in Colorado That You've Never Thought of     Record Temperatures , Freezing Frost , Trifecta Astronomy Stuff Zebulon Pike’s Adventure...

S2 E1 Avalanches and Prostitutes January

We tried to have a field trip and failed, so instead you get to learn about current avalanche survival tips and how prostitutes in the late 1800's and early 1900's lived and worked. Not suitable for work or kids, but information you won't want to miss!...

S1 E10 Lyden Colorado

Join us today as we discover a town time almost forgot, twice. Murder, potential explosions and crappy water supply couldn't keep this town down, and it's within 20 minutes of the big city. Sources: h...

Season 1 Episode 11-2 The Wild Animal Sanctuary

In today's episode learn about Mountain Lions hunting near major towns and Bears co-existing by changing their natural habits. We will also ruin zoo's for you because The Wild Animal Sanctuary is waaaayyy cooler. 

S1 E11 Fall in Colorado

Today I am focusing on some awesome things to do here in Colorado in the fall. Some are free, some are cheap and a few require funds.   Rock Creek Farm Pumpkin Patch Birds of Prey Foundation Creepy Clown Sightings Colorado Haunted Denver A...

Season 1 Episode 8 RMNP

Hang out with us while we talk about camping, and Rocky Mountain National Park. We hope you enjoy the episode!  Feedback is always welcomed at    Thanks for listening!

S1 E7 Skin Care in Colorado

Season 1 Episode 7- Skin in the Mile High Feature: Interview with Elena the Esthetician , *Edit* Elena is now at Sleek Peach as Lakeshore's new management opted for no skin care services. Call her at 720-726-6816. News- According to the CDC website, ou...

S1 E5 Rail Road Jibber Jabber

Today we have information all about the rail road and how it came to be here in the middle of the high plains desert. Kind of fitting considering how much new rail and trains are happening now in the Denver MetroBurbs. Hang with us for a bit and find o...

S1E4 Golf In Colorado

Season 1 Episode 4 In this episode we are talking about Golf in Colorado!! This is Mike’s passion. He loves everything about golf. He knows a ton and I know diddly squat. We have some background history on the game’s progression. We also have over 10...