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Thameside Radio 90.2 on : Archive recordings from London's Thameside Radio each Sunday.
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Thameside 12Mar82 11:50 Morning has broken

More from Thameside's Easter broadcast. This recording is the next one in the series but comes from the Radio Eric archive.  The box that this recording should have been in actually had a Radio Floss tape. Talking about the other pirates - I do have so...

Thameside 12Apr82 10:20 Building up to the picnic

It's 10:20 and Paul James is sounding chirpy and enthusiastic. We get the "God Only Knows" Thameside Radio 90.2 remix (I remember buying the Beach Boys instrumental album he used at Beggars Banquet in Ealing. Did you know that the remains of Beggars Ba...

Thameside 12Aug82 08:45 More breakfast with Paul

Paul James continues with the Thameside Radio breakfast show. It’s a lovely morning, the skies are blue and the birds are singingWe hear more about the Free the Airwaves campaign stand at the CB 82 show in Wembley. Dave turns up with some breakfast fro...

Thameside 12Apr82 8am Paul is the Morning DJ

 It's 8am on Easter Monday. Paul James is pretty much alone in the Thameside Radio studio. Dave Birdman is still in bed at home although Ian the Engineer is going there to pick some things up!The show starts with The Jam and Start - which you don't hea...

Thameside 11Apr82 CB radio live into the night

This is the second half of the Thameside Radio 90.2 Easter Sunday broadcast starting at 10pm.We're reminded that the pubs close at 11pm. Remember those days?.Bob Edwards makes it into the studio and tells us he has been out with the transmitter guys.Re...

Thameside 11Apr82 The show before the Harrow picnic

We're told about a game called Obliterate which BT have released on Prestel. You command a submarine and torpedo Argentinian submarines including one called "Fray Bentos". (You may have to look Prestel up on Wikipedia, it was like the internet but 1980...

Thameside 31Dec81 New Year’s Eve special

Thameside started this live broadcast at 10:30 with Bob Edwards running through the Thameside Radio 90.2 listener charts for 1981. What a year: Fade to Grey - Visage; That’s Entertainment  - The Jam; Tainted Love – Soft Cell; Joan of Arc / Maid of Orle...

Thameside 14Dec80 After the Party

The week after the incredibly successful Thameside Radio third birthday party in Chiswick. Bob isn’t there for the start of the show so Dave takes the reins, with a just few technical hitches. Alex and Sarah fill in with an early and extended news sect...

Thameside 10Apr83 Paul James live and in stereo

One of the final shows broadcast by Thameside Radio 90.2. The last broadcast was on May 15th, just 5 weeks later.Thameside Radio have been broadcasting since 10am that morning. There are even some new jingles.The show was broadcast in stereo, although ...

Thameside 24Feb80 UFOs and gerbils in Harrow

Another show from a listener's house. This week Adrian Leaper from Harrow has invited the Thameside Radio 90.2 crew round . The studio is set up in his bedroom. Adrian tells us he saw a UFO hovering over the hill the day before.Bob Edwards is reading a...

Thameside - clips from the first year

Recently uploaded to YouTube: This is one of the Thameside Radio histories put together by Ian Stewart. There are clips and a commentary from the first year of broadcasting when the shows were just one hour long. Don't they all sound young! http://yout...

Thameside 30Nov80 Birdman’s Birthday

It’s the Intrepid Birdman’s birthday – so the first part of the recording has Bob chatting with the Birdman about records that have influenced him. We learn about Dave’s being a disco DJ and Dudley Moore. Bob mentions the Thameside birthday party the n...

Thameside 20Jun82 A brief broadcast

A very short Thameside Radio show. The station was being targeted by the DTI so this was a very quick broadcast before the transmitter could be located. Quality is poor so this is for collectors only!Welcome to any new subscribers - I've received a cou...

Thameside 22Jun80 More from Tatty's Party

The first 90 minutes from an early Thameside Radio OB in June 1980. Bob presents a show from a party full of kids from Latymer Upper School (boys) and Godolphin and Latymer School (girls). It's very noisy and packed with people taking A-Levels who are ...

Thameside 12Nov78 Too much news

45 minutes  from Thameside Radio’s first year with Tony Lloyd and Bob Edwards. Some listeners think that the news feature takes up too much time in the one hour show! There are a numer of converts from other pirate radio stations. Mentions for Thamesid...

Thameside 20Jul80 9:15pm and dedications flood in

Part of an extended broadcast from Thameside Radio 90.2 with Sarah taking calls.  It’s so busy that we even get to hear  Sarah answering the phone on air with a call from Howard for Dave, Ian Lawrence and Bernie.At this point Thameside Radio had instal...

Thameside 16Jul78 The show after the week before

Following last week’s very extended broadcast Bob Edwards tells us that he is going to the USA next week for an indeterminate period and Tony Lloyd will be taking over DJ duties at Thameside Radio. We also discover that Bjorn Borg has just won Wimbledo...

Thameside 2Apr78 Rumours as Tony Lloyd has a second hour

The first  extended show from Thameside Radio. Instead of the usual one hour from 7-8pm  there is a second show with Tony Lloyd where he plays all the tracks from Rumours by Fleetwood Mac (probably recorded on the other side of the C120 that had the fi...

Thameside 9Jul78 Bob goes on – Early Extended Hours

A 45 minute section of an early extended broadcast from Thameside Radio 90.2.  This went out about 7 months after their initial broadcasts.

Thameside 18Mar80 Rupert Bailey, Tony Lloyd fan club, Sarah from Kew

Thameside listener and regular competition winner Rupert Bailey is the special guest on The Intrepid Birdman Show. Rupert also DJs for a while on Bob Edward's show, he even interviews Bob!Boris wins the phone competition.Bob also features Sarah from Ke...

Thameside 19Sep82 #3 10:30-12:00 White blood corpuscles

How any white blood corpuscles are there in the average human body? That is the question for this week’s superquiz. Next week Dave asks for their names and addresses. Mark takes over at midnight – but sadly I don’t have this recorded. If you have any T...

Thameside 19Sep82 #2 8:30-10:30 Bob plays rap, Dave invites us on a trip

Bob Edwards continues his show. Bob continues to arrange Dave’s bike trip to the south coast. Amongst other records he plays The Message by Grandmaster Flash.  Goodness – it’s 1982 and rap is already mainstream. There is a 20 minute gap in this recordi...

Thameside 19Sep82 #1 7-8:30 Rats, snails and prefade

Dave Birdman starts this Thameside Radio broadcast with apologies for problems in the previous two weeks. The DTI were raiding Thameside quite regularly at this time. There are studio problems so he doesn’t have any prefade when means some awkward segu...

Thameside 29Aug82 #2 Live from the 1982 Notting Hill Carnival

More mayhem with the Thameside Radio crew broadcasting live from Notting Hill in the middle of the 1982 carnival.

Thameside 29Aug82 #1 Live from the 1982 Notting Hill Carnival

This extended show came from the Notting Hill Carnival - which was smaller and a little more edgy in 1982 than it is now. The main Thameside Transmitter was on top of Trellick Tower in the middle of Notting Hill while the lower roof (still 35 stories u...

Thameside Oct78 The Pope, Johnny Rotten and Quadrophenia

 News includes the death of a second Pope, Johnny Rotten promoting his Christmas show for kids and a film to be called Quadrophenia - all in 60 minutes with Bob Edwards!There are two tracks from the new Meatloaf album called Bat out of Hell. The warm u...

Thameside 10Sep78 Tony Lloyd blows my mind

Tony Lloyd hosts a one hour broadcast from Thameside Radio's first year. I’ve included the run up music because it has a Birdman jingle just before the 7pm start of the show. There are lots of Birdman jingles during the show too and Tony provides a mor...

Thameside 26Nov78 Non sticky sticker patrol

Tony Lloyd looks for cars with Thameside stickers, he also reads the news on this early one hour show broadcast during Thameside Radio's first year. There are already a lot of listener letters, Adrian Leaper wins the competiton. Thameside Radio listene...

Thameside 27Dec81 Party time

This broadcast coincided with a Thameside Radio party at the Shepherds Bush Village Hall.Because of transmitter changes the recording stops after 45 minutes - but later on during the show there were recordings from the party - almost live, but not enou...

Thameside 22Aug81 Bob chats with Mystics, Dave carries on

Part 2 of Bob interviewing the Mystsics followed by The Intrepid Birdman Show on Thameside Radio 90.2Part 2 of 2

Thameside 22Aug82 7-9:20 Dave winds Bob up

Dave opens up another extended broadcast. He has some surprises for Bob who interviews the Mystics and learns  more about electronic music.Part 1 of 2

Thameside 15Aug82 9pm-midnight Mark Ashdown closes

The Mark Ashdown show closes this extended Thameside Radio broadcast.Mark asks for suggestions for new listener events.Part 3 of 3

Thameside 15Aug82 9-11pm Dave goes on

The Intrepid Birdman produces another inimitable show for this extended Thameside Radio broadcast.Part 2 of 3

Thameside 15Aug82 7-9pm Bob's late - Dave stands in

Bob is late so Dave starts his show. Bob takes over and then hands back to Dave. The broadcast went on to midnight. We hear from  Mark for the the last hour. Thameside Radio were subject to a lot of attention from the DTI at this time - but still manag...

Thameside 8Aug82 A Triumph for The Birdman

The show has  highlights from the Birdman’s holiday at Hayle in Cornwall where his bike broke down – so he had to buy a new one (well new to him, it was a 1963  Triumph T90 which needed new tank badges and a speedo). The bike makes  a terrible racket. ...

Thameside 5Jul81 9-10pm Curl up with the Curlyman

The first show presented by The Curlyman who ran a comedy telephone answering machine service which was featured on the Thameside Radio news and the London Evening standard. Sadly there were no premium rate phone lines then so there was no viable busin...

Thameside 25Jul82 Bob by himself

Following a couple of Thameside broadcasts which ended early due to technical problems Bob Edwards hosts a limited two hour broadcast. Everyone else seems to be on holiday.Bob plays more from The Mystics and tells us about a girl that he spent 24 hours...

Thameside 19Oct80 Bob’s car blows up 7-9:30pm

Bob plays a track from Bruce Springsteen’s new album called “The River”. There’s more from Incognito – one of the bands that Thameside championed as well as a Garry Glitter SpeciaL as Gary Glitter is in court for bankruptcy!Tony Lloyd is in Australia. ...

Thameside 12Oct80 BBC Radio 1 interviews Thameside Radio

The show includes a recording of the rather wonderful Radio 1 interview with Bob Edwards and Dave Birdman about Thameside Radio on Adrian Love’s B15 show (photo). The interview was originally broadcast by BBC Radio 1 at 4pm 12 Oct 1980. Some things cha...

Thameside 11Jul82 Mark’s first, The Mystics return

We hear from Mark for the first hour. He is sitting in for Paul James who is spending some time on The Voice of Peace in Israel. Later Bob Edwards chats with the Mystics about making electronic music.The recording finishes early with a burst of static....

Thameside 12Jul81 Birdman’s back, Mcarthur’s disappoints

It’s a sunny day and everyone has been  at the Barnes Common fair. Dave Birdman returned from holiday in Spain – his show was looked after by Alex and then The Curly Man while he was away. He makes up for his absence by playing lots of great jingles, l...

Thameside 4Jul82 11-1am Extended Birdman

The Interpid Birdman presents the last two hours of this extended Thameside Radio broadcast from the Summer of 1982. He has lots of unlikely sounding police reports.Of course with the Birdman the show isn't over till it's over. Keep listening after the...

Thameside 4Jul82 9-11pm Paul James says goodbye The Mystics say hello

Paul James says "goodbye" to Thameside Radio for the next 3 months as he is going to work on "The Voice of Peace" in Israel.Bob plays songs from a demo tape by the Mystics who use "a lot of new electronic equipment" to quote Bob. There aren't many demo...

Thameside 4Jul82 7-9pm Starting an extended show

Paul James and Dave Birdman take the first two hours. The authorities had been chasing the Thameside Radio crew for the previous few shows, but they weren't out this evening so the Thameside crew extended the broadcast to 1am. Part 1 of 3  

Thameside 27Jun82 Ian Stewart and a grumpy transmitter

Nice to hear from Ian Stewart (who is also the Thameside Radio engineer) who takes the first hour while Paul James is on holiday in the south of France. His show is followed by The Intrepid Birdman. Sadly the transmitter knew that the engineer wasn’t...

Thameside 13Jun82 9-11pm The most powerful and longest running pirate station

Part 2 of this broadcast from the Summer of 1982. Bob Edwards tells us that Thameside Radio is now the most powerful and longest running pirate station in London.He also mentions that  that “the good news that we’ve nearly got them in the Falkland Isla...

Thameside 13Jun82 7-9pm Paul James examined Dave finishes early

Paul James and The Intrepid Birdman host the first two hours of this four hour broadcast from Thameside Radio 90.2.Paul tells us all about the difficulties of doing exams (he’s doing his exams at the moment too) and plays the sax solo from “Will You” b...

Thameside 6Jun82 9-11

Bouncing Bob Edwards presenets the second half of this broadcast from Thameside Radio 90.2 VHF.

Thameside 6Jun82 7-9pm

Paul James and Dave "the Intrepid  Birdman"  from the summer of 1982.Part one of a 4 hour Thameside Radio show.Because of problems with the power supply (it had been lent out and not returned on time!) for the first  45mins the transmitter was powered ...

Thameside 28Jun81 Eating McDonalds with Alex

Alex (photo) takes over for the  last hour as Dave is on holiday.The first of the fast food surveys comes from McDonalds in Hammersmith where listeners decide that the boxes are more tasty than the burgers!This is a 3 hour show put together from two se...