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Roundtable real talk with TEAM Magazine

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Roundtable real talk with TEAM Magazine
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TEAM Talks - Blessed be thy “Call Me By Your Name”

A gay prayer meeting-slash-podcast about "Call Me By Your Name." With cringe-y remembrances of childhood crushes, an expected gushing over Timothée Chalamet, and suggestions on masturbatory creativity with foodstuffs.
TEAM Magazine author

Final Bear Podcast.mp4

TEAM Magazine author

TEAM Talks – The Big Deal about Diversity

With local bear organization DiBearSity’s first march at Pride this year and the regular party series they’ve started throwing at Kapuwa Bistro, heftier Filipino homos seem to finally want greater visibility. With guest host and professional panda, Mar...
TEAM Magazine author

TEAM Talks - Strength in numbers aka All about orgies

While you know sex to be an intimate act between (usually) two people, there are some gays who like to be a little more sociable. There’s no “I” in TEAM so host Victor Platon and guest host Albert Saspa talk to the guys of JRBEEBER, the foremost organi...
TEAM Magazine author

TEAM Talks - Let's Talk About Sex Toys, Baby

With sex-positive Hanging Out actor Albert Saspa as co-host, TEAM Talks sat down with Arvin and AJ of ILYA to talk about the new buzz around sex toys, their new sex shop in Maginhawa, and why a butt plug is definitely more practical (and thrilling) tha...
TEAM Magazine author

TEAM Talks - Metro Manila Pride

TEAM Magazine author

TEAM Talks - Don't Fear the Femme

Our discussion of Femmephobia continues. Further breaking the masc mold set by our painfully patriarchal society are three kweens: self-proclaimed "summa cum laude" of effems, IC Mendoza; trans-Pinay and former running counselor of Marikina (remember t...
TEAM Magazine author

TEAM Talks - The Bottom Line

TEAM penetrates bottom shame and challenges stereotypes with a hole-hearted panel that includes Martin Yambao, Gian Dapul, and Madox Llaguno. Can you take it?
TEAM Magazine author

TEAM Talks – Hanging Out with Sheena Ramos and Albert Saspa

After the feels Kiko served up in Episode 4, Albert Saspa and Sheena Ramos give each other feels that are a lot more intimate. Plus the two share who they’d f*ck, marry, and kill among their co-actors. We definitely go from just hanging out to wilding ...
TEAM Magazine author

TEAM Talks – Hanging Out with Paulito and Writer Wanggo Gallaga

After Episode 3, we needed counseling from #TeamHangingOut’s Paulito and writer Wanggo Gallaga, who answered tweet-in audience questions as hot as a bowl of steaming goto. Make sure you’ve got friends around when Paulito shares his sweet confession for...
TEAM Magazine author

TEAM Talks – Hanging Out with Eboy& Direk Petersen

Following the Episode 2 stream of “Hanging Out,” actor Eboy Fernandez (Jessie) and director Petersen Vargas talk about the significance of loud effems, infamous masturbation scenes, and gay social apps like Blued.
TEAM Magazine author

TEAM Talks - Hanging Out's Jox& JP

"Hanging Out" actors Jox Gonzales & JP Mercado (Adrian and Fidel on the show) talk day jobs to who dated which cast member in the past.
TEAM Magazine author

TEAM Talks - Elephant Crew

Shahani Gania, Jujiin Samonte, and Paulo Castro have stomped into local nightlife with Elephant Thursdays at 2020, inspiring us to go out by going all out in both the outfits and outsize attitude they put on.
TEAM Magazine author

TEAM Talks - ICON's Richie Villarin

TEAM goes on an aural journey to the early 2000s with Richie Villarin, former EIC of ICON Magazine. From blowjob tips to getting Borgy in drag, ICON underscored its title, breaking ground as an LGBT lifestyle magazine. Richie talks to TEAM about Madonn...
TEAM Magazine author