Tangential Convergence

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Three guys start out with a tech story, and end up through discussions of history and science fiction, somewhere else.

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Where Tech, History and Sci Fi Converge
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Episode 50 - Timely, Topical, Terrifying and Tom

Live from MMPR 2019, it's Tangential Convergence!Yeah, so I'm typing this up on the Sunday before we all meetup for the goodbye breakfast of MMPR. It was good fun.It was Ken's first TC, and Tom's as well. We talked about the history of military parades...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 49 - I Can't Even Throw Away Paint

Hey look, it's us!Also, we streamed this one live.  Sorta cool right?  Of course we peaked at three listeners, still...Evil Bond villain Elon Musk launched a bunch of satellites.  It's pretty crazy.SpaceX is like the British East India Company, or the ...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 48 - You Need Three People For Propaganda

OK, we're back after a long hiatus.Ken has merged with a new kidney, and he's doing much better thank you.We started out by talking about the SNC Lavalin affair here in Canada at the request of friend of the show, Tom Merritt.  We gave our impressions ...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 47 - Ward Cleaver Was Really Into Cock Fighting

Hey, we're back!If anything gets us back to talking it is overreach by a company with a bit of copyright!I'm using too many exclamation points!So, a guy who had bought a movie from Apple went to re download his purchase, and it turns out, he didn't rea...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 46 - A Warehouse Full of Minitel Terminals

Yup, we're back.  Don't worry, we just took a little break.So, today is Isabelle's birthday, so there's that.Our topic though, is not birthdays, but, the recent fine the European Union has slapped on Google.  The deal here is, that if you make an Andro...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 45 - Sending Your Scribe to John Grisham's Place

Everyone sing along.  It's Tom Merritt's birthday.Today, or tonight really, we're tackling a topic we've spoken of before, cloud computing.  Yeah, that was back in episode 12, that file is long gone....Today at work there was a presentation about G Sui...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 44 - Churchill as a Service

Look, another episode!Look, another episode about copyrights!Look, the EU is being silly again!  Is it censorship?  I dunno.  I'm sure Ken will know much more about this than I, because of his librarianosity.What if you could make copies of people's co...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 43 - The Small Pencil Manufacturing Trade Association Has a Grievance

Do you have it?Can you feel it?Election fever has gripped Ontario!  OK, look, I'm not so sure I have election fever, it might just be some bad clams.  As I write this it looks like it'll be four years of bad clams.Oh for the first time we had voting ma...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 42 - Quarter Poundor

Another week, another episode of The Expanse, and, another TC.Oh remember, you heard it here first that the Expanse was going to be picked up by Amazon.Speaking of Amazon, this article on Engadget caught our eyes.  FAKES!  Apparently there's a lot of s...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 41- Parking Tickets For Their Shuttlepods

I just announced on twitter that I'm currently writing this post, so I guess I ought to get to it.So, how about that Trump/Kim summit?  Yeah, no, that's not happening.  I don't know about you, but it strikes me that this was Kim's plan all along.  Try ...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 40 - My Suit Wouldn't Be Pressed As Well Without RADAR

Hey we've hit 40!  Now the podcast will buy a Corvette and think about a career change or something.  At this rate we'll hit 100 before the next Olympics!Ken and I got into it tonight about the recent tests (that failed in Quebec, and maybe got a C- in...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 39 - It's The Future, Which One of These Knobs Do I Have To Blow?

Follow us again dear listener as we converge tangentially.Well, we're going to watch last night's Expanse, and before it, who knows, we might record a thing! First off I'd like to thank both @acedtect and @alkebob for posting a picture of the two of th...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 38 - Five O'Clock Nigel

As I do with Broken Area, I'm writing these show notes before we actually do a show.  Who knows if we are tonight.  That said, I do know that Baron von Hernden is coming over tonight to watch the Expanse.  I honestly have no idea why I just called him ...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 37 - Suitably Chagrined

As I do over at Broken Area, I'm typing this before even recording.  Hell, I'm not even sure we're recording tonight.  Anyway, it is another Thursday, another Expanse night, and another week of work.Hey!  We did record, we talked about the twitter shit...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 36 - Do You Have Change For a Krugerrand?

Welcome to our Expanse pre show.Well not really, but we will be watching last night's premiere after talking about Cambridge Analytica!  I don't know why that exclamation point is there.  Maybe they could use data mining to tell me.  Oh, as an aside, s...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 35 - Harry Hopkins is My Barman

Yup, two times in a one week span. Tonight, before Altered Carbon we talked a bit about the story of how Alexa is maniacally laughing at users.  As an aside, they've got a fix out.  As an aside aside, the New York Times talked about the whole thing, 21...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 34 - Darth Putin

HOLY SHIT WE'RE RECORDING.You know, Ken has been coming over to my place every Thursday for a few years now, we talk a lot then we watch a show.  Man in the High Castle, the Expanse, Manhattan, and now, Altered Carbon.  The thing is before every show w...
Dave Brodbeck and Ken Hernden author

Episode 33 - Sunny Ways

We're back!You demanded it (I mean likeone guy) and we made it happen. Yup, we decided to do an episode about the recent Canadian election.We talked about why the election turned out the way it did, when it turned out the way it did, and of course how ...
Dave Brodbeck, Ken Hernden and Robin Isard author

Episode 32 - Bitcoins for Putin

No, really, we're back. Tonight we decided to talk bitcoin, Bitcoins, Quatloos, beanie babies, tulip bulbs and such. We also talked some about the crisis in the Crimea. I promised to mentionRobin's blog, you should read it. You can followKen on twi...
Dave Brodbeck, Ken Hernden and Robin Isard author

Episode 30 - Four More Beers!

OK, I know we had a good title in there, but I forgot it and frankly, I don't feel like going through the whole thing to find it.... Four years ago we three got together (for the first time) on episode 8 to talk politics and technology. We also, happ...
Dave Brodbeck, Ken Hernden and Robin Isard author

Episode 31 - Silver is Gold

Well, the US election has come and gone, and I for one will miss it. I won't miss the partisan attack ads, I won't miss the superPAC ads, but, I will miss readingfiverthirtyeight.com every day. In episode 31 we tackle the US election, the future of U...
Dave Brodbeck, Ken Hernden and Robin Isard author

Episode 29 - I Know Enough Mimbari, and That Is Kind Of Sad...

Yes, really, we all still exist. Seriously. So much has happened since we got together a little over a year ago. Several countries have new leaders, and Steve Jobs, on of the icons of tech, died. What do these things have in common? Leadership. S...
Dave Brodbeck, Ken Hernden and Robin Isard author

Episode 28 - Jesus is The Flash

Oddly, this episode had nothing to do with Jesus or the Flash, but, you will get the reference once you listen in.In fact, we got together for the first backyardcast of the season and talked about Google +. We love the 'circles' idea and figure this m...
Dave Brodbeck, Ken Hernden and Robin Isard author

Episode 27 - Passwords, Playstations and Politics

We three sat down to enjoy a lovely beverage, and discuss the playstation outage, the end of term and the exciting recent Canadian election. Robin blames China, Ken blames the Russian mafia, and, I kept silent on this, so don't bug me... Robin has be...
Dave Brodbeck, Ken Hernden and Robin Isard author

Episode 26 - Social Media Revolutionaries

We had to talk Egypt and the mideast in this recent episode, hell it is on everyone's mind. We are somewhat optimistic about the future, though Ken and I are more optimistic than Robin and Isabelle, who sat in and drew us during the recording.There ha...
Dave Brodbeck, Ken Hernden and Robin Isard author

Episode 25 - We're Wikileaking Cheese All Over Mouse Balls and Taking it Downtown....

OK, that title is a tad odd, you will have to listen in to understand it.Robin, Ken and I decided to take on wikileaks and its oddball founder,Julian Assange. We had really not a lot of love for Assange himself, but we pretty much agreed that he is a ...
Dave Brodbeck, Ken Hernden and Robin Isard author

Episode 23 - Zuck you...

We got together before the Stargate Universe season finale to discuss facebook and Mark Zuckerberg's awesome performance at the D8 conference (you have to watch thevideo, seriously).Overall we pretty much agreed that there is little privacy on facebook...
Dave Brodbeck, Ken Hernden and Robin Isard author

Episode 22 - We're here, like exactly right here...

We got together before Caprica to talk about location based apps. You know like Foursquare and Gowalla. This came about because I bought a new iPhone, and found out that the pics you take get geotagged automatically. This was a bit of a surprise, bu...
Dave Brodbeck, Ken Hernden and Robin Isard author

Episode 21 - When the Red Red Robin Comes Goo Goo Googling Along

The wholeGoogle vs. China in an out and out war of err, something or other inspired this episode. I made the point that this was Google, in essence, acting like a state level actor and this seemed somewhat novel. Well, both Ken and Robin pointed out ...
Dave Brodbeck, Ken Hernden and Robin Isard author