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Conversations with independent publishers, telling the stories behind the stories in some of our favourite magazines.
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Mal Journal's literary sexuality

"We don't ever do controversy for the sake of it..." Maria Dimitrova is the editor of Mal, the journal of sexuality and erotics that was started in 2018 by the Feeld dating app. In this conversation she speaks about that origin story, the importance of...
Stack Magazines author

Ecology, culture and spirituality in Emergence Magazine

"The web is ephemeral – a server goes down and you're gone..." Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee is a filmmaker and the executive editor of Emergence Magazine, the California-based title that explores our relationship with the natural world. Published in four onlin...
Stack Magazines author

Fukt magazine's award-winning cover design

"The cover is the playground for design..." Ariane Spanier is the designer of Fukt, the magazine for contemporary drawing. She makes it it along with her partner Björn Hegardt, and it has become renowned for its fantastically creative, fun-loving cover...
Stack Magazines author

Conservation meets beauty in Bumble magazine

"We're not National Geographic..." Josef Shaw is editor and designer of Bumble, the magazine that raises awareness of the plant and animal species that are currently under threat, and offers simple, practical things that readers can do to help. It was ...
Stack Magazines author

Record Culture magazine lauds vinyl in print

"I see the appeal in holding something..." Karl Henkell is editor-in-chief of Record Culture, the magazine that visits vinyl lovers in their homes and studios. Long interviews give them the space to talk about their passion, and they're photographed su...
Stack Magazines author

Unseen Singapore in Meantime magazine

"These are the stories you won't find in Singapore's mainstream narrative..." Pang Xue Qiang is one of the founders of Meantime, the magazine that explores the history of Singapore via the love stories of its citizens. It’s a lovely, sweet and affectin...
Stack Magazines author

Global African creativity in Nataal magazine

"It's not looking outward for approval..." Helen Jennings is editor of Nataal, the magazine of global African creativity. Launched online in 2015, the project grew steadily until last summer the first print edition hit shelves around the world, immedia...
Stack Magazines author

Pickles and humanity in Club Sandwich magazine

"People actually read magazines!" Anna Broujean is the editor and art director of Club Sandwich, the Paris-based title that uses food as an absurd and accessible way into exploring anthropology, sociology, psychology and other social sciences. The firs...
Stack Magazines author

Good Sport magazine takes a new direction

"Sometimes it just needs to be big..." Ben Clement is the founder of Good Sport, the magazine that launched out of Melbourne in 2014, fusing sport with art, food, fashion and other facets of popular culture. In this conversation he explains how his lov...
Stack Magazines author

Cult music magazine Wax Poetics returns to the newsstand

"It's for the people who love dusty record shops..." David Holt is one half of the joint venture that is bringing cult music magazine Wax Poetics back to record and magazine shops across Europe this summer. Created by its original editorial team, the m...
Stack Magazines author

Photo zines get weird

“We love pregnant men!” The first Temple Arles book fair was held in the South of France last week, and we were there selling some of our favourite independent magazines. Organised as part of the photography festival that has been held in the town for ...
Stack Magazines author

Weakness and strength in Where is the Cool? magazine

“From weakness you make something strong...” Laurent Laporte is editor and founder of Where is the Cool?, the French magazine that presents readers with an eclectic and totally original selection of things that it has decreed are cool. In this conversa...
Stack Magazines author

Ray Gun's radical and influential magazine making

"Magazines were magical to me – they transported me to somewhere else..." Marvin Scott Jarrett launched Ray Gun in 1992, working with the designer David Carson to create one of the most radical and influential magazines of the decade. After becoming di...
Stack Magazines author

Reclaiming satire in The Fence magazine

"Satire is an interesting weapon, but it's been co-opted by the establishment." Freddie Marsh is one of the editors of The Fence, the satirical magazine that launched in London earlier this year. In this conversation Freddie explains why he and his fel...
Stack Magazines author

Stoicism and celebrity in The Happy Reader

"You're constantly trying to break it..." Seb Emina is the editor of The Happy Reader, the literary magazine made for Penguin Books by the publishers of Fantastic Man. The 13th issue is out now, featuring Hollywood star Owen Wilson alongside Meditation...
Stack Magazines author

Inside the ambitious growth of gal-dem 2.0

"We have money all of a sudden!" Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff is the editor of gal-dem, the magazine made by women of colour and non-binary people of colour, which made an immediate impact when its first print issue launched in 2016. They've been working ha...
Stack Magazines author

Big ideas behind the International Magazine Centre

"It's world peace for publishers..." Nikki Simpson is the woman behind the International Magazine Centre, a proposed hub for publishers and anyone who works with magazines. Aiming to launch in Edinburgh in 2022, Nikki wants to bring together all kinds ...
Stack Magazines author

Femme Type: women who work in type design and typography

"I want to inspire more women to have a career in type..." Amber Weaver is the author of Femme Type, an all-female publication about type design and typography. While studying graphic design at university she noticed that the type projects covered in t...
Stack Magazines author

Films and feelings in Dear Movies zine

"I want it to feel like you're having a chat with a friend." Maria Ilana Moore is editor of Dear Movies, the zine that collects personal writing about films and TV shows. Launched at the end of 2017 as a staple-bound, black-and-white publication that M...
Stack Magazines author

Fighting for freedom in Index on Censorship

"Some countries just feel the world should not be watching..." Rachael Jolley is the editor of Index on Censorship, the 47-year-old title dedicated to promoting freedom of expression. Rachael has been in the editor's chair for the last five years, and ...
Stack Magazines author

Reading cities with Desired Landscapes magazine

"A city is a text for us..." Natassa Pappa is the editor and creative director of Desired Landscapes, a magazine that looks deeply into cities to discover the stories and quirks that make those places unique. Small and compact, it's based on the classi...
Stack Magazines author

Literary science fiction in Visions magazine

"You begin by believing you can do it..." Mathieu Triay is the editor of Visions magazine, a literary science fiction title that publishes a wide range of stories; from super-short flash fiction written in collaboration with a computer author, through ...
Stack Magazines author

Creativity and community in the South London Review of Hand Dryers

"There is a weird, very British, eccentric attachment to hand dryers..." Wedgely Snipes (not his real name) is the editor of the South London Review of Hand Dryers. A lovely newsprint zine printed by Newspaper Club, it's simultaneously a fond parody of...
Stack Magazines author

Imagining the future with Weapons of Reason magazine

"I don't know if we ever really thought we'd finish at eight issues..." Each issue of Weapons of Reason focuses on a major global challenge, like the environment, population growth or demographic shift, and brings some sense to these big, complex, diff...
Stack Magazines author

Sixty years of revolutionary magazine covers

"They defied taboos, they attacked conventions... they caught a moment in time." Ian Birch is the author of Uncovered: Revolutionary Magazine Covers, an aural history of magazine cover design from 1958 to 2016. He spent his entire career in magazine pu...
Stack Magazines author

Art and architecture meet on the pages of Too Much magazine

"Design cannot make a boring magazine interesting..." Audrey Fondecave is one of the editors of Too Much, the Japanese magazine that mixes art and architecture to create a poetic understanding of the spaces we inhabit. They call the resulting hybrid 'r...
Stack Magazines author

Horror through a feminine lens in Suspira magazine

"I'm not going to kill your kids at night..." Valentina Egoavil Medina is the editor and creative director of Suspira, the magazine that views horror through a female lens. The first issue focused on monsters, seeking to understand what makes something...
Stack Magazines author

Social justice (and no bosses) at New Internationalist

"There are no bosses..." New Internationalist launched in 1973 to highlight the global inequalities that emerged as countries across the global south began to make their way in a post-colonial world. In the 1980s it adopted a non-hierarchical co-operat...
Stack Magazines author

Accidents and alchemy creating The Gentlewoman's covers

"It's not entirely a surprise, but it's a delightful provocation..." Penny Martin is the editor of The Gentlewoman, the phenomenally successful magazine that fills its pages with fascinating women and discerning fashion, all presented with a wry smile ...
Stack Magazines author

Hot Potato uses fashion photography to help explain the news

"It's Donald Trump and Vivienne Westwood in the same image..." Naoise O'Keeffe is editor-in-chief of Hot Potato, an "alternative newspaper" that uses fashion photography and simple one-page explainers to engage younger readers in big, difficult subject...
Stack Magazines author

An addiction to publishing in Gym Class magazine

"It's totally out of my comfort zone, but I'm 100% okay with that..." Steven Gregor is the editor and publisher of Gym Class, the magazine that has evolved over the last 10 years to become the magazine-maker's magazine. He published the last issue in 2...
Stack Magazines author

Art, literature and the pursuit of perfection in Still magazine

"Let's just stay up until four in the morning..." Marc Holzenbecher is the publisher and executive editor of Still, the brilliantly eclectic arts and literary magazine based between Berlin and New York. In this conversation he speaks about the practica...
Stack Magazines author

Homesick magazine presents the pictures you won't find on the web

"It feels like you can find everything on the internet, but that's just not true." Reagan Clare is the founder of Homesick magazine, the title that delves into archives to present previously unseen images and the stories of their creation. Going behind...
Stack Magazines author

How to make an independent magazine

"Don't do everything yourself – that's mad..." Recorded live at The Book Club in London on Tuesday 22 January, this extra-long episode focuses on some of the most common challenges encountered when publishing an independent magazine. Divided loosely in...
Stack Magazines author

Sex, art and 100% commitment in Matto magazine

"We wanted to break something..." Dominika Hadelova and Aldo Buscalferri are the editors and creative directors of Matto, a new magazine based in Paris that combines art, photography, fashion and erotica. The artists, designers and other people feature...
Stack Magazines author

Literary redemption in Somesuch Stories

"It's like a little chameleon..." Suze Olbrich is the editor of Somesuch Stories, the literary magazine that covers a vast range of subjects including nature, sex, society and spirituality in its aim to reflect, "the full contemporary experience". It l...
Stack Magazines author

The art and craft of video games in A Profound Waste of Time

"You don't need to be into video games. You just need to like pretty words and pictures..." Caspian Whistler is creative director and editor-in-chief of A Profound Waste of Time, the magazine that uses beautiful illustration and long first-person stori...
Stack Magazines author

Have a merry Christmas with Hacking Finance

"The word 'finance' made me want to run a mile." Elana Schlenker and Mark Pernice are the art directors of Hacking Finance, a new magazine that takes a progressive and provocative look at business and our relation to money. This first issue is themed a...
Stack Magazines author

A feast of editorial design in Eye magazine

"We approach special issues with trepidation..." John L Walters and Simon Esterson are the editor and art director of Eye magazine, the international review of graphic design. Their latest issue is the second in a two-part special focusing on magazine...
Stack Magazines author

How Brasilia is setting the bar for student magazines

"My degree suffered a little..." Arne Meyer was one of the editors and art directors on the current issue of Brasilia, the magazine made by students at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover. They won Student Magazine of the Year at the...
Stack Magazines author

Inside Anxy – the award-winning mental health magazine

"Magazines tell the story of what's going on right now." Bobbie Johnson is the editor of Anxy, the California-based magazine that aims to break down the stigma around mental health. Anxy won Art Director of the Year and Best Use of Illustration at this...
Stack Magazines author

All the winers at the Stack Awards 2018

Recorded live at The Queen of Hoxton in London on Monday 19 November, this week's episode features all the winners and commended magazines from the Stack Awards 2018. Hear our judges sharing their thoughts on the stand out titles, hear the winners givi...
Stack Magazines author

Younger, fresher, made by women: behind the scenes at Eye on Design

"It just became this thing we couldn't shake..." Perrin Drumm is the founder and director of Eye on Design, the initiative launched by AIGA in 2014 as a way to reach designers in the college to mid-career age bracket. Originally a blog that Perrin ran ...
Stack Magazines author

Art, folklore and 'the deeper magic' in Elementum journal

"You can't deny there's something bigger than us out there..." Jay Armstrong is the editor and creative director of Elementum, a beautiful biannual journal that draws upon the landscape and folklore of the British Isles to create a totally original sen...
Stack Magazines author

Cycling and community on the pages of The Domestique

"It's a totally fresh look at cycling..." Josh Page started The Domestique as a blog where he and his friends could post their stories about cycling. Deliberately turning away from the mainstream coverage of the sport, with its focus on elite male athl...
Stack Magazines author

Riding the coffee wave with Caffeine magazine

"People want their little treat, even when times are hard..." Scott Bentley loves coffee. A magazine designer for big brands like Men's Health, Arena and FHM, in 2013 he decided to turn his passion into print and launched Caffeine magazine. Distributed...
Stack Magazines author

Making music magazines, with Beat, The Move, Straight No Chaser and Cool Brother

"Music is a springboard for everything else..." Recorded live at The Book Club in London on Tuesday 25 September 2018, this episode is a panel discussion featuring the people behind four of the UK's most interesting music magazines: Hanna Hanra (Beat),...
Stack Magazines author

Strong Words takes an unpretentious look at books

"The London Review of Books can be quite a daunting experience." Ed Needham loves books. And he also knows a thing or two about making magazines; he was the editor of FHM in its late 90s heyday, and he went on to edit FHM in the USA, then Rolling Stone...
Stack Magazines author

Art, dogs, and the beauty of surprise in Four & Sons magazine

"We have the dog as our muse." Marta Roca is the editor and creative director of Four & Sons, the magazine that mixes art, culture and lifestyle with dogs. There's a simple joy that shines off the pages of the magazine, and when she dropped into th...
Stack Magazines author

Talking magazines with magCulture founder Jeremy Leslie

"We're celebrating the art and culture of magazines." Jeremy Leslie has been at the heart of London's magazine world since he launched his magCulture blog in 2006. Over the years he has turned his love for magazines into a business, with a well stocked...
Stack Magazines author