Talkin' Bout My Generation

A pop culture podcast dedicated to children of the 80's, 90's, and even into the 21st century, it's comprised primarily of TV shows, movies, and video games that we grew up with!

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A Pop Culture Podcast for the Nintendo Generation!
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California Adventure!!!

The California Adventure has officially occurred! Yes, folks - Mike finally came out to visit, and he wanted to see what everything was like. Why was he here? Will he stay?  And most importantly - WILL MIKE EAT THE DREADED CARNE ASADA FRIES?!? Tune ...

What Are You Thankful For?

Happy Thanksgiving! What's that, you say? It's nearly Christmas??? Yes, I know. Mike went on vacation, and well, Doug's brain took a vacation as well, preventing this episode from being posted on time. This is a time for thanks. TFG1Mike, his fiancé ...

13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo!

13!  Yes, our 13th episode of the new launch, and, as so many have seen with the number 13, it's an unlucky number. Sadly, this episode was to have been released at Halloween, but due to Halloween gremlins (Ok, maybe it's Mogwai, but I think they got i...

Ghostbusters - Answer the Call!

Ahh, Halloween. One of our favorite times of the year, we celebrate it by talk of goblins, dressing up, spooky movies, and of course... GHOSTS. More specifically, we talk about one of our favorite movies, Ghostbusters. This ain't it. No, this is the "r...

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Sometimes, art imitates life. Sometimes, art is just art. And sometimes...Well...maybe it's a foreshadowing of what's to come? Just like people are saying Idiocracy is becoming a documentary of how our nation is progressing, 2005's Mr. And Mrs. Smith ...

What Kind of Geek Are You? - with Art Danner

This week, we have part 2 of our ongoing series of "What Kind of Geek Are You?", where we invite fellow podcaster Art Danner to the show to talk all things geek! We explore married geek life and how it influences our spouses, Art discusses his children...


In 1991, Steven Spielberg decided to release a film he'd been working on with an all star cast.  Dustin Hoffman, Bob Hoskins, Julia Roberts, and of course, the memorable Robin Williams, were cast in what was to be a sequel for J.M. Barrie's Peter and W...

Best of Bond!

This is episode 007 of our relaunch, folks, so what does that mean?  It means we get a Best of Bond movie review! In this episode, Mike and I sit down and go over   our top 10 favorite James Bond films. Some of you may think we're nuts (Nicole, I'm so...

Mars Attacks Space Jam Double Feature

This time on Talkin' Bout My Generation, Doug Abel and Mike Blanchard are invaded!! Yes, Nicole Hale, aka BeatlesDiva, decided to drop in for this podcast as we discuss two movies that are 20 years old - Mars Attacks and Space Jam! In Part 1 of this ...

Sequels and Reboots and Remakes - OH MY!!!

The summer of 2016 has been a summer of disappointments in the entertainment industry. A good portion of the blockbusters we got this year were sequels that fell flat - Star Trek Beyond, X-Men: Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence, TMNT: Out Of The...

The Catch

This week on Talkin' Bout My Generation, Mike decided he wanted to talk about something 21st century - so we're talking about a 2016 show that has become our latest obsession! This spring, when How To Get Away With Murder went on hiatus from its seaso...

What Kind Of Geeks Are We?

Geek. Nerd. Dork. These are 4 letter words that, for many of us, were derogatory, insulting, and unkind. They were words used by bullies. Now, however, to be a geek is a thing people want to wear with pride! Comic book movies, pop culture, attending co...

Comic-Con 2016 Aftermath!

​In the midst of days past, zombies roam the streets. People found with freebies, flyers, copies of Entertainment Weekly's special edition litter the streets. Gal Godot, Jason Momoa, Will Smith, Bruce Campbell - names uttered from the "Before Time". No...

Pre-Comic-Con, 2016

Folks, it's summertime. This means it's time for barbecues, swimming pools, and dressing up as your favorite costumed character. Huh? Yes! It is July in San Diego, which means that the big daddy of conventions, The San Diego Comic-Con, is kicking off ...

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, America! Today is July 4th, and everyone in America is firing up their grills, getting ready to see fireworks, and facing down the intergalactic alien oppressors getting ready to wipe out all of humanity. Wait, wha??? Ok, well, ...

Jetsons Meet The Flintstones

In 1987, Hanna Barbera threw two families together to experience new worlds and new times. One family was the "First Family", going back millions of years into the past - the other, the far off family of the future. Yes, folks - the Flintstones and The...

Flash& Supergirl

This episode, we decided to touch on a set of superhero shows that we've become enamored with - the WB's The Flash, and CBS's Supergirl. Mike and I invited Steven C. Phillips in to join us on this episode and talk about the crossover episode that recen...

Retro Handhelds

In the 80's and 90's, the video game console wars were just starting. Nintendo versus Sega. The Famicom/NES versus the Master System, the Super Nintendo versus the Genesis. But that's not what we're covering this episode - no, this time around, we're t...

Empire Records

21 years ago, in the mid 90's, we were brought a film that told us to "Damn the Man, Save the Empire!" Ethan Embry, Anthony LaPaglia, Liv Tyler, Renee Zellweger? They were names that basically had their careers launched by this film, about a day in the...

Jerry Maguire

It's the season of love. Originally, this episode was supposed to be posted on Valentine's Day, but system issues with hosting prevented it from going up, so here it is, a week late. Mike just seems to have a crush on Tom Cruise, so we're going back to...

Console Nostalgia!!!

This week, we are returning to video games with a nostalgic look at home consoles. First, we talk about the Atari 2600 and our first system, graduating up to the 5200 and 7800; we of course, jump into the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Genesis, and we m...


Finishing up with the current Daniel Craig era in Talkin' Bout My Generation's James Bond January, we launch into the most current movie, SPECTRE. Where do I start? It just went south. Skyfall should have stopped the writing and go on to other stories....


This week, Talkin' Bout My Generation continues its James Bond January as we discuss what has been, so far, the best of the Daniel Craig era of James Bond films. We finally get a return to some of the original James Bond characters; we get a hint of Bo...

Quantum of Solace

James Bond January is back. Yes folks, this time on Talkin' Bout My Generation, Mike and I are discussing what is perhaps the most droll, the most "blah", the...Well, I'm going to come out and say it - the most boring James Bond movie we've sat through...

Casino Royale

It's time, folks! Talking' Bout My Generation  is back for the new year, and this time, we're kicking off January with 007 and another James Bond January!For this episode, we're jumping into the Daniel Craig era of James Bond. We're starting with the "...

Get Smart!

"Would you believe..."These words would be uttered numerous times by bumbling agent Maxwell Smart, as he and Agent 99 would go up against the agents of KAOS. Debuting on September 18, 1965, the show ran for just under 5 years, and introduced us to gadg...

Scooby Doo!

46 years ago (Good lord, it's been 46 YEARS!?!) a show that starred a cowardly Great Dane and 4 kids from Crystal Cove who were sleuths traveling in the Mystery Machine debuted.  It worked on the formula that, the very first time you saw someone onscre...

Bicentennial Man

December 17, 1999 saw a film about a robot - or more specifically, an android, who wanted nothing more than to discover what humanity was all about. Robin Williams, dressed up to be an NDR model of robot, plays Andrew Martin, a robot trying to discover...

The Goonies

1985 shows us, once again, that it was perhaps the best year for movies. This time, we have Mikey, Mouth, Data, Brandt, Andy, Chunk, Troy, Stef, the Fratellis, Sloth, and of course, the key to it all - One-Eyed Willie. Yes, folks, this week we talk abo...

EG Daily Interview!

Today, we have a bonus treat for you! She's had appearances on NBC's The Voice, Rugrats, The Powerpuff Girls, Happy Feet Two, Duckman and more, we bring to you EG Daily! Doug and Mike were lucky enough to land this interview with her, and we get a chan...

Post Comic-Con 2015

This is it, folks! It's finally come and gone - the biggest pop culture event of the year, San Diego Comic-Con 2015. We got a glimpse at the new Superman Vs. Batman, Suicide Squad, the new Transformers game with Peter Cullen, Gregg Berger, Frank Welker...

Pre-Show Comic-Con 2015

It's that time of the year again, folks! Instead of covering retro films, TV shows, and video game pop culture, Talkin' Bout My Generation is going to be discussing current and upcoming pop culture! We're discussing the event of the year, Comic-Con Int...

Back To The Future Trilogy

July 3, 1985 - This is the birth of what was perhaps one of the greatest movie trilogies of all time. Today, on a special episode of Talkin' Bout My Generation, Doug and Mike get heavy. Wait, there's that word again! Something must be really wrong with...

Back To The Beach

What could be the perfect movie for the summer? Well, in the 60's, bikini beach parties were all the rage, and Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello were the two characters that everyone was enamored with.Well, this movie goes about 20 years into the fu...

Pee Wee's Big Adventure

30 years ago in July, a man-child, his bike, and a cross-country trip gave us laughs galore. Pee Wee Herman, in his grey suit, red bow tie, and bicycle that he loved more than life itself, took us to the basement of the Alamo, gave us the Tequila dance...

Flight of the Navigator

In 1986, shortly after Stephen Spielberg's success of E.T. The Extraterrestrial, Disney released a film that was a surprise to a lot of people. It featured a kid from 1978, who was flown on a spaceship at just under the speed of light. Returning back, ...


In 1984, a small Midwestern town named Bomont is invaded by Chicago teen Ren McCormack.This may not sound like much; a mother and son, splitting off and leaving town on the heels of a nasty divorce, to live with family, right?Well, it's much more than ...


In 1986, NBC introduced the world to Gordon Shumway, an Alien Life Form, aka ALF, who has a penchant for bad jokes, cats as cuisine, and hailed from a planet named Melmac. The series was well received by the public, who loved this alien, the smartass c...

Star Wars Trilogy

A long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away...(or more specifically, May 25th, 1977, in a theatre near you) The significance of the above date changed a generation of movie goers, marketing, and helped to define the term "blockbuster". People lined u...

Marvel's Daredevil

In 2003, a Marvel movie was made that would make Ben Affleck rumors fly that he would "never" don a comic book outfit again (Joke's on you, Bats!). Yes, we're referring to the poorly written, poorly cut Marvel's Daredevil movie, starring Ben Affleck, J...

TRON Franchise, Revisited!

Spanning more than 30 years, a live action Disney film has created an incredible franchise. It has gone from being a movie to a video game, and then from the video game to a sequel, more video games, a cartoon show, and currently a 3rd movie in the wor...

The Lost Boys

In Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie wrote about a series of boys that never grew up, and were a gang that followed Peter throughout his merry adventures in Neverland. In 1987, Joel Schumacher (yes, the same guy who decided that George Clooney's Batman suit neede...

Kingsman: The Secret Service

This week is a little different. We've opted to discuss a new movie, just because it pokes into our comic book hearts and roots, but is something of a James Bond for the next generation. That's right, we're discussing Kingsman: The Secret Service. A 20...

Galaxy Quest

Ahh, 1999. The last year before Y2K, the millenials being coined, and the year of Prince partying till there was no end. It was also the year a great hidden gem of a parody film debuted. No, not Weird Al doing UHF, or the horrible Vampires Suck film; n...

Failed Franchises, Part III

Ok, folks – this week (well, it’s a week late) I have posted up our Failed Franchises finale. :) We discuss some of our favorite franchises that were killed off way too early – Clerks: The Animated Series, Young Justice, and more. Sure, we all agree th...

Failed Franchises Part II

In our second installment of Failed Franchises February, we riff on some more just godawful, horrible cartoons that should never have been made. Like what, you may ask? Butt Ugly Martians. Father of the Pride. Just a few examples of what’s to come in t...

Failed Franchises Part I

The cartoons we know and love, the movies we remember fondly – well, for every one of those, there was a dud sitting out there. And we want you to remember them with horror! :) For the rest of the month of February, Doug Abel and Mike Blanchard are tak...

The 7D

Hi HOOOOOO! Hi ho, here we go now, it’s time for the 7D! This week we’re actually talking pop culture of the current generation and one of our favorites on the air currently, Disney’s The 7D. It’s a reimagining of the Seven Dwarves from Snow White And ...

Die Another Day

To finish out our James Bond January, Mike Blanchard, Stephen Ring and I went back to perhaps what I think is one of the worst 007 movies ever – Die Another Day. Sure, it lacked Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist, but the CGI in this film was chees...

The World Is Not Enough

007 is back for James Bond January; this time, it’s in the 3rd Pierce Brosnan installment, The World Is Not Enough. In this film, James rescues a stricken Sophie Marceau from the threats of nuclear war, and meets Denise Richards playing a nuclear physi...