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TAIWAN TALK is ICRT's weekly interview segment with conversations on life in Taiwan. Each week, ICRT's Keith Menconi talks to a new newsmaker, discussing topics that affect your life in Taiwan -- including business, finance, politics, culture, arts and lifestyle.

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TAIWAN TALK is ICRT's weekly interview segment with conversations on life in Taiwan. Each week, ICRT's Keith Menconi talks to a new newsmaker, discussing topics that affect your life in Taiwan -- including business, finance, politics, culture, arts and lifestyle.
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A Moving Sound - With Scott Prairie

A Moving Sound co-creator Scott Prairie talks to us about how the partnership with his wife Mia began, their creative process, and their upcoming Mia-driven project.
ICRT author

Taipei in Time: November Edition

Taipei Times Features Reporter Han Cheung talks to us about the articles he wrote in the month of November in his Taiwan in Time series.
ICRT author

World Vegetable Center

This week we talk to Maureen Mecozzi, the Head of Communications and Information at the World Vegetable Center in Tainan, Taiwan.
ICRT author

November 24th Election - The Youth Perspective

NTU students and members of TYAD come on the show to share broad thoughts on the referendums being held during elections on November 24th, 2018.
ICRT author

The Culinary History of Taipei: Beyond Pork and Ponlai with Steven Crook

Author Steven Crook tells us about the book he co-authored with Katy Hung, which delves into the history of Taiwanese food.
ICRT author

Taiwan in Time - October Edition

Taipei Times Features Reporter Han Cheung talks to us about the Taiwan in Time articles he wrote for the month of October.
ICRT author

Coco In Taiwan

Coco runs the japanese blog cocointwblog.com about her life here in Taiwan. She comes on Taiwan Talk to share her story.
ICRT author

Greenpeace - Energy Transition

An Lee of Greenpeace comes on the show to tell us about Greenpeace, specifically energy transition.
ICRT author

Space Science with NCU Associate Professor Loren Chang

National Central University Associate Professor of Space Science Loren Chang comes on the show to tell us about cutting edge science, his hectic workload and the challenges Taiwan satellites face on the world stage.
ICRT author

KP Kitchen Taiwan

KP Kitchen recently released a microwavable vegan cake mix to the market. Karen Farley tells us how she and her husband Patrick Bosworth came up with the idea one day on vacation, why they started KP Kitchen, and more.
ICRT author

Taiwan in Time - September Edition

Taipei Times Features Reporter Han Cheung talks to us about the Taiwan in Time articles he wrote for the month of September.
ICRT author

Feminism in Taiwan

Special correspondent Grace Carroll delves into feminism in Taiwan.
ICRT author

Crossroads Taiwan

Crossroads is an experimental, cross-lingual multimedia platform actively cultivating and connecting the diverse communities of Taiwan. Founder David Chang comes on the show to explain the concept behind the platform.
ICRT author

Taiwan in Time - August Edition

Taipei Times Features Reporter Han Cheung talks to us about the Taiwan in Time articles he wrote for the month of August.
ICRT author

Marathon Running with Chrissy Wang

Donovan Smith sits down with Chrissy Wang to talk about Marathon running and subsequent projects.
ICRT author


James Tsuei, CEO of deepblu, comes on the show to tell us about the internet-based company that looks to make SCUBA diving a more media-rich, accessible experience.
ICRT author

Flaneur Magazine - Taipei Edition

Editor In Chief of Flaneur Magazine, Fabian Saul, comes on the program to tell us about Flaneur Magazine, and why they chose Taipei as the first city in Asia to showcase.
ICRT author

FIRA RoboWorldCup 2018

FIRA President and NTNU Professor Jacky Baltes talks to us about the robotics competition that is being held in Taichung.
ICRT author

Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association

Grace Carroll visits the hotline to talk about LGBT issues, including education and marriage equality.
ICRT author

Surf's Up - Surfing in Taiwan

Garrett Ball, owner of Drifters Pizza Pub and member of Yilan's surf community, talks to us about the local Surf scene.
ICRT author

King Car Group

Yi-Ling Wu, Head of R&D at King Car Group, tells us about the company's first foray into the brewing market with Buckskin Beer.
ICRT author

Running Trails and Blogs - Cory Lewandowski

Cory Lewandowski talks to us about his running blog, curiously named fishcounterblog.wordpress.com
ICRT author

Let's Empower Together

Joshua McCaulla and David Gavin come on the show to talk about their consulting company.
ICRT author

DiVino & FO.CO.SO Taipei

Head chef Enrico Negrini and business partner Sahil Mehrotra come on the show to talk about DiVino and FO.CO.SO. - both restaurants located in Taipei's Da'an District.
ICRT author

Lao Ren Cha - slow-brewed perspectives on life in Taiwan

Lao Ren Cha blog runner Jenny Cody comes on Taiwan Talk to discuss the topics and issues she writes about.
ICRT author

Hult Prize Re-Up and ReKove

Szymon Bielecki revisits the ICRT studios to provide a progress update on Hult Prize Taiwan. Then, Camila Gonzalez tells us about ReKove, the social startup competing in 2018's Hult Prize competition.
ICRT author

Disability Studies with Michael Berube

Penn State University Literature Professor Michael Berube swung by the ICRT studios to talk about disability, the subject he has been contributing to and studying since the 1990's.
ICRT author

Todd Blackhurst

Donovan Smith chats with Todd Blackhurst - a Baptist missionary and founder of TaichungExpat.com and the Taichung International Fellowship.
ICRT author

Miaoli Wind Company

GM of Miaoli Wind Company Hal Falls talks about life in Taiwan, the wind farm he runs in Miaoli, and shares his thoughts on offshore wind energy.
ICRT author

Comedy In Taiwan

Matt Bronsil and Sam Yarbs talk to us about the comedy scene in Taiwan.
ICRT author

Live In Hope

Live in Hope founders Elene van Sandwyk and Dean Brownless tell us about the organization and the events they host.
ICRT author

Taoyuan Agricultural Expo

Linda Tseng, Chief of International Affairs Division of the Taoyuan City Government, comes in to speak about what her division does, and the Agricultural Expo that they are hosting.
ICRT author

Water Ballet in Taichung

Julia Startchenko talks to Donovan Smith about the artistic swimming event she organized in Taichung.
ICRT author

Kaohsiung Transportation

ICRT's Michael Smith speaks with Kaohsiung City Director-General of Transporation Chen Ching-fu.
ICRT author

DFON Biomedical: ITRI Startup Looking to Revolutionize Skin Care

Joshua Lai is the CEO of DFON Biomedical. He speaks to us on the science behind their new product.
ICRT author

ESL: The Animated Series

Kevin Lee and Michael Wong are the creators of ESL: The Animated Series. They are currently producing the pilot and whole first season after successfully obtaining funding.
ICRT author

Taipei Predators - American Football in Taiwan

Taipei Predators captain Adam Mathias speaks to us before the team's debut in the CityBowl League.
ICRT author

Taiwan Cybersecurity with Kitsch Liao

Kitsch Liao is a cybersecurity expert working in Taiwan. He comes on Taiwan Talk to discuss the state of Taiwan's cybersecurity, and gives a few tips on how to approach security as a private citizen as a bonus.
ICRT author

Cycling in Taiwan

Cycling enthusiast Syl No shares his insights on cycling here in Taiwan.
ICRT author

Haxstrong- You Are Never Alone

Haxstrong is a charitable organization that helps foreign nationals in Taiwan. Shaun Bettinson and Gregg Haxton come on the show to talk about it.
ICRT author

Taiwan Talk

We talk to Taichung City Social Affairs Bureau Director Peter Lue
ICRT author

Taichung City's Flora Expo

Taichung City Official Huang Yi-han speaks to Donovan Smith about the Flora Expo to be held in Taichung.
ICRT author


Vanessa Wang and Jenn Crimin started the women's mental health support group W.A.R.M. (Women Anonymous Reconnecting Mentally) to support women with mental illness and lessen the stigma surrounding mental illness here in Taiwan.
ICRT author

The Scubar

The Scubar is located on Fulong beach, and offers diving courses in English to those interested in learning how to scuba dive. Nigel Anderson, the co-owner of The Scubar, was our guest on the program this week.
ICRT author

Kafnu Taipei: A Real World Social Network

Lien Chu, General Manager North Asia of Kafnu, talks to us about Next Story Groups new endeavor. Kafnu Taipei opens January 16th, 2018.
ICRT author

E-sports, with Blizzard Entertainment

Eddy Meng, managing Director of Blizzard Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, talks to ICRT about the year Blizzard had with the opening of their e-stadium, the development of e-sports, and about the inaugural season of the Overwatch League.
ICRT author

Taichung: Taiwan's Second Largest City

Donovan Smith speaks to Dr. Tracy Liu of the Taichung government on the goings-on in Taichung.
ICRT author

China Hash House Harriers - The Drinking Club With A Running Problem

ICRT's Alex Lewis spoke with the ex-GM of the China Hash House Harriers Paul Hannan, and others, about the trail running club.
ICRT author

Top Shelf Games

Todd Idashkin, founder of Top Shelf Games, comes by the ICRT studios to talk about his board game design company and the events they hold. He also talks about designing his first board game, and the ancillary benefits of playing board games.
ICRT author

The Green Future of Taiwan and the World

In this week's Taiwan Talk ICRT's Philip Brossard speaks with the UK government's economic advisor on climate change, Adrian Gault, who urges Taiwan and the world to be ambitious when taking action to protect the environment.
ICRT author