The Turkish Program was one of the first seven language programs on SBS, which began broadcasting with six other language groups in 1975. The program presents news and current affairs from Australia, Turkey and the world, and broadcasts various other programs which relate to the Turkish-speaking community. The program, which airs one hour daily, is informative, educational and entertaining and includes interviews with community members and prominent people from Australia, Turkey and the world, as well as covering cultural, sport and arts events. SBS is a unique government owned media institution which broadcasts in 68 languages.

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The Turkish Program was one of the first seven language programs on SBS, which began broadcasting with six other language groups in 1975. The program presents news and current affairs from Australia, Turkey and the world, and broadcasts various other prog
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weekend in sports - F1 Sezonu Melbourne'da ba┼člad─▒

Formula 1 season began last weekend. Meanwhile, Perth won its 9th basketball championship - Formula 1 sezonu bu haftasonu ba┼člad─▒. Avustralya Basketbol Ligi'nde ise bu y─▒l─▒n ┼čampiyonu belli oldu

World mourns Christchurch masacre - D├╝nya Christchurch i├žin birle┼čti

Australia's political leaders have joined faith leaders at church services in Sydney to show solidarity with New Zealand following the Christchurch terror attacks. - Christchurch katliam─▒ndan sonra Avustralya'da t├╝m dini liderler beraberlik mesaj─▒ verd...

Folk tales from Turkish violinist and Japanese pianist duo - T├╝rk kemanc─▒ I┼č─▒n ├çakmak├ž─▒o─člu, piyanist Maki Ono'yla Melbourne sahnesinde

Following their performances in New York and Tokyo, Turkish violinist┬áIsin Cakmakcioglu and Japanese pianist Maki Ono join forces in their Melbourne concert. We interviewed Isin Cakmakcioglu... - T├╝rk keman sanat├ž─▒s─▒ I┼č─▒n ├çakmak├ž─▒o─člu ve Japon piyanist...

Y├╝ksel ├çift├ži "Mustafa played dead" - Y├╝ksel ├çift├ži "Mustafa ├Âl├╝ taklidi yapm─▒┼č"

Sydney businessman Yuksel Cif├ži went to New Zealand Christchurch and visited 3 injured Turks at the hospital. - Sydneyli i┼čadam─▒ Y├╝ksel ├çift├ži┬áChristchurch'de camilere yap─▒lan sald─▒r─▒larda┬áyaralanan ├╝├ž T├╝rk vatanda┼č─▒n─▒ hastanede ziyaret etti.

Temporary bans on foreign fighters to return to Australia could affect so-called jihadi brides as well as Prakash - Yurt d─▒┼č─▒nda ter├Âr ├Ârg├╝tleri i├žin sava┼čanlara 2 y─▒l ├╝lkeye giri┼č yasa─č─▒

The federal government wants to block Australian foreign fighters from entering Australia for two years under a bill introduced into the lower house. Home Affairs says temporary bans on foreign fighters wanting to return to Australia could also apply t...

Esra asking support from Queensland Turkish community - Esra Queensland T├╝rk Toplumu'ndan destek bekliyor

First Turkish Woman triathlete who take points from world cups and Olympic points Esra Nur Esra Nur Gokcek represent Turkey at Queensland Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival. - D├╝nya kupalar─▒ndan ve Olimpiyat noktalar─▒ndan puan alan ilk T├╝rk Kad─▒n Triatlet─▒ ...

WEEKEND SPORTS - Haftasonu spor

Weekend sports, from F1 in Melbourne to Turkish football. (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - Melbourne'da ba┼člayan F1 sezonundan T├╝rkiye futboluna kadar bu haftasonu sporda olan her┼čey

TURKISH AGENDA WITH YAVUZ O─×HAN - Yavuz O─čhan'la T├╝rkiye g├╝ndemi

Yavuz O─čhan shares his opinions about developments in Turkey (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - Yavuz O─čhan T├╝rkiye politikas─▒ndaki geli┼čmeleri yorumluyor

NEWS IN TURKISH FRIDAY MARCH 15 - 15 mart 2019 haber b├╝lteni

News in Turkish from Australia, Turkey and the globe. (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - Avustralya, T├╝rkiye ve d├╝nyadan haber b├╝lteni

Viva: What to consider when it comes to downsizing? - E┼čyalardan kurtulma zaman─▒ geldi mi?

Downsizing can be both physically and emotional draining.ItÔÇÖs often hard to let go of the memories and the home youÔÇÖve created over a life-time.So, what do you need to consider before making the decision?┬á - Y─▒llard─▒r biriktirdi─činiz e┼čyalardan kurtulm...

MART 14 Per┼čembe Haberler - MART 14 Per┼čembe Haberler

News on March 14, Thursday (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - Avustralya, T├╝rkiye ve d├╝nyadan haberler. 14 mart 2019 Per┼čembe

Dementia among young a concern - Gen├ž bunama b├╝y├╝yen bir endi┼če kayna─č─▒

There are 26,000 Australians with what's called 'younger onset dementia' but still itÔÇÖs a disease many people know very little about. (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - Yakla┼č─▒k 26,000 Avutralyal─▒da ÔÇťgen├ž akut demansÔÇŁ ya┬á da bunama var ancak bu konuda pek kimse bilg...

Cardinal Pell jailed for 6 years for child sexual abuse - Kardinal Pell'e cinsel tacizden 6 y─▒l hapis cezas─▒ verilmesi nas─▒l kar┼č─▒land─▒?

Disgraced Catholic Cardinal George Pell has been sentenced [[Wed]] to six years in prison for sexually abusing two choirboys in Melbourne in the 1990s. The 77-year-old showed no emotion as the sentence was handed down, but there was plenty outside the ...

China says training camps housing Uighurs are not permanent - ├çin, Uygurlar─▒n oldu─ču e─čitim kamplar─▒n─▒n kal─▒c─▒ olmad─▒─č─▒n─▒ s├Âyledi

In a rare public statement, China is indicating for the first time its camps in the country's northwest are not permanent.It's the first time China has allowed foreign journalists to ask questions about the controversial camps - the Chinese government ...

Levent Efe: "Prison for Cardinal Bell momentous occasion" - Levent Efe: "Bu kademedeki bir din adam─▒n─▒n ceza almas─▒ ├Ânemli"

Levent Efe evaluates the Catholic Cardinal George Pell's 6-year sentence for child abuse. - Levent Efe, Katolik Kardinal George Pell'in ├žocuk istismar─▒ su├žunda 6 y─▒l hapis cezas─▒ almas─▒n─▒ de─čerlendiriyor.

Growing concerns over misleading and deceptive electin campaign ads - Yan─▒lt─▒c─▒ ve aldat─▒c─▒ se├žim kampanyas─▒ reklamlar─▒yla ilgili endi┼čeler art─▒yor

With the New South Wales state election just weeks away and the federal election due soon after, there are concerns about growing numbers of misleading and unauthorised political advertisements. - Yakla┼čan NSW eyalet se├žimleri ve daha sonra yap─▒lacak f...

Cardinal sentenced to six years in prison - Kardinal Pell'e 6 y─▒l hapis cezas─▒

Cardinal George Pell is sentenced to six years in prison. He'll be eligible for parole in 3 years eight months. (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - Melbourne'da bir yarg─▒├ž Kardinal George Pell'i bir ├žocupa tecav├╝z ve di─čerine cinsel taciz y├╝z├╝nden 6 y─▒l hapse ├žarpt─▒r...

Al-Araibi is now Australian - EL-Arabi art─▒k Avustralyal─▒

Footballer Hakeem Al-Araibi has become an Australian citizen at a ceremony in Melbourne. The 25-year-old returned to Australia last month, after a public campaign to secure his release when his birth country, Bahrain, pursued his extradition. (AUDIO IN...

New visas for foreign workers with farming background - Avustralya tar─▒m i┼č├žileri ar─▒yor

Australian farmers have welcomed Federal Government changes to visa rules, designed to address chronic labour shortages within the sector, but say they don't go far enough. (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - Avustralya'da Federal h├╝k├╝met, tar─▒m┬á sekt├Âr├╝ndeki i┼č├ži s─▒...

Foreign journalists expelled from Turkey - Yabanc─▒ gazeteciler s─▒n─▒r d─▒┼č─▒

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been accused of spreading a push to control the media to include international outlets with the expulsion of two German journalists. - T├╝rkiye Cumhurba┼čkan─▒ Tayyip Erdo─čan, medya ├╝zerindeki kontrol├╝n├╝ art─▒rmak...

Melbourne turns a bit Turkish with Pazar festival - Melbourne'nun kalbi T├╝rk Pazar Festivali'nde att─▒

The 12th Turkish Pazar Festival was held at Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market last weekend. It once again brought together the best of what Turkey has to offer - Ge├žen haftasonu d├╝zenlenen 12. T├╝rk Pazar Fesitvali 2019'da yine Melbourne'nun kalbinin at...

sports over the weekend - Haftasonu spor

Results of sports events over the weekend. - Haftasonu yap─▒lan ma├žlar ve sonu├žlar─▒.┬á

Crucial vote over Brexit - Yeni Brexit oylamas─▒ bug├╝n

There will be a crucial Brexit vote in the House of Commons on Tuesday. (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - ─░ngiltere Ba┼čbakan─▒ May, Brexit anla┼čmas─▒n─▒ tekrar AVam Kamaras─▒na g├Ât├╝r├╝yor.┬á

Turkish Charlie Ryan - Anzak saflar─▒nda bir T├╝rk

Sir Charlie Ryan [1853-1926] has been told in a childrenÔÇÖs story book. - Avustralya'da yay─▒nlanan yeni ├žocuk kitab─▒, g├Â─čs├╝nde Osmanl─▒ kahramanl─▒k madalyas─▒yla Gelibolu'da T├╝rklere kar┼č─▒ sava┼ča kat─▒lan ANZAK Charles Ryan'─▒n ├Âyk├╝s├╝n├╝ anlat─▒yor.

Not enough done for disabled refugees - Engelli m├╝lteciler i├žin yap─▒lanlar yeterli mi?

Refugees with disabilities say theyÔÇÖre facing long waits for vital equipment and services upon settling in Australia. Australia has accepted refugees with disabilities since 2012 ÔÇô but advocates say not enough is being done to support those with specia...

Levent Efe "Excessive alcohol consumption is fueling domestic violence" - Levent Efe "A┼č─▒r─▒ alkol t├╝ketimi aile i├ži ┼čiddeti k├Âr├╝kl├╝yor"

Levent Efe is talking about record funds from the two main parties against domestic violence, criticism on Victoria CFA for the measures they have taken while the forest fires continue. - Levent Efe, iki ana partinin aile i├ži ┼čiddete kar┼č─▒ a├ž─▒klad─▒─č─▒ r...

Turkish agenda with Yavuz Oghan - Yavuz O─čhan'la T├╝rkiye g├╝ndemi

Journalist Yavuz O─čhan shares facts and his opinions on developments in Turkey. (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - Gazeteci Yavuz O─čhan'la bu haftaki T├╝rkiye g├╝ndemi

Australia to refuse visas for domestic violence offenders - Aile i├ži ┼čiddetten mahkum olanlar AvustralyaÔÇÖya al─▒nmayacak

Visitors to Australia can be refused entry or kicked out if they have been convicted of domestic violence, under a new federal government directive. Immigration Minister David Coleman's decision came into force on Thursday, barring anyone who has commi...

Friday news - Cuma haberleri

Friday news from Australia, Turkey, and from around the world (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - Avustralya'dan, T├╝rkiye'den ve d├╝nyadan haberler 8 Mart 2019 Cuma. Kad─▒n g├╝n├╝

Bosses who underpay may face jail - G├Â├žmen i┼č├žilere koruma geliyor

Bosses who deliberately underpay their staff could soon face jail time as part of a series of hard line reforms designed to protect Australia's most vulnerable workers. (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - ├çal─▒┼čanlar─▒na ├Âzellikle d├╝┼č├╝k ├╝cret veren patronlar pek yak─▒nd...

Living on Hope Street - Yay─▒nlanan ilk kitab─▒yla ├Âd├╝l kazand─▒

Author Demet Divaroren won 2018 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards with her first published book. - Melbournel─▒ yazar Demet Divar├Âren, 2018 Victorian Premier's Edebiyat ├ľd├╝l├╝n├╝ kazand─▒.

Should you build or buy a house? - Yeni ev in┼ča etmek mi, yoksa eski ev almak m─▒?

Both options have different advantages so we've asked property experts to talk us through them. (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - ─░kisinin de baz─▒ avantajlar─▒ var ve bu y├╝zden sizin i├žin emlak├ž─▒lar ve in┼čaat├ž─▒larla konu┼čtuk.┬á

Anti-Vaccine groups debunked again - Yeni ara┼čt─▒rma a┼č─▒lar─▒n g├╝venli oldu─čunu g├Âsterdi

A major study has ruled out any link between the mumps, measles, and rubella ((MMR)) vaccine and autism. The link was claimed following a paper, published 20 years ago but long since retracted, which tried to suggest vaccines were unsafe. (AUDIO IN TUR...

Dentist 10th woman to be killed this year - Di┼č├ži bu y─▒l ├Âld├╝r├╝len onuncu Avustralyal─▒ kad─▒n

A man suspected of murdering a Sydney woman has died in what police suspect was a deliberate car crash. - SydneyÔÇÖde bir kad─▒n di┼č├žinin cinayetinden sorumlu oldu─ču d├╝┼č├╝n├╝len ki┼či bir araba kazas─▒nda ├Âld├╝. Polis Kazan─▒ kas─▒tl─▒ ┬áoldu─čunu d├╝┼č├╝n├╝yor.

Freed from HIV - K├Âkh├╝cre tedavisiyle HIV'den kurtuldu

The second ever person to be cured from HIV is yet unidentified. (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - Londra'da doktorlar k├Âkh├╝cre tedavisiyle bir HIV hastas─▒n─▒n v├╝cudundan t├╝m mikrobu temizledi.

"After criticism by the OIC, Australia recognized 'East Jerusalem' as IsraelÔÇÖs capital" - T├╝rkiye'nin yeni Avustralya B├╝y├╝kel├žisi Korhan Karako├ž, Victoria'y─▒ ziyaret ediyor

TurkeyÔÇÖs newly appointed ambassador to Australia has taken up his post. Korhan Karako├ž, who previously served as the deputy director of the Middle East Office at the Turkish Foreign Ministry, said his experience at this post would allow him to better a...

Australian Muslim bikies support to refugees - M├╝sl├╝man motorcular m├╝ltecilere destek i├žin 2300 km katetti

Muslim motorcycle group Ali Davidson members, including five Turkish, rode from Melbourne to Sydney to draw attention to the situation of refugees living under difficult conditions. They travelled 2300 kilometres in 6 days and visited regional towns on...

Bushfires in Victoria's east have destroyed homes and authorities expecting the number to rise - Victoria'da 19 orman yang─▒n─▒ devam ediyor

Just under twenty fires are listed as burning out of control in the state, with an emergency warning in Budgeree downgraded to a watch and act. - Cuma g├╝n├╝ ba┼člayan yang─▒nlarda 9 ev ve di─čer yap─▒ yand─▒. Princes Freeway hala kapal─▒.

Weekend sports - Haftasonu spor

Scores and latest developments concerning sports over the weekend.┬á - Avustralya, T├╝rkiye ev d├╝nyada sporda son geli┼čmeler

Female CEOs earn less than male counterparts - Kad─▒n patronlar i├žin ├╝cret e┼čitli─či 80 y─▒l alacak

New data has revealed, it will take another 80 years for female CEOs to achieve equal representation with their male counterparts. (AUDIO IN TURKISH)┬á - Yeni bir ara┼čt─▒rmaya gore, kad─▒n ve erkek y├Âneticiler aras─▒ndaki ├╝cret fark─▒n─▒n s─▒f─▒rlanmas─▒ s├╝reci...

Melbourne Turkish Community lost their uncle Mehmet - Melbourne T├╝rk toplumu Mehmet amcas─▒n─▒ kaybetti

Veteran photographer and journalist Mehmet Arpac─▒ who was always with his camera on hand to capture every moment of the Turkish community in Melbourne, has past away. Hilkat Ozgun talking about Mehpet Arpac─▒'s life. - Melbourne T├╝rk toplumunun yak─▒ndan...

Advocates call for terrorist's orphans to be returned home - I┼×─░D'in Avustralyal─▒ militanlar─▒n─▒n yetim kalan ├žocuklar─▒n─▒n ├╝lkeye getirilmesi i├žin h├╝k├╝mete ├ža─čr─▒ yap─▒l─▒yor

Human rights advocates are calling on the government to bring the orphaned children of AustraliaÔÇÖs most notorious terrorist believed to be trapped in IS territory in Syria home to safety. Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledges Khaled SharroufÔÇÖs chi...

News on friday March 1 - Mart 1 SBS T├╝rk├že haberleri

News bulletin by the SBS Turkish team for March 1, 2019.┬á(AUDIO IN TURKISH) - ┬áSBS T├╝rk├že'nin Avustralya, T├╝rkiye ve D├╝nya'dan derledi─či haberler.┬á┬á

Mardi Gras and the Turkish community - T├╝rk toplumu ve Mardi Gras

Erol, a member of the Turkish community and a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, explains what Mardi Gras is and how it affects his place within the Turkish community. (AUDIO IN TURKISH)  - Sydney'den Türk toplumu bireyimiz Erol'la, LGBTIQ+ ve Mardi Gras...

Turkish agenda with Yavuz O─čhan - Yavuz O─čhan'la T├╝rkiye g├╝ndemi

Journalist┬á┬áYavuz O─čhan briefs us on the latest developments in Turkey.(AUDIO IN TURKISH) - Gazeteci Yavuz O─čhan bize son bir haftada T├╝rkiye'de olan geli┼čmeleri de─čerlendiriyor.

Violence against principals increasing - Okul m├╝d├╝rlerine kar┼č─▒ ┼čiddet korkutucu boyutta

A national study has found violence within Australia's schooling system has reached a new high. The study says one in three principals was being physically attacked in 2018 and almost half are being threatened with violence. (AUDIO IN TURKISH) - Ulusal...

US Congress blocks President Trump's emergency declaration - Kongre Trump'a direniyor

The US House of Representatives has voted to block US President Donald Trump's emergency declaration, a measure intended get him billions of extra dollars to build his border wall with Mexico. - ABD Temsilciler Meclisi, Donald Trump'─▒n meksika s─▒n─▒r─▒na...

Pell spends first night in jail - Kardinal Pell'in hapiste ilk gecesi

Cardinal George Pell is behind bars after being found guilty of child sex offences against two choirboys. The highest-ranked Catholic to be convicted of abuse has been remanded in custody while he awaits sentencing, and an appeal, against the verdict. ...

Escalating tension between India and Pakistan - Pakistan ve Hindistan aras─▒nda tansiyon art─▒yor

Pakistan says it has shot down two Indian military jets and captured a pilot in a major escalation between the two nuclear-armed neighbours. The latest developments are concerning to the international community - but most particularly, to Indian and Pa...

Efe; "Such a decision in worldwide could only take place in a secular country like Australia" - Levent Efe; ÔÇť B├Âyle bir karar ancak Avustralya gibi laik bir ├╝lkede ger├žekle┼čebilirdiÔÇŁ

Levent Efe is talking about Cardinal George Pell's conviction for child sexual abuse - Levent Efe, Kardinal George Pell'in ├žocuklara kar┼č─▒ cinsel tacizden su├žlu bulunmas─▒n─▒ de─čerlendiriyor.