The Turkish Program was one of the first seven language programs on SBS, which began broadcasting with six other language groups in 1975. The program presents news and current affairs from Australia, Turkey and the world, and broadcasts various other programs which relate to the Turkish-speaking community. The program, which airs one hour daily, is informative, educational and entertaining and includes interviews with community members and prominent people from Australia, Turkey and the world, as well as covering cultural, sport and arts events. SBS is a unique government owned media institution which broadcasts in 68 languages.

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The Turkish Program was one of the first seven language programs on SBS, which began broadcasting with six other language groups in 1975. The program presents news and current affairs from Australia, Turkey and the world, and broadcasts various other prog
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Deaths of five young Aboriginal girls by suicide prompt call for action - H├╝k├╝mete acil eylem ├ža─čr─▒s─▒!

Communities and families are mourning the loss of five young Aboriginal girls who took their own lives in separate incidents in Western Australia, Townsville and Adelaide this year. The deaths have prompted mental health groups to call on the federal g...

Yavuz O─čhan: "Erdo─čan's passive response to Trump was criticized" - Yavuz O─čhan: "Erdo─čan'─▒n Trump'a cevab─▒ yum┼čak bulunarak, ele┼čtirildi"

Yavuz Oghan speaks about US President Trump's tweet, "US will 'devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds" and Turkish President Erdogan's answer to him.┬á - Yavuz O─čhan bu hafta,┬áABD Ba┼čkan─▒ Trump'─▒n "ABD, K├╝rtleri vurursa T├╝rkiye'yi ekonomik olar...

'Hijabi in Jeans' - Hale I┼č─▒l Co┼čar: "Hem ba┼č├Ârt├╝s├╝ takan hem de kot giyen birisiy─▒m

Turkish-Australian teacher and poet Hale I┼č─▒l Co┼čar published her first book of poems which called Hijabi in Jeans that explores the dilemmas, challenges and advantages of her bilingual-bicultural world. - ─░ki dilli ve iki k├╝lt├╝rl├╝ d├╝nyas─▒n─▒n ikilemler...

'Time to put self-interest aside': Theresa May calls on parliament to show Brexit unity - Parlamentodan g├╝venoyu alan Theresa May, Brexit i├žin birlik ├ža─čr─▒s─▒ yapt─▒

British Prime Minister Theresa May's government saw off a vote of no confidence in parliament on Wednesday, brought after MPs overwhelmingly rejected the Brexit deal.On the other hand, as the UK scrambles to make sense of Brexit's future, it has also c...

Federal Government announces more funding for mental health - Federal h├╝k├╝met k─▒rsal topluluklar─▒n ruh sa─čl─▒─č─▒na daha fazla fon aktar─▒yor

Australians living in rural and remote areas are set to benefit from a 1-point-45 billion dollar funding announcement by the federal government. Frontline mental health workers will also have greater job security. - Federal h├╝k├╝met AvustralyaÔÇÖn─▒n k─▒rsa...

Children die in hot cars, director of ESTA warns parents - "S─▒cak bir g├╝nde, araban─▒n i├ž ─▒s─▒s─▒ 70 dereceye y├╝kseliyor."

Seven triple zero calls are being made each day to report children being locked in hot cars in Victoria, and authorities are warning of a spike in numbers during January as temperatures soar. Patrick Berry, executive director of operations at ESTA, urg...

NBA star Enis Kanter faces Turkish extradition request - T├╝rkiye'den NBA'de oynayan T├╝rk basketbolcuya k─▒rm─▒z─▒ b├╝lten

Turkish prosecutors are seeking the extradition of New York Knicks centre Enes Kanter over his links to the US-based cleric accused of orchestrating a failed coup in 2016, state-owned Anadolu news agency said. - ─░stanbul Cumhuriyet Ba┼čsavc─▒l─▒─č─▒, Amerik...

Levent Efe: "Whatever the reason, this issue is of huge concern which we need to address directly" - Levent Efe: "Sebep ne olursa olsun, ortada ele al─▒nmas─▒ gereken b├╝y├╝k bir sorun var."

Levent Efe talking about mass fish deaths in the Murray-Darling River and the federal government's motion to force councils to hold citizenship ceremonies on January 26th. - Levent Efe bu hafta, Murray-Darling Nehiri'ndeki b├╝y├╝k bal─▒k ├Âl├╝mleri ve┬áFeder...

British MPs firmly reject May's planned Brexit deal - ─░ngiliz parlamentosundan Brexit'e ret

The British parliament has overwhelmingly rejected Prime Minister Theresa MayÔÇÖs Brexit deal for leaving the European Union. Her proposed deal was voted down, 432 votes to 202.┬á Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he will now call for a vote of no-confiden...

"Few Australians want to see more migrants arriving in their country" - N├╝fusun g├Â├žle artmas─▒na kar┼č─▒ ├ž─▒kanlar─▒n say─▒s─▒ art─▒yor

As the federal government and opposition grapple with their migration policies, researchers at the Australian National University ((ANU)) have uncovered a dramatic decline in support for population growth. The ANU survey has revealed just three out of ...

Saudi teen Rahaf al-Qunun welcomed as 'brave new Canadian' in Toronto - Ailesinden ka├žan Suudi gen├ž k─▒z Kanada'ya ula┼čt─▒

Saudi teenager Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun has been welcomed by the Canadian foreign minister at Toronto's airport after she was granted asylum there. - Aile ┼čiddetinden ka├žarak Avustralya'ya gelmek isterken aktarma yapmak i├žin indi─či Bangkok Havaliman─▒'nd...

Socceroos bounce back with comfortable win over Palestine - Socceroos Filistin kar┼č─▒s─▒nda rahat bir galibiyet ald─▒

Australia recovered smartly from their opening loss to Jordan to breathe fresh life into their Asian Cup campaign with a comfortable 3-0 win over Palestine in Dubai on Friday. - Geride birakt─▒─č─▒m─▒z hafta sonunun en ├Ânemli spor olaylar─▒ndan biri Avustra...

Viva: How much sex are older people having? - Viva: Duygusal yak─▒nl─▒─č─▒ hat─▒rlaman─▒n yollar─▒

Sexual intimacy is a natural part of human existence.┬áYet, as our physiology changes with ageing, our desires and abilities may also be impacted.┬áThis week, Viva looks at how to maintain intimacy as we age. - Ya┼č ald─▒k├ža psikolojimizle birlikte e┼čimizl...

5 Australian Open 2019 facts you need to know - Avustralya A├ž─▒k Tenis Turnuvas─▒ 2019'la ilgili bilmeniz gereken 5 ┼čey

The best tennis players across the globe gather at Melbourne Park in the second week of January every year for the Australian Open. The 2019 Australian Open will start from January 14 and will end on January 27 and one will see   Maria Sharapova, Seren...

'Bizarre, heavy-handed': Councils push back on changes to Australia Day citizenship ceremonies - Federal h├╝k├╝metten belediyelere "zorla g├╝zellik"

The federal government has moved to force councils to hold citizenship ceremonies on January 26th. It comes as a handful of municipalities voted to move events, saying it's out of respect for Indigenous people. Some have backed the move, while others b...

Tourists have spent more than 113 billion dollars in Australia in the last year - Avustralya'n─▒n bir y─▒ll─▒k turizm geliri: 113 milyar dolar

Tourists have spent more than 113 billion dollars in Australia in the last year, and they're escaping the cities for the bush, coast and outback. Some of the biggest spenders are from China. - Avustralya turizmi patlad─▒. ├ľzellikle ├çinli turistlerin b├╝y...

This week in Turkey - "ABD ve T├╝rkiye'nin Suriye'de 'korunacak K├╝rt' anlay─▒┼č─▒ farkl─▒"

Yavuz Oghan tells about John Bolton's trip to Turkey, and tense internal politics. - Yavuz O─čhan, Amerikal─▒ Ba┼čkanl─▒k dan─▒┼čman─▒ Bolton ve di─čer ├╝st d├╝zey yetkililerin T├╝rkiye ziyaretini, yakla┼čan belediye se├žimlerini, ekonomiyi ve Cumhurba┼čkan─▒n─▒n son ...

Why Selin Ovunc is not in Australian Open? - Selin ├ľv├╝n├ž ana tabloda ama Avustralya A├ž─▒k'a gelemedi

Journalist Metin Akta┼čoglu questions the Turkish Tennis Federations' decision not to sponsor young player. - S├Âzc├╝ Gazetesi spor edit├Âr├╝ Metin Akta┼čoglu, gen├ž oyuncunun turnuvaya kat─▒lamamas─▒ndan T├╝rkiye Tenis Federasyonu'nu sorumlu tutuyor.

Super changes could mean $500,000 boost - Emekli olurken 500 bin dolar daha fazla birikim yapmak m├╝mk├╝n olabilecek!

Superannuation funds that persistently underperform should be stripped of their licences to help boost Australians' retirement savings, a report has found. - Federal H├╝k├╝met e─čer emeklilik fonlar─▒yla ilgili yap─▒lan incelemenin sonucunda ├ž─▒kan ├Ânerileri...

This week in Australia - Avustralya'da bu hafta

Levent Efe talks about Senator Anning, PM's shoes and Saudi refugee stuck in Bangkok. - Levent Efe, a┼č─▒r─▒ sa─č g├Âsteriye kat─▒lan Senat├Âr Anning, Ba┼čbakan─▒n fotoshoplanan ayakkab─▒s─▒ ve Avustralya'dan s─▒─č─▒nma talep edeb Suudi k─▒z konusunda yorum yap─▒yor.

Claims China is detaining Uighurs with links to Australia - Avustralyal─▒ Uygur toplumu huzursuz

The Muslim Uighur community in Australia says it's being subjected to increasingly bold surveillance tactics by Chinese authorities. - Avustralya'da ya┼čayan Uygur T├╝rkleri, ├çin H├╝k├╝metinin kendilerini takip alt─▒nda tuttu─čunu ileri s├╝r├╝yor.

Victorian man faces court over 'suspicious packages' - 'Zarfta uyar─▒ mektubu da vard─▒'

Savas Avan, 49, faced Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday charged with sending dangerous items by post. - Melbourne'da postayla asbestos g├Ânderilen diplomatik temsilcilikler aras─▒nda TC Melbourne Ba┼čkonsoloslu─ču da vard─▒. Canberra T├╝rkiye B├╝y├╝kel├ži...

People living with disability are having trouble finding proper housing - Engelliler kendi ihtiya├žlar─▒na uygun ev bulmakta zorluk ya┼č─▒yor

According to the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, up to 120,000 people registered for the National Disability Insurance Scheme cannot find a house that meets their needs at a reasonable price. - Avustralya, Konut ve ┼×ehircilik Ara┼čt─▒rma...

Trump says wall needed to solve "humanitarian crisis" - Trump: "Duvar─▒n "insani krizi" ├ž├Âzmesi gerekir"

United States President Donald Trump has delivered a prime-time televised address to the nation, urging Congress to approve funding for the construction of his proposed U-S-Mexico border barrier. An impasse between President Trump and Democrats in the ...

UN says Saudi woman 'safe' as family members arrive in Bangkok - Suudi Arabistanl─▒ k─▒za BM sahip ├ž─▒kt─▒

The father and brother of Saudi asylum-seeker Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun have arrived in Bangkok and want to see her. - Avustralya'ya iltica etmek isteyen Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun babas─▒ Bangkok'ta k─▒z─▒n─▒ g├Ârmek istedi─čini s├Âyl├╝yor.

" Migrants have made huge contribution to Australia, both economically and socially" - "G├Â├žmenlerin Avustralya'ya ekonomik katk─▒lar─▒ unutuluyor"

A leading migrant resettlement group says the weekend's far-right protests in Melbourne's St Kilda, have overshadowed the huge contribution migrants have made to Australia, both economically and socially. AMES Australia wants the contributions of refug...

"Renewable energy is made from resources of Mother Nature" - Yenilenebilir enerjinin ABC'sinden ba┼člayal─▒m!

Hilkat Ozgun, a former CSIRO┬áscientist from Australian Turkish community, explains what is renewable energy, why it's necessary... We asked her basics of sustainable energy. - Y─▒llarca CSIRO'da┬áyenilenebilir enerji ve enerji depolama alanlar─▒nda ├žal─▒┼ča...

Government cancels hundreds of visas for convicted criminals - Avustralya, h├╝k├╝m giyen y├╝zlerce mahkumu s─▒n─▒r d─▒┼č─▒ etti

More than 800 criminals were stripped of Australian visas in 2018, with just over 12 per cent involved in child sex offences or child exploitation. Their visas were revoked under laws that require non-citizens sentenced to 12 months or more to lose the...

"We sacrificed for Australia" - "Avustralya i├žin kendimizi feda ettik"

Speaking out for the first time since missing their flight home in October, six Afghan men who live with disabilities after being wounded in the war, say they are owed protection in Australia. - Ekim ay─▒nda Invictus Game yani Gaziler Olimpiyatlar─▒'n─▒n ...

Which one is better for living: Australia vs New Zealand? - Hangisinde ya┼čam daha kolay: Avustralya m─▒ Yeni Zelanda m─▒?

Many people speak of immigration to Australia or New Zealand. An Australian Turkish community member Dilara Tuna, who lived in New Zealand for 9 years, tells about the differences between two country and why she lives in Australia right now and plans t...

Police out in force at tense Melbourne protest - Melbourne'daki protestolara tepkiler devam ediyor

Three people have been arrested and several others detained during protests at Melbourne's St Kilda beach involving right-wing and anti-racism groups. But police say there were no major episodes of violence. Dr Bulent Hass Dellal AO ,Executive Director...

Women push for better representation in federal parliament - Liberal Parti'ye kad─▒n milletvekilleri i├žin kota ├ža─čr─▒s─▒

A senior Liberal MP is calling for quotas to ensure more women are selected as candidates for federal parliament. Assistant Minister for Regional Development Sussan Ley is urging the New South Wales division of the Liberal party to pick a sensible targ...

Weekend sport preview - Avustralya spor haberleri

Tennis is coming to the fore, while the football season is into full swing. - Avustralya tenis sezonu ba┼člad─▒. Socceroos Asya Kupas─▒ kar┼č─▒la┼čmalarna gelecek hafta, A ligi hafta sonu kar┼č─▒la┼čmalar─▒ da Cuma ak┼čam─▒ ba┼čl─▒yor.

Biggest states resisting pressure to allow pill-testing at music festivals - Eyaletler hap testine kar┼č─▒ ├ž─▒k─▒yor

Australia's two biggest states are under mounting pressure to allow pill-testing at music festivals, following a number of deaths. - A├ž─▒k hava m├╝zik festivallerindeki ├Âl├╝m olaylar─▒, ┬áhap testi ├Ânerisini g├╝ndeme getirdi. Hap testi nedir ve neden tart─▒┼č─▒...

Turkish agenda with Yavuz Oghan - T├╝rkiye'de bu hafta

Oghan talks about bussiness outlook, upcoming local elections and developments in Syria. - Yorumcumuz Yavuz O─čhan T├╝rkiye'de bu hafta ├Âne ├ž─▒kan olaylar─▒ de─čerlendiriyor.

Protests erupt in India as women legally defy Hindu temple's ban on entry - Hintli kad─▒nlar─▒n yasak tap─▒na─ča girmesi ├╝zerine ba┼člayan protestolar ├╝lkeyi kar─▒┼čt─▒rd─▒

Protests have erupted in India after two women defied a centuries-old ban to enter one of Hinduism's holiest temples. India's Supreme Court ruled late last year that women of menstruating age could legally enter the site in the southern state of Kerala...

Gut bacteria can help weight loss - ─░yi bakteriler kilo vermeyi kolayla┼čt─▒r─▒r m─▒?

More than 50 per cent of Australians are reportedly suffering from gut problems, and scientists are blaming a lack of fibre. The warning comes as new Australian research finds a link between poor gut health and obesity. Simone Austin, from the Dietitia...

This week in Australia - Avustralya'da bu hafta

Levent Efe talks about pill testing, road toll, closure of detention centers. - Yorumcumuz Levent Efe, hap testi tart─▒┼čmas─▒, trafik kazalar─▒ ve g├Âzetimevlerinin kapat─▒lmas─▒ karar─▒n─▒ de─čerlendirdi.

Exclusive: Afghan Invictus Games athletes who didnÔÇÖt return home say Australia should grant them asylum - Gazi Oyunlar─▒'n─▒n ard─▒ndan ├╝lkelerine d├Ânmeyen Afgan sporcular ilk kez konu┼čtu

Speaking out for the first time since missing their flight home in October, six Afghan men who live with disabilities after being wounded in the war, say they are owed protection in Australia. - Ekim ay─▒nda Gazi Oyunlar─▒n─▒n ard─▒ndan evlerine d├Ânmeyerek...

Australian housing market: biggest drop since global financial crisis - Avustralya emlak fiyatlar─▒ tepetaklak

Australian housing prices have experienced their steepest drop since the global financial crisis, according to property analysts CoreLogic. - Avustralya'da ev fiyatlar─▒ k├╝resel krizden bu yana en b├╝y├╝k d├╝┼č├╝┼č├╝ ya┼č─▒yor.

Detention centre closure follows openings - G├Âzetim merkezlerinin birisi kapan─▒yor, birisi a├ž─▒l─▒yor!

The Morrison government says immigration detention centres in Sydney and Melbourne can be closed thanks to the reduced number of boat arrivals under its policies. But refugee groups say the federal government's decision is meaningless as new detention ...

Stressed wildlife needing extra help over summer - Yaz mevsiminde vah┼či hayvanlar daha ├žok zarar g├Âr├╝yor!

Summer is one of the busiest times for one of AustraliaÔÇÖs most unique hospitals.┬áThe Adelaide Koala and Wildlife hospital cares for native animals ÔÇô particularly where theyÔÇÖve been injured due to human influence. - AvustralyaÔÇÖn─▒n en e┼čsiz hastanelerind...

New year brings new laws - Bu y─▒l y├╝r├╝rl├╝─če girecek yasa ve uygulamalar

From the tampon tax to youth allowance and personal income tax, these are the new laws slated to kick in during 2019. - Avustralya'da 2019 y─▒l─▒nda y├╝r├╝rl├╝─če girecek yasalar neler?

Government move to strip Neil Prakash of Australian citizenship in doubt - H├╝k├╝metin Neil Prakash'─▒ vatanda┼čl─▒ktan ├ž─▒karma karar─▒na g├Âlge d├╝┼čt├╝

Fijian immigration authorities say, Neil Prakash is 'not a Fiji citizen'. Prakash is an Islamic State fighter whose Australian citizenship was revoked by the Australian government based on he was a dual national. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton's mo...

Australia to see in New Year with a bang - Avustralya Y─▒lba┼č─▒'na haz─▒r!

All eyes will be on Sydney this New Year's Eve but around the nation Australians will celebrate the end of 2018 and the start of 2019 with events and fireworks. - Bu ak┼čam yine bir Avustralya klasi─či ya┼čanacak ve ├╝lke ├žap─▒nda ba┼čkentelerde 2018ÔÇÖin gidi...

Australian Turkish society celebrates new year - Avustralya T├╝rk toplumundan yeni y─▒l dilekleri

Australian Turkish society tells about the new year's resolution and their┬áexpectations┬áfor the year to come. - Avustralya T├╝rk toplumu bireyleri, mikrofonumuza 2019'dan beklentilerini, yeni y─▒l dileklerini ve yeni y─▒l i├žin ald─▒klar─▒ kararlar─▒ anlat─▒yo...

If the same penalty repeats, the TV license can be cancelled - "Ayz─▒ ceza tekrarlan─▒rsa Tv lisanlar─▒ iptal edilebilir"

Yavuz Oghan talking about the fine and a penalty of broadcast suspension on television channels FOX TV and Halk TV by the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RT├ťK) - Yavuz O─čhan, Radyo ve Televizyon ├ťst Kurulu'nun, Metin Akp─▒nar ve M├╝jdat Gezen'in s├Â...

Beware of double demerits in the holiday period - Trafikte ├žifte ceza puanlar─▒na dikkat

Double demerits are currently in effect in NSW, ACT and WA, with police targeting drink driving, speeding, mobile phone and seat belt offences. Motorcyclists not wearing a helmet will also be a focus. Ibrahim Okul, a driver instructor from Sydney, warn...

"2019 will bring optimism, courage and therapy" - Astrolog Hande Kazanova 2019 y─▒l─▒n─▒ de─čerlendirdi

The start of every new year is a time of hope, excitement and possibility, with a fresh calendar open to endless opportunity. Turkish Astrologer Hande Kazanova, reveals what 2019 will bring to us... - Her yeni y─▒l─▒n ba┼člang─▒c─▒, umut, heyecan, ve yeni o...

Chef travels around the world to find perfect taste! - Lezzetin pe┼činde 30 ├╝lke

Australian Turkish chef Bugra Sal, sold his restaurant at Victoria Market and started a journey in search of different tastes...┬á - Avustralya T├╝rk toplumundan Bu─čra Sal, Victoria Market yak─▒nlar─▒ndaki restoran─▒n─▒ devrettikten sonra uzun bir yolculu─ča ...