Welcome to the SBS Urdu podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Urdu podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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Young innovators Network - Creative forum for migrant youth and children

Young innovators Network working towards well-being of migrant kids and youngsters by offering them creative activities. One of its ventures is Multi-culture Eid festival Poster Competition. The competition is for 9-13 years old children. This year The...

Can not sleep well? You are not alone - ۔ ۔ ۔ لیکن کسی کو نیند نہ آئے تو کیا کرے؟

Sleep health foundation found up to 45 per cent of Australian having a sleep disorder problem and it is more common in men. Poor quality sleep in the night can linger over the whole day. Negative impacts of lack of proper sleep are not strange but the ...

ATO Tax Talk May 2019:Removing tax deductibility

The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office. 

Suspected Chinese nationals arrested in Pakistan for trafficking brides

Bride trafficking is becoming a major issue for Pakistan warns Human Rights Watch.

What is the real essence of Ramadan?

Imam Nazeer ul Hassan Thanvi shares his views with SBS Urdu on the spirit of fasting during Ramadan.

Candidates and Community leaders' Views at SBS election exchange - کس جماعت کی حکمت عملی وفاقی انتخابات میں ترپ کا پتہ ثابت ہو گی؟

Candidates and leaders from different walks of society express their views about upcoming Australian federal elections. - امیدواروں اور رہنماؤں کی ایس بی ایس الیکشن ایکسچینج میں گفتگو

Australian journalist journeys to Pakistan to find out what makes it a cricketing nation

Dennis Freedman says the general perception about the South Asian nation is very different from what it is like - “Amazing people, amazing place.”

Independent Candidate for Senate raising voice against far right extremism in Australia - آسٹریلین سینیٹ کےآذاد امیدوار غلام حسن سفید فام انتہا پسندی کے خلاف پرُ عزم

Kabul born Ghulam Hassan moved to Australia from Pakistan thirty years ago. Now he is an Independent candidate for Senate in Federal Election 2019 from Queensland. He wants to raise voice against danger of far right extremism in Australia after Christc...

Viva: Grandparenting in the 21st century - آسٹریلیا میں بسنے والے دادا دادی بدلتی روایات سے کیسے نمٹیں

With the fast moving pace of family life, grandparents have to adapt to new approaches. So, what does it mean to be a grandparenting the 21st century?  -  وقت کا پہیہ تیزی سے گھوم رہا ہے اور اسی تیزی سے بدلتی معاشرتی دنیا میں  آسٹریلیا کو گھر بنانے وال...

Opportunities and hurdles for migrant candidates in Australian political system

"I am passionate about my local community and want to bring a positive change by working hard for the betterment of my community and Clive Palmer has given a great opportunity to migrant like me to achieve the goal".Listen UAP candidate Mubhail Ahmed v...

We want to be heard - Independent Candidate Aijaz Moinuddin

"I want local issues to be heard at national level and my community is supporting me to bring them up". Independent Candidate Aijaz Moinuddin is candidate in Victoria and hopeful for a win from Lalor in Victoria.

Is Pakistan [really] an extremist nation?

They say a diaspora is the face of their home country abroad, but to understand the international image of a country vis-à-vis terrorism and extremism, it is imperative to be familiar with the government’s policies. In this podcast, SBS Urdu talks to a...

Reclaiming 'desi' weddings

Pakistani-Australian wedding planners talk to SBS Urdu about the surprising things they have noticed at 'desi' weddings in Australia. Listen to Sundus Khan of storiesbysundus and Sabih Abbas Razvi of SMARS Photography as they share some emotional, some...

Settlement guide-Australia's political system

The 2019 Australian federal election is just around the corner when we will elect members of the 46th Parliament of Australia. So how do elections determine our next government?

Views of Hazara Community on recent Quetta blasts - ہزارہ برادری پردکھ کی طویل سیاہ شب کب ختم ہو گی؟

SBS Urdu spoke to a Hazara community leader living in Australia on the recent suicide attack in Quetta in which 24 people were killed and dozens were injured. - کوئٹہ بم حملے میں چوپیس افراد جاں بحق جبکہ درجنوں زخمی ہوئے تھے جن میں بیشتر کا تعلق ہزارہ ...

Tax Talk April 2019- Superannuation

The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office.

Settlement Guide - Having a say in Australia - نئے آنے والوں کو آسٹریلیا میں اپنی رائے کے آذادانہ اظہار میں مشکلات کیوں؟

All Australians have the right to participate as active citizens in shaping the society we live in. However, due to past traumatic experiences some new migrants maybe fearful of speaking up in public and do not know how our democratic processes work.…L...

Australian Trade delegation attending TEXPO PAKISTAN 2019 - پاکستانی درامد کنندگان کو مارکیٹینگ اور بہتر حکمت عملی کی ضرورت ہے ۔ آسٹریلین تجارتی وفد کے اراکین کی ر

Second edition of TEXPO 2019 Pakistan was opened in Lahore. Four day Expo is the largest display of textile products of the country where more 300 foreign traders of 70 countries visited. More than two hundred and thirty exhibitor’s demonstrated their ...

A different event with poetry competition to celebrate Mother's Day - مدرز ڈے پر خواتین کے لئیے شعری مقابلہ اور خصوصی فیملی پروگرام

Mothers are universally acknowledged annually on Mother's day. Sydney based social organization is celebrating it differently by  organizing a competition . Founder of the organization Shafaq Jafferry  is sharing information about  a competition of bes...

What is the importance of 'Black hole' image? - بلیک ہول تصویر کی اہمیت کیا ہے؟

Astronomer Dr Tayyaba Zafar from the Australian Astronomical Optics (AAO) says that this is the first there is visual proof of the black hole. - آسٹریلین ایسٹرنومیکل آپٹکس کی ماہرِ فلکیات ڈاکٹر طیبّہ ظفر کا کہنا ہے کہ بلیک ہول کی نئی تصویر سامنے آنا سائن...

Viva: Want to age better? Grow your own tea - کیا آپ اپنے گھر میں اُگائی ہوئی چائے پینا پسند کریں گے؟

Tea is an essential part of everyday life for many Aussies. More than half of the over fifties drink nearly 11 cups a week on average.  If you love your cuppa and like to garden, have you ever contemplated the idea of growing your own tea?  - دنیا کے د...

Curry Kings of Parramatta - Theater with blended flavor

"It's hilarious, it's full of satire but it's highlighting social issues of migrants coming from the Indian subcontinent and working in a kitchen of a restaurant". Abida Malik is playing a leading role in this popular theme play and she is sharing her ...

Why it is important to participate in National youth commission inquiry on youth Employment?

Elvis Martin is ambassador of national youth commission (NYC) Australia and International Young Leader of the year for 2019. He highlights the importance of participation young migrants in NYC employment inquiry . Listen Elvis's own passionate story an...

Migrants views about upcoming Australian federal elections - آسٹریلوی وفاقی انتخابات میں آپ کا ووٹ کس کو جائے گا اور کیوں؟

Listen migrants views about upcoming Australian federal elections - سنئیےگزشتہ دو دہائیوں میں آسٹریلیا آنے والے تارکین وطن آئیندہ انتخابات پر کیا رائے رکھتے ہیں ۔

Perveen Shakir-Icon of Urdu feminist Poetry

Perveen Shakir-Icon of Urdu feminist Poetry

Indian Election and role of social media

Analyst believe that sectarian, religious and regional groups will play a vital role in Indian Elections where campaigns are not running on performance.

Government announces new visa changes for migrants in budget

New regional visas, changes in visa fees and news funds for community language programs are some of the new changes the federal government announced in the new budget.

Mangoes bacteria discovery hailed by Australian agriculture industry

Bacteria that cause discoloration in mangoes and costs the Northern Territory industry up to ten million dollars each year has been discovered by PhD Candidate Muhammad Umar, of the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture. His project is part of the Austral...

Migrants showcasing magic of cuisine in Adelaide food festival - دیسی بدیسی کھانے ایڈیلیڈ کے فوڈ فیسٹیول میں

Food@5085 is a food and cultural event that showcases food varieties brought by migrants to Australia. Fizah Kamran is representing Pakistanis living in Adelaide by serving Pakistani cuisine in this festival. Event is featuring a mixture of  tasting pl...

Day Light Saving and Seasons in Australia - ڈے لائیٹ سیونگ کی کہانی

Day light saving is not a strange practice nowadays but many of new comers to Australia might not sure why and when it was started historically. Some don't know exact months of seasons of Australia. You might find some answers in this podcast. - اسِ اخت...

Viva: What to consider when it comes to downsizing? - ڈاؤن سائیزنگ یا بڑے گھر سے چھوٹے گھر میں جانا کتنا آسان؟

Downsizing can be both physically and emotional draining.  It’s often hard to let go of the memories and the home you’ve created over a life-time. So, what do you need to consider before making the decision?  - بدلتے حالات کے باعث  ڈاؤن سائیزنگ  یا بڑے...

Flu Season: Is April best time to get flu shot?

SBS Urdu talked to a health expert to find out when is the best time to get the flu vaccine. 

Migration opportunities to regional Australia: Changes to skilled occupation list

The Australian Government has announced new 'geographically restricted' skilled visas for regional areas of the country. 

Recent changes to skilled occupation list

SBS Urdu talks to a migration agent to find out what are the new changes in the general skilled migration list. 36 occupations have been added to the medium and long-term list which can lead to permanent residency. 

"I entered the mosque 3 minutes before the shooter" - میں حملہ آور سے تین منٹ پہلے مسجد پہنچا۔ کرائیسٹ چرچ حملے میں بچ جانے والے پاکستانی کی کہانی

A survivor from the Christchurch terror attack shares his ordeal with SBS Urdu. -  میں حملہ آور سے تین منٹ پہلے مسجد پہنچا۔ایمرجنسی کی کال نہ ملنے کے بعد میں نے خود کو  ٹوائیلیٹ میں لاک کرلیا   اور انسٹاگرام گروپ کے تمام ممبران کو ٹکسٹ میسیجز کرنا شروع...

There is great cooperation from NZ authorities - Deputy High commissioner of Pakistan in New Zealand - حکام کا غیر معمولی تعاون حاصل رہا ۔ پاکستانی ڈپٹی ھائی کمشنر برائے نیوزی لینڈ

Pakistani foreign mission in New Zealand has worked hard to assist impacted families. - کرائیسٹ چرچ کے دہشت گرد حملوں  کے  متاثرین کی مدد کے لئیے پاکستانی  سفارتخانے نے  ہنگامی بنیادوں پر کام کیا ہے۔ نیو زی لینڈ میں پاکستان کے ڈپٹی ہائی کمشنر سید معظم ...

ATO Tax Talk March 2019:When can I legally take out my super? - ATO Tax Talk March 2019:When can I legally take out my super?

The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office. - The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office.

Raising awareness through cricket

Charity aims to raise awareness about the dangers policemen face in the line of duty.

How international stars are reviving in-country cricket in Pakistan

Several international players are participating in the Pakistan Super League, played on Pakistan's home soil.

Reshma Perveen taking folk singing journey ahead - ریشماں پروین ۔ لوک موسیقی جن کو ورثے میں ملی

Reshman Perveen is taking her family's folk musical journey ahead. Her father was a traditional folk singer and her sister Sanam Marvi is a leading folk/sufi singer. She is talking about her latest tour of Australia where she is due to perform in Param...

Settlement Guide: Should you build or buy your house? - اپنا گھر خود بنوائیں یا بنا بنایا گھر خریدیں؟

While home ownership has been on the decrease in recent years, it’s still considered to be an integral part of Australian life.  Whether you'll buy an established house or build a new one, property experts say both options have their advantages. -  آسٹ...

“Women empowerment is self-determination.”

Panelist share their thoughts and views at an International Women's Day discussion in Melbourne.

Settlement guide: How does the youth justice system work in Australia? - آسٹریلیا میں نوعمر افراد کے لئیے عدالتی نظام کیسے کام کرتا ہے

No parent wants to receive a call from the police saying their child has been arrested. But if it happens, it’s important to know your child's rights, including requesting the help of a lawyer. -   والدین کے لئیے سب سے زیادہ پریشان کُن فون کال وہ ہوتی ہ...

A mother’s help for her disabled child has made her a disability advocate

Rubina Yasmeen, a mother to a child with a disability, shares her story of helping her son overcome adversity with the support of a community organisation. 

LNY - The History of Chinatown - LNY - The History of Chinatown

Most major cities around the world have a Chinatown. These are often areas where Chinese settlement first took shape outside of china. They reflect the history of hope and hardship when many migrants left their homes for a new life offshore. Lets explo...

ATO Tax Talk Feb 2019: Taxpayers' Charter - ATO Tax Talk Feb 2019: Taxpayers' Charter

The Taxpayers’ Charter is important because it clearly outlines what your rights and responsibilities are when dealing with the ATO. The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office. - The Taxpayers’ Charter is im...

Banking royal commission report - Who are the winners and losers ? - Banking royal commission report - Who are the winners and losers ?

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry has uncovered countless examples of gross financial misconduct by the banks and financial institutions. Financial advisor Faisal Shamsi sheds light on t...

World Cancer day - Life style change leads to recovery - World cancer day - Life style change leads to recovery

The good news is we are living longer with cancer and more likely to be cured, the bad news is we are not making the simple lifestyle changes that can vastly improve outcomes. Dr. Bilal explains. - The good news is we are living longer with cancer and ...

South Australian Parliamentarians enjoyed Sufi night in Adelaide - جنوبی آسٹریلیا کے پارلیمانی ممبران صوفی نائیٹ میں

 In conjunction with Australia Day, Pakistani Australian Association of South Australia (PAASA) invited parliamentarians and families to a passionate and ecstatic, spiritual and entrancing Sufi Music night event. PAASA president Adeel Sadiq explains fu...

How to setup an online home-cooked food business?

SBS Urdu spoke to two business owners to find out how they embarked on a journey of setting up a successful home-cooked food business. What was their motivation behind this and the hurdles faced along the way?Further information on our series of articl...