Welcome to the SBS Urdu podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Urdu podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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"Fighter never loose" Remembering bowler Abdul Qadir - اسپن بالنگ کا جادوگر

Legendary Pakistani cricketer Abdul Qadir passed away this month but left his legacy of leg-spin bowling behind. International cricketer gained worldwide fame for his “googly and flipper” style spin and idealized by youngsters of late seventies and eig...

How WA police are helping some Pakistani women combat domestic violence

A team of Pakistani women in Perth are combating domestic violence through a unique lens of "domestic harmony". Listen to the podcast to know how Western Australia police are involved in the project and about the film that is being produced in Urdu and...

What is bankruptcy and its implications? - آسٹریلیا میں قرض کے خطرات کیا ہیں اور ان سے کیسے بچا جا سکتا ہے ؟

The number of Australians in financial distress is on the rise prompting warnings of more personal bankruptcies as the national economy slows down. ….. explains how to deal with unmanageable debt. - آسٹریلیا میں بینک-رپسی یا دیوالیہ پن کے واقعات  میں ا...

Pakistani products showcasing in Fine Food Australia

Fine Food Australia is showcasing over 1,000 exhibitors and thousands of more brands. Pakistani food stalls are also gaining attraction. Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has sponsored ten (10) Pakistani companies those are participating i...

Working with Abid Ali - Uzma Gillani shares her memory-line

"We were too cooperative and too close in work and I remember, In the early days of my showbiz, Abid Ali helped me in memorizing the dialogues and script..." Listen how a legendary artist remembering her colleague and friend late Abid Ali. 

One Pakistani helping migrant women 'adjust' in Australia

Melbourne-based educationist/coach Sahrish Adnan is helping train new and old migrant women who are struggling with cultural shock, adjustment and integration issues and social interactions. While her audience is not restricted to a certain community, ...

Children’s Rights in Australia - آسٹریلیا میں بچوں کے حقوق

Over five million children aged under 18 in Australia. Under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, all children are meant to enjoy equal rights to grow up with access to education, healthcare and safety. However, child advocacy grou...

Pakistani environmentalist's project is selected by Australia

"The most revamping moment of my life is my selection from more than 2000 applicants from 18 countries and made my mark in 80 young leaders for the Mosaic International Leadership Summit 2015". Listen to Mahak Masood whose development impact plan is se...

Greater Social inclusion can lift GDP by Billions - نئے تارکین وطن کی معاشرتی شمولیت سے اقتصادی فائدے

Australia’s productivity has weakened in recent years, growing by an average of 1.1 per cent - below the long-run average of 1.5 per cent. A new report by Deloitte, commissioned by SBS, argues that a stronger focus on social inclusion has the potential...

What does it mean to be a father?

SBS Urdu talks to fathers from the Pakistani community to find out what it means to be a father and how they plan to celebrate Father's Day with their children.

Why more migrant mothers volunteering in Oz school

More and more mothers of Pakistani migrant background prefer to volunteer in schools. Listen intresting views of those who are already enjoying it and giving guidance here "how to volunteer in schools?"

Hockey Player Rushna Khan hopes to play in the next Olympics

Rushna Khan currently plays for UTS Club in Sydney. She has played for Pakistan's National Women Hockey Team at the international level and is also the first Pakistani female hockey player to play for a foreign club.

Filmmakers urge international cinema to stop stereotyping Muslims

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat recently called out the international cinema industry for promoting Islamophobia and hate towards Muslims, and her calls have been echoed in Australia.

How I transformed my life - Popular blogger speaks out about personal challenges

Popular V-blogger Qutaiba Mehmood is sharing the experiences that transformed him from an average engineering student to a successful VBlogger that leads him towards social media to become a star with more than 200,000 followers.

Adbi Qaqahey - Famous Poet Anwar Masood and Iftikhar Iffi in Australia - معروف مزاحیہ شاعر انور مسعود اور افتخار افؔی آسٹریلیا میں

Famous Urdu poet Anwar Masood and Iftikhar iffy are among many poets coming to Australian to attend poetry event "Adbi Qaqahey"    سنئیے انور مسعود اور افتخار افی کی باتیں  -    سنئیے انور مسعود اور افتخار افی کی باتیں  -  انور مسعود پاکستانی معروف شاع...

Adbi Qaqahey - Famous Poet Anwar Masood and Iftikhar Iffi in Australia

Famous Urdu poet Anwar Masood and Iftikhar iffy are among many poets coming to Australian to attend poetry event "Adbi Qaqahey"

Misconceptions versus reality about work and life in regional Australia

Australia is a large continent with vast land and thin population. Approximately 70 per cent of the Australian population lives on the eastern coastline and mostly in large cities. So why are migrants hesitant to move to regional Australia?

‘Networking is as important as having a good resume and skillset’

With the aim of giving back to the community, a couple hosts networking events in Sydney to help fresh graduates and students connect with the industry.

How you can reduce your footprint - کثافت کم کرنے کے لئے ہم کیا کر سکتے ہیں؟

According to the Department of the Environment and Energy, Australia exported more than 400-thousand tonnes of waste in December last year, with a value of $585 million dollars. Closure of the largest recycling company in Victoria has added further pre...

Indian Muslim husband will be jailed if use instant divorce practice - Upper house passed the bill

The Indian Parliament has outlawed the centuries-old right of a Muslim man to instantly divorce his wife by saying the word 'divorce' three times. The majority of Muslims in India are close to the bottom of economic and educational indicators. and crit...

Is Pakistani Media controlled by its intelligence agency?

Masood Haider is a senior journalist based in New York. He is also the former president of the United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA). He alleged that Pakistan army power full intelligence wing (ISI) is currently controlling all platforms of ...

An electronic chip that mimics the brain to make memories

Australian researchers have developed an electronic chip which uses light to mimics the functions of neurons in a brain. This breakthrough research will not only help scientists to understand the human brain functions to make memories but also leads to...

Hajj 2019: Essential tips for Aussie travellers

Heading to the annual pilgrimage from Australia this year? Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have released details to help travellers while travelling for Hajj.

Confusing food labeling risking the health

The latest Deaken study reveals that Australian children are consuming well above the recommended limit for salt, but parents looking to cut down were often forced to make complex conversions at the supermarket shelf. Lead author of the study Ajam Khok...

Women empowerment via spiritual and self-care awareness

A new women-only group, ‘Sister Squad’ in Sydney aims to build a stronger sisterhood in the community and create spiritual and self-care awareness.

"My mother didn't talk about my ancestors" - Aboriginal Muslim woman speak out

As NAIDOC Week has drawn to a close, SBS Urdu talks to a Noongar Muslim Aboriginal woman on what she feels is an element of underlying racism in Australia and why her mother did not share information about her Afghan Muslim ancestors until Shaymaa Abdu...

Pakistani team participates in First Lego league tournament in Sydney

Team IVY Super League is the only team from Pakistan that participated at the First LEGO League Championship at  Macquarie University Sydney. 

Australia Day ambassador playing on a different field - آسٹریلیا ڈے کی پہلی مسلم پاکستانی خاتون فٹبال کے میدان میں بھی آگے

She is Australia Day Ambassador and SANFL player - Yes..Shazia Choudhry is only Pakistani and Muslim female participating in the South Australia National Football League Nations Cup 2019. She is Australia day ambassador in South Australia and passionat...

Are there similarities between Aboriginal and South Asian music?

Pakistani Australian music artist Mahmood Khan says the music of both places have similar sounds and vocals.

Business owner chases thieves after being robbed for fifth time

After being robbed for the fifth time, Pakistani business owner Zeeshan Ahmed took matters into his own hands to help apprehend the thieves. 

Why is counselling being offered to journalists in Pakistan?

Job cuts, reduction in salaries and changing media landscape are some of the major issues many journalists are facing in Pakistan.

Settlement Guide How to apply for a first home owner Grant - پہلے گھر کی خریداری کے لئیے گرانٹ کیسے حاصل کی جا سکتی ہے؟

Buying a property is not easy, but the First Home Owner Grant could help you get a foot in the door earlier.For full details and expert advice, Listen Urdu Podcast. -   آسٹریلیا میں مکانات  مہنگے ہونے کے باعث اپنے گھر کا حصول آسان نہیں۔  مگر پہلی بار ن...

Behind the scene - Why I established a community organization in Adelaide

"I have always enjoyed helping and supporting needy people regardless of race, colour or ethnic background and volunteering to contribute back to Australian society", Nasir Husain, a social worker graduated from Flinder university describes his initial...

Career opportunities in Business Continuity Management in Australia

Migrant youth and students should reveal career pathways in a huge industry of disaster recovery and business continuity. Wasim Malik, BCI global award winner and inductee of the hall of fame, explains the industry's demands and the opportunities.  

Community work in Victoria gaining momentum

Many Pakistanis in Australia are associated with medical profession and also want to participate in community welfare work. Dr Naveed Mughal is a general physician and presiding Australia and New Zealand Association of Physicians of Pakistani descent -...

Young citizen of the year Highly commended Award

"My aim now is to be an advocate for the Muslim youth and Pakistani community, not just in Manningham but globally too. Humdaan Hafeez, Young Citizen of The Year of Manningham Council and  member of Youth Advisory Council in Victoria, sharing his exper...

'Australia is one of the easiest places to start a business'

How hard is it for migrants to set-up a small business in Australia? SBS Urdu talks to a legal expert to explain the way forward for small and medium entrepreneurship in Australia.

Pakistan vs India – Can the green shirts defy history?

Pakistan has never won against India in a cricket world cup. Two sides will play their 2019 world cup match on Sunday at Old Trafford in Manchester (England).

Settlement Guide: What is TAFE? - TAFE (ٹیف ) کا تعلیمی نظام ۔ آسٹریلیا میں ہنر مندانہ تربیت کے لئے اہم

If you're looking to launch your career in Australia or are already working and want to upskill or change the path, TAFE might have a course for you. -  اگر آپ  پیشہ ورانہ تعلیم میں مہارت چاہتے ہیں یا اپنا پیشہ تبدیل کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو ٹیف کی تعلیم آ پ ...

Pakistan vs Australia – Will the shaheens beat the kangaroos?

The two teams will play their Cricket World Cup match at Taunton, UK.

Tax Talk June 2019: Tax Assistance

The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office.

Australian Multicultural Eid Festival - A venue for Victorians to celebrate Eid

It started with an attempt to celebrate EID jointly with newly arrived youngsters, students and migrant families who feel lonely on the festive days such as Eid. This year Australian Multicultural Eid festival is celebrating its 10th. anniversary and e...

How Shahid Afridi’s initiative is making a difference in lives of Australian Muslims

Former Pakistani skipper and cricket star Shahid Afridi established a charity foundation in 2014. The aim of the charity was to help out the underprivileged.The Australian chapter was officially launched this year and is working towards making a differ...

Healthy eating tips during Ramadan

How to control your weight and eat healthily during the month of Ramadan? SBS Urdu talks to Fareeha Jay, a qualified dietitian who shares her experience on what people should eat and avoid.

How to participate in Australian life

Every day, millions of Australians volunteer their time to improve the lives of less fortunate members of our community. Volunteers come from all walks of life and community organisations welcome new members from culturally and linguistically diverse b...

Young innovators Network - Creative forum for migrant youth and children

Young innovators Network working towards well-being of migrant kids and youngsters by offering them creative activities. One of its ventures is Multi-culture Eid festival Poster Competition. The competition is for 9-13 years old children. This year The...

Can not sleep well? You are not alone - ۔ ۔ ۔ لیکن کسی کو نیند نہ آئے تو کیا کرے؟

Sleep health foundation found up to 45 per cent of Australian having a sleep disorder problem and it is more common in men. Poor quality sleep in the night can linger over the whole day. Negative impacts of lack of proper sleep are not strange but the ...

ATO Tax Talk May 2019:Removing tax deductibility

The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office. 

Suspected Chinese nationals arrested in Pakistan for trafficking brides

Bride trafficking is becoming a major issue for Pakistan warns Human Rights Watch.

What is the real essence of Ramadan?

Imam Nazeer ul Hassan Thanvi shares his views with SBS Urdu on the spirit of fasting during Ramadan.