Welcome to the SBS Urdu podcast, featuring homeland news and music.

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Welcome to the SBS Urdu podcast, featuring homeland news and music.
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ATO Tax Talk March 2019:When can I legally take out my super? - ATO Tax Talk March 2019:When can I legally take out my super?

The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office. - The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office.

Raising awareness through cricket

Charity aims to raise awareness about the dangers policemen face in the line of duty.

How international stars are reviving in-country cricket in Pakistan

Several international players are participating in the Pakistan Super League, played on Pakistan's home soil.

Reshma Perveen taking folk singing journey ahead - ریشماں پروین ۔ لوک موسیقی جن کو ورثے میں ملی

Reshman Perveen is taking her family's folk musical journey ahead. Her father was a traditional folk singer and her sister Sanam Marvi is a leading folk/sufi singer. She is talking about her latest tour of Australia where she is due to perform in Param...

Settlement Guide: Should you build or buy your house? - اپنا گھر خود بنوائیں یا بنا بنایا گھر خریدیں؟

While home ownership has been on the decrease in recent years, it’s still considered to be an integral part of Australian life.  Whether you'll buy an established house or build a new one, property experts say both options have their advantages. -  آسٹ...

“Women empowerment is self-determination.”

Panelist share their thoughts and views at an International Women's Day discussion in Melbourne.

Settlement guide: How does the youth justice system work in Australia? - آسٹریلیا میں نوعمر افراد کے لئیے عدالتی نظام کیسے کام کرتا ہے

No parent wants to receive a call from the police saying their child has been arrested. But if it happens, it’s important to know your child's rights, including requesting the help of a lawyer. -   والدین کے لئیے سب سے زیادہ پریشان کُن فون کال وہ ہوتی ہ...

A mother’s help for her disabled child has made her a disability advocate

Rubina Yasmeen, a mother to a child with a disability, shares her story of helping her son overcome adversity with the support of a community organisation. 

LNY - The History of Chinatown - LNY - The History of Chinatown

Most major cities around the world have a Chinatown. These are often areas where Chinese settlement first took shape outside of china. They reflect the history of hope and hardship when many migrants left their homes for a new life offshore. Lets explo...

ATO Tax Talk Feb 2019: Taxpayers' Charter - ATO Tax Talk Feb 2019: Taxpayers' Charter

The Taxpayers’ Charter is important because it clearly outlines what your rights and responsibilities are when dealing with the ATO. The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office. - The Taxpayers’ Charter is im...

Banking royal commission report - Who are the winners and losers ? - Banking royal commission report - Who are the winners and losers ?

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry has uncovered countless examples of gross financial misconduct by the banks and financial institutions. Financial advisor Faisal Shamsi sheds light on t...

World Cancer day - Life style change leads to recovery - World cancer day - Life style change leads to recovery

The good news is we are living longer with cancer and more likely to be cured, the bad news is we are not making the simple lifestyle changes that can vastly improve outcomes. Dr. Bilal explains. - The good news is we are living longer with cancer and ...

South Australian Parliamentarians enjoyed Sufi night in Adelaide - جنوبی آسٹریلیا کے پارلیمانی ممبران صوفی نائیٹ میں

 In conjunction with Australia Day, Pakistani Australian Association of South Australia (PAASA) invited parliamentarians and families to a passionate and ecstatic, spiritual and entrancing Sufi Music night event. PAASA president Adeel Sadiq explains fu...

How to setup an online home-cooked food business?

SBS Urdu spoke to two business owners to find out how they embarked on a journey of setting up a successful home-cooked food business. What was their motivation behind this and the hurdles faced along the way?Further information on our series of articl...

The Australian dream

From inception to fruition, it took one Pakistani man 10 years to find his Australian dream. He talked to SBS Urdu about his journey.

Essential tips to deal with Aussie heat

SBS Urdu talks to a health expert Dr Sumair Saeed who shares tips and techniques on dealing with the current heatwave in Australia.

For Pakistani fast bowler Usman Shinwari his dream to play at MCG came true

Pakistani fast bowler, Usman Khan Shinwari, played for Melbourne Renegades at the Big Bash League this year. He spoke to SBS Urdu about his experience and his first-time in Australia. 

Sami Shah opens up about being an atheist Pakistani-Australian comedian

Pakistani-Australian stand-up comedian Sami Shah opens up to SBS Urdu about his conversion to atheism, his latest book 'The Islamic Republic of Australia', the backlash from the local Muslim community, and being referred to a speech therapist for his a...

Pakistani-Australian artist launches art gallery, dedicated to South Asian and Middle Eastern art

Amidst the busy roads of an old western-Sydney suburb, there is a new, quiet place where 'east meets west'.

"If you're buying, wait; if you're selling, wait a little longer," says property expert

In this podcast, we asked Aamer Kiani, a real estate professional from Melbourne, about the expected changes in the Australian property market in 2019; and how migrants can benefit from them. He had some useful advice to give. 

'Let's make this Christmas about harmony and integration'

For our Christmas special show, we were joined by Mr Pastor Siddique Paul in our Sydney studios. We talked about religious harmony, integration and understanding each other holistically as part of the Pakistani community in Australia and ignore all dif...

Are Pakistanis in Australia doing enough volunteer work?

The holiday season is when most organisations need more volunteer workers. But are Pakistanis living in Australia doing enough volunteer work? SBS Urdu's Ayesha Hasan tries to find out in this podcast. 

"Sometimes women are pressured into babymaking to prove their femininity"

Pakistan came up with a very progressive population policy in the 1950s, but unfortunately for many reasons, it didn't work out, says researcher, sociologist Vasudha Mohanka, who is currently working on a research project at the University of Wollongon...

Two drown, third missing as migrants again caught in sea

The Indian community in Australia is mourning the deaths of two men who drowned at a beach near the New South Wales city of Coffs Harbour, on the state's north coast.

What is the motivation behind international students coming to Australia?

SBS Urdu hosted a talkback session asking the audience and a couple of experts to share their thoughts on the question: Are international students using studies as an excuse to enter Australia and find work?

Ayaan Khan from Geelong Victoria wins the SBS National Languages Competition in 4 to 7 years category

The six year old won the prize based on his artwork showing how learning English is helping him in daily life.

How migrant-friendly is Perth?

One of the world’s most iconic nature magazines named Perth as one of the must-visit destinations of the year 2019. We asked a few Perthians to tell us what's so special about their city.

Newly arrived migrants wait longer to access various welfare payments

A Morrison government welfare crackdown making newly-arrived migrants wait longer to access various welfare payments is expected to pass parliament after the Coalition reached a compromise with Labor.  But it has been revealed the bill would have faile...

"The Islamic schooling experience is incomplete without a similar practice at home"

If Islamic schooling is the parents' priority for their children, it is important for them to understand that a similar lifestyle at home is equally crucial and necessary, says Newcastle-based Maryam Iram, who has been teaching at Islamic schools for y...

Migrant communities often ignore signs of ADHD in children, expert says

Are they just super naughty or need intervention for impulsive behaviour? SBS Urdu talks to an early childhood education expert to find out signs of ADHD in toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Interfaith perspective on Education - Forum by ICSA in NSW parliament

Indian Crescent Society of Australia Inc, an organisation representing and networking Indian Muslims migrants in Australia. Society's president is sharing purpose and significance of recently held interfaith forum " Interfaith perspective on Education"...

Australian Sikhs ecstatic over Kartarpur corridor opening between Pakistan and India

Every year Sikhs make the pilgrimage to the founder of Sikh religion’s resting place in Pakistan. Now, the opening of the corridor between the two countries will result in the reduction of journey time from two to four days to a single day.

Teenage Muslim girls represent Australia at International robotics competition - Daniya Syed - Setting technology trends among migrants kids

An all-girl Muslim team from Unity Grammar College in New South Wales represented Australia at the FIRST LEGO League competition. - Daniya Syed is technology enthusiast and passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Daniya has developed a m...

Victorian Elections - Dr Ali Khan won an upper house spot - وکٹوریہ کے انتخابات ۔ پاکستانی نژاد ڈاکٹر علی خان کی کامیابی

Rawalpindi born Dr Ali Khan has won the seat of Victorian upper house on Saturday 24th. November's state Elections. He was candidate of a newly formed Transport Matters Party. Party leader Rod Barton is also winning his seat. Dr Ali was Liberal candida...

Are you taking care of yourself this Movember?

This month, if you see a man having grown his moustache unusually long and thick, go and have a talk with him. He is most probably celebrating Movember.  

How Australian Doctors are working in Pakistan? - How Australian Doctors are working in Pakistan?

Family Medicine (Called General Practice in Australia) is the foundation of any quality health system. In Pakistan there is significant challenges due to lack of human resources and a support system for family medicine. Efforts are being done to establ...

Better planning or reduction in immigration? - Better planning or reduction in immigration?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has foreshadowed cuts to Australia's migration intake, saying the major cities have become victims of their own success. But a some analysts warn migration cuts will only worsen labour shortages. Listen views and analysis ...

Meet with eChallenge winner - You might find a future entrepreneur - ملیئے کاروباری دنیا کے خواب دیکھنے والی طالبہ سے

The Australian eChallenge is an annual competition-based learning experience that develops strategic business thinking for early-stage entrepreneurial ventures, an initiative of University of Adelaide’s Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovatio...

Why Faiz still fascinates - Faiz's daughter Salima Hashmi talks about legendary Poet and Faiz festival - فیض کا جشن۔ سلیمہ ہاشمی کے ساتھ

Salima Hashmi is not only an artist, activist and academic but also a daughter of legendary Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Salima believes that Faiz Ahmed Faiz serves as a bridge and strong link among peace loving people of sub continent. She is overwhelme...

Remembering Jaun Elia

Famous among Urdu literary circles today, it was only after his death that Pakistani communist poet Jaun Elia (1931- 2002) gained popularity and took the cyberspace by storm.

Socio-economic factors influencing obesity in migrant children in Australia

A recent study from the Australian National University (ANU) finds that children from low and middle-income countries migrating to Australia are at a higher risk of becoming obese with an increase with age.

Cervical screening part 2: HPV positive? What next?

In this part of the series on cervical screening and cervical cancer, Dr Tabinda Bajwa explains the next step if the cervical screening test returns HPV positive. Her first advice: Do not panic. 

Pakistani weightlifter 'turned away' at home, wins gold in Australia

Rabia Shahzad won the gold medal for Pakistan at the Ralph Cashman Weightlifting Championship in Sydney after finding little support for her endeavours back home.

Winner of two medals at Pan Pacific Masters Games wants Imran Khan to boost Pakistan's sports industry

Muhammad Shahzad participated in the ‘indoor rowing’ competition and won two bronze medals at Gold Coast, Australia. 

Afghan refugees, Pakistan's policy and lessons for Australia - افغان پناہ گزین، پاکستانی پالیسی اور آسٹریلیا کے لئے سبق

Pakistan hosts one of the largest refugee populations in the world. Afghan refugees amount to more than 2.3 millions according to Professor Jawad Syed from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Pakistan. - پاکستان میں افغان پناہ گزینوں کی ...

South Asian Festival in Sydney with Uzma Gillani - جنوبی ایشین فیسٹیول میں عظمٰی گیلانی کا ڈرامہ

Nautanki Theatre’s 3rd South Asian Festival is a celebration of South-Asian languages and transcending cultures. This year festival is bringing plays of various South Asian languages. Renowned legendary thespian & TV/Theater artist Uzma Gillani is ...

ATO Tax Talk September 2018 - ATO Tax Talk September 2018

The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office. - The following community information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office.

Pakistan, India, Australia and New Zealand clash in female kabbadi tournament

Sport and Spring will join hands together in Melbourne to celebrate the local tradition of ‘Basant’  while featuring local South Asian sport ‘kabbadi’.Event organisers Ali Awan and Sahil Gogna explain what is ‘basant’ and why ‘kabbadi’ will make the fe...

Victorian Election - Why a New party attracting migrants

Dr Nadeem Malik has been endorsed by the Transport Matters Party as its candidate for the Lower House Seat of Mulgrave Electorate in Victorian elections. Dr Malik says, future of urban transport involves in a better urban transport planning. Why a newl...

Language diversity is not being reflected in Australian classroom - آسٹریلیا میں اردو اسکولوں میں کمی؟

More than 300 languages are spoken in homes across Australia, but that diversity is not being reflected in the classroom. Recognising that, SBS Radio is encouraging students for the third consecutive year to take up its National Language Challenge to h...