SuperFamiCompLit exists as a video game book club that you are more than welcome to play along with! It’s a show in which we discuss games “in context” ie with respect to their canonical, spiritual and covert predecessors and descendants. While the show is primarily mechanically focused we talk about the in universe world as its relevant or… as we like! For each episode we choose a game to play and research as well as a group of optional “extra credit” games to play for comparison and contrasting. When things are up and running the plan is to release an episode a month.

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SuperFamiCompLit exists as a video game book club that you are more than welcome to play along with! It’s a show in which we discuss games “in context” ie with respect to their canonical, spiritual and covert predecessors and descendants. While the show is primarily mechanically focused we talk about the in universe world as its relevant or… as we like! For each episode we choose a game to play and research as well as a group of optional “extra credit” games to play for comparison and contrasting. When things are up and running the plan is to release an episode a month
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SFCL 1Up 2Drink Minimum: Roundabout

Yo dawgs, welcome to another episode of SuperFamiCompLit 1Up 2 Drink Minimum! Today the gang deep dives roundabout and brooches the complex subject of game mechanics as narrative and comedic devices. Listen and enjoy :O

SFCL Black Disk Mix : The World Ends With You

Hello and welcome Back to SuperFamiCompLit, my name is Rocky Hardee and you’re listening to a Black Disk Mix, where we delve into the arrangements and interludes of notable games.  Today, we’ll be exploring into the original soundtrack for The World En...

SFCL 1Up 2 Drink Minimum: Contradiction

Yo all, Joe here. Today's release is another ep of Brian and Gruici's subseries SuperFamiCompLit: 1Up 2 Drink Maximum. Not even gonna lie I haven't had a chance to listen to this but bet its stellar as usual ;) Anyway its about the FMV murder mystery ...

SFCL: Seasonal Spooky Selections

In this edition of Black Disk Mixes, Rocky explores the soundtrack in Square Enix's wildly imaginative, critically accalimed The World Ends With You for the Nintendo DS. Featured artists include: Takeharu Ishimoto, Londell "Taz" Hicks, and Jyongri. [...

SuperFamiCompLit: D Part 3 (The Game Itself)

Hello hello and welcome to the final episode of our October series on D and survival horror! Enjoy your Halloween treats and find out about our mixed feelings on the product of a one-of-a-kind game auteur!

SuperFamiCompLit: D Pt. 2: Kenji Eno and Warp

Welcome back to our October series on Survival Horror with this second part on the man, the myth, the legend behind 1995's D, Keni Eno and his company WARP!

SuperFamiCompLit: D Pt. 1: Survival Horror History

Hello and welcome to SFCL's Halloween themed series of episodes on Kenji Eno's 1995 Horror classic D AKA D no Shokutaku! On this episode we join our heroes as they discuss their experience with horror, vampire hunting and FMV.   Sidenote: The D on the ...

SuperFamiCompLit: Fall 2016 Preview

Bienenidos a un ironically not-so-quick new episode of SuperFamiCompLit: Quicksave. In this extra long episode we preview the releases of the fall, talk about the delineations and borders of the indie movement and steel ourselves to the desert of enjoy...

SFCL: 1Up 2 Drink Minimum - Huniepop!

In this uprecedentedly NC-17 episode of the podcast, Brian and Daniel take advantage of the boss being out of the office to talk about Dating Sims, PUA's, Catgirls and worst of all... MATCH THREE GAMES! Welcome to the horrifying intersection of those t...

SFCL - Wario Land II - Part B (The Game Itself)

In this second episode Joe and Scoggin discuss the mechanics, stages and design of Wario Land 2 in-depth. Inevitably it not only gets compared to its prequels and sequels but to its not-so-secret big brother: The Mario Land and Mario Brothers series. J...

SFCL - Wario Land II - Part A (Series History)

Ciao e Benvenuto to the new episode of SFCL. In this two-parter Joe, Andrew Scoggin and Brian break down the games in of and around the Wario Land series. Dan Ryckert of inevitably comes up in discussion along with the image of italians a...

SuperFamiCompLit: Firewatch Part 3

Welcome to the final Part of our coverage of Firewatch! Things go fully off the rails when we investigate the sight of a tax-evasion explosion from the 1970's vaguely associated with Best Buy. I swear its more coherent than that so... give it a listen...

SuperFamiCompLit: Firewatch Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our series on Firewatch, where we go deep into discussions of Body Double and start a long trip off the rails... Enjoy!?

SuperFamiCompLit: Firewatch Part 1

Hello hello and welcome to the beginning of our series of episodes on Firewatch! This game prompted a lot of discussion among the hosts and may or may not have been a much better game to discuss than to play. Play it, listen to the eps and help us dec...

SFCL Failed Movie Cast: Fantasy Mission Force

Hello Hello and welcome to a very strange episode of Superfamicomplit and by superfamicomplit I really mean a somewhat unrelated failed pilot for a sister podcast dissecting bad hong kong movies. Welcome to our cast on Fantasy Mission force, a movie no...

SFCL: Late as Hell E3 Extravaganza!

The title says it all ;)

SuperFamiCompLit Quicksave: Rebirth!

Hello Hello and welcome back to the world of SuperFamiCompLit! It's been awhile but we're glad you've returned! For new fans SFCL (as we like to call it) is a sort of hobbyist video game book club where we get together to play and discuss (in great de...

Street Fighter II Part B (Gameplay and Diegetic History)

Hey all, sorry to tell you but you've reached the end of the road... The podcast is over for now. Long story short I'm currently working full time and in grad school part time and thus till graduation (May) I'll be too busy to run the show. Thus for no...

Street Fighter II Part A (Fighting Games History)

Hello hello and welcome to what may be one of the last episodes of the show before we have to go on hiatus.I'll go into the details of that on another post but just know that we'll probably be back in may, older, stronger and more well rested?Anyway, t...

SFCL: Black Disk Mix 4: Final Fantasy Legend II

Hello Hello,Welcome once again to SuperFamiCompLit: Black Disk Mix. This week I solo Final Fantasy Legend II a game near and dear to my heart. The game is plausibly to blame for a number of obcessions in my life: JRPG's, Mythology and Proto Indo Europe...

SFCL Pokemon R/S/E (/ORAS): Elite 4& Delta Chapter

Bonjour and welcome to the final episode of our pokemon extravaganza!This week we discuss the Hoenn Elite 4 (initial matches and Level 70+ rematches) and the ORAS exclusive Delta Chapter!Join us as we ride the mega evolution of one of the members of th...

SFCL Pokemon R/S/E (/ORAS): Gyms 1-8& Team Aqua/Magma

Hola hola!On this second part of SFCL's pokemon extravaganza, we talk about the main chunk of the game, wherein a 12 year old child beats all his gym challenges and defeats a major criminal organization while saving the world from primal force in the m...

SFCL Pokemon R/S/E (/ORAS): Series Overview

Hello Hello and welcome to the long delayed SFCL Pokemon Extravaganza!On this weeks episode myself and my abnormally large crew (in quantity rather than corpulence) go through each pokemon generation with new eyes.Some spoilers:- Turns out gen 1 was ki...

SuperFamiCompLit: Black Disk Mix 003: Xenogears

Hello Hello dear listeners!This week we're coming at y'all with a new edition of our music side-cast Black Disk Mix, this time looking over the history and music of Xenogears... one of the most ambitious and contentious JRPG's of all time!This is the f...

SFCL Side Quest 004: Hotline Miami

On today's episode Rocky and Austin take the wheel in Joe's absence and give us a trippy analysis of the psychedelic fever dream that is Hotline Miami!Hotline Miami is a topdown, action/shooter with combat puzzle elements. It's hard as hell but addicti...

SFCL Game of the Year 2015

Hello hello and welcome to our recap show for 2015! Though we're about two weeks into 2016 we wanted to sit down and reflect on the shows past and future along with debate our favorite and most looked forward to experiences of the last and coming years...

SFCLEp006D: Dungeon 7 to End

For the final part of our Link's Awakening marathon myself and Austin finish the game and get... way to deep into Koholint based naval gazing. ENJOYYYYYYYYY

SFCLEp006C: Link's Awakening - Dungeons 1- 6

Part 3 of our series on Link's awakening. We cover dungeons 1-6. Disclaimer: this episode is heavily edited because the audio recording of one host is missing and I had to stich together the two remaining ones (myself and Austin) into a cohesive whole ...

SFCLEp006B: Link's Awakening - Intro to Koholint

On today's episode we give you an intro to the world of Koholint, the Island on which Link finds himself for the majority of this adventure.We introduce the characters and the general gameplay of this awesome entry in the Zelda series!

SFCLEp006A: Zelda: Link's Awakening (Series History)

Hello Hello Faithful Listeners!Today we begin to delve into the massive history of a series near and dear to many of our hearts: The Legend of Zelda! In preparation for our episodes on the ins and outs of Link's awakening we go through and hit all the ...

SFCL Quicksave 001

Hello Hello,Welcome to the first episode of SuperFamiCompLit Quicksave, a game in which we try our hand at a more traditional/current events style video game podcast.Sorry its a bit late but this week we talk about a TONNNNN of stuff including:- Fallou...

SFCL Black Disk Mix 002: Kartia

This week we go into and talk about the music of a game I had literally never heard of. Turns out as the result of a possible theft on the part of furniture movers and a convenient trip to the Philippines, Austin got really into KARTIA!

SFCL SQ 003: Pac-man Championship Edition DX +

Hello hello faithful listeners!Sorry for the wait but here's our discussion of a shallow but fun modern update to the classic arcade game.Enjoy!

SFCL Ep 005B: Ikaruga (Gameplay& Outtakes)

Hola! Today we get into the meat of Ikaruga itself and find ourselves humbled by the titanic challenge of one of the most difficult shmups of all time. Find out why you probably shouldn't be ashamed of not making it past level 3. Venture on brave pilot...

SFCL Ep 005A: Ikaruga (Shmup& Treasure History)

Hello and welcome listeners. I hope you all had a safe and spooky Halloween.Speaking of which, welcome to SFCL Episode 5A, on the decidedly non-spooky Shmup, Ikaruga!Come in a sit awhile as we discuss the long and glorious history of one of the oldest ...

SFCL Black Disk Mix 000: Power Quest

Welcome dear listeners! You are about to become part of an experiment. An experiment of sight and sound... well mostly sound but BEHOLD. The first episode of SuperFamiCompLit Black Disk Mix a show in which we cover obscure retro game soundtracks.Obscur...

SFCL SQ 002: Ganbare Goemon AKA Legend of the Mystical Ninja

In this ep we play the first game in the Goemon series to see stateside release :)

SFCL Ep 004C: Necrodancer Outtakes and Next Up!

On this ep we decide to play Ikaruga for the next ep and show you a boatload of outtakes. And a really long Animal Crossing  diversion.ENJOY

SFCL Ep 004B: Crypt of the Necrodancer: The Game Itself

In this episode we discuss the game itself and its mechanics and our (mostly partial) playthroughs. The first full ep with a cast larger than 3 since 2012!

SFCL_Ep004A: Crypt of the Necrodancer: History of Roguelikes and Rhythm Games

In the first part of our three part series on Crypt of the Necrodancer we explore the history of these two disparate genres and their unlikely but amazing offspring!

SFCL Sidequest Episode 001: Mendel Palace AKA Quinty

So we've decided to start a new subseries of which this is the first episode! There are 2 main pursposes to this new subseries:Explore games that are of note by pedigree or in and of themselves but that somehow fell through the cracksInteresting/ Notab...

SFCL Ep 003C: Cave Story and Our Favorite Metroidvanias!

In this episode we talk about Cave Story, our favorite metroidvanias and what we'll be playing next.For those of you who are impatient, next months selection is The Crypt of the Necrodancer. Though the game is a recent release we hope it will offer us ...

SuperFamiCompLit Episode 003B: Cave Story

In this episode we go thorugh cave story level by level and analyze the engine, stages and how they tie into the (somewhat infuriating) narrative!

SuperFamiCompLit Episode 3A: Cave Story!

SFCL Episode 3 A in which we discuss the precedent/context, development and effects of Cave Story :)

SuperFamiCompLit Episode 000: Super Mario Brothers

A pre-hiatus episode in which we discuss Super Mario Brothers and its popularization of and influence on the the Platformer genre!Featured Game: Super Mario BrothersExtra Credit Game: Super Mario Brothers The Lost LevelsExtra Extra Credit: Mario Brothe...

SuperFamiCompLit Episode 002: Wolfenstein 3D

A pre-hiatus episode in which we discuss Wolfenstein 3D and its popularization of the the FPS genre!Featured Game: Wolfenstein 3DExtra Credit Game: DoomExtra Extra Credit: Super Noah's Ark 3DTAGS: SFCL, SuperFamiCompLit, Retro Games, Video Games