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The A-List has evolved in a way we never thought we could. We have found much success in interviewing idie/new/unsigned bands and promoting their talents to the masses. With that said, we will be changing our name to fit more around what we truly represent. The A-list has now become S.R.O., which stands for Standing Room Only. We will continue to bring you the best interviews in the music biz. So stay tuned. Be sure to click on the Artists pictures to be taken directly to their sites!!!!!!
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Martin England

There is an avenue that runs through the heart of singer/songwriter Martin England. To know him, all you must do is travel it. The signs are clear and readable, the parks and haunts are accessible, and the pave is warm even when it is sharp. This road,...
SRO The Alist author

Rocky Loves Emily

Rocky Loves Emily is one of the hottest new groups out there today and they will be calling in to discuss their newest release. Check out their video and behind the scenes of their music video
SRO The Alist author

JP Corwyn

High on the tide but hungry for more, Corwyn has moved his studio vision forward into The White Cane Conspiracy. Due out January 4, 2011, The White Cane Conspiracy is a thematic play on his lack of obviously blind traits. He doesn’t use a white cane. ...
SRO The Alist author

No More Goodbyes

SRO The Alist author

Danika Holmes

"Danika Holmes is a rising star in the heartland!” says Bill Sullivan of The Rock and Roll Report. Mike Wolfe of The History Channel’s American Pickers says “She’s a true American talent… I couldn’t stop listening!” Music critics agree that Danika is c...
SRO The Alist author

Jordan Reyne

On music, Jordan remarks “A song is like a chemical reaction between listener and performer, where both bring so much to the equation that the experience is different every time. The effect is more powerful than drugs and comes with zero hangover.” Thi...
SRO The Alist author

Sound of Surrender

It has been described as up-beat rock n’ roll with pop-like chord progressions and mixed with a dash of metal”. This is what creates the melodic-rock sound that is Sound of Surrender. The vocals have also been described as having, limitless range. The...
SRO The Alist author

Tim Halperin

Tim Halperin has been immersed in the music scene since he began taking piano lessons at age six. Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, he wrote and played music with several bands in high school, and all the while played piano and sang at church on the worsh...
SRO The Alist author


Join us on July 20th @ 7pm EST when local Rosedale, Indiana rock metal band Juggernott pays a visit to The A List!! You don't want to miss out as the guys discuss the bands beginings, what their doing now, and the big things in store for them in the fu...
SRO The Alist author

A Primitive Evolution

Brett Carruthers - Vocals and Guitar Stu Dead - Drums Dimitri Anastasakis - Guitar Stephany Seki - Bass and Vocals Everything about A Primitive Evolution boils down to instinct. From their roots in Toronto’s cult rock scene to their unrivaled, uninhibi...
SRO The Alist author

The Stereos

SRO The Alist author

Jason Manns

er since this Virginia farm boy stepped onto the streets of Los Angeles in 2002, Jason Manns has been making strides on his path into the entertainment business. After graduating with a BBA in Business Marketing and a BA in English from the College of...
SRO The Alist author

J Minus

J minus is not your typical rock band. They don't party hard or wear tight pants, and share only two tattoos among them (on alternating weekends). Their sound defies direct comparison, aside from hints of radio-friendly rock reminiscent of Death Cab...
SRO The Alist author

Sail by the Stars

This is the part where I’m supposed to talk about myself. About my accomplishments, and use big words and lots of hyphens to describe my unique sound. But the truth of the matter is, that’s not me. I’m just some kid that loves to play music. My name is...
SRO The Alist author

Nick Driver

After graduating high school, Nick Driver moved to Raleigh, North Carolina to go to college at North Carolina State University. During the time there, Driver played in several bands from the punk-metal band Seven, hardcore punk band How Far We've Fa...
SRO The Alist author

Black Hat Villain

Catalyzed by a cocktail of American powerhouse alternative, Trans-Atlantic hard rock and deep, dirty groove, Black Hat Villain has done the impossible and captured lightning in a bottle. Summoning the authenticity and unapologetic honesty of vintage ro...
SRO The Alist author


Sherwood "You Are"Sherwood | MySpace Music Videos
SRO The Alist author

Jonathan Clay

SRO The Alist author

DJ Cobra

Most Sought afer DJ Andrew Bagg, otherwise known as DJ Cobra, is Hollywood’s best-kept secret. A solid fixture in the nightlife and party scene, he holds multiple residencies in Hollywood at some of the most popular clubs including Teddy’s, Myhouse, P...
SRO The Alist author

Elliott Yamin

American Idol Season 5 Top 12 Contestants (Photo courtesy of FremantleMedia North America) As the nation prepares to crown the newest American Idol, tune in to AMERICAN IDOL REWIND to relive what has been called one of the most thrilling races of the...
SRO The Alist author

Kevin Covais

Kevin is a native of Levittown, New York and began singing at the age of 10.  Over the past seven years he has performed in a number of choirs, choruses and chorales and has been featured in his school musical and comedy productions.  For the past two ...
SRO The Alist author

Scott MacIntyre Interview

Since captivating the nation as a finalist on Season 8 of American Idol, singer/songwriter/musician Scott MacIntyre has gone on to garner numerous accolades and has since continued his successful career trajectory. He earned raves performing on the "Am...
SRO The Alist author

Thorny Bleeder Records-Brian Thompson

Click on the photo to be taken to their site: Thorny Bleeder Artist Services: Tailored for the independent artist, we offer the personalized cutting-edge support you need. We work with you one on one to grow your profile, increase your fanbase, buil...
SRO The Alist author


This female fronted band from Brampton, Ontario endured all the crap that can befall girls who disrupt the musical boy’s club by daring to stand out front and punch out some gritty riffs and belt out a tune. In this world of male fronted rock bands is...
SRO The Alist author

Kristine Elezaj

Click on the picture for more information Fierce, fun, edgy, and brave are just some of the words that describe Kristine Elezaj. Kristine emerges on the music scene with a voice and style that defy club scene complacency. Combined with her incredible...
SRO The Alist author

Recording Artist Chase Coy

“Songwriting is how I sort through everything that’s going on in my life,” says Chase Coy, who began writing and recording music at the age of 16 in the basement of his parents’ home in Greenwood, Indiana. “It’s how I get my mind straight when I feel l...
SRO The Alist author

Page 9

In a scene overflowing with the same sound, Texas-based duo: Page 9 are opening eyes, turning heads and filling ears across the country. Armed with a unique and breath-takingly refreshing sound, it's no wonder why Page 9 has found themselves onstage be...
SRO The Alist author

Jake Down

This project was a little unexpected but now I am so excited to embrace it. So, let’s start from the beginning. I have always been a lover of music, but up until recently I have been little more than, to quote “High Fidelity,” a ‘Professional Appreciat...
SRO The Alist author

In Ohm

In Ohm is a band from New Brunswick, New Jersey, consisting of four diverse musicians. We are currently writing and recording new songs and playing shows throughout the tri-state area. In Ohm is set to record their first EP this June, as well as tour ...
SRO The Alist author

Pete Louden& Patrick Rayl

Pete Louden and Patrick Rayl write country music about real life. They combine to produce a fresh and unique style and sound that is quickly becoming a favorite of fans everywhere. Louden & Rayl are the exclusive songwriters and producers of the ...
SRO The Alist author

Cady Groves

I remember when I realized what I wanted to do in life. I was helping my mom clean out our swimming pool when an old Frank Sinatra song came on the radio. I remember saying, "Mom, I want to write things down that I have to say, and I want to sing them ...
SRO The Alist author

Vittorio Tolomeo

Vittorio Tolomeo started out writing songs, playing drums, guitars and singing in Messina Italy. He played in some bands. The most important has been Noema, in which he had been playing for more than ten years. The band recorded “La Danza”, released b...
SRO The Alist author


Champ was born dec 3, 1989, he always had a passion for music and a love for the game, but he wanted more than to listen to those rappers on the radio, he wanted to be one of them. Champ grew up in a small town in Oklahoma where his passion for music f...
SRO The Alist author


Pounding rhythms, soaring melodies, and a manic energy that sweeps up all in its path: Nightbox are not in the habit of taking prisoners. Canadian audiences be warned, you'll wear out your dancing shoes in a hurry now that the group Heineken Music dubb...
SRO The Alist author


David Truscott, Floodlight's lead singer and guitarist, embarked on his first tour at the ripe age of 15, traveling by rickety van from Victoria, British Columbia all the way to New York City. He spent the next 10 years playing guitar with critically a...
SRO The Alist author

Kriket from Faber Drive

Kriket plays vocals/bass/keyboard for one of the most sensational bands in the Canadian music scene, Faber Drive. At age fourteen, Faber’s dad bought him a drum kit which Faber promised to practice on every day. “Coming from a family of seven kids, thi...
SRO The Alist author

Opus Road

Jeff, Rob, J.P., Ryan and J, make up the band Opus Road….and they’re quickly taking Toronto’s music scene by storm. Their music takes you back to the good ole days of soulful rock n’ roll, who’s sound is reminicent of a Bruce Springstien/John Cougar Me...
SRO The Alist author

Garfield Mayor

Garfield Mayor is the first artist signed to R Tel, the new label started by two of the music industry’s top creative talents: Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas and EMI Music Publishing executive Evan Lamberg. The pair is dedicated to providing a nurturing ...
SRO The Alist author

Canadian Music Awards Discussion

Come join us for a discussion of our awesome moments from the Canadian Music Festival, where we will talk about interviews, behind the scenes, and a surprise none of us expected.
SRO The Alist author

Desperate Union

Desperate Union, all of whom are under the age of 19, is a band formed together in the Canadian city of Toronto, Ontario. Their sound is a mixture of indie alternative and rock. Although their age is young, they have accomplished more than most bands i...
SRO The Alist author