So Loquacious

A weekly conversation about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.

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So Loquacious is a podcast from OUTinPerth - a LGBTIQ+ publication based in Perth, Western Australia.
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On The Line - The Kransky Sisters

The Kransky Sisters are coming to town with a Christmas show. Mourne Kransky chats to Graeme about how she and her sisters celebrate Christmas, before pitching to be the entertainment at Graeme's upcoming wedding.
OUTinPerth author

On The Line - Bernard Curry From Wentworth

Wentworth actor Bernard Curry chats to OUTinPerth about what's in store for his character Jake Stewart on the show's sixth season.
OUTinPerth author

Nic Holas joins us to talk about HIV advocacy, PrEP, fringe festivals and hotels

Outspoken advocate for people living with HIV Nic Holas joins Graeme and Leigh to discuss advocacy, PrEP treatments and all the fun of Fringe World including the show Nic's involved in 'Uta Uber Kool Ja'.
OUTinPerth author

Matthew Bacon from the WA AIDS Council discusses HIV and sex

Matthew Bacon from the Western Australian AIDS Council joins Graeme and Leigh to talk about HIV and why we're so afraid about chatting about sex.
OUTinPerth author

Episode 9 Kai Schweizer discusses transgender issues and news

Transgender rights advocate Kai Schweizer joins Graeme Watson and Leigh Hill to discuss recent LGBTIQ news and issues.
OUTinPerth author

Episode 8 Misty Farquar discusses human rights and bisexual visibility

Human Rights researcher and advocate Misty Farquar joins Graeme and Leigh to discuss recent LGBTIQ+ news and events.
OUTinPerth author

So Loquacious Episode 7

Tiernan Brady from Australians for Equality joins Leigh and Graeme to discuss the campaign for marriage equality in Australia.
OUTinPerth author

So Loquacious Episode 6

Blogger, writer, socialite and self confessed bar fly Alice Mod drops by to chat about bullying schools, the Fringe Festival and what makes a good bar.
OUTinPerth author

So Loquacious Episode 5

Graeme and Leigh ask, could you give up social media? Discuss gender neutral pronouns and chat about Lyle Shelton from the Australian Christian Lobby's worry that if marriage equality is allowed people won't automatically know that he's straight.
OUTinPerth author

So Loquacious Episode 4

Charlie Perth joins Graeme and Leigh for a chat about gender neutral names, then we ask can a respectful debate be held on marriage equality? Finally we remember the artist Keith Haring.
OUTinPerth author

So Loquacious Episode 3

How can we create more discussions about HIV? Graeme Watson and Leigh Hill and joined by Mark Reid from the WA AIDS Council to discuss HIV awareness, PrEP treatment and how to create discussions about HIV. Plus we chat about the latest fashion from Do...
OUTinPerth author

So Loquacious Episode 2

Is it ever Okay to out somebody? Graeme Watson and Leigh Hill and joined by musician and trans advocate Bailey Lions to discuss transgender representation in popular culture, plus we ask the question is it ever okay to out someone. Finally we nominat...
OUTinPerth author

So Loquacious Episode 1

Do we ever forgive brands that have been anti-gay? Graeme Watson and Leigh Hill and joined by community broadcaster Paul Van Leishout to discuss Gloria Jeans Coffee, the Salvation Army and Barilla Pasta's marketing challenge. Should Australian Prime ...
OUTinPerth author

So Loquacious Announcement

OUTinPerth's new podcast series 'So Loquacious' is coming soon.
OUTinPerth author