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Your podcast whether you like it or not.
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The New SRP– Episode 6

The New SRP – Episode 6 by SocialRadioPod Artists featured on this episode (in order of appearance): The Coward Flowers – “More Than Cinders” Mason and Landon – “Quicksand” Alix Tornai-Williams – “You Can Count on Me” Nothinghead – “Pictures” Ghostbox ...
the Host author

The NEW Social Radio Podcast– Episode 5!

This week’s Tracks (in the order they are played): Blank Era – “Stop Playin’” (YPA & Coldsummer Records) Kin6 Certified “Kin6 Shytt (What You Need)” Ft. Yung Dreal (YPA & Coldsummer Records) Solarsail – “Frozen Ground“ ITHERIOT – “Darling“ Lake...
the Host author

New SRP– Episode 4!

Artists and tracks in the order that they play: Drowned Sound – “No Concerns” (Video) Kcazingy – “Toys in the Attic“ Moro – “Deep Sea Drowning“ Clifton – “Callipoe’s Rays“ The Brothers Small – “Marry Me“ All Those Ships – “The Ghost of J.S. Bach” &...
the Host author

The NEW Social Radio Podcast– Episode 3

Artists and tracks featured on this week’s show: Opening theme by Alan Fike Castle Bravo – “Anybody Else“ Matt Harold  - “Disruption“ The Sombodys – “St. Louie“ Coyote Fairgrounds – “For the Sake of the Story“ David Wirsig – “Sunken City“ (CORRECTION: ...
the Host author

Episode 2 of the new SRP!

Episode 2 of the NEW Social Radio Podcast! by SocialRadioPod This week’s show features some of the first group of artists to submit tune to the subreddit r/SocialRadioPodcast! That’s the preferred way to receive submissions, so even if you already sent...
the Host author

Episode 7– Transition 2 New SRP! (Episode 1)

It’s a new era on the SRP! We’re changing in all kinds of ways. Shows are now going to be released on Tuesdays  for starters, but the major change is that the focus of the show is going in a new direction. The new sound for the show is all about music ...
the Host author

Episode 6– Love& Literature

Episode 6 – Love & Literature by SocialRadioPod Since it’s Valentine’s week and because we all need a good book when the weather is crummy, this week’s show is all about Love & Literature. The opening song, “Tricksy,” was provided by BassPlayin...
the Host author

Episode 5– Sustainable Radio Greencast

We went green with this week’s episode! The opening song for this episode is “Sore Winner” by the band Foon. Harpoon Jed was back in the studio this week to discuss sustainability and green living. A review for a new book by German historian Joachim Ra...
the Host author

Episode 4– Sports-cast

Leading up to the “Big Game” this weekend, we thought it would be fun to do an all-sports Social Radio Podcast! The opening track for this episode is “Orpheus & Eurydice” by Voodoo Mind Control. In the first segment we bring you a few somewhat diff...
the Host author

Episode 3– Movie Day

This week’s episode is all about visual entertainment! The opening song is “Lauraine” by Rocketboat who messaged us on Twitter from their handle @wearerocketboat to offer us their work for the show. Thanks guys! My guest in the studio this week, Tiffan...
the Host author

Episode 2– Science and Swartz

In this episode we present some cool science-related articles and talk a little about online activism. The opening song is “I’ve Got a Bullet In My Heart” by Colin Weaver. In the first segment, we present three scientific articles that have been circul...
the Host author

Episode 1– Weedcast

In Episode 1 we explore big changes in American attitudes toward marijuana. This week weed becoming legal in Colorado was a major story across the web. To help shine some light on these big changes we talked with our residENT and also spoke with a disp...
the Host author

Show Teaser

Hey everyone, welcome to the Social Radio Podcast. Here's a little teaser to introduce you to the concept and to what the shows will be like. Take a listen!
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