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Stories related to the Sikh Lifestyle, covering historical topics, modern stories and general cultural stories with a lesson.

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Stories related to the Sikh Lifestyle, covering historical topics, modern stories and general cultural stories with a lesson.
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Guru Nanak & the Two Villages

Mardana doesn't understand why Guru Nanak would bless both the mean people of one village as well as the kind people of another village. When he finally ask, Guru ji teaches him a profound message. read more author

The Pink Boots

These are the "3 C's". Livtar learns the hard way how these 3 things took away her happiness. Now that she learned this, she's on her way to having a much better life without 'Competing', 'Comparing' or 'Complaining'! read more author

The Sage & His Stuff

Sukhdev Muni is destined to be enlightened, but he first has to accept Raja Janak. The Muni doesn't think a king can be his teacher but when a fire is about to burn all his stuff, he learns a great lesson from the more author

The Brahman's Purest Food

A Brahman goes through a long process to make the most pure food. But when Mardana comes too close to his food we find out the Brahman isn't totally pure himself. read more author

The Boy With Soft Hands

And Guru ji happily drank the water… right then… the boy felt a connection with Guru Gobind Singh he hadn’t felt before and his heart filled with more love than more author

KAUR - A Story of Courage and Equality author

Mother Hen and the Wheat

The mother hen finds wheat seeds and tries to get help making bread. All the animals say they will help but don’t end up doing much to the irritation of her chicks. In the end the chicks won’t give them any bread but the mother brings out the virtues o... author

Guru Amardas Is Missing!

Guru Amardass follows Guru Angad as the next Guru. However Guru Angad's son, Dattu, does not like having a former servant as his Guru. Dattu decides to become the Guru and so he kicks Guru Amardass out as Guru and installs more author

The Big Beautiful Light and Me

Once all there was was the Big Beautiful Light and It was so happy It exploded with joy! Now there were lots of little sparks with the Big Beautiful Light. One of these little sparks came to earth as a little girl. Now it is not as easy to remember hom... author

The Best Musician

Emperor Akhbar loves to hear Taan Sain play music. However, he is curious to know if there is anybody better than Taan more author

Going Blind

A man judges people by their karma forgetting his own. He meets a blind man who opens his eyes to the greater more author

Guru Tegh Bahadur And the Magical Land

Guru Teg Bahadur leads Raja Ram and the Raja's army to quell a rebellion in the lands of Assam. On the way as they pass through the Magical lands of Kamroop, they are attacked by witches. Find out how Guru Teg Bahadur protects his Sikhs and the Raja's ... author

The Crocodile and the Priest

A very devout crocodile meets a very prideful priest. The Crocodile loves god and the priest thinks he knows god. Can you guess what happens?read more author

The Greatest Superpower

Before Guru HarKrishan became the 8th Guru, many people wanted to know who the next Guru was to be. Once a man went to Guru Har Rai and asked him which of his sons was to be the next Guru& Guru Har Rai instructed the man to perform a special test t... author

The Yogurt Challenge

Once two young boys and a dog faced a challenge, how to get yogurt for their hungry dog when they didn't have money. In the story one of the boys thought of a plan to accomplished the task, which seemed impossible. Listen to the story and hear what the... author

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

A great telling of the classic story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Once a young boy was trusted to watch a flock of sheep for a small village. As the day continued, the boy was very bored and decided to play a trick on everyone of the village. Listen to hea... author

Dancing Girls of Ceylon

Once a raja in India wanted to meet Guru Nanak, amazed at hearing of the Guru, the raja built majestic gardens for Guru Nanak. While Guru Nanak was still far away from he area of the raja, during that time many spiritual people thought to see the raja ... author

The King and The Slander

Have you ever heard people talk about other people behind their backs? That means when they’re not around. Did you listen? Did you ever say bad things about someone else when they were not around? It’s called slander, when you say something bad about s... author

Langar Disguise

Once Guru Gobind Rai disguised himself, while playing a trick to help his Sikhs learn about what selfless service truly means. He disguises himself as an regular traveler. It was very early in the morning before the sunrise and he would knock on everyb... author

Gold and The Injured Foot

There were two friends who lived two very different lives. One spent his time well in the company of the holy, with the Guru. The other spent his time poorly with low people doing bad things. The one who did bad was rewarded with a gold piece. The one ... author

Priest and the Fool

A traveling priest decided he wants to help a simple minded man. A simple minded man lived on a small island on a lake. The priest got on his boat, went to the island and taught the man for 3 whole days. After teaching him many things the priest finds ... author

Young Heros: The Sons of the Guru Never Gave Up!

The Guru's two younger sons are lost and alone with their grandmother. The children who were 6 and 8 years old, were arrested and brought to Governor Wazir Khan. Their grandmother, Mata Gujri, was left alone in a freezing cold tower while the children ... author

Guru Teg Bahadur Gives His Head

India had come to very dark times. The rulers were taxing, converting and killing the people. They wanted to end the Hindu more author

Vaisakhi - Birth of the Khalsa

This is the story of Vasakhi day! During the time of Guru Gobind Rai, the rulers of the land were very cruel to people. They wanted everyone to join the same religion as them. A feeling of darkness and unhappiness spread through the land. The time had ... author

Guru Har Rai and the Pot

We already know a little about Guru Har Rai ji; he helped animals, he grew fruit trees, he opened hospitals and grew herbs for healing. Let's get to know the Guru more author

Court of Guru Har Rai ji

Guru Har Rai Sahib court was a most beautiful paradise. There were many kinds of animals, fruit trees, plants and flowers. There was also a hospital to treat people even if they couldn't afford it. The Guru had a large collection of medicines and rare ... author

Har Rai ji the gentle

Har Rai ji was the beloved Grand-son of Guru Hargobind. Once, Har Rai ji came back from horse riding he saw his Guru-Grandpa meditating in the flower garden. The Guru's aura was divine, Har Rai got off his horse and skipped excitedly to the Guru. While... author

Amar Das ji: Merging with the Guru

Guru Angad woke up in the early morning. He was thirsty, and he asked his sons to bring him water, but they said that it's raining outside and we would have to go to the lake to get water. Bhai Amar Das saw this happen, and he felt the need to serve hi... author

Amar Das ji: Farmers Miracle

There was a great drought, no water to drink or to grow food. Animals were died and the farmers became scared and desperate. A Brahman monk told the farmers, "The reason why there is a drought is because you are giving respect to a man who is not a Bra... author

Amar Das ji: Meeting the Guru

Amar Das ji rode to meet the True Guru. The Guru and Amar Das ji were related and Amar Das ji was a couple decades older. When Amar Das ji saw his saintly face, instead of hugging the Guru, Amar Das ji fell on his knees and said, "Please don't consider... author

Amar Das ji: The Devoted Bhalla

Amar Das Bhalla was a very devoted Vaishnava Hindu. When he was 62 he met a monk on one of his long pilgrimages. The monk asked, "Who is your guru?" Amar Das had no answer, he didn't have a guru. When the monk found out about this he became very angry,... author

Team Khalsa - Save The Langar

The moon was bright in the dark sky, while the soothing sound of Gurbani Kirtan was flowing in the Gurdwara. Everyone had their eyes closed, focused on the vibration. Suddenly out of the the langar hall came a disturbing sound! A young lady got up and ... author

Guru Nanak and the Flying Carpet

Guru Nanak, together with Mardana and Bala, his two friends who always served him, traveled together to the country of Kashmir. They came to the city of Sri Nagar. There the people knew who he was because of his grace and his light. The people were ver... author

The Crow's Hassle

ONCE upon a time, a farmer's wife was sitting and sifting corn. All of a sudden a crow flew by and swooped off with a kernel of corn from her basket. The farmer's wife got really angry and threw a mud ball at the bird. She had such good aim, the mud ba... author

God In Every Moment

Once a group of very religious men and women from every religion got together. A young child watched them as they spoke to each other. These people were all talking about very important subjects and they were discussing the nature of the Universe. One ... author

Secret To All Happiness And Success, Part 2: Good And Kind

Narayan Gupta discovers her friends secret. He explains to her how writing two simple things have given him everything in life. They have filled him up and made him feel like he wants to share. They have have made him a trust-worthy and wealthy person.... author

Secret To All Happiness And Success, Part 1: Jagjit's Mysterious Book

Once a woman visited her best friend Jagjit. Jagjit went to buy some food so they could eat together and she found herself in Jagjit's room. She saw an altar that had inspiring pictures on it. It also had dazzling and expensive jewels on it, "Wow!" She... author

The Guru, The Emperor And The Grass-Cutter

This was during the time of Guru Hargobind Ji, the 6th Sikh Guru and in India the Sikhs were being starting to be persecuted. Guru Hargobind knew that it time to prepare an army of saint-soldiers for battle for the defense of the all his Sikhs and of t... author

World Play

May I ask you a question? Do you know why your soul chose to be born in your human body? It is because it wanted to! It came in to your body so it can have a human experience. It wants to experience something very special. Mostly we don't remember exac... author

Attitude of Gratitude

Once there were two students. One day they were both told that they had received the great honor of seeing the Grand-Master. They were both very excited and humbled by this honor. The two students hiked to a remote mountain top to a very beautiful temp... author

Listening to the Heavens

One day, a boy was sitting in his room watching T.V. when his sister came into the room, "Do you remember Auntie ji?" She said, "I love her. She understands everything. She just says a few things and people change for the rest of their lives." The brot... author

It's All Within

Once upon a time there was a beautiful deer who spent every day prancing around in the woods. And every day she noticed a wonderful smell. It smelt better than rain; it smelt better than flowers; in fact, the deer had never smelled anything so enchanti... author

The Horse Mind

Once there was a man who came to visit his friend. His friend was a good host, and he said, "Oh, come in. It's great to see you old friend. Please come in, I'll get you something to eat."read more author

A Real King

Once there was a king who was both good and righteous. He was known far and wide for his wisdom and his kindness to the people of his kingdom. After many years, he began to feel bored with being a king, so he asked his adviser, "How old is my son now? ... author

Guru ji's Arrow

Guru Gobind Singh Ji was not only a great teacher but he was also the greatest of warriors. He taught his Sikhs to meditate on the One in everyone and he also taught them to train their more author

The Earthquake

Once there was a man who didn't believe in praying. He never prayed about anything. Whenever someone would talk about prayer, he would say, "Ah, prayer. It doesn't do anything. I'll tell you what prayer is; It's just a big waste of time."read more author

Bhagat Dhanna ji

A long time ago in India there was a simple farmer named Dhanna. He lived a quiet life and loved to farm. Every day on his way to his fields, he passed by the house of a pundit who did many rituals and prayers, and Dhanna found this very interesting. O... author

Gobind Rai and Shiv Dutt

Young Gobind Rai was a very playful boy and he and his friends used to go down to the riverside to play almost every day. They weren't the only ones who went there. A lot of people used to bathe at the river Ganga because it was also a holy spot. One o... author

Gobind Rai and the Old Woman

Gobind Rai was born in the city of Patna in the state of Bihar. Gobind Rai; A divine soul sent from the heavens to help this earth. People always noticed that when he played with his friends, even though he was physically stronger, he was always kind t... author

Gobind Rai and the 5 Taps

Like most children, young Gobind Rai liked to have fun. But unlike most children, he never cried and he was always in a happy mood. His mother dressed him up in princely clothes and put a feather in his turban and he always looked very clean and handso... author