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With an influential audience of city mayors, urban planners and architects, this is Monocle’s guide to making better cities, be it new technology, state-of-the-art subways or compact apartments.

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With an influential audience of city mayors, urban planners and architects, this is Monocle’s guide to making better cities, be it new technology, state-of-the-art subways or compact apartments.
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Tall Stories 170: Cuba’s Coppelia

We take another flick through the pages of our ‘Summer Weekly’ newspaper, this week visiting the hulking modernist flagship of Cuba’s state owned ice-cream brand Coppelia. It’s been serving scoops for more than half a century and has become a symbol of...
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Following one of the hottest summers on record, we look at the impact that rising temperatures are having on our cities.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 169: La Grande Motte

This week we delve into issue one of Monocle’s summer newspaper, ‘The Summer Weekly’, and head to the once-marshy, mosquito-ridden coastal commune of La Grande Motte in France, which has been transformed since the 1960s into a lush resort town with rea...
Monocle author

Pedestrian zones

To make their centres more liveable, cities across the globe are looking to reduce the dominance of cars by creating pedestrian-only streets, plazas and walkways. They’re at the forefront of many urban-improvement initiatives so we take a look at where...
Monocle author

Tall Stories 168: Bletchley Park

The former Government Code and Cipher School is now a heritage site in Milton Keynes, the newest of the UK’s new towns. We go on a journey through what was once the home of Alan Turing and the Enigma codebreakers.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 168: Bletchley Park

The former Government Code and Cipher School is now a heritage site in Milton Keynes, the newest of the UK’s new towns. We go on a journey through what was once the home of Alan Turing and the Enigma codebreakers.
Monocle author


It’s estimated that as many as 1.6 billion people around the world lack adequate housing. And despite some serious efforts, urban areas still struggle to find a viable solution to the ongoing crisis. So what can be done? And who are the activists and c...
Monocle author

Tall Stories 167: Bratislava’s communist-era buildings

Architects and historians tend to admire them but members of the public usually associate them with the injustices of the socialist regime and want them gone. Is this architecture worth saving?
Monocle author

Green New Deal

We unpack what this bold proposal is all about and find out how it wants to tackle both inequality and climate change at the same time.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 166: Chain of Lakes

Minneapolis is home to the Chain of Lakes: a park system designed in the early 20th century that links together the city’s five biggest lakes. We look at how it has influenced the city – from its culture to the built environment.
Monocle author

Catching up

We speak to Lisa Helps, the mayor of Victoria, about her ambitious transport agenda and Clarkston’s mayor Ted Terry about refugees. Plus: can The Tide, a project by the studio behind New York’s High Line, change London?
Monocle author

Tall Stories 165: The Kiwi bach

The bach plays a leading role in New Zealanders’ summer holidays. Monocle 24’s David Stevens takes us to his family’s bach on Waikanae Beach to assess why this classic Kiwi dream might be starting to fade.
Monocle author

Wellbeing and cities

We discuss wellbeing in our urban environments. Reporting from the inaugural Wellbeing Cities Forum in Montréal, we examine how to live well in a city and dissect the social, economic and cultural aspects of urban life.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 164: Stonewall’s legacy

Stonewall is the most influential event in US gay-rights history; in 2016 Barack Obama made the site of the uprising a national monument. But many places critical to LGBT history are under-documented and overlooked.
Monocle author

Lessons from the Quality of Life Conference

Now that Monocle’s fifth annual Quality of Life conference has wrapped up in Madrid, we look back at some of the wisdom we took home with us and ponder how we can use these lessons to effect change in our own urban environments. 
Monocle author

Tall Stories 163: Moscow street art

Wander into a Moscow courtyard and you’ll often come across characters made of rusty metal tubes, bits of wood or, perhaps, an old washing machine. With its striking simplicity, this grassroots street art is a uniquely Russian phenomenon – but it might...
Monocle author

Spotlight: Madrid

As we gear up to host our fifth annual Quality of Life Conference in Madrid, we look at the Spanish capital’s urban plans, promises and problems. Our man in the city, Liam Aldous, brings us this week’s special episode.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 162: Toronto Raptors and the city

The ascent of Toronto’s basketball heroes – the Raptors are this year’s NBA champions – has revealed much about the city. In many ways, the team reflects one of the world’s most diverse urban centres.
Monocle author

Checking in

We hear about a clever digital tool changing our urban environments, look at Toronto’s plans to loosen the reins on high-rises and visit a new museum in Sarajevo.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 161: Torre Littoria

We're in Turin to ponder a towering relic of the Italy’s fascist past. Referred to as Mussolini's finger, this skyscraper has stayed standing despite the wishes of residents.
Monocle author

Cities through the artist’s eye

We stroll through the halls of The Urbanist art gallery to look at how the artist’s perspective can help us paint a new picture of the cities we live in.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 160: Glasgow City Chambers

Monocle’s Daniel Bach tells us about the Glasgow City Chambers, which hides one of the city’s greatest architectural features in plain sight.
Monocle author

Urban rulebook

What does it take to be a good citizen? Authorities can set the tone but in the end it’s residents who define the places they live. We look at what’s required to make our cities thrive – and yes, it means following a couple of rules here and there.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 159: Uno Prii

Monocle 24’s Will Kitchens looks at two quietly iconic residential tower blocks from Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood.
Monocle author

Private and public development, part two

We continue our conversation with architect Monica von Schmalensee, developer Jared Della Vale and urban-planner Alfredo Caraballo on the role that private developers play in cities. Plus: we take a closer look at the new World Trade Center.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 158: New-town Britain

Monocle’s editor Andrew Tuck takes us back to 1971 to tell us all about the UK’s new-town model.
Monocle author

Private and public development, part one

What role do private developers play in changing public spaces in our cities? This week we join the Van Alen Institute in London as it visits, learns about and passes judgement on the city’s headline-grabbing projects.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 157: Helsinki’s Mikael Agricola church

This week Monocle 24’s Markus Hippi takes us to Helsinki where one church has a unique feature that most Finns have never heard of.
Monocle author

Time for an update

After 46 years, Paris is set to welcome a new skyscraper. Plus: we look at a photography book showcasing Atlantic City and discuss sick-building syndrome.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 156: Thessaloniki’s Koulouri

A tour of the tiny kiosks that can be found on nearly every corner of Greece's second-largest city.
Monocle author

Death and the city

How do cities plan for the afterlife? We visit the places where space for the dead is almost as expensive as it is for the living. Plus: a modernist approach to the cemetery and the importance of archeology in cities.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 155: Vienna’s sausage stands

They may be plain and boxy but these kiosks are vital meeting places, attracting customers from across social boundaries. Invariably found near landmarks, they engage in a curious architectural dialogue with their grander neighbours.
Monocle author

Urban air mobility

This week we look to the sky. Monocle’s Americas editor at large Ed Stocker reports from Aerial Futures in Boston, where experts gathered to discuss everything from cargo drones to urban-mobility design.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 154: St Andrew’s Church, Mells

Monocle’s editor and host of ‘The Urbanist’ Andrew Tuck takes us to church on this week’s edition of ‘Tall Stories’.
Monocle author

After the fire

The fire in Notre-Dame brought the world to a standstill. This wasn’t about the human loss or the area affected by it. It was about something bigger: a shared cultural heritage that unites us all – believers and non-believers. It also led us to reflect...
Monocle author

Tall Stories 153: Brooklyn Point

Over the past few years, Brooklyn has shape-shifted almost beyond recognition. That change is anchored by City Point, which will be the largest retail and entertainment destination in the borough.
Monocle author

In praise of the city airport

Bigger planes and more flights have forced many cities to move their key airport far from the centre. But there is something special about watching the city from above as you land in what feels like the middle of it. This week we ask what makes a great...
Monocle author

Tall Stories 152: Portland’s Koin Center

Built in 1984, this art deco-style tower by the Hawthorne bridge is one of the most recognisable buildings in the city’s skyline.
Monocle author

Shouting from the rooftops

We explore the many options for urban-rooftop spaces. From city agriculture to solar power, drinking and dining to drone parking, we go through some potential plans for your next upper-level project.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 151: the Otto-Wagner Hospital

A psychiatric hospital built by the giant of 20th-century Austrian architecture, Otto Wagner, is now due to vacate the premises to make way for apartments and a university.
Monocle author

What’s new?

We find out why Amsterdam wants to reclaim more than 11,000 car-parking spaces, how a Paris suburb is limbering up for the 2024 Olympic Games, get a dose of immersive tourism in Sarajevo and a look at Chicago’s newly elected mayor.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 150: Pittsburgh’s bridges

This week we head to the steel powerhouse of Pittsburgh, which happens to be the proud home of 446 bridges.
Monocle author

Affordable housing

We look at Helsinki’s model of mixed housing, Cairo’s plan to end all slum dwellings by the end of the year and hear why the state of California is suing some of its own cities over affordability.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 149: Sick-building syndrome

This week we look at this poorly understood phenomenon, spotlighting Alexander Fleming House in London by modernist architect Ernö Goldfinger.
Monocle author

New projects

We look at Hong Kong’s Lantau Tomorrow Vision project, hear about a new all-female ride-sharing company in São Paulo and more. 
Monocle author

Tall Stories 148: LA’s Spring Street bike lane

This week we hear from Christopher Hawthorne, Los Angeles’ chief design officer who holds forth on a disastrous Downtown bike-lane blunder on Spring Street.
Monocle author

Urban wildlife

This week we look at urban wildlife across the globe – and how people feel about it. Hear about kangaroos in Canberra, weasels in Cairo and even scorpions in São Paulo.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 147: Vienna and Joseph Stalin

Many monuments to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin quickly dismantled or destroyed after his death. Today Vienna is home to the only remaining memorial to the communist leader in western Europe.
Monocle author

Shared mobility

Electric scooters take over the cobbles in Lisbon, car-sharing app Mobility4All is putting senior citizens first and New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio calls e-bikes one of his city’s biggest dangers.
Monocle author

Tall Stories 146: Michigan Building

This week we head to Detroit to hear the story of a parking garage housed inside an old theatre.
Monocle author