Searching for My Wives

Imagine how it all began, this marvelous, long journey of Humanity. Some souls work for peace and happiness. Others, though, despoil, degrade, and kill. This is a novel of past lives, reincarnation, and our occult history. Not many protohumans were alive, one and one-half million years ago, but all of us had souls, and souls persist, and there are souls which lived in hominids in Chesowanja, eastern Africa who have lived among us almost to the present day. Shimmer loves his wives, Sita and Ahalya, and tries to share sweet lives with them, but the trickster Murk, intent on dragging Mankind down, drives black souls to attack the ones who love. Come along as Shimmer leads migrations. Relive the waning of the Great Ice Age and the planetwide disaster. And remember how Old Kingdom Egypt travelled through a pleat in time to stabilize and rule the riverplains of northern India. Re-experience Murk's dark campaign to undermine that peaceful land, and once again respond to Shimmer and Old Shiver's call to arms and meet the enemy between two rivers at fabled Kurukshetra.

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Episode 28.

The Indus red with blood. The nephelim are allies underground. Murk causes misery for centuries. Shimmer, Old Shiver, and a third spirit rage across the earth for twenty-nine years. Only the kindly are left alive. Shimmer sleeps. Ahalya visits. ...

Episode 27.

A cataclysm on Sumatra; half the people of Asia are killed. Simple lives and the legend of the pastoral idyll. The high tower that would not let itself be built. Life with Sita, life with swallows. Murk returns to desecrate the Indus, but nothing c...

Episode 26.

Shimmer spends centuries strengthening the natural world to withstand the coming onslaught of Man. Kolkata at the mouth of the Ganges climbs the ladder of accumulation and desire. Shimmer trades in Kashmir and smelts ore in China. He raises ponies i...

Episode 25.

Chapter 9. Unlucky Mud decides to chop down a tree. Shimmer faces his misdeeds. Nearly four thousand years after sitting down behind the waterfall, Shimmer stands up; he gradually returns to living as a man, but in quiet, simple lives. A misstep, a...

Episode 24.

Nephelim attack; a being intervenes. Shimmer, limping, goes east, paying his way by making articles of wood. Stepping across valleys, he goes to Turkey, up the Indus, revisits Kurukshetra, goes to the remotest ashram, where he finds Gliff. Shimmer t...

Episode 23.

Teaching in a Chinese grove. Walking east across the north of Africa. Up into Europe to see how people who know only wood and stone live in the coniferous and hardwood jungle. He teaches them how to overwinter in the hills, how to raise a house on s...

Episode 22.

Chapter 8. The aftermath: guilt and overstimulation. Love and death on earth, or a life out among the stars, where he will not have to see Ahalya die again: Shimmer must choose. Interlude with Ahalya. Centuries of sleep. Sita. Shimmer's forgotte...

Episode 21.

The tutor killed, the Blue Prince blames himself. Shimmer steps into him, and the building of the allies' armies recommences. The League is cowed. Old Shiver, Sita, and Ahalya, too, have been moving in this royal family. Round Five. The tramp of b...

Episode 20.

Round Three. What if high and low were friends? Shimmer in the prince and in the drover's son. The dark purpose of the hidden league. Murk wins the round, on points. As lovely as the peaceful kingdom was, the spreading rot had torn down more. Rou...

Episode 19.

The war begins. Round One. A sacrifice throw by Shimmer, slowing Murk. Round Two. The peacemaker tracks Murk from town to town, gathers forces, goes into the forest. Murk's body killed; the round declared a tie.

Episode 18.

De Quincey dreams. The lives of kings, centuries of taking care of marshes and wading birds, a darkness out of which a soul is screaming: Shimmer is split in three. The three souls' trial reunion. The weaver. Frustration at the rise of misdirected...

Episode 17.

Chapter 7. The time pleat closes. Clouds of butterflies ascend from roosts in trees deep in an emerald valley; Shimmer does his best to guard them. A millennium goes by. Raiders return, but are defeated: peace. De Quincey: How can there have been...

Episode 16.

More history of Old Kindom Egypt. The structure of the universe, a universe of worlds. Dark matter. The dimensions other than our own. Where the redshift went. New cosmologies.

Episode 15.

A long schooltime of simple labor, and Shimmer walks the earth, teaching, watching. He is a goose, he is a woodland pool. East of Varanasi, beside the River Ganga, the magus Imhotep meets himself walking in a garden. Old Kingdom Egypt travels back i...

Episode 14.

Chapter 6. The Ice Age ends. Shimmer lives with Sita, Ahalya, Katrina Maria, always harried by Murk and his gang. Why? What end is served? Shimmer unintentionally kills a cousin, loses his sanity, and despairs. Eruption in Sumatra: almost every h...

Episode 13.

No rest: Mongolians must be led across the land bridge. Rafts along the coast to California, where Murk the Trickster schemes and maims. Garuda becomes trapped in Australia. Back in the Valley, he flies high inside an upward-reaching thunderhead; h...

Episode 12.

Chapter 5. Shimmer thinks how much more a bird knows of the world than a walking man, and someone hears: he becomes Garuda, the simurgh, the thunderbird. The speaking bird arranges a migration from eastern India into China, flies northeast to reconno...

Episode 11.

De Quincey asks of Wordsworth: "Can it be I am reminded only of my childhood in these images I dream?" A half-in, half-out life, not exactly human. Ahalya rescued. She and Shimmer walk to the sources of the Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra. They find...

Episode 10.

Horse-mounted raiders throughout the Indus Valley. Shimmer leads the fight against the raiders, then a migration to the far south, into Kerala.

Episode 9.

Chapter 4. A nomadic people, The Brothers and The Sisters, on the Gangetic Plain. Shimmer born to Ahalya, unhappy in her marriage. Falls in love with Sita. Must bring news of some wonderful, new land: finds Nepal, leads the people there. Katmandu...

Episode 8.

Joy along the Indus. Shimmer and Ahalya wed again and move upstream to tame water buffalo, farm, and love. "The Serpent was a buffalo, and profit was the Apple." Ahalya seduced by business. Shimmer, distraught, goes into the hills. Alone in the Ka...

Episode 7.

Scouts come back from the river's end and are not believed: half the Earth lost, become a salt-tasting, useless, pitching ocean. Ocean-going curraghs. The Nation paddles north along the coast, crosses out of sight of land. The Poison Coast: thirst;...

Episode 6.

Chapter 3. Bandits torment the Tanganyikan lakeshore people. Shimmer, a young curragh paddler, leads The Nation towards an eastern land remembered in the oldest legends. He is married to Ahalya. Two thousand people make a line of boats and rafts tw...

Episode 5.

Life along Lake Tanganyika. Murk's villains re-emerge. Enslavement and revolt. Along the southwest coast of Africa, The Nation meets the people from Lesotho. Shimmer and Ahalya marry; the hoodlums re-appear; Ahalya is killed; Shimmer takes revenge....

Episode 4.

Chapter 2. Chesowanja and Lesotho ascend to humanity: Shimmer as the digging-stick maker tells how. Birth of The Nation in Chesowanja; The Nation migrates south. Jack and Sally invent the raft and curragh. The Nation moves to Lake Tanganyika. De ...

Episode 3.

The meerkaat hunter's tale. The nuclear family emerges with Sita and daughter Ahalya. Murk attacks. Ahalya is orphaned, then tormented. Murk's malevolence is traced back to a prior world. The universe of ten dimensions, and the beings who live in ...

Episode 2.

These tales are told as dreams to the English essayist Thomas De Quincey. Sita, Shimmer's other wife, dwells in Mary Wordsworth. Shimmer's lady ape discovers rawhide and invents the digging stick. She is murdered. Old Shiver strikes. Shimmer lives ...

Episode 1.

Chapter 1. One and one-half million years ago, eastern Africa: hominids forage on the broad savannahs, but they are not yet human, although they do have souls. Some souls help the rise of Man; others work against it. Villains scavenge, rape, and kil...