From APM Reports, the Educate podcast (formerly American RadioWorks) is a weekly program about ideas and research in education.

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From APM Reports, the Educate podcast (formerly American RadioWorks) is a weekly program about ideas and research in education.
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Students on the Move: Keeping uprooted kids in school

A growing body of research finds that repeatedly uprooted children are more likely to struggle in school and more likely to drop out. But there are ways to help them succeed.
APM Reports author

Under a Watchful Eye

Colleges are using big data to track students in an effort boost graduation rates, but it comes at a cost.
APM Reports author

Coming soon on the Educate podcast

Seven new episodes beginning Aug. 6.
APM Reports author

Tens of thousands of dollars later, most college grads say the degree was worth it

A recent survey from the APM Research Lab found most Americans think college is worth the cost.
APM Reports author

Majority of Americans don't know that government has cut billions from higher education funding

A survey from the APM Research Lab shows that many people think funding has increased or stayed the same.
APM Reports author

U.S. continues to slip behind other countries in percentage of population with degrees

A lack of highly skilled workers leaves American employers unable to fill jobs.
APM Reports author

Reprise: Spare The Rod

A get-tough attitude prevailed among educators in the 1980s and 1990s, but research shows that zero-tolerance policies don't make schools safer and lead to disproportionate discipline for students of color.
APM Reports author

Oklahoma charter school becomes lightning rod in debate over rural education

A businessman struggling to recruit employees opened the school despite objections from the local school board.
APM Reports author

Hundreds of thousands of people could lose their legal status. One hopes to graduate with his college degree first.

If the Trump administration has its way, Jose would be forced from the U.S. just a few months before graduation.
APM Reports author

Reprise: Hard To Read

There are proven ways to help people with dyslexia learn to read, and a federal law that's supposed to ensure schools provide kids with help. But across the country, public schools are denying children proper treatment and often failing to identify the...
APM Reports author

Despite decades of pledging to hire more black faculty, most universities didn't

The number of black faculty on college campuses has gone down during the last decade.
APM Reports author

As they lose customers, universities try expanding the menu

Colleges nationwide have added more than 40,000 new degree and certificate programs in last six years, but are they better serving students?
APM Reports author

In the fight over Kavanaugh, echoes of a battle being waged on college campuses nationwide

Across the country, schools wrestle with how sexual assault is defined and how much proof is needed.
APM Reports author

Poverty, perseverance and a PhD

An elite university helped her climb but changing class can be a lonely journey.
APM Reports author

Hard Words: Why Aren't Our Kids Being Taught to Read?

Scientific research has shown how children learn to read and how they should be taught. But many educators don't know the science and, in some cases, actively resist it. As a result, millions of kids are being set up to fail.
APM Reports author

Old Idea, New Economy: Rediscovering Apprenticeships

You might think apprenticeships are a relic from an earlier era, but a growing number of Americans are discovering them as a way into the middle class.
APM Reports author

Still Rising: First-Generation College Students a Decade Later

They bet that college would help them move up. Did it pay off?
APM Reports author

Changing Class: Are Colleges Helping Americans Move Up?

Colleges have long offered a pathway to success for just about anyone. But new research shows that with the country growing ever more economically divided, colleges are not doing enough to help students from poor families achieve the American Dream.
APM Reports author

School on the move

A little-known program has been helping the children of migrant farmworkers graduate for more than 50 years.
APM Reports author

Edged out of the middle class, teachers are walking out

Dissatisfied with low pay and school funding, teachers in more red states are poised to protest.
APM Reports author

State financial aid money dries up before many low-income college students get help

Last year, almost a million students who qualified for state financial aid didn't get it.
APM Reports author

Reprise: Stuck At Square One

College students increasingly caught in remedial education trap.
APM Reports author

Louisiana ends policy that held thousands of students back a grade or more

Students held back were at high risk of dropping out.
APM Reports author

Liberal arts face uncertain future at nation's universities

Programs are being cut to make way for degrees with "clear career pathways."
APM Reports author

Giving parents more freedom to choose doesn't guarantee better schools

Other countries offer clues about how effective nationwide school choice would be in the U.S.
APM Reports author

'I never want to be in a neighborhood where I'm shot at again'

A first-generation college graduate reflects on moving up America's class ladder.
APM Reports author

Are America's colleges promoting social mobility?

Economists dig into the data to understand which schools are doing the most to help revive the American Dream.
APM Reports author

Schools prove soft targets for hackers

Cybersecurity is a growing concern as schools collect an increasing amount of data on students.
APM Reports author

High schools push few students with disabilities to consider college

Most students with disabilities can make it to and through college, but are hindered by low expectations.
APM Reports author

Is the trauma of training for a school shooter worth it?

Most American students practice "active shooter" drills in school. Less than one in a million of them will need it.
APM Reports author

A college degree, or your money back

A growing number of colleges and universities are guaranteeing a job after graduation.
APM Reports author

Overwhelmed by student debt, many low-income students drop out

Almost a third of Americans who take out loans to pay for college don't get a degree.
APM Reports author

High school football makes a comeback in New Orleans

Charter schools cut football to win minds. Now to win hearts, they're bringing it back.
APM Reports author

Nearly 1 in 5 female college students are single moms

Struggling to juggle school, work and child care, most of them won't make it to graduation.
APM Reports author

History of civil rights movement gets short shrift in Mississippi classrooms

Despite efforts to require lessons on civil rights, outdated textbooks indicate little has changed.
APM Reports author

Rural students are the least likely to go to college

They're being ignored as the nation tries to ramp up degree completion.
APM Reports author

Yoga and dogs bring calm to school for troubled kids

The doors are locked at this special ed school in Minneapolis so no one runs away. It's a surprising place to find kids doing breathing exercises.
APM Reports author

Rewriting the Sentence: College Behind Bars

It's one of the best defenses against recidivism, but investment is lacking.
APM Reports author

Mr. Rodriguez is undocumented and unafraid

Teachers with DACA serving low-income, immigrant communities could be tough to replace.
APM Reports author

Resegregation in Alabama

When predominantly white cities secede from larger districts, it has a segregating effect.
APM Reports author

How alumni revived a dying college

As small private colleges struggle to survive, we look at one that almost didn't make it.
APM Reports author

UPDATED - Hard to Read: How American Schools Fail Kids with Dyslexia

There are proven ways to help people with dyslexia learn to read, and a federal law that's supposed to ensure schools provide kids with help. But across the country, public schools are denying children proper treatment and often failing to identify the...
APM Reports author

Hard to Read: How American Schools Fail Kids with Dyslexia

Public schools are denying children with dyslexia proper treatment and often failing to identify them in the first place.
APM Reports author

Shadow Class: College Dreamers in Trump's America

President Trump is ending DACA, which allowed some 800,000 undocumented young people to stay and work in the United States. For some, that may mean the end of a dream of going to college. This program profiles DACA students and their opponents and exa...
APM Reports author

Shackled Legacy: Universities and the Slave Trade

Profits from slavery and related industries helped build some of the most prestigious schools in New England. This documentary focuses on three universities -- Harvard, Georgetown and the University of Virginia -- as they grapple with a deeply troublin...
APM Reports author

Keeping Teachers

There may be nothing more important in the educational life of a child than having effective teachers. But the United States is struggling to attract and keep teachers.
APM Reports author

Shadow Class: College Dreamers in Trump's America

Some young immigrants have gotten temporary papers under an Obama administration program. But now they find themselves on a collision course with newly powerful opponents, including a president who swept into office on a wave of anti-immigrant fear and...
APM Reports author

'The oldest not-18-year-old'

A descendant of slaves sold to save Georgetown University in 1838 will be a member of this year's freshman class — at age 63.
APM Reports author

Segregation's Back

People who lived through the desegregation era see their former schools fall back into segregation.
APM Reports author

What children in food deserts do during the summer

There are millions of kids in America who the USDA considers "food insecure" -- they live in households without regular access to nutritious food. For them, school feeding programs are essential.
APM Reports author