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Each SBS Aboriginal program has a national focus on events and issues that affect the indigenous community. Traditional and contemporary music and - when possible - live performances are important regular features.

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Living Black on SBS Radio aims to connect, inform and inspire Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities around the nations through news, current affairs, community information
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New jobs for First Nations graduates in university setting

First Nations graduates are invited to apply for employment in the inaugural Vice-Chancellor’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Graduate Program (University of Queensland – UQ).

Lidia Thorpe to lead inaugural large scale “Invasion Day” dawn service

Lidia Thorpe will lead the first large scale public Anzac Style dawn service for First Nations heroes and victims this January 26.

First Nations resilience celebrated at the Australian Museum.

On Wednesday the 23rd The Australian Museum will host an event celebrating First Nations resilience.

How to make Australia Day more palatable to First Nations people.

"Acknowledging documented massacres of Aboriginal people should be part of Australia Day rituals." - Cr Dick Gross, Mayor of Port Phillip.

More mass fish deaths likely as heatwave bites

There are warnings of further mass fish deaths in the Murray-Darling River, amid soaring temperatures in western New South Wales. The federal government has announced it will convene a meeting with environment stakeholders, while Labor is calling for a...

Dance helping curb youth crime in Queensland's remote Indigenous communities

Dance connects Indigenous communities to culture and country and for many First Nations people, it's a powerful source of inspiration.In some remote regions, native song and dance is also being credited with helping curb youth crime, by motivating at-r...

Federal Government to force local councils to hold Australia Day citizenship ceremonies

The federal government has moved to force councils to hold citizenship ceremonies on January 26th. It comes as a handful of municipalities voted to move events, saying it's out of respect for Indigenous people.Some have backed the move, while others be...

Vaccination is most efficient way to contain measles outbreak

Following another measles outbreak in Australia, the Australian Medical Association says the highly contagious disease is preventable but can have deadly consequences.  Doctors are urging parents to vaccinate their children.

Up to a million fish dead in Darling River

Up to a million fish have died along the Darling River system in New South Wales.

Multimillion dollar boost for mental health

The Federal government announced a 47-million dollar boost to Headspace, a youth mental health organization. 

Donations free Aboriginal women from prison

A number of Indigenous women jailed in Western Australia for failing to pay fines are set to be freed, after a crowdfunding campaign raised money to pay their fines.Indigenous activists hope the successful fundraiser shines a light on what they claim i...

Tampon tax, ABSTUDY, tolls and other January 1 changes

From the tampon tax to Youth Allowance and Abstudy to personal income tax, these are the new laws slated to kick in during 2019.

Indigenous heritage to feature in Sydney NYE fireworks for the first time

As the nation gears up to farewell 2018 and usher in 2019, organizers in Sydney say the fireworks display over the harbour will be the best ever.

Prestigious award to offer knowledge boost for not-for-profit sector

An opportunity is now open for leaders in the not-for-profit sector to go on a study trip anywhere in the world.

Australia's leaders have delivered their Christmas messages

The Prime Minister and Opposition leader have both delivered a message of hope to those facing hardship, while paying tribute to Australia's defence and emergency services personnel, and charity workers.The Catholic Church sent messages of peace and ha...

Shine A Light with Rocky Dawuni

Fresh from a performance with Yothu Yindi, Reggae legend & Activist Rocky Dawuni drops by the NITV Radio Studio to shine a light on your day. 

Australian Hearing doubles scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Australian Hearing is doubling the number of scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Islanders wishing to undertake studies in audiology.

Indigenous eye health: On track to equity

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health has come a long way in a short time and is on track to equal that of the non-Indigenous population by 2020.

COAG ponders on minimum age of criminal responsibility at last

Late last month State and Territory Attorneys General gathered in a Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting in Perth and discussed lifting the minimum age of criminal responsibility across the country. 

Pounding the pavement: Inside the Life of a Black Female Video Journalist

NITV News & Current Affairs has an amazing team of Correspondents reporting from around the country. They also just happen to be an all-female team of stars changing the Nation one story at a time.  

What's The Point? A look back at the year that was 2018 for the NITV News & Current Affairs team.

NITV's Head of News & current Affairs Karla Grant & Chris Roe look back at the year that was 2018 and provide us with a sneak peak into 2019. 

Wild Black Women, from podcast to TV Show!

What happens when your podcast becomes so popular, it gets turned into a TV show?

Hunting Aotearoa: The NITV Radio Podcast

The creators of one of NITV's highest rating shows sits down with NITV Radio's Danny Teece-Johnson to discuss Maori culture, hunting, language and filmmaking. 

How to cope with mental illness linked to parenthood

“You see this Hollywood version of parenting and if it doesn’t go that way you think something is wrong with you. We live in a society that stigmatizes mental health.” – Shantelle Thompson.

The Healing of Our Spirits

The eighth gathering of the Healing Our Spirit Worldwide event, is looking to reduce the inter-generational trauma through Indigenous-led healing.

Time for change, shelter is a human right!

“We have joined with Indigenous Peoples from across the world to bring together strong voices, calling for our Rights to Shelter and Safe Housing." - Mr Rod Little, Co-chair National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples. 

What can you do today to end family violence?

This Friday November 23, thousands of people are expected to take part in community-led actions in response to the scourge of family violence that’s ever-present in our society.

Teaching mathematics to a different (Aboriginal) rhythm

An Indigenous education officer turned the idea of mathematics through storytelling into a dance concept.

Keeping up with the Rules: Australia’s favourite sisters are back!

We Rule As One! Family Rules returns to NITV for a second season.

Kakadu plum to win bigger slice of multi-billion dollar market

New research project paving the way for native superfood to conquer a bigger slice of multi billion dollar functional foods market.

Unlocking sustainable bush medicine industry in the Top End

Researchers in the NT and Queensland will explore how bush medicinal plants can be turned into important biological, cultural and economic resources.

Primary School brings Wiradjuri language lessons into the classroom

One Sydney school is teaching its primary students to sing, count and greet one another in Wiradjuri.

First Peoples and Multicultural Australia: An intercultural dialogue on recognition, reconciliation, truth and collaboration.

Truth telling & Indigenous history must be the starting point of any form of cross-cultural dialogue which has a view to inform local and global thinking on the shared and different perspectives of First Peoples, migrants and refugees.

Multicultural Australia has a responsibility to walk with us and embrace the First Nations story: Dr Jackie Huggins AM

Dr Jackie Huggins AM wants Multicultural Australia to embrace the saying "Always Was, Always Will Be"

The power of achieving change, lies within the citizens of the world: Tolu Olubunmi

The power of achieving change, lies within the citizens of the world: Tolu Olubunmi

"Australia's First Peoples can learn from the mistakes of the Waitangi Treaty" says Dr Maria Bargh

Talking Treaty – Indigenous experts ask NSW not to be the last state to negotiate with First Nations People.

James Christian, CEO of NSWALC says “NSW should be leading the discussions, not lagging behind.”

Talking Treaty – Indigenous experts ask NSW not to be the last state to negotiate with First Nations People.

Talking Treaty – Indigenous experts ask NSW not to be the last state to negotiate with First Nations People.

The first step as Victorian Treaty Advancement Commissioner, Jill Gallagher emphasised it was not the implementation of legislation but for government to say, “Let’s explore the possibilities” and “How do we do this?”Just having the conversations will ...

Tony McAvoy SC talks Treaty in NSW

Talking Treaty – Indigenous experts ask NSW not to be the last state to negotiate with First Nations People.

Wesley Enoch talks to NITV Radio on the eve of the Sydney Festival Launch 2019

Sydney Festival Director Wesley Enoch talks to NITV Radio on the eve of the Sydney Festival Launch 2019

Grant Saunders: Teach A Man To Fish

NITV follows one man’s journey back home to re-connect with his culture in documentary Teach a Man to Fish

Steven Oliver has a Chance Affair

The hilarious Steven Oliver tells us about his new show "A Chance Affair" and why the debate around religious schools and gay students is causing further damage to our youth. 

‘Destroying country’: Elders protest fracking at Origin's AGM

Traditional Owners say if Origin Energy drills on their land it will destroy their way of life.

SBS Radio launches National Languages Competition 2018

SBS Radio encourages all Australians to celebrate language learning with the SBS National Languages Competition 2018

NITV Radio's Danny Teece-Johnson goes one-on-one with the Betoota Advocate

NITV Radio's Danny Teece-Johnson goes one-on-one with the Betoota Advocate to discuss "Uncle Tony"

Award winning Author Melissa Lucashenko chats to NITV Radio on Indigenous Literacy Day.

"You Young mob, all you gotta do to start writing a story is to grab a pen and paper and write for five minutes, dont make it bigger than it has to be, just keep it to five minutes"

Bubup Wilam School leading the way in Aboriginal Early Childhood Education

Danny Teece-Johnson speaks with Angie Zerella, the Education & Training Manager at BuBup Wilam School in Melbourne on the importance of Indigenous Literacy Day. 

Gina Williams sings the Noongar language to the world

Gina Williams is one of those rare performers who connects and captures audiences through the power of song. And it’s made even more special when it’s sung in rare Noongar language.

Kodie Bedford wins the prestigious Balnaves Foundation Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Fellowship

Belvoir has announced Kodie Bedford as the recipient of the Balnaves Foundation Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Fellowship, an evolution of the Balnaves Foundation Indigenous Playwright Award, which has long been recognised as one of the most pre...

Tasman Keith, Bowraville & "My Pelopolees"

Tasman Keith is a mission boy who was raised between bustling inner city Sydney and the humble Bowraville Mission in the Nambucca Valley, northern New South Wales. An ode to his Uncle Spits, and grandfather Billy Jack, My Pelopolees reflects the streng...