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Talks with people living and working along the Mother Road

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Route 66 Stories as told by people living and working along The Mother Road
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Allan Affeldt - Route 66 La Posada & La Castanada Restorations

Arizona based entrepreneur Allan Affeldt has successfully proven more than once that he can purchase old, abandoned railroad buildings along Route 66 that has had the Fred Harvey footprint and converted them into historically beautiful hotels in the so...
Anthony Arno author

Stephen Fried author of Appetite for America: Fred Harvey and the Business of Civilizing the Wild West One Meal at a Time.

Stephen Fried, author of Appetite for America: Fred Harvey and the Business of Civilizing the American West, talks all about the life of Fred Harvey and how Route 66 would later emerge once the railroad was being replaced by the automobile.   A three p...
Anthony Arno author

24. The Rock Cafe, Stroud, OK

The proprietor of The Rock Cafe, Dawn Welch, is a Route 66 icon and was the inspiration for the character Sally Carrera in the CARS movie.  The Rock Cafe was constructed in 1936 from leftover sandstone rock that was used to construct Route 66.   Dawn t...

23. The Launching Pad & Gemini Giant

The original Launching Pad Restaurant opened in 1960 by John Korelc under a different name, and while attending the National Restaurant Convention, Korelc paid $3500 for a fiberglass Muffler Man to draw attention to his restaurant. Korelc had his newly...
Anthony Arno author

22. The Wild Burros of Oatman, Arizona

Today, we’ll be visiting one of the most popular stops along Route 66, known for its wild burros, beautiful mountains and of course Route 66. I’ll be talking with Jackie Roland Murray, who wrote a book highlighting the history of Oatman and more.  
Anthony Arno author

20. The Jack Rabbit Trading Post

The Jack Rabbit Trading post is a famous Route 66 curio shop located in Joseph City, Arizona.  The trading post is known for its large fiberglass jackrabbit that visitors are often photographed riding out front.  In addition, The Jack Rabbit Trading Po...
Anthony Arno author

20. Times Beach

The story of Times Beach is not a celebratory one that showcases Route 66.  Instead, the story of Times Beach is one that not may people are familiar with, even 35 years later.   Times Beach was a beach community along the Meramec River that hired the ...
Anthony Arno author

19. The Wagon Wheel Motel

The Wagon Wheel Motel is the longest continously operated motel along Route 66.     A talk with Mark Linder, who is bicycling Route 66 in honor of his son who passed away at the age of 6.     A talk with Dora XXX, and the upcoming Shamrock Festival in ...

18. Mojave Desert Road Trail and Route 66

Decades before Route 66 the Mojave Desert Road took travelers miles across the Mojave Desert.  Dennis Casebier talks about his original intention of creating a 130 mile hiking trail across the Mojave Desert along one of America's first highway, but rea...
Anthony Arno author

Meramac Caverns with Les Turilli

Meramec Caverns is one of the most famous sights along Route 66 and consists of almost 5 miles of a cavern system outside St. Louis, Missouri. Join host Anthony Arno as he talks with the grandson of the founder of the caverns, Les Turulli.   Les talks ...
Anthony Arno author

The Bunion Derby (A 3,400 mile footrace across America promoting Route 66)

On March 4, 1928, 199 men lined up in Los Angeles, California, to participate in a 3,400-mile transcontinental footrace to New York City. The Bunion Derby, as the press dubbed the event, was the brainchild of sports promoter Charles C. Pyle. He promise...
Anthony Arno author

The Will Rogers Memorial Museum

Route 66 is sometimes referred to as The Will Rogers Memorial Highway, but not many people know who Will Rogers was. Rogers, Oklahoma's favorite son,  was a stage and motion picture actor, vaudeville performer, cowboy, humorist, newspaper columnist, an...
Anthony Arno author

Route 66 Podcast

The Road Crew – America’s Route 66 Band takes the Mother Road to their audiences throughout the world.  “We spread the history and stories of Route 66 to every generation through our ‘Songs From The Mother Road.’  We encourage our audiences to discover...
Anthony Arno author

13. Fort Reno WW II POW Camp

Fort Reno in Oklahoma was once the home to 1300 German Prisoners of War (POW's) during World War II.  Originally established in 1874 to protect the Darlington Indian Reservation.  Fort Reno was used as a horse training camp for WW I and WW II, and the ...
Anthony Arno author

12. Muffler Men - Joel Baker


The Route 66 Podcast Episode 11

Tom Coffin remembers as a child being asked by his teacher to create drawings to help decorate his classroom for holidays and other special events.  From there, he eventually wound up in NYC where he worked for the NYC Historic Landmark Commission wher...
Anthony Arno author

10. The Coral Court Motel

000000E9 000000E9 00004A00 000049EC 0024D359 0024D359 00007EF6 00007EFF 00158DDB 00158DDB   The Coral Court Motel can undeniably be grouped with The Munger Moss and Blue Swallow, as an iconic Route 66 landmark motels.  However, The Coral Court Motel is...

9. Route 66 News Site

The Route 66 News website at www.Route66News is a clearinghouse of news and historic events taking place along The Mother Road.  Join The Route 66 Podcast host Anthony Arno as he interviews the curator of Route 66 News, Ron Warnick.   Ron has been publ...

8. Tattoo Man of Route 66 Ron Jones

Are you a dedicated fan of Route 66?  What makes you think so?  Do you have tons of Route 66 memorobilia in your home?  A wide assortment of Route 66 t-shirts?  Something special that screams out Route 66 on your car?   Join host Anthony Arno on The Ro...

7. The Burma-Shave story with Clinton B. Odell

Burma-Shave was a popular brand of brushless shaving cream, made famous by a brilliant advertising campaign that featured a series of witty rhyming poems appearing in a sequence of roadside signs that would entertain the motorist driving down the road....

6. NPS Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program


5. Fireballs Legend George Tomsco

As a high school teenager in 1958, he entered a talent show and played Jerry Lee Lewis' Great Balls of Fire.  The unexpected happened.... he won and didn't know how to play any other songs.   One year later, he would call Buddy Holly's manager and ask ...

4. Dylan Wallace Mural Artist

Dylan Wallace just graduated high school in Wilmington, IL, and he’s literally made a mark along Route 66 by painting a shield on the side of Two Hounds Antique Shop along Route 66.   

3. Angel Delgadillo: The Guardian of Route 66


2. Michael Wallis

Author, Route 66 historian, and the voice of Sheriff or Radiator Springs in the Pixar movie Cars.  The very first episode of The Route 66 Podcast features an interview with the biggest advocate of The Mother Road.   Michael talks about his earliest mem...

1. Route 66 Podcast Introduction

The Route 66 Podcast featuring your host, Anthony Arno.  In this premiere episode, Anthony tells about his teaching background and how his students bicycled 2000 miles in the back of the classroom while learning all about Route 66.