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PLOScast is a regular PLOS podcast dedicated to interviewing innovators and thought leaders on scholarly publishing developments, the future of academia and the changing experiences of scientists. Hosted by PLOS Staff Researcher Elizabeth Seiver, the show explores all things Open (science, access and peer review), including research tools, ideas for improving science communication and the realities of the academic job market. In short, this podcast is for scientists and those who love them. Note: The PLOS Biology Podcasts that were created on this channel a few years ago, are still available to be listened to, shared and downloaded.
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Episode 27: Ivan Oransky on the Value of Tracking Retractions

Science is self-correcting in nature, but the mechanism for correcting the literature could be more transparent. In 2010, Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus recognized this transparency issue and launched the blog Retraction Watch to shed light on what happe...
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Episode 26: ECRs reinvent science publishing: An interview with Jessica Polka

Early Career Researchers (ECRs) are leading the way when it comes to challenging traditional approaches to scientific research and publishing, but achieving buy-in from senior investigators and peer scientists isn’t always easy. Jessica Polka would kno...
PLOScast a podcast by PLOS author

Episode 25: Exploring the World of Medical Research: An interview featuring Lauren Maggio

How do physicians access medical research at the point of care? Furthermore, how does the general public access and interpret this research, including the use of newspapers and Wikipedia? In this week’s PLOSCast, Elizabeth dives into these questions wi...
PLOScast a podcast by PLOS author

Episode 24: Check Your Stats: An interview featuring Michèle Nuijten

Good research should be replicable, but there are various issues that can impact reproducibility in science. In this PLOSCast, Elizabeth discusses some of these issues with Michèle Nuijten, a PhD Student at Tilburg University. Her research focuses on m...
PLOScast a podcast by PLOS author

Episode 23: Big Data in the Social Sciences: An interview featuring Ian Mulvany

How big is Big Data, and how does it apply to the realm of social sciences? In this latest PLOSCast episode, Elizabeth explores that question with Ian Mulvany, the Head of Product Innovation at SAGE Publications. They discuss his journey from astrophys...
PLOScast a podcast by PLOS author

Episode 22: Building Taxonomies: An interview featuring Bob Kasenchak

In this PLOScast, Elizabeth interviews Bob Kasenchak, the Director of Product Development at Access Innovations, about how taxonomies help organize and find content, in scholarly publishing and beyond.
PLOScast author

Episode 21: Why Open Research featuring Erin McKiernan

Sharing research can be challenging. In this episode Erin shares with Elizabeth her journey to Open Access, what the difference is between Open Access and Open Research and explains her Open Research Project.
PLOScast author

Episode 20: Science Communication and Critique: An interview featuring Hilda Bastian

Communication and critique are important for the public understanding of and progress in science. In this PLOSCast, Elizabeth speaks with Hilda Bastian, an Editor at PubMed Commons. She connects her current work at PubMed Commons and her previous exper...
PLOScast author

Episode 19: Accessing Academic Sources on Wikipedia featuring Jake Orlowitz

How might access to these research articles impact the use of Wikipedia and how might Wikipedia in turn impact science? In this PLOScast, Elizabeth Seiver speaks with Jake Orlowitz, the founder of Wikipedia Library, a program from the Wikimedia Foundat...
PLOScast author

Episode 17 Part 2: Science of Peer Review featuring Eamon Duede

In this episode Eamon Duede, the Executive Director of Knowledge Lab at the University of Chicago, speaks with Elizabeth about the latest modeling research using big data to understand behaviors and patterns surrounding manuscript review. This is the s...
PLOS Media author

Episode 17: The Science of Science featuring Eamon Duede

In this PLOScast, Elizabeth Sevier speaks with Eamon Duede, Executive Director, Knowledge Lab about the science behind how new scientific discoveries come into existence. This is the first part of a two part series discussing the use of large-scale c...
PLOS Media author

Episode 16: Open Source Science Communities featuring Abigail Cabunoc Mayes

In this PLOScast, Elizabeth speaks with Abigail Cabunoc Mayes, Lead Developer, Open Source Engagement at the Mozilla Foundation on building open source communities. The episode covers: • Challenges facing the OSS community • Early Career Researchers,...
PLOS Media author

Episode 15: The Power of Preprints featuring James Fraser

In this OA Week episode, Elizabeth Seiver speaks with James Fraser, Associate Professor at UCSF in the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences and a founding member of ASAPbio, about the scientist-driven mission to promote the use of prep...
PLOS Media author

Episode 14: Understanding Altmetrics with Stacy Konkiel

In this episode, we talk about what altmetrics are; how they are used; and why journal impact factors aren't enough to measure scientific research. Elizabeth Seiver is joined by Stacy Konkiel, Outreach& Engagement Manager at Altmetric. Show notes...
PLOS Media author

Episode 13: Fighting Link Rot: An interview featuring Geoff Bilder

. In this PLOScast, Elizabeth Seiver speaks with Geoff Builder, Strategic Director at CrossRef, about link rot, unique digital identifiers and the infrastructure needed in order to support persistent links. This episode also covers: • The history of Cr...
PLOS Media author

Episode 12: Institutional Repositories and the Research Lifecycle: An interview with Sarah Wipperman

In this PLOScast, Elizabeth speaks with Sarah Wipperman, the Repository Services Manager& Analyst for Repository Services Manager& Analyst for ScholarlyCommons, about how libraries are supporting scholars and pushing for new tools to better com...
PLOS Media author

Episode 11: Scholarly Books in the Digital World: An interview featuring Amy Brand

The evolving scholarly publishing landscape has transformed the way scientific articles are created, distributed and shared; but how have these changes affected books? In this PLOScast, Elizabeth speaks with Amy Brand, the Director of MIT Press on the...
PLOS Media author

Episode 10: Open Research Unlocks Career Opportunities: An interview featuring Meredith Niles

In this PLOScast, Elizabeth Seiver speaks with Meredith Niles, an early career researcher and a member of the Board of Directors at PLOS, about all things Open, and how Open Access research played a role in her path to becoming an assistant professor o...
PLOS Media author

Episode 9: The History of Scientific Publishing: An interview featuring Aileen Fyfe

Learn about the history of scientific publishing. In this episode, we take an in-depth look at the history of the peer review and editorial process beginning 350 years ago with the world’s oldest journal. For more info read:
PLOS Media author

Episode 8 Excerpt: On scientists and social media

Matt Shipman shares advice for scientists on how and when to use social media. Listen to the full interview here:
PLOS Media author

Episode 8: How to Communicate Science: An interview featuring Matt Shipman

In this PLOScast, Elizabeth Seiver speaks with Matt Shipman, science writer and author of The Handbook for Science Public Information Officers, about his experience as a PIO for North Carolina State University and his advice for anyone interested in pr...
PLOS Media author

Episode 7: All About ORCID featuring Alice Meadows

Receiving credit for your work as a researcher is important to your career. In this PLOScast, Elizabeth Seiver speaks with Alice Meadows, the Director of Communications at ORCID, about how we can better connect researchers to their research using uniq...
PLOS Media author

Episode 6: Microsoft Tools for Academics featuring Alex Wade

Guest host Mark Johnson talks with Alex Wade, the Director of Scholarly Communication at Microsoft Research, about new tools for academics from Microsoft. Full podcast notes here:
PLOS Media author

Episode 5: Quantifying "How Open Is It?" featuring Greg Tananbaum

Learn all about the Open Access Spectrum Tool in this PLOScast. Elizabeth Seiver speaks with Greg Tananbaum, the owner of ScholarNext, on the Open Access policies, quantifying Open Access and other emerging trends related to scholarly communication. ...
PLOS Media author

Episode 4: Open Access Publishing featuring John Willinsky

Expanding the reach of Open Access. In this PLOScast, Elizabeth speaks with John Willinsky, the Executive Director of the Public Knowledge Project about how the public engages with OA science and how OA publishing can expand into new communities. Full...
PLOS Media author

Episode 3: Managing Scientific Data featuring Tracy Teal

Strategies and tools beyond Excel. Elizabeth Seiver speaks with Tracy Teal, the Executive Director of Data Carpentry, a nonprofit organization that teaches researchers the fundamental skills for working more effectively with data. Together they talk ...
PLOS Media author

Episode 2: The Postdoc Crisis featuring Liz Silva

Universities are churning out newly minted PhDs much faster than they create faculty positions for them. So what sorts of jobs are available beyond the ivory tower? How can academic culture change to better support multiple career paths? Dr. Liz Silva,...
PLOS Media author

Episode 1 Part 1: Open Peer Review and Scientific Communities

In this segment, Elizabeth and Cameron discuss open peer review and transparency in different scientific communities. Full episode notes:
PLOS Media author

Episode 1 Part 2: Contributor Roles and the Future of Scientific Data

Part 2 of the discussion with Cameron Neylon. Full episode notes here:
PLOS Media author

Archive: Flirting With Disaster - PLOS Biology Podcast Episode 5

In this episode of the PLOS Biology podcast, Senior Editor Liza Gross interviews Georgina Mace, professor of conservation science and director of the Natural Environment Research Council Centre for Population Biology. This week, world leaders re-exami...
PLOS Media author

Archive: The Search for New Life Forms - PLOS Biology Podcast Episode 4

In this month’s episode of the PLoS Biology Podcast, PLoS Biology Editor Megan Hall interviews Gerald Joyce, who is Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA. In the latest issue of PLoS Biology,...
PLOS Media author

Archive: Social Immunization in Ants - PLOS Biology Podcast Episode 3

In this months episode of the PLoS Biology Podcast, PLoS Biology Editor Ruchir Shah interviews Sylvia Cremer, who is an evolutionary biologist at the Institute of Science and Technology in Austria. Her research team has published a new paper in PLoS Bi...
PLOS Media author

Archive: Decoding speech from the human brain - PLOS Biology Podcast Episode 2

In this edition of the PLoS Podcast, PLoS Biology Editor Ruchir Shah interviews Brian Pasley and Robert (Bob) Knight from UC Berkeley. Brian is a postdoc in Bob's lab, and Bob is the Director of the Helen Wills Neuroscience Center at Berkeley. Along wi...
PLOS Media author

Archive: VS Ramachandran - PLOS Biology Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to the PLoS Biology Podcast! For the first episode, PLoS Biology Editor Ruchir Shah interviews VS Ramachandran, who is the Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition at the University of California San Diego. Dr. Ramachandran has written a ...
PLOS Media author