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Join hosts Dan, Mike, and Elysha mostly every week as they bring listeners their selection of punk, hardcore, oi, ska, and whatever else their ears desire.

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Political punk rock spinning from the heart of Turtle Island
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Rebel Time Radio – 2018/08/22

Rebel Time Radio is blazing through the summer with another hot hot hot episode of politically charged punk tunes! Dan along with special guest Phil talk about punk music and spin some Union Thugs, Pure Hell, Copper Crown, and Culture Shock. So get pum...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/08/15

Rebel Time Radio is back, so pump up that volume eh! On tonight’s show Mike and Dan play some brand spankin new tunes from The Fallout and Unsanitary Napkin, pls Grit and D.O.A. (rip Randy Rampage). They also play their last two picks from their Top Te...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/08/08

Rebel Time Radio is here for some far left punk tunes for you dear listener! Dan does the show solo and plays Rebelmatic, Dirty Revolution, The Fallout and Rats in the Wall. He also makes fun of Ontario’s premier dingus, Premier Rob Ford! Whether you’r...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/07/18

Rebel Time Radio slams in your ear holes like a fist to the face of a fascist scumbag! Mike and Dan continue their top ten most influential album picks, and spin tunes from the likes of Star Fucking Hipsters and a new one from Union Thugs. Now get to l...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/07/11

Rebel Time Radio returns to slam political punk in yer ears! On tonight’s show Mike and Dan discuss numbers 5 an 6 of their Top Ten Most Influential Albums, plus play a new one from Spanner and an old one from Rudimentary Peni. Press the play button an...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/06/27

Rebel Time Radio brings another episode of politically charged punk rock! Elysha returns for an episode to kick it with Dan as they play tunes from The Decay, Alien Boys, and Sago, with new tunes from The Interrupters, Bad Religion, and Glassed. They a...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/06/06

Rebel Time Radio is here to deliver a wall of politically charged punk tunes! Mike and Dan play some Naked Aggression and Appalachian Terror Unit, plus they continue their series of Top Ten Albums That Were Most Influential To Them! What albums did the...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/05/30

Rebel Time Radio is here with another episode for these trying times! Tonight Mike and Dan play some tunes from Brutal Youth and the Rotten (who are playing a show in Waterloo soon! Details below), plus LILIM and D.O.A. This episode is also the beginni...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/05/16

And after way too long of a break from podcasting, Rebel Time Radio is back with a molotov cocktail of politically charged punk rock! Mike and Dan spin some tunes from Rats in the Wall, Preying Hands, The Fallout, plus new music from Spanner and the In...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/03/28

Rebel Time Radio is back with another episode of political punk rock for your ears! Kick back and relax and organize the revolution to the sounds of Personality Crisis, School Shooter, Rats in the Wall and Random Killing. These songs are absolutely rev...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/03/21

Put on yer punk faces because Rebel Time Radio has another episode for you to consume! On this episode Elysha, Mike, and Dan play some tunes from Ya Basta, Leatherface, At What Cost, plus new music from War on Women and Shitrat. They also spend some ti...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/03/07

Rebel Time Radio is bringing the political punk rock music right up to your face! Mike, Elysha, and Dan play some tunes from Brutal Youth. The Last Gang, Unsanitary Napkin, and Leftöver Crack. They also get a little misty eyed reminiscing about Todd Se...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/02/28

Rebel Time Radio is here with some punk rock treats for your ears! On this episode Mike and Dan bring the noise with special guest DJ Jeff. You’ll hear a new one from War on Women, plus The Fallout, Hex, Fea, and Subhumans. Plus you can listen to the h...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/02/21

Clean that ear wax out of yer ear holes because Rebel Time Radio has tunes for your brain! Rebel Time Robot returns to save the day from the technologically deficient Rebel Time hosts Elysha, Mike, and Dan. They DO eventually figure it out though and p...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/02/14

Rebel Time Radio brings the love with those raging political punk rock tunes on this somewhat special Valentine’s Day (aka James Cook Death Day) episode! Your esteemed hosts Elysha, Mike, and Dan play some tunes from Therapy, Fashionism, Autonomads and...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/02/07

Rebel Time Radio is back with revolutionary political tunes for these trying times! Your humble hosts Mike, Elysha, and Dan spin tunes from Dragged In, I Object!, Streetlight Saints, Crass, and more! They also make fun of Justin Trudeau plus talk about...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/01/10

Rebel Time Radio returns after all those holiday festivities! And what do ya know we finally got around to posting a podcast of a nearly two-week old episode. On this show we play Exit Order, Knucklehead, Ya Basta!, plus a peculiar cover from Adam West...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/12/20 – RTR’s Best of 2017

Happy Holidays from Rebel Time Radio! Since this year is FINALLY pretty much over here is Mike and Dan’s best of 2017. We play some of the best songs from  albums released in 2017 and shows we saw this year. While the music was good, everything else ki...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/12/13

Rebel Time Radio returns with another episode stuffed with political punk anthems. Elysha and Mike play tunes from War on Women, Rudimentary Peni, Witch Hunt, plus some new songs from KW locals Among Legends and Bitten Lips! Now go press play eh! Downl...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/12/06

Rebel Time Radio is here to blast political punk rock to your ears! Dan plays some tunes from GRIT, The Plasmatics, 7 Seconds, plus a couple new tracks from L7 and The Dreadnoughts. He also is strangely excited for the upcoming royal wedding! Hit play ...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/11/29

Turn up that there stereo and play some Rebel Time Radio! Mike and Dan spin some tunes from The Fallout, WANT, D.O.A. and Naked Aggression, plus they talk about a certain somebody being racist as well as give the Official Rebel Time Middle Finger to Jo...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/11/15

Hello there loyal listener, yer in for a treat with this episode of Rebel Time Radio! Mike, Elysha, and Dan spin some tunes from Belgrado, Contravene, Oi Polloi, and a new one from The Dreadnoughts. Plus they talk a bit about fatigue from the constant ...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/11/08

Rebel Time Radio is back at it again with a show full of punk rock backed with inspiring revolutionary political ideas for your radical soul! Dan flies this show solo, spinning tunes from Cinderblock, Artificial Peace, L7, Heyoka and more. Plus Dan tal...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/11/01

Rebel Time Radio is back, and like the spectre of communism haunting Europe, we just won’t go away! On tonight’s episode our (somewhat) esteemed hosts Elysha and Mike play some rippin’ tracks from The Cramps, Black Star Dub Collective, Spectres and Dil...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/10/25

More Rebel Time Radio for your faceholes! On tonight’s show, Elysha, Dan and Mike talk about how dumb and racist the proud boys are. They also spin some wicked punk tunes from Exit Order, Ambition Mission, Rixe, plus a new on from The Lillingtons. Now ...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/10/18

You’re in for a treat tonight as Elysha and Dan join forces to fumble over words and songs and bring you the latest and greatest in whatever they wanna hear. We’re showcasing brand new tunes by HIRS, sorta new tunes by The Selecter and Limp Wrist, and ...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/10/04

Rebel Time Radio is here with another episode of political punk rock goodness! On tonight’s episode, Mike, Elysha, and Dan play some tunes from Kalashnikov Collective, Good Riddance, and B.G.K. They also play a bunch of new ones from Propagandhi and di...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/09/27

Get ready for another rip roaring episode of Rebel Time Radio! Elysha, Mike, and Dan spin punk rock tunes for the working class with Limp Wrist, Burning Kitchen, Against All Authority and Worriers. Plus they talk a bit about a book launch for Why Don’t...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/09/20

Rebel Time Radio is back again with more in your face political punk rock action! Dan and Mike spin some tunes from Ballast, The Dicks, Zounds, Articles of Faith, plus a brand new one from The Dreadnoughts. They laugh at a neo-nazi getting punched out ...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – 2017/09/13

Hold on to your butts, this episode of Rebel Time Radio is a banger! Your humble punk rock radio hosts Mike, Elysha, and Dan spin tunes from Problem Children, G.L.O.S.S., Ballast, and more! Plus they talk a bit about legalization of pot in Ontario and ...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/09/06

Rebel Time Radio returns with more political punk rock for your brain and body! On this episode, Elysha returns triumphantly to the studio to spin some tunes along side Mike and Dan. You’ll hear Whorehouse of Representatives, Subhumans, and RVIVR. Plus...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/08/30

It’s here! Rebel Time Radio is here to blast off like a rocket ship fueled with politically charged punk rock music into outer frickin space! Dan joined by Special Guest DJ (and Rebel Old Timer (Old Rebel Timer???)) Phil, spin some tunes from Cinderblo...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/08/23

Rebel Time Radio is here for political punk rock for your ears! Tonight’s episode features tunes from Heyoka, Naked Aggression, Suggle! and a brand spankin’ new one from Propagandhi. We interview Sarah and Erin from Vancouver punk band Alien Boys as th...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/08/17 – Antifascist Allstars

Rebel Time Radio is in tonight to give a big stinkin’ middle finger to those Neo-Nazi KKK alt-right white supremacists with a bunch of antifascit political punk rock songs! Dan spins some songs from Oi Polloi, Broadcast Zero, Los Fastidios and Angelic ...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/08/09

Rebel Time Radio is back for another hour of political punk rock! On this episode Mike and Dan play some L7 (two tracks!), Hanson Brothers, The Nasties, and The Dicks. They also lament on impending nuclear doom and celebrate the death of neo-nazi human...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/08/02

Thirsty for some political punk rock? Rebel Time Radio is here to quench your thirst with a pressure washer load of political punk to your face! Mike and Dan spin some new tunes from GRIT and Limp Wrist, plus play a bunch of other tunes from The Demics...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/07/26

Rebel Time Radio is going all the way back to two weeks ago to bring you a new episode that was recorded then but here it is now! Got that? Good! RTR is going to fill your earholes with kickass politically charged punk/ska/oi bands like The Effigies, B...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/07/19

Get yer thinkin’ cap and dancin’ shoes on cuz Rebel Time Radio is here once again to fill yer earholes with political punk rock! Dan and Mike spin some of best tunes in the known universe including Limp Wrist, SNFU, 22 Long Riffs, and The Nasties! Plus...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/07/12

Don’t look now, it’s another episode of Rebel Time Radio! Mike and Dan deliver you the best in political punk, ska and oi for your various auditory senses and brain-thinking-tingliness with some new tunes from The Selecter and Jesse Lebourdais, plus so...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/06/28 Canaduh 150 Special

Are those the sounds of fireworks exploding in the sky celebrating Canada Day!? No! It’s the cacophonous punk rock noise critical of the Canadian state brought to you by Rebel Time Radio! Mike and Dan play a bunch of Made In Canada type punk rock that ...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – 2017/06/14

Yeehaw! There’s a snake in mah boot! There’s another episode of Rebel Time Radio in the bag! Alright! Punk rock! Politics! Etc.! This episode features Dan spinning some punk tunes from the likes of Oi Polloi, The Rebel Spell, Stiff Little Fingers, and ...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/06/07

Round up yer family and friends, gather round the music box cuz another episode of Rebel Time Radio is here to pick you up! So pick it up! Yes there is ska on this show! On tonight’s episode Dan along with Rebel Time Robot take on the raising of the mi...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/05/03

In yer face politically charged punk rock is back in your face courtesy of Rebel Time Radio! Your fine hosts Elysha and Dan spin some new Tunes from Les Partisans and Cock Sparrer, plus some classics from Spanner, The Decay, Face to Face, and more. The...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/04/26

Coming at ya like a punch to a Nazi’s face, it’s another episode of Rebel Time Radio! Mike and Dan bring some of the best political tunes from bands like Outcry, Sago, A Global Threat, Grit, plus a new tune from Conscious Youth. Dan also tries to summa...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio Episode 2017/04/12

Your favourite Wednesday night pals are back (except Dan) to share with you this week’s selection of tunes and …spoons? We introduce TFS Tough Fuckin Shit from Brantford, and play tunes from all out favourites including Two Crosses, Gloss, Oi Polloi an...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/04/05

What a special episode of Rebel Time Radio we have for you this week! Elysha fumbles around the studio all on her lonesome in the name of bringing the world all the punkinest music she can cram into this little hour with you. She brings the likes of Am...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/03/22

Perk them ears up for some rip roarin’ punk ditties cuz it’s time for Rebel Time Radio! The best of political punk, ska, hardcore and oi music is ready to seep into your head holes. Tonight Mike, Elysha, and Dan spin tunes from Iskra, The Class Assassi...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/03/08 – International Women’s Day

Rebel Time Radio is here with a brand spankin’ new episode all about International Women’s Day! We know the episode was late, but since our first attempt at an IWD show failed, we tried it again.  And we gotta say, it’s quite rocking! Mike and Dan serv...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/03/01

Holy mother of Pearl, Rebel Time Radio is back with more music for your punk rock pleasure! So kick off those work boots, brew yourself a hot one/crack open a cold one, and get ready to inject some political punk rock into your life! Tonight we feature...
Rebel Time Records author

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/02/22

After a few weeks of trashed recordings, Rebel Time Radio PODCAST is back for your eternal Internet listening. Kick back and enjoy Dan, Mike and Elysha’s tasteful musical selection of the evening including but not limited to Fox Face, Ultra Bidé, Reaga...
Rebel Time Records author