Real Gauchos

Paul Rivas interviews distinguished individuals in Santa Barbara

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REAL GAUCHOS. 50 1-hr interviews with people who've done cool stuff. Hosted by Paul Rivas on KCSB 91.9 FM in 2011-13. Free on + iTunes Podcasts.
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Greg Husak

Paul Rivas interviews Greg Husak LIVE on being raised by highly educated PE teachers in Southern California, playing team and individual sports in high school, Halloween Isla Vista 1992, the Anaconda, Environmental Studies as an undergraduate student, ...

Tim Hodgson

Paul Rivas interviews Tim Hodgson LIVE on growing up in La Jolla back when it was still a small town, being at least a fourth-generation Californian, his memories of being a two-year-old and moving all over the country as a small child, getting his sta...

Orlando Johnson

Paul Rivas interviews Orlando Johnson on growing up in Seaside, California, trying all sports (even rollerskating), not playing year-round basketball until his senior year of high school, being raised by his two brothers, getting 13 NCAA Division I bas...

Todd Tressler

Paul Rivas interviews Todd Tressler LIVE on growing up on a Santa Barbara mountainside, joining a women's track club in fourth grade to get faster for soccer, playing every sport as a kid, his late father's rivalry with Dave Thoreson, starting at quart...

Andy Graham

Paul Rivas interviews Andy Graham LIVE on growing up a regular kid in Southern California, quitting football to play baseball year round, not being allowed to throw curve balls, throwing his first change-up by accident, burnout in youth sports, pitchin...

Parry Gripp

Paul Rivas interviews Parry Gripp LIVE on being a Goleta loc born at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, the decade he lost studying to be a world-class orchid judge, screwing around at UCSB and then SBCC before finally graduating from the UCSB College of ...

Marty Davis

Paul Rivas interviews Marty Davis on growing up in NorCal, witnessing the Yosemite Firefall every summer as a young outdoorsman, not picking up a tennis racket until age 12, getting a college tennis scholarship to Cal at the last minute, repeatedly los...

George Powell

Paul Rivas interviews George Powell on life as a Hollywood High Sheik, being a freshman engineer at UCSB before transfering to Stanford, building his first skateboard as a kid in LA and later enjoying skateboarding's first resurgence while at Stanford,...

Harvey Schechter

Paul Rivas interviews Harvey Schechter on growing up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression, almost dying of rheumatic fever, moving to Santa Barbara at age 18 in 1941, becoming a cowboy and real gaucho, riding a horse to school at Santa Barbara State...

Tyler Anderson

Paul Rivas interviews Tyler Anderson on growing up in Goleta, not discovering surfing until sixth grade, spending all day at the beach under the tutelage of the Campus Crowd Control, the DIY marketing required to transition from amateur to professional...

Cathy Murillo

Paul Rivas interviews Cathy Murillo LIVE on being born in East L.A., growing up Mexican-American but not speaking Spanish, having a drug-dealer father who went to prison, getting accepted to Brown but going to UCSB because it was a nice place and her f...

Mark Patton

Paul Rivas interviews Mark Patton LIVE on growing up in Santa Barbara, being raised by a newspaper editor, choosing to stay at home and attend Santa Barbara City College before transfering to USC on a journalism scholarship, getting expert mentorship t...

Dayne Gingrich

Paul Rivas interviews Dayne Gingrich LIVE on growing up in Goleta, not taking school seriously, when UCSB assistant coach Ben Howland called him a hothead, playing tennis at Santa Barbara City College long enough to be named an All-American, idioticall...

Jamall Broussard

Paul Rivas interviews Jamall Broussard on growing up playing football in Texas, his year in Rhode Island at the Naval Academy prep school, NCAA Division I football recruiting, playing at Texas Tech, Cañada College, and San Jose State, the academics of ...

Jamie Considine

Paul Rivas interviews Jamie Considine on growing up in Coronado, traveling the country as a club soccer player, being a four-year starter at goalkeeper for UCSB, playing lots of soccer and doing lots of partying but not really applying herself in schoo...

Nicole Stern

Paul Rivas interviews Nicole Stern on growing up in Arizona, lettering in five varsity sports in high school, being recruited to play soccer at Stanford University but not making the team, turning that disappointment into an opportunity to focus on oth...

Cathy Farley

Paul Rivas interviews Cathy Farley on her lifetime of kicking butt, migrating from Chicago to Santa Barbara in the way back of a station wagon, coming to UCSB as a transfer student from Mira Costa College, competing as a thrower on the UCSB Track &...

Craig Nelson

Paul Rivas interviews Craig Nelson on growing up north of Canada, using his 1959 Topps cards to play an insane proto-fantasy baseball game, his transition from midwestern college dropout to California baseball card store owner, the multiple deaths of t...

Rand Holdren

Paul Rivas interviews Rand Holdren on growing up in Santa Barbara in a family of star athletes, the professionalization of youth sports today, experiencing culture shock after switching schools, transferring from San Marcos to Bishop for his senior yea...

Mike Meyer

Paul Rivas interviews Mike Meyer on growing up in the midwest, almost making it into Hoop Dreams, being recruited to play college basketball, choosing to come to UCSB despite not ever having heard of Santa Barbara or gauchos, being depressed by the con...

Frank Anderson

Paul Rivas interviews Frank Anderson on his childhood as an international adventurer, boarding school life, the fantastic advantages of having an identical twin, majoring in anthropology and history at UCSB and loving it, not making the Gaucho soccer t...

Jonah Lehrer

Paul Rivas interviews Jonah Lehrer LIVE at the UCSB CLAS Writing Lab on his failure as a scientist, the importance of writing about science to understand it, how writing is work, boring friends with early drafts, his development from a pretensious unde...

Bill Harrison

Paul Rivas interviews Bill Harrison on founding KCSB in 1962 out of Anacapa Hall at UCSB but not allowing rock music, the early sixties still being the fifties, his fantastic chldhood in Santa Barbara, having great mentors, getting his start in the La ...

SofĂ­a Novak

Paul Rivas interviews SofĂ­a Novak on having family in Uruguay who are actually gauchos, her decision to come play tennis at UCSB, the academic adjustment from being a straight-A high school student to having a rough first quarter in college, how she st...

Geng Wang

Paul Rivas interviews Geng Wang on life as a walk-on the UCSB water polo team, the transition from high school to college, studying abroad in China for five months with UCEAP, participating in the 2012 UCSB New Venture Competition, what majoring in bus...

Melissa Ullom

Paul Rivas interviews Melissa Ullom on knowing at age 11 that she wanted to be a dancer, graduating high school in three years and not going to college until seven years later, auditions being a buzz of hopes and dreams, having a supportive mom, eating...

Lynn Fitzgibbons

Paul Rivas interviews Lynn Fitzgibbons on being born in Fiji, growing up in Scotland, moving to the US at age 13, coming from wearing regulation socks and underwear at Jordanhill School in Glasgow to the free-for-all of Santa Barbara Middle School, gro...

Matt Kettmann

Paul Rivas interviews Matt Kettmann on his briefest of radio careers, being a fifth-generation Californian of shepherding heritage, deciding to go to UCSB after visiting Isla Vista in high school, IV Halloween being over back in 1995, hanging out with ...

Michael Young

Paul Rivas interviews Michael Young LIVE at the winter 2012 finale of Don Lubach's UCSB course Education 118, The Research University and the Transfer Student Experience, on growing up a regular midwesterner, being groomed by his ruthless mother to pur...

Kathy Gregory

Paul Rivas interviews Kathy Gregory on her Catholic schoolgirlhood, almost coming to UCSB in college but instead playing several sports at LA State, majoring in sociology and physical education and minoring in math, playing professional beach volleybal...

Jim St. John

Paul Rivas interviews Jim St. John on his 20 years in the sandwich business, being from Allentown, Pennsylvania, how going to high school in the 1980s was just like the movies, blowing it by not going to college, doing a Dynamy internship year, loving ...

Ernie and Leslie Zomalt

Paul Rivas interviews Ernie Zomalt on growing up in Compton, coming to UCSB on a $125/semester football scholarship, working in the pot room at the dining commons, how "Cactus" Jack Curtice got his nickname, being the only black student at UCSB in 1961...

Margaret Connell

Paul Rivas interviews Margaret Connell on how cool it was to be the first Mayor of Goleta, trying to set up a Goleta Parks & Recreation commission without ever having watched the show Parks & Recreation, studying zoology at Oxford when she shou...

Jenny Yusin

Paul Rivas interviews Jenny Yusin on growing up desperate to leave Irvine, selling size 00 clothes at the South Coast Plaza Banana Republic, being picked on in high school, not remembering her first night in Isla Vista, switching from being a pre-med c...

Joshua Moon Johnson

Paul Rivas interviews Joshua Moon Johnson on growing up a Korean-American/European-American in Gulfport, Mississippi, dressing like he's from the future, making the jump from Pentecostal home school weirdo to not extremely gender conforming public high...

Coach Jerry Pimm

Paul Rivas interviews Coach Jerry Pimm on Jim Rome's KCSB days, being hooked on coaching, leading the nation in scoring as a high school senior, being good at everything from kick-the-can to golf, going to the Elite Eight at Utah but leaving to coach U...

Jim VanBlaricum

Paul Rivas interviews Jim VanBlaricum on passing the California bar exam and moving to New York the next day, passing the New York bar exam years later but never practicing law, his Tin Tin superfandom, his uncle's James Bond submarine, watching the be...

Mike Miller

Paul Rivas interviews Mike Miller on his fantastic childhood on the Skokomish Indian Reservation, being the cowboys in Cowboys & Indians, screwing up in high school until a counselor set him straight, being the only member of his family to ever go ...

Marsha Bailey

Paul Rivas interviews Marsha Bailey, founder of the local non-profit Women's Economic Ventures (WEV), on growing up in an economically depressed Michigan manufacturing town, how she could have been Martha Stewart, having a series of incredibly awful jo...

Yolanda Garcia

Paul Rivas interviews Yolanda Garcia on being one of the first Chicanos at UCSB, not being prepared academically for university study, hating school and wanting to leave after her first quarter, her 40+ groundbreaking years in higher education, the evo...

Linda Meyer

Paul Rivas interviews Linda Meyer on being one of the best (and only) soccer players in the world before Title IX made women's sports a thing, being named to the 1990 Soccer America Women's MVPs team featuring future World Cup champions Mia Hamm, Brand...

Viviana Marsano

Paul Rivas interviews Viviana Marsano on working at the UCSB Multicultural Center for 20 years, coming to Santa Barbara from Argentina on a Fulbright scholarship, doing a PhD in Irish history by mistake, studying & working abroad, visiting Argentin...

Dick Flacks

Paul Rivas interviews profesor jubilado of sociology and history-maker Dick Flacks on being a red diaper baby, singing protest songs at commie summer camp, seeing Jackie Robinson play during his first week with the Brooklyn Dodgers, almost meeting and ...

Bill Mahoney

Paul Rivas interviews the man who named The Thunderdome, KCSB 91.9 FM alumnus Bill Mahoney, on hosting a trivia show with Jim Rome, sharing a trailer office with UCSB Football, seeing more Gaucho games than anyone ever, paying children to do official N...

Mary Nisbet

Paul Rivas interviews Mary Nisbet on growing up a baby boomer in Dundee, Scotland, being the only girl in her high school math and science courses, being the first in her family to go to college, the correct pronunciation of Loch Ness, the culture shoc...

Ryan Spilborghs

Paul Rivas interviews fellow Santa Barbara native Ryan Spilborghs on his addiction to watching the Dodgers as the child of immigrants, being knocked out of a Little League game by Bubba Ray Robison, his 35-game hitting streak as a UCSB Gaucho, doing pl...

Gabriel Grosvald

Paul Rivas interviews Gabriel Grosvald, the leading stand-up comedy producer in Argentina, on his recent trip to Facebook headquarters in California, the nascent stand-up boom in Argentina, American stand-up influences, the Jewish comedic tradition, th...

Justin Mabardi

Paul Rivas interviews Justin Mabardi on being an alternatively educated child capitalist adventurer, accidentally majoring in drama at UCSB, being yanked from the boat for telling bad jokes as a Disneyland Jungle Cruise skipper, traveling the world as ...

Gaucho Joe O'Brien

Paul Rivas interviews one of the top-ranking UCSB Gauchos of all time, Gaucho Joe O'Brien, on overcoming learning disabilities to succeed in college, being the only two-sport All-American in UCSB history, returning to the campus for graduate school, in...