Range: Stories and Trailblazers of the New American West. Co-hosts Julia Ritchey and Amy Westervelt uncover issues and entrepreneurs who embody the outlaw spirit of the West. Season 1 features pimps, miners, ranchers, the cult of Tesla, and much more.

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Stories of the new American West. Co-hosts Amy Westervelt and Julia Ritchey share their reporting on issues that embody the rugged individualism and changing face of the western United States.
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West Coast Crabs Are the Next Climate Fight

An Amy & Julia reunion! Julia joins to talk about a complicated web of issues facing West Coast crab fishermen, driven primarily by warming oceans and unprecedented changes to ocean conditions.  To hear the rest of the story, check out fanlink.to/d...
Critical Frequency author

Introducing Peace of Mind

While we work on episodes for another season of Range, check out Peace of Mind with Bhi Bhiman, launching January 18th on the Critical Frequency network.
Critical Frequency author

Introducing Drilled

Today we bring you a quick preview of another Critical Frequency podcast: Drilled, a true-crime podcast about climate change.
Critical Frequency author

An Old West Take on Grass-Fed Ranching

Meet Norris Albaugh, whose Old Testament-inspired ways have him ranching more sustainably than most, and keeping the family ranch afloat doing it. (more info: www.albaughranch.com) Episode sponsor: Zola - visit zola.com/range to start your FREE wedding...
Critical Frequency author

Hot nights, massive fires, and the wildland-urban interface

On the heels of yet another catastrophic fire season in the West, we take a look at why fires are worsening, from climate change to forest management practices, development, and more.  Episode sponsor: Zola - visit zola.com/range to start your free wed...
Critical Frequency author

Caleen Sisk, the Run4Salmon and the Relationship between Water, Salmon, and Native American History in the West

Now in its third year, the Run4Salmon is a 300-mile trek on foot, motorboat, bikes, horses and kayaks from the mouth of the Sacramento River, north to Shasta Lake, to send out prayers and raise awareness about their fight. It’s led by Winnemem Wintu ch...
Critical Frequency author

Nevada's Legal Brothels, and a New Effort to Shut Them Down

An initiative on the ballot in Lyon County, NV this November will ask residents to vote on whether or not they want to revoke the county's brothel licenses. All of the county's brothels were owned by Dennis Hof, who died suddenly on October 16th. In th...
Critical Frequency author

HipCamp CEO Alyssa Ravasio on Her Mission to Get People Outside

Frustrated with the online camping registration process, Alyssa Ravasio taught herself to code at 26, then launched HipCamp to streamline the process. She quickly realized the camping system had another problem: not enough sites, and state and national...
Critical Frequency author

Photographer Laurel Golio on Running an All-women Outdoor Photo Crew

For The North Face She Moves Mountains campaign, photographer Laurel Golio put together an all-women team to shoot some of the company's amazing women athletes. It's an unusual thing in photography and here she tells us how it worked and why it matters...
Critical Frequency author

Brown Girls Climb Founder Bethany Lebewitz on Who Gets to Be an Explorer, Why, and How to Expand that Universe

In the third installment of The North Face She Moves Mountains series, we profile Bethany Lebewitz, founder of Brown Girls Climb. Bethany started rockclimbing on a vacation and found a passion for it. When she came back to the U.S. and started climbing...
Critical Frequency author

Ski Mountaineer Hilaree Nelson on Defeating Everything from Everest to Doubt, Depression, and Mom Guilt

The list of "first woman to"s following Hilaree Nelson's name are too many to fit in a podcast description. Just this month she became the first person to ski down Mount Lhotse, a sister peak to Everest and the 4th highest mountain in the world. After ...
Critical Frequency author

Rock Climber Emily Harrington on Embracing Fear, Giving Up, and Freeclimbing El Capitan

Presented by The North Face as part of its She Moves Mountains series, in this episode we profile rock climber Emily Harrington. Harrington spent the first decade or so of her career trying not to be afraid because she thought only girls were fearful o...
Critical Frequency author

The Role of Ethnic Markets in Addressing Food Insecurity

Introducing The Fifty One! In this episode we give Range listeners a little preview of The Fifty One with a West Coast episode on how San Diego's ethnic markets are helping to solve the food desert problem, but are often ignored in policy discussions a...
Critical Frequency author

Mauna Kea and the Fight for Hawaiian Sovereignty

The Hawaiian sovereignty movement has been picking up steam the past few years, catalyzed in part by a protest to protect the sacred mountain of Mauna Kea from development. In this episode, we speak to one of the leaders of that movement about what's b...
Critical Frequency author

Three Women Hope to Swing a Republican Stronghold in the Mountain West

The Democrat primary in California District 4 has become fairly dramatic in recent months as three first-time candidates, all women under 40, vie for a shot to take on incumbent Tom McClintock in one of California's reddest districts.
Critical Frequency author

The Real CIs of Nevada County

We're headed into election season and in the Mountain West that means dramatic races for things that we sometimes forget are even elected offices. In Nevada County, Ca in the Sierra, the races for sheriff and district attorney are hotly contested this ...
Critical Frequency author

Bonus Episode: Introducing ... Bearcat!

In this special crossover episode, we introduce you to Bearcat, a new podcast distributed by our network, Critical Frequency. Bearcat's debut episode features someone Range listeners might appreciate: Rita Collins, the Montana-based purveyor of the cou...
Critical Frequency author

Bonus Episode - A Western Hydrologist on the Politicization of Climate Science

Last month, reporter Mary Catherine O'Connor joined us for an episode on the intersection between ski resorts and the mining industry in the West. One of the interviews she did for that story, with Brian McInerney, a hydrologist with the National Weath...
Critical Frequency author

The Fascinating (and Toxic) History of Ski Resorts

When millions of people hit the slopes each year at ski resorts throughout the West, they probably don't realize that they're often skiing on abandoned mine sites. In fact, some of the West's most popular ski resorts sit right alongside some of its lar...
Amy Westervelt author

How Public Are California's Beaches, Really?

The California Coastal Commission was formed in the 1970s to balance development goals with public rights to the beach. In recent decades, as our guest host Jill Replogle discovered, public access to the beach has moved beyond development questions. A ...
Amy Westervelt author

Nevada's Weed "Emergency"

In this bonus episode, Julia heads back to Reno for a visit and we dig into the details of Nevada's nascent recreational marijuana industry, whether there's really a "state of emergency" around the state's weed supplies, and what Attorney General Jeff ...

Desert love, the original tiny homes, and Joan Didion's West

One of the many unique aspects of the West is the presence -- still, even with more and more people moving here -- of so much wide open space. And that pioneering spirit lingers on, with small pockets of people forging new communities in these spaces. ...

Made in the West

In this episode we follow a new California clothing company, Eight & Sand, as they navigate the challenges and benefits of setting up a manufacturing operation in the West.

The Slums of Lake Tahoe

Affordable housing is an issue throughout the West (and the country), but we typically hear most often about dire circumstances in cities like LA, Seattle, or San Francisco. Small towns struggle to house residents too, and that holds doubly true for to...

Range Update: The Strawberries of Wrath

In this Season 2 update, Amy and Julia explain their long hiatus, what they've been up to and how a Trump presidency may affect the American West.

Our National Parks are Very Old and Very White — Can They Survive?

On episode two of season two of Range Podcast, we explore why the U.S. National Park System, celebrating its centennial this year, has struggled to attract more diverse visitors and staff. Also, Julia visits Yosemite National Park in California for the...

Season 2, Episode 1: The Women in Tech Episode

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day we're launching season two of Range podcast with a look at women in tech, including the story of a female software engineer who has adapted to life as the lone female on her particular planet, and a look at where virtual re...

Black Lives Matter: Racial Politics in the West

Amid increasing reports of police shootings and racial injustice, Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter, police versus people of color, we take a look at what racial divides exist in the west. Is growing up black in the West different from the exp...

The Cult of Tesla: What Makes Tesla Fanboys Tick

There have been gearheads and car guys for as long as there have been cars, but Tesla has developed a whole new level of groupies. In this episode of Range podcast — our last episode of Season 1 — we dig into what makes a Tesla fanboy, and what it is a...

Out of Bounds: Lessons from Avalanche Season

Backcountry skiing is one of the few sectors of the winter sports industry seeing any growth. But with this backcountry boom comes an uptick in the number of human-caused avalanches, resulting in several injuries and deaths this winter. We ask the expe...

Pros to Bros

The X Games have been around for a little over 20 years now and some of extreme sports' first generation of stars are grappling with something pro athletes have had to navigate forever: transitioning into normal life. In this episode of Range podcast, ...

The 21st Century Prospector of Storey County

In this bonus episode of Range Podcast, real estate tycoon and Mustang Ranch owner Lance Gilman tells us how he took a desolate mountain range in rural Nevada and turned it into the state's best bet for a tech boom, drawing startups and larger companie...

Hooked on a Feeling: The Booming Biz of Medical Marijuana

More than 23 states have legalized medical marijuana and nine more are considering it. On the latest episode of Range Podcast, we meet a woman who moved across the country to join the Western-led cannabis boom. We also stop by an Oregon dispensary for,...

The Showgirl Must Go On

The last showgirl epic closed this month in Las Vegas. We look at the fading industry of showgirls and Old Hollywood revues and what they meant to the casino capitals of the West.

The Birthday Gift that Keeps on Taking: Comedian W. Kamau Bell on Racism and Progressive Politics in the West

Last year on his birthday, comedian W. Kamau Bell got kicked out of the Elmwood Cafe, in Berkeley, for talking to his white wife and her friends. In this bonus episode, he talks about what happened after that incident, how it continues to affect his li...

Keep Tahoe Fed: Food Resiliency in the West

How do you build a sustainable food movement in an area with a three-month growing season? In this episode of Range Podcast, we look at food hubs, growing domes and doomsday prepping around Lake Tahoe.

Cowboy Poets and Songsters: A Postcard from the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Grammy Award-winning Dom Flemons teaches us how to play the bones and Texas poet Purly Gates recounts a harrowing experience with an axe in this special dispatch from the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada.

Coyote Ugly: The Rural-Urban Clash Over Hunting Contests

In our second episode of Range Podcast, we look at the cultural divide over coyote hunting competitions in the West. Spurred by success in California, animal rights advocates in Nevada have been pushing for a ban on these events.

Pioneer Women: Pushing Boundaries in the Ski Industry

In the first episode of Range Podcast, we talk to entrepreneur Jen Gurecki of Coalition Snow about the challenges of making skis that don't suck for women. Sexism in the ski industry is a hot topic thanks to Lynsey Dyer who made a documentary on margin...

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