Random is show where long-time podcasters Lyle Konkiel and Kevin Moore discuss a, well, random new topic every week. Sit back, relax, and embrace the chaos.

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Conversation about everything and anything. The hosts tend to go off on tangents, which lead to more tangents, and so on. Try to keep up.
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Random S2:E7 Music (and xenophobia)

What's the difference in musical experience between a guy who grew up in the '70s vs a guy who grew up in the '90s?  Not as different as you might think.
RandomPod author

S2:E6 Tiger Woods and Other Disgraced Celebs

Our culture places on pedestals those who can act, sing, or play sports better than the rest of us.  If one happens to fall from that pedestal, we are just as interested in watching the descent.  What the hell is wrong with us?  Tiger is just the lates...
RandomPod author

S2:E5 PEDs

Try as they might, sports governing bodies can not stop their athletes from using performance enhancing drugs.  Why?  Because they freakin' work that's why.  Should they be banned from sports?  An argument can be made that caffeine can be considered a ...
RandomPod author

S2:E4 Weed

Americans seem to have warmed up to the idea of legalized marijuana...at least for medicinal purposes.  The Federal Government, however, is woefully behind the time.  Why?  Money, of course.  We "hash" it out in a tight 90ish minutes of merriment.
Random47 author

S2:E3 Companies That Missed the Technology Boat

From Blockbuster to AOL to every newspaper in America, there have been a lot of companies that either didn't see the technology shift, or thought they were too big to fail.  We go over just a few of the bigger examples and try to make some sort of sens...
Random47 author

S2:E2 Prostitution

Sex between consenting adults is a thing of beauty.  If money changes hands, however, that thing of beauty becomes a crime.  Is ography prostitution since sex happens and people get paid?  What about stripping?  It's a far-reaching subject, and we had ...
Random47 author

S2:E1 Truly Random and Full of Tangents

No set topic on this one. We talk about beer and drinking, food, disappearing free speech, Milo, and more.
Random47 author

S1:E9 Timecops!

If you could time travel, would you kill Hitler?  Would you try to stop Oswald?  Imagine the changes to the world that would occur?  Is it worth the chance?  Paradox scenarios abound in this conversation
Random47 author

S1:E8 Apocalypto!

The world is ending!  Disease, disaster, zombies, aliens, asteroids, super volcanoes...it's gonna happen!  What will,life, orthodox  lack there of, be like
Random47 author

S1:E7 Politically Incorrect

Anything ever said by anyone ever was potentially offensive to someone, somewhere.  Back in the day, the offended party usually just went on with their lives.  In the age of Political Correctness, the offender needs to be publicly shamed at best or rou...
Random47 author

S1:E6 The Tinfoil Hat Episode

Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone?  Did a spaceship crash near Roswell?  Was 9/11 a false flag operation?  The list of conspiracy theories is as long as your willingness to believe.  Remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't out t...
Random47 author

S1:E5 Getting Graphic: A Super Hero Tale

Ready to get yer geek on? In this episode we discuss comics, graphic novels, movies, and much more.
Random47 author

S1:E4 You Are What You Eat

shocker, but your government has been lying to you.  The food pyramid is total bs.  That low fat diet you've been trying to stick to...how's that working for you? Recent nutritional evidence has shown that fat is good, and its carbohydrates are the rea...
Random47 author

S1:E3 The Donald and Hillary Sh*tshow

Hillary is the assumed next POTUS, but we aren't seeing many ch of her.   Donald Trump keeps stealing news cycle after news cycle by saying outlandish things.  How weird is this campaign going to get
Random47 author

S1:E2 Technology and Our Robot Overlords

Top scientists continuously warn us about makeup no AI too smart.  How smart is too smart?  Is phone dependency just the start
Random47 author

S1:E1 Apple, Privacy, the Government, and Politics

Today, we discuss Tim Cook's recent open letter to the public refusing to cooperate with the FBI. How important is privacy? Is security a valid reason to give it up? Is Apple genuine in their message?
Random47 author