Race Invaders

An ongoing dialogue about race, politics, and the search for a universal response to oppression.

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We're here to dismantle the kyriarchy, no big.
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S2; Ep4 – Code Switching

  Hey Race Invaders, tonight we talk about Code Switching and how I mess it up, we talk about it in media portrayals in Kim’s Convenience and… Read more "S2; Ep4 – Code Switching"
Tim Yang & Alok Desai author

Nerd Herd

  Welcome to Race Invaders, where it’s no secret that Alok and Tim are big giant nerds. In this episode we will be discussing Nerd/Geek culture. Why… Read more "Nerd Herd"
Tim Yang & Alok Desai author

Season 2, Ep 2: Long Division

  We recorded on the last day of AAPI Heritage month. We managed to be Asian the entire month and not get threatened by white guys with… Read more "Season 2, Ep 2: Long Division"
Tim Yang & Alok Desai author

Season 2, Ep 1: Reunification

Hey Race Invaders. Big thank you for coming back to the show. Today we’re going remedial, to an 084 class. Namely? Why the phrase, “I don’t see… Read more "Season 2, Ep 1: Reunification"
Tim Yang & Alok Desai author

Episode 33: Being an SJW the Generation X Way.

  I’ll be honest Race Invaders, Episode 33 with Malcolm Gin was one of my favorite while Alok is on holiday. Why? Well for starters, the technology… Read more "Episode 33: Being an SJW the Generation X Way."
Tim Yang & Alok Desai author

Episode 32: Blame Canada with Matthew To

We discuss what it’s like in Canada – how it’s a complete fantasy land without racism, sexism and how they treat their Indigenous People with complete respect.… Read more "Episode 32: Blame Canada with Matthew To"
Tim Yang & Alok Desai author

Episode 31: Chicago with Dr. Miquel Lewis

Hello Race Invaders, Tim Yang here to let you know that Alok is taking some time off. So, with his blessing I’m interviewing/co-hosting the show with other… Read more "Episode 31: Chicago with Dr. Miquel Lewis"
Tim Yang & Alok Desai author

Episode 30: Proportional Responses

Hello Race Invaders. Hey, look – we’ve been at this for a year now. How the hell did that happen? On today’s episode, Tim has three things… Read more "Episode 30: Proportional Responses"
Tim Yang & Alok Desai author

Episode 29: Lane Change

A discussion of staying in your lane, why it’s important and maybe why it’s not important. We’ll talk it out and come to some super satisfying conclusion,… Read more "Episode 29: Lane Change"
Tim Yang & Alok Desai author

Episode 28: A Modern Lynching

    Hey everyone. When we spoke about this last week, we didn’t know that we were going to also have to read about a white guy… Read more "Episode 28: A Modern Lynching"
Tim Yang & Alok Desai author

Episode 27: The Catch Up

  Heyyyyyyy Race Invaders, we’re back after taking naps. Today we, well, catch up with each other and ask each other five questions that were totally prepared… Read more "Episode 27: The Catch Up"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 26: The Tao of Dao

  Hello Race Invaders, thanks for dropping by for Episode 26, which I cleverly named The Tao of Dao, in which of course we talk about the… Read more "Episode 26: The Tao of Dao"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 25: The Iron Fist Episode

Hey Race Invaders, this week we team up with our friends over at All Comics Considered to trash talk, er, review Iron Fist. What does this show… Read more "Episode 25: The Iron Fist Episode"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 24: The Echo Chamber

  Hey hey, what’s new Race Invaders? So we’re two Asian-American dudes with microphones, so we thought it was super important to let you know what we… Read more "Episode 24: The Echo Chamber"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 23: Get Out

  Welcome back Race Invaders. Like a bunch of you, we saw Get Out recently – currently enjoying having crossed the 100 million dollar mark at the… Read more "Episode 23: Get Out"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 22: Mazel Tov Cocktail

Welcome back to Race Invaders! With Tim away on vacation, Alok is pleased to have Max Sparber as a guest host. An essayist and playwright, Max runs… Read more "Episode 22: Mazel Tov Cocktail"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 21a: All Alone in the Pod

Hey Race Invaders, this is Alok. I’m all alone in the pod, because no one told me it was fucking vacation month, damn. Anyway, this is just… Read more "Episode 21a: All Alone in the Pod"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 21: Collect Call

Welcome to another episode of Race Invaders, where we are desperately trying not to just talk about Trump all the goddamn time. Today we’re discussing calling people out… Read more "Episode 21: Collect Call"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 20: Mama Said Knock You Out

Welcome to Race Invaders, sponsored by nazipunch.haha. For our monumental 20th episode, we examine the ethics and morals of Nazi-punching (spoiler: punch that Nazi today) and other… Read more "Episode 20: Mama Said Knock You Out"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 19: Electronic Mail

Hey Race Invaders. Look, we’ll be the first ones to admit that we aren’t perfect. I think we’ve made that pretty clear over the length and breadth of… Read more "Episode 19: Electronic Mail"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 18: Brass Tacts

Hello Race Invaders! Today’s episode is a little different, we had a chat with one of Alok’s friends from the his early years, Kelly Schenkman, who is… Read more "Episode 18: Brass Tacts"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 17: The Coverup

  Today dear listeners I’m calling this episode, “The Coverup”, and in it we talk about the Male Gaze, makeup and how I, Tim, fucked up in… Read more "Episode 17: The Coverup"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 16: You Wrote the Show!

  I’m calling this one “You Wrote the Show!”, because in this episode we take on a bunch of your questions and do our best to rapid-fire… Read more "Episode 16: You Wrote the Show!"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 15: The Economics of Racism

  Hello Race Invaders – today’s episode is titled “The Economics of Racism”, and we’re talking about the historical and current economic realities that contribute to racism.… Read more "Episode 15: The Economics of Racism"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 14: Post-Election Depression

  Hi Race Invaders, After a little post-election break we’re back to talk to you through what happened on 11/9. We’re thinking about changing the format of… Read more "Episode 14: Post-Election Depression"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 13: Steven Barnes

Hey there, Race Invaders. We’ve got a special one for you today: an interview with Steven Barnes, Hugo-nominated author and screenwriter, martial artist, and all-around cool dude.… Read more "Episode 13: Steven Barnes"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode 12: Hot Coffee

  Sup Race Invaders, how’ve you been? We ate up Luke Cage in 3 days after it appeared on Netflix and we’re gonna talk about it. So… Read more "Episode 12: Hot Coffee"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode Eleven: Brain Games

  Howdy Race Invaders, today we’ll be talking about mental health and how it intersects with both the Asian community and how it’s impacted our own lives.… Read more "Episode Eleven: Brain Games"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode Ten: Audience Participation!

  Hey Race Invaders, it’s episode 10 and we’re doing something a little differently – I reached out to you for your burning questions, and we spent… Read more "Episode Ten: Audience Participation!"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode Nine: Appropriation

    Hey Race Invaders, this episode we’re talking about Cultural Appropriation – what it looks like, who it impacts, and appropriation versus exchange. We also make… Read more "Episode Nine: Appropriation"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode Eight: Representation

Wherein we talk about why representation matters.
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode Seven: Families

    Hi Invaders, This episode, we’re going a little more personal than usual. Today Tim Yang is going to talk about his family. What it was… Read more "Episode Seven: Families"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode Six: Heroes

  We’re all the way up to episode six! Today we talk about our heroes, why we have ’em and the good and bad about it. Also,… Read more "Episode Six: Heroes"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode Five: The White Album

https://raceinvadersorg.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/riep5.m4a   Welcome to another episode of Race Invaders, the show that really needs to get over its irrational fear of mayonnaise. In today’s episode, we’re going… Read more "Episode Five: The White A...
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode Four: The Model Minority Myth

  Welcome to Race Invaders, the Podcast that’s 5 star hot. Today we’ll be talking about The Model Minority Myth – where it came from, why it’s… Read more "Episode Four: The Model Minority Myth"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode Three: Interracial Dating

  Thanks for tuning in to this, our third episode of Race Invaders! Today we’re going to jaw about interracial dating, what it looks like from the… Read more "Episode Three: Interracial Dating"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode Two: Toxic Masculinity

trigger warning: non-graphic descriptions of violence against women and male rage Thanks for tuning in to our second episode of Race Invaders! This time around, we’re talking… Read more "Episode Two: Toxic Masculinity"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author

Episode One: Identity Politics

    Thanks for listening to our inaugural podcast! You want show notes? We have some show notes for you. Tim: I know how to  pronounce “inaugural”,… Read more "Episode One: Identity Politics"
Tim Yang& Alok Desai author