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With beers in hand, roommates Mark Saldana and Bo Moore talk sex, drama, pop culture, and really whatever the hell they want. New episodes every Monday.

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With beers in hand, roommates Mark Saldana and Bo Moore talk sex, relationships, drama, and really whatever the hell they want. New episodes every week.
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QNB15 – 100% Straight, Pick Up Assholes, and Folsom Street Fair

Butt plugs are the reason for the season! We talk Folsom Street Fair, answer reddit questions, and reveal our Dan Savage fantasies.
Mark and Bo author

Episode 14 – Masterbutt, Keebler Elves, and Good Boyfriends

Mark has the masterbutt. Bo has the masterdick. Deal with it.   
Mark and Bo author

QNB13 – Blumpkins, TSA Sex Toy Trauma, And BJ Obligations

This week, Mark preps for having the TSA scan his buttplugs, Bo talks about BJs, and both of us dream of cornhole blumpkins.Remember to rate us, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @QNBShow, and send us questions at dearqueersandbeers@gmail.com. LOVE YA!
Mark and Bo author

QNB12 – Skynet Vaginas, Poop Education, and Sex Smells

This episode, we dive into the Kegel Kickstarter, new dating sites, poop drama, sex smells, manscaping, and more! Have a question? Send it to us at dearqueersandbeers@gmail.com, or call in at 804-476-BEER. 
Mark and Bo author

QNB11 – Mainstream Porn, Negging, and Eggplants

This week we talk weird pickup tactics, vegetable sex toys, 4am boning and more! Have a question or comment? Reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook @QNBshow, or send us an email at dearqueersandbeers@gmail.com!We'll be back next week with another episo...
Mark and Bo author

QNB10 – Dicknaps, Misleading Photos, and Hair Ties

We're back with a vengeance! Sorry for the two week hiatus :(. This week, we talk about San Francisco bros, dating profile photos, being "shallow," fuck machines, and other assorted kinks! Have questions? Send us an email at dearqueersandbeers@gmail.co...
Mark and Bo author

QNB9 – Dildoga, Sexing Yourself, and Slut Shaming

This week we dish about sex karaoke, cryptic acronyms, slut shaming, pleasing yo'self, and MORE. We also answer a few of the top questions from Reddit's r/gaybros, our favorite place on the internet. Have questions for us? Send 'em to dearqueersandbeer...
Mark and Bo author

QNB8 - Golden Showers, GayBros, and Dating Woes

Happy birthday to our favorite plugged bro! This week, Mark celebrates being old, Bo talks about being flexible, and both hosts answer questions from r/askgaybros! We also discuss sexless (sad) relationships, pee, and why Easter is a really fucked up h...
Mark and Bo author

QNB7 – Sexy Instagram, Women Going "Down There," and Prudish Boyfriends

We bring in a special guest this week to talk female masturbation, crappy boyfriends, sex on social media, and more! Listen in and send all your questions/rants/confessions to dearqueersandbeers@gmail.com. Please remember to rate us on iTunes and share...
Mark and Bo author

QNB6 – Fart Riot, Sex Holes, and Size Shaming

Episode 6, time for dicks! Actually we spend wayyyy more time talking about butt noises and drama (of course) than anything dick related, but we tried. Also up for dicussion is Reddit's r/sex subreddit, going in dry (NO!), #fartriot, and butt training....
Mark and Bo author

QNB5 – #Bootydrunk, Sex Nightmares, and Beard Burn

We're back with more of your sex questions and feedback! Tune in to hear us talk colon hydrotherapy groupons, getting #bootydrunk, coconut water, scary sex dreams, beard injuries, and more. Send in your questions to dearqueersandbeers@gmail.com, or pos...
Mark and Bo author

QNB4 – Gay Prayers, Bathtime Fun, and Putin Pleasure

This week, we go through a TON of great listener feedback, talk about childhood hopes and dreams, and get to the bottom of the great choad (chode?) mystery. Other topics include Vladamir Putin, queefs, douches vs enemas, butts, lube, beer, and more!Don...
Mark and Bo author

QNB3 - Gaga's a Top, Nerd Sex, and Pluggin' Bros

We've been gone for 2 weeks (blame it on Bo!), so we get right into what we were eager to talk about: SEX. Listen in for answers to your questions, tops vs. bottoms, sex injuries, gay inquiries, Lady Gaga, and of course, a healthy dose of buttplugs. Ha...
Mark and Bo author

QNB2 – Evil Elmo, Butt Plugs, and Kinky Mormons

It's been a challenge, but we made it all the way to episode 2! Listen in to hear about SEX, San Francisco's Elmo problem, and dating app drama. Remember to send us questions, rants or compliments at dearqueersandbeers@gmail.com. You can can also find ...
Mark and Bo author

QNB1 – BJ Noises, Gentrified Bars, and Glasshole Hate Crimes

It's our first show! Listen in to hear Bo and Mark talk about dating, sex, San Francisco happenings, and more. Send your questions to dearqueersandbeers@gmail.com, and follow us on Twitter @QNBShow. Leave us a voicemail at (804) 476-2337. 
Mark and Bo author