Welcome to the SBS Punjabi podcast, featuring Australian and international news and information.

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Welcome to the SBS Punjabi podcast, featuring Australian and international news and information.
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Over 15 families deported annually because a member has a disability

An investigation has found over 15 migrant families living in Australia face deportation each year because a family member has a disability which does not align with immigration requirements. Disability advocacy groups are accusing the government of br...

Indian Australians lose ‘millions’ in Indian cryptocurrency scheme

Dozens of Indian Australians claim their investment of millions of dollars in a cryptocurrency has been wiped off after its India-based operations came under police investigation. 

‘Ghazal is the language of the heart’ Liyaqat Gadgor - 'ਗ਼ਜ਼ਲ ਦਿਲ ਦੀ ਜ਼ੁਬਾਨ ਹੈ' ਸ਼ਾਇਰ ਲਿਆਕਤ ਗਡਗੋਰ

Liyaqat Gadgor is a versatile and prolific writer. He writes with equal command in Urdu and Punjabi. However, Punjabi is the language which seems to be most close to his heart. He has published three Poetry books titled - Sadhran, Sufnay and Aunsyan. H...

A good samaritan in Adelaide who provides free services to new migrants

Inspired by other do-gooders, Prit Sohi offers a free service to pick up new migrants when they first land in Adelaide, also helping them find a job or accommodation, and providing free groceries for the first few days.

Indian Railways officer uses Facebook to return lost property

An Australian passenger happened to benefit from Rakesh Sharma’s special service recently.

Hear Punjabi community's reaction to 'shock' election results

While some are celebrating the Coalition's victory in the May 18 election, others are upset that Labor couldn’t make it.

This is why Labor lost

“People voted for their immediate and current issues rather than on long-term issues like climate change. Also, I believe Labor  Party was arrogant and behaved like it had already won the elections during the last days of the campaign,” says Australian...

Exit polls predict Modi's return to power in India

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has run a campaign reiterating his tough stance on national security, while opposition parties have focused on the weakening economy and unemployment, particularly among India's youth.

Multicultural communities have high hopes from the new Federal Government

There has been a shift in the dynamic of the new Parliament, with some of Australia's most divisive politicians losing this election.

'I was opposed for wearing a turban and singing Hindu hymns': Lakhbir Singh Lakha

This Sikh artist has carved a niche for himself as one of India's leading singers of Hindu hymns.

‘My company is not involved in any illegal activity’, says Labor candidate

Parvinder Singh Sarwara is a Senate candidate from the Labor Party, who has entered the political fray for the first time during these federal elections. He answered questions about his candidacy as well about allegations made about his construction bu...

Dementia second leading cause of death in Australia

Dementia is the second-leading cause of death in Australia with predictions there’ll be more than one million people living with dementia by 2058. The Aged Care Royal Commission – focusing this month on dementia –  has been looking at issues such as th...

A million species at risk of extinction

A damning assessment of the world's biodiversity has found a million animal and plant species are at risk of extinction, largely, because of human activity. The United Nations-backed report shows nature is declining at rates previously unseen in human ...

Migrants, refugees to fill skill gaps in regional Australia

There's now a fresh push for refugees and migrants to live and work in regional and rural Australia in a bid to fill gaps and skill shortages in the workforce.

How do Australia’s Punjabis see Indian elections?

Will it be Narendra Modi again, or will Rahul Gandhi wrest power from him this time around? And what are India’s top election issues according to Australian-Punjabis? Australia’s Punjabi community weighs in on these issues and more.

A community comes together to celebrate Beeji's milestone birthday

Dhol beats, a cake inscribed in Punjabi, Indian food, boliyaan, dancing and singing ushered in the 100th birthday celebration of Sardarni Surjit Kaur, fondly called Beeji by family, friends and members of her activity group.

Meet the Punjabi Australian who turns 100 years young today

Mrs Surjit Kaur, fondly called Beeji by one and all, left India in 1987 to come to Melbourne, which she says is 'a heavenly place'. Celebrating her 100th birthday today, she says the secret of her longevity is her loving family and her stress-free life...

ATO Tax Talk April 2019: Superannuation - ਏ ਟੀ ਓ ਟੈਕਸ ਟਾਕ ਅਪ੍ਰੈਲ 2019: ਸੁਪਰਐਨੂਏਸ਼ਨ

This information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office. Interview with Jagjit Singh. - This information is brought to you by the Australian Taxation Office. Interview with Jagjit Singh.

I have not done a single movie in five years: BJP candidate Kirron Kher

The actor-turned-politician speaks about her journey so far as a parliamentarian and the road ahead in an interview with SBS Punjabi.

'Good men don't kill'

“Killers are often reported in the media as good blokes or good husbands or otherwise good men who just snapped,” says Tarang Chawla, Our Watch ambassador and well-known campaigner for prevention of violence against women. “But good men do not murder t...

Book review of Hakeem Arshad Shahzad's 'Velan Wich Ganna'

In our fortnightly literary series, Kitab Di Parchol, we bring to you a collection of moving poetry by Pakistan's Punjabi poet, Hakeem Arshad Shahzad.

We've taken courageous and unpopular decisions: Labor

“We are closing the loopholes, making it fairer for all Australians and making the budget more sustainable,” said Labor’s Finance spokesperson Jim Chalmers in an interview with SBS Punjabi. “I can guarantee that Australia’s job market will not be adver...

Meet Tarsem Singh Sandhu who made England change the turban law 50 years ago

It has been 50 years since Tarsem Singh Sandhu won the right to wear his turban to work.

Meet Navdeep Singh who is Greens senate candidate for Qld

Greens senate candidate for Queensland Navdeep Singh has demanded an urgent review of the current testing system in place to measure the English language standards for migrants.

Meet Australia's vegan Sikh bodybuilder

Melbourne-based bodybuilder Rupinder Singh made the switch from vegetarian to vegan for all the right reasons. His vegan diet and strict exercising schedule helped him win fourth at the PCA Australia Open held at Gold Coast, Queensland on 28 April 2019...

‘Bad times made me a good cook’ : Masterchef Australia’s Indian contestant

Currently among the top 22 in the contest, Sandeep Pandit recently earned an apron - a milestone in the competition - which is earned only if all judges approve of the dish served.

Australia's political parties disown 7 candidates over controversial comments just before elections

The resignations and dis-endorsement of candidates during this election campaign from all corners of the political landscape is unprecedented. With names already printed on ballot papers, vetting processes by political parties are being called into que...

'Pack of lies and scaremongering': Labor attacks government over parent visa

Shadow Immigration Minister Shayne Neumann has launched a blistering attack on the Liberal Party over the parent visa policy. While Labor is promising to change the temporary sponsored parent visa significantly, claiming it would make it easier for par...

Meet Pakistan's Punjabi News anchor: Safdar Ali

This week, we bring you an interview with a well-known news anchor of Pakistan's Hum News, Safdar Ali. 

Smaller parties could be decisive in some seats

A range of smaller political parties will be vying for votes this federal election from a growing number of Australians looking for alternatives to the Liberal, Labor, National and Greens parties. While many only have smaller, if any, chances of pickin...

Australian Labor Party: a profile

The Australian Labor Party is Australia's oldest party in one of the world's oldest continuous democracies. One of the first labour parties created in the world, Labor grew out of the trade union movement before Federation. The trade union movement con...

Liberal Party of Australia: a profile

There's no other figure that looms larger over the Liberal Party of Australia than Sir Robert Menzies. In fact, few Australians have gained such fame, or held such influence, over the nation than the former Liberal prime minister. He created the party,...

Too much screentime harms children, says WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has for the first time advised parents that children under the age of two should not spend any time passively watching electronic screens. It's also recommended children aged two to four spend no more than an hour a ...

Voters' trust in Australian politicians at 50-year low

Election 2019 is just weeks away. But, many people say they are too disillusioned to care. When Australians head to the polls on May 18, more people will cast a vote than ever before. But while enrollment numbers are at a record high - the trust voters...

Meet Babaji Burger Wale, a Lok Sabha candidate from Ludhiana

Contesting as an independent candidate in the upcoming elections, Ravinder Pal Singh ekes out a living for himself and his elderly mother by selling vegetarian burgers.  

Rajan Vaid: Indian-origin candidate in Fraser Anning's party

Rajan Vaid, who came to Australia in 2007, feels Australia should stop taking in more migrants till the time the pressure on resources and jobs eases away.

Don't vote Labor which destroyed the cab industry: UAP candidate

Jatinder Singh Bobby is a United Australia Party from the Victorian electorate of Holt.

Early voting starts today for Australian federal elections

It's compulsory for all Australian citizens to vote in the federal election, but not everyone has to cast a ballot on election day. 

Baba Najmi's masterpiece of Punjabi poetry: 'Akhran Wich Samunder'

In our fortnightly literary series, we review a collection of poems by one of the luminaries of contemporary Punjabi poetry, Baba Najmi, who is known for the fire that burns from his pen.

‘Sikh Games in Melbourne even surpassed our expectations’, say organisers

There is perhaps no other comparable sporting and cultural carnival like the Australian Sikh Games anywhere in the world. The latest edition, held in Melbourne between April 19-21 has been hailed as a resounding success, with one of the key organisers ...

All we can do is hope for Tej's return: Jayant Chitnis

April 27 this year marks exactly three years since Tej went missing, who was 21 years old at the time. Mother Reva Chitnis says, “It is unimaginable that a young man and his car have simply disappeared.”

Three years on, Tej Chitnis remains missing without a trace

“One half of our life just stopped on 27 April, 2016,” says Reva Chitnis, mother of Tej Chitnis, who disappeared from Melbourne three years ago.

I want to be a high achiever in Royal Australian Air Force: Gulman Kaur

Meet Gulman Kaur, a young RAAF recruit, who is about to finish her formal training in Canberra. 

Sikh Regiment participation in Sydney’s Anzac Day parade

Although the numbers of participants are dwindling, yet there is strong enthusiasm to showcase the bravery of Sikh soldiers who fought various wars along with Allied and other forces.

The Nationals 'believe in the future of regional Australia'

The Nationals take pride in representing the interests of people in regional and rural Australia and have done so for almost 100 years. Formed in 1920, the party's gone through a series of name changes and for many years called itself the National Part...

The challenge of grand-parenting in the 21st century

With the fast moving pace of family life, grandparents have to adapt to new approaches. So, what does it mean to be a grandparenting the 21st century?

Guru Randhawa releases duet with American rapper Pitbull

Many Punjabi songs are making their mark in Bollywood movies and Inder Chehal’s latest Gal Karke is one of them.

Australian Greens: the third major political party in the country

 The Australian Greens have nine federal senators, one federal MP, 23 state MPs, and more than 100 Greens councillors, including Green mayors. The Party says they aim to use evidence-based solutions to solve the problems facing Australia now. 

13-yr-old who won badminton Junior Singles at 32nd Sikh Games plays for Victoria

Jagtar Singh Bumrah began with cricket but chose badminton because no other sport fit into his family’s time table.

Meet Sahil Chawla, United Australia Party’s Punjabi candidate from Perth

This Perth-based real estate dealer says Clive Palmer and UAP promise to give the Australian people what no other party has done so far.