Welcome to the SBS Punjabi podcast, featuring Australian and international news and information.

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Welcome to the SBS Punjabi podcast, featuring Australian and international news and information.
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Pakistan Army Chief Gen Bajwa given 3 years extension

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan who was critical of previous extension to Gen Kyani by the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif, has justified Gen Bajwa’s extension by saying ‘it is need of the hour’.

Family caught up in 'surreal complexities' of bringing adopted daughter to Australia

A Perth couple says it was “insane” to make them live apart for over a year for them to be able to bring their adopted daughter to Australia. They say the separation has caused them extreme stress and their children are suffering while they wait to kno...

Flood alert in Punjab and other northern states

Not only Punjab, but the states of Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have been placed high alert for floods. Find out more in this week's Punjabi Diary.

Credit rating systems are getting confused with common Punjabi / Sikh names

Some Punjabi / Sikh first names are very common; while the surnames are mostly Singh or Kaur, the credit rating systems are getting confused when a third element i.e. date of birth also matches by chance.

Interview with famous poet who wrote ‘Kadi te peke ja ni begum’

Renowned Pakistani poet and playwright Zahid Fakhri shares anecdotes, humour and talks about his life with SBS Punjabi.

'I only had $20 in my pocket when I left my abusive husband'

Simranjit Kaur Sandhu says, “When I came to Australia from India, I had no idea that there were shelters here, which could protect and provide for women facing violence at home. Every woman who gets married and comes to Australia should know this, and ...

Remembering Partition: An Australian recalls stories of horror and humanity from 1947

Sukhwant Kaur Pannu, an 85-year-old retired nurse based in Perth, unearthed her journey through the ‘Zero Line,’ recalling incidents of horror and humanity- of a father who left his daughter for dead, a brother who stayed behind to protect the family’s...

VIVA: The benefits of Mentoring

The biggest cause of death for young Australians is suicide. Youth mentoring organisations are calling out for intergenerational mentors to address the concerns of young people before it gets too late.

Malkit Singh reproduced his all-time famous ‘Tootak Tutak Tootian’ with rapper Honey Singh

Listen to the newly produced all time famous Tootak Tutak Tootian clip and much more in today's Bollywood Gupshup.

The Gujrals: From humble beginnings to a roaring success in Australia

Since launching their first Indian restaurant about 35 years ago in Sydney, the Gujrals are now a big name in the industry serving some of the biggest and best names and brands from across the world. 

Punjabi techie's invention to make learning music easier

Rav Phull, a design engineer who heads a tech company is behind a unique product that is designed to make learning to play guitar easier. Mr Phull is the CEO and MD of Instashred which is a part of iAccelerate - a non-profit business accelerator and in...

'It hurts the most when your own community bullies you': Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa announced her arrival national television with great impact, when she appeared on Australia's Got Talent in 2016. But she says the trolling and bullying she faced from her own community thereafter was 'deeply hurtful' and also the r...

India Day 2019 showcases rich and colourful heritage

India’s Independence Day was celebrated at Parramatta by Federation of Indian Associations of NSW by holding a colourful show where talents from all parts of India proudly presented the nation’s rich culture and heritage.

Book review: 'Aa Hun Hijr Muka' by Pakistani Punjabi poet Junaid Akram

In this edition of 'Kitab Di Parchol', we review a collection of sentiment-laden Punjabi poetry by Pakistani poet Junaid Akram.

Travel agent-turned-air hostess-turned pilot: the journey of Capt. Gauri Sharma

Her journey from the passenger cabin to the cockpit took 14 long years but the thrill of steering an aircraft with hundreds of people on board is a rare experience, says Capt. Sharma.

Travelers lose thousands in travel agency collapse

When a travel agency goes bust, travelers can be left thousands of dollars out-of-pocket or stranded far from home, and recent cases show members of the Indian Australian community are particularly vulnerable to these risks. Preetinder Grewal reports.....

Australia's new working holiday visa: 'Be wary of misinformation'

There are concerns that unscrupulous migration agents overseas are targeting desperate visa seekers by promoting false or misleading information, after media reports that Australia may open its Work and Holiday visa to applicants from thirteen countrie...

Meet Navneet Kaur Rana: South Indian Sikh filmstar-turned MP

Having made a name for herself in south Indian cinema, Navneet is India’s first parliamentarian of Punjabi origin to have been elected from Maharashtra.

'Kashmir situation likely to get more complicated'

After the Indian government’s move of stripping Jammu & Kashmir of the special status it enjoyed for seven decades, the Kashmir valley has remained under lockdown with restrictions on mobile internet and mainstream political leaders under detention...

Settlement Guide: What can parents do to address bullying?

Around one in four Australian children are affected by bullying at school. As a parent, it can be hard to know what to do if your child is a victim of bullying or if they're the bully themselves. SBS has contacted some experts about what parents can do...

'The cry of an unborn daughter' - ਕਵਿਤਾ: ਇਕ ਅਣਜੰਮੀ ਧੀ ਦੀ ਪੁਕਾਰ

"I hear of villages in India where a girl child hasn't been born for two years," says Canberra-based Jass Tiwana Dhaliwal, who has penned a poem to share the heartache she felt when reads tragic news stories like that. - ਪੇਸ਼ ਹੈ ਜੱਸ ਟਿਵਾਣਾ ਧਾਲੀਵਾਲ ਦੀ ਜ਼ੁਬਾਨੀ, ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਦੁਆਰਾ...

UN calls for restraint as tensions rise between India and Pakistan over Kashmir

In a move described as the most wide-reaching in seven decades, India has scrapped Indian-controlled Kashmir's special constitutional autonomy.

India announces ‘big decision’ on Kashmir

India’s national government has scrapped the special status for Jammu & Kashmir that allowed the state to have its own constitution and laws - the move coming in the wake of days of uncertainty that saw curfew-like situation in the Kashmir valley w...

'Choosing the manner and time of death': What are Victoria's new VAD laws?

In support of the concept of Dying with Dignity, Victoria became the first state in Australia, to implement the Voluntary Assisted Dying law in June this year. One person has already used the first permit to be issued under this legislation, to end the...

Meet Pakistani news anchor: Umair Bashir

Known for his jovial tantrums in the studio, Umair Bashir reads news on Pakistan's Urdu news channel GNN.

Death by choice: the legal aspects of Victoria's voluntary assisted dying law

What kind of a medical condition can make a patient eligible for choosing the time and mode of his/her death under  Victoria's landmark law? A Punjabi legal expert explains in detail in this interview.

Australians buy 27 kg textiles per year, 23 kg end up in landfill

Around hundred billion new garments are being made each year to meet the demands of global consumers. And hardly worn clothes are piling up in the landfill. However, some are being donated to charitable second-hand shops to supply essential services fo...

Many Newstart recipients are going hungry to survive on $40 a day

A new survey has revealed many Newstart recipients are sacrificing food and utilities to survive on $40 a day. It comes as pressure increases on the government to raise the rate of the unemployment benefit. 

Financial and social inequality are still rife in many parts of Australian life

New research shows financial and social inequality is still rife in many parts of Australian life. Analyses of the annual Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey between 2001 and 2017 shows poverty has risen and it's hitting women par...

Australia's recycling crisis: How you can reduce your footprint

Kerbside recycling from dozens of Victorian councils is set to go straight to landfill after a major recycling company announced it would stop accepting materials. It's the latest development in an escalating recycling crisis causing trouble around Aus...

Who's to blame for failure to achieve road safety targets?

New data shows projected declines in the road death toll are not being met and that's sparking plenty of strong feeling as to who is responsible, and why.

Australia may open 'Work and Holiday' visa for Indians

Australian farmers say the move to include thirteen more countries, including India, in the Work and Holiday visa program will help ease the labour supply issue - something that many say is crippling the agriculture sector.

'Never fall into that trap': Some parents go into denial after autism diagnosis, says expert

Dr Raj Khillan, an experienced Melbourne-based pediatrician, says that a majority of Punjabi Australian families don't know much about autism and many struggle to accept the diagnosis for their child. He adds, more and more Punjabi families are now hav...

Narendra Modi to appear in Man vs Wild on Discovery channel

This episode of Man vs Wild featuring India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi was filmed in the jungles of Uttarakhand and will be telecast across 180 countries.

Triple-Talaq outlawed in India

The Indian Parliament has outlawed a centuries-old 'right' of a Muslim man to instantly divorce his wife by saying the word 'divorce' three times.

One Nation's demand for plebiscite on migration rejected by Senate

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson has failed in her bid to hold a plebiscite on Australia's immigration levels at the next election. Her plan attracted damning criticism from both major parties and secured just two votes in Senate.

Why are some Muslims calling for a boycott of Hajj pilgrimage?

More than two million Muslims from around the world are expected to descend on the Saudi city of Mecca next month for the annual Hajj pilgrimage. But a growing number of Muslims, including Australians, are turning their backs on what is one of the cent...

Learning Punjabi in Australia’s regional twin-cities

Harpreet Kaur is a primary school teacher in Wodonga, Victoria. An educationalist at heart, she is keen to teach and promote Punjabi among children and their parents.

The world is recognising 'Sohanjna' as a miracle tree

Besides innumerable other benefits, WHO is distributing leaves of Moringa (which Punjabis know as Sohanjna) to African communities suffering from malnutrition and Germany uses its seeds to cleanse drinking water.

Melbourne Hindu temple to provide shelter to international students & domestic violence victims

The temple authorities say they will accommodate guests for up to two weeks and also provide them with free meals. 

Know what your elected members are doing in Parliament

As Parliament returned for the first full sitting fortnight since the election, the week was a win for the government after Labor backed a number of the Coalition’s laws.

Book Review of Pakistani Punjabi poetry by Maqbool Ahmed

In our fortnightly literary series, 'Kitab Di Parchol', we review Pakistani Punjabi poet Maqbool Ahmed's Chhallan.

Facebook fined $5 billion over privacy breaches

Social media giant Facebook has been fined a massive penalty for breaching the privacy of its users. Ravdeep Singh reports.

Man-made emissions are the main cause of global warming, says new research

A series of reports, conducted by teams of scientists from across the globe, have found man-made emissions are causing global warming, discrediting claims it is a natural phenomenon. Ravdeep Singh reports.....

Indian family honours daughter’s memory with blood donation campaign

"After losing our daughter to cancer four years ago, my life's goal is to uproot this disease completely. As a start, we're encouraging more and more people to donate blood - we couldn't save Vanhi, but we really want to save other children in Australi...

'Kareena is the best home minister in Bollywood': Kangana Ranaut

In our weekly wrap of India's film industry, Bollywood Gupshup, we bring to you the latest news from India's world of movies and music. 

'Dual citizenship will be a big win for Indians'

"30 million people of Indian heritage live overseas," says New Zealand MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi. "Dual citizenship will allow them to participate in Indian politics, and will deliver many votes to political parties as well."

Australia’s multicultural neighbourhoods may have poor mental health

Australians living in more culturally diverse neighbourhoods tend to have poorer mental health outcomes, according to a new report. And it appears it's because they don't trust each other. The research is prompting calls for more community building pro...

Migrants on partner visa often suffer from domestic violence: study

Falling in love with an Australian, and moving here to start a new life, is not uncommon. Nearly 40,000 partner visas were granted last year. But, far from home – and on a temporary visa - what happens if the relationship turns violent? In Australia, o...

Meet the multi-talented Zubaida Haider Zabi: poet, writer, singer

In our fortnightly interview series with achievers from Pakistan's Punjab province, this week we bring to you a multifarious talent who can write and sing as well. In Urdu and Punjabi, of course.