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LGBT Conversations of Empowerment
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13: Jeremy Bork-Sharing gay voices in the Reformed Church of America

Jeremy Bork, a fellow alumni of Northwestern College, shares his story about creating the video “Room for Me” for the Reformed Church of America (RCA).  Sponsored by Room for All,  an organization seeking inclusion of LGBT members in the RCA, the docum...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

12: Gay Girl Dating Coach-Mary Gorham Malia

Mary Gorham Malia, is known as the Gay Girl Dating Coach.  She can be found across the internet from articles in the Huffington Post, as a resource for dating websites and at home on gaygirldatingcoach.com.  In this interview, she talks about her backg...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

11: Penny Graves-Lifestyle Changes for Addiction Recovery

Penny Graves shares her personal insights about nutrition and recovery.  Penny found herself battling alcoholism, depression and weighing 225 lbs.  Starting with 12 step recovery, she continued to grow healthier through nutrition, exercise and meditati...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

10: Deb Tiemens-Found Healing in Room for

  Deb Tiemens enjoyed her time in college.  It gave her the opportunity to be a leader, refine her craft as a musician and flourish.  She was the success story of the students Northwestern College wanted to graduate.  Not long after graduation, it was ...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

Lesbian Inspired Poetry-Open Mic

This week’s episode goes on the road to Denver’s Blush and Blu, where new and seasoned lesbian poets take to the stage.  Women are welcomed to a night of poetry starting at 7 pm with the Denver Writers Meetup.  At this event, women can share what they’...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

Lesbian Pulp Fiction with Robin Cohen

Lesbian Pulp Fiction with Robin Cohen Pulp Fiction arrived on the scene after World War 2.  With rising literacy rates, the publishing industry seized the opportunity to create books that had a high quality book cover and low quality paper for the stor...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

07: Brenda Kane

In this interview, we talk with Brenda Kane.  She is an organizer for three Meetup Groups in Denver.  She gives an overview of the Denver Lesbian Book Club, The Denver Lesbian Writers Group and The WomynKind Yoga Collective.  At the end of the intervie...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

6/DGLCC with Co-chair Sally Taylor

In this interview, I interview Sally Taylor, DGLCC Co-chair.  The DGLCC gives LGBT friendly businesses a great way to network.  You’re invited to attended a couple of their meetings for free.  For information about upcoming events go to http://www.denv...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

Joelle Mueller Releases New Book

In this interview, Joelle Mueller talks about creating, Unfolding the Sun.  In a heart filled interview, she shares her background, how the book was published and reads published works from the book. It was amazing to listen to Joelle”s story.  She has...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

Erica Johnson-Civil Unions 101/004

Erica Johnson, Attorney with Ambler-Keenan, shares about what rights are now available to couples entering into civil unions.  She also covers different legal protections that are available to save time and frustration in implementing of a couple’s rig...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

Wade Frisbie-Civil Unions 101/003

This podcast is the 2nd in the Colorado Civil Unions 101 series, hosted by the PFLAG Denver Chapter.  It follows the session with Mindy Barton, Legal Director of the GLBT Center of Colorado.  In this episode, Wade Frisbie of Triology Financial and a me...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

Mindy Barton-Civil Unions 101/002

Civil Unions 101 with Mindy Barton This week, we have the opportunity to listen to a recording of Civil Unions 101, hosted by the Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)  Denver Chapter.  The discussion panel consists of Mindy Barton, ...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

001Dina Gilmore

In this episode of Powerful Today, I am excited to share my interview with Dina Gilmore.  Dina is a social media intern with Curve Magazine.  I found out about Dina by visiting the Curve’s booth at this year’s Denver Pride.  Dina shares how she applied...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

Denver Pride ’13-Denver Women’s Chorus

The DWC was at Pride to recruit additional singers for their 30th Concert Year.  Liz was a perfect representative.  The chorus has become an opportunity for her to live more powerfully through singing in community. The fall season starts September 8, 2...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

Denver Pride ’13-Congregation B’nai Havurah

Rabbi Evette Lutman and her congregation, B’nai Havurah, were at Pride again this year.  B’nai Havurah is a welcoming and participatory Jewish Reconstructionist community that celebrates the full spectrum of Jewish life.  For more information go to:  w...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

Denver Pride 2013-Iliff School of Theology

Iliff School of Theology Mollie Ronge, MDiv. speaks about the supportive environment for the LGBT and Allies as they pursue advanced degrees at Iliff Theological Seminary.  For more information go to:  www.iliff.edu.
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author

Denver Pride ’13-Safehouse Progressive Alliance Network (SPAN)

SPAN attended the event to inform Pride goers of the resources available to victims of domestic violence.  The resource is located in Boulder with programs to empower victims in abusive relationships.  For more information call (303) 444.2424.  A 24 ho...
Podcast – PowerfulToday.com author