Politely, Up Yours!

Politely, Up Yours! with Joe Macaluso and Dave Rael is a podcast seeking to explore the depths of philosophy, politics, society, government, religion, and human interaction. It also intends to be a shining becacon of virtue and civil interaction.

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Politely, Up Yours! with Joe Macaluso and Dave Rael is a podcast seeking to explore the depths of philosophy, politics, society, government, religion, and human interaction. It also intends to be a shining becacon of virtue and civil interaction.
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Episode 338 | Jonah Myerberg - Engineering Excellence

Guest: @ Jonah Myerberg talks with Dave Rael about engineering, metal, software, leadership, and understanding value Jonah is a co-founder of Desktop Metal and serves as its chief technology off...
Dave Rael author

Episode 337 | Doc Norton - Builders and Problem Solvers

Guest: @ Doc Norton talks with Dave Rael about writing, business, incentives, and developer motivations Michael Norton (Doc) is a software delivery professional working to make the world of soft...
Dave Rael author

Episode 336 | Poornima Vijayashanker - Maker In Service

Guest: @ Poornima Vijayashanker talks with Dave Rael about trust, business, relationships, being a maker, design, marketing, and public speaking Poornima Vijayashanker is an entrepreneur, engine...
Dave Rael author

Episode 335 | Neeraj Murarka - Better Ways

Guest: @ Neeraj Murarka talks with Dave Rael about trustless computing, game development, business, individualism, and accessibility of technology Neeraj Murarka is the CTO of Bluzelle Networks....
Dave Rael author

Episode 334 | Kyle Shevlin - True Self

Guest: @ Kyle Shevlin talks with Dave Rael about integrity, careers, lessons from philosophy, software engineering, and telling stories Kyle is a Senior Software Engineer at Formidable Labs, a c...
Dave Rael author

Episode 333 | Dave Isbitski - Human Voice

Guest: @ Dave Isbitski talks with Dave Rael about career fulfillment, voice-enabled, user experiences, being your best, and Dave has been a professional speaker, trainer and evangelist for over...
Dave Rael author

Episode 332 | David McCarter

Guest: @ David McCarter talks with Dave Rael about creativity, code quality, the challenge of tact, and getting involved David McCarter is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), C# Corner...
Dave Rael author

Episode 331 | John Callaway and Clayton Hunt - Professional Craftsmen

Guest: @ Clayton Hunt and John Callaway talk with Dave Rael about testing, Test-Driven Development, influences, influencers, teaching, writing, and soft skills Clayton has been programming profe...
Dave Rael author

Episode 330 | Stephane Maarek - Push the Edge

Guest: @ Stephane Maarek talks with Dave Rael about educational impact, lifestyle, making a difference, pushing progress, and constant learning Stephane is a solutions architect, consultant and ...
Dave Rael author

Episode 329 | James Long - Seeking Deep Knowledge

Guest: @ James Long talks with Dave Rael about working at Mozilla, building products, making it harder to make costly mistakes, and understanding why something works James Long worked for Mozill...
Dave Rael author

Episode 328 | Ben Clinkinbeard - More than Minimum

Guest: @ Ben Clinkinbeard talks with Dave Rael about being misled, data visualization, JavaScript, caring about the domain, and being a self-taught programmer Ben Clinkinbeard is a consultant, t...
Dave Rael author

Episode 327 | Andrew Cook - Create Projects

Guest: @ Andrew Cook talks with Dave Rael about being a paramedic, becoming a software developer, community engagement, and learning Andrew Cook is a software developer and Paramedic with years ...
Dave Rael author

Episode 326 | Alex Balazs - Find Your Voice

Guest: @ Alex Balazs talks with Dave Rael about his role at Intuit, diversity, listening, impact, and finding your voice Alex Balazs is Chief Architect for Intuit. He leads business and technica...
Dave Rael author

Episode 325 | Trae Robrock - Automate Everything

Guest: @ Trae Robrock talks with Dave Rael about opportunity, efficiency, delivering, giving, values, and dealing with friction Trae Robrock is the CTO and Co-founder of Green Bits, where they b...
Dave Rael author

Episode 324 | Obie Fernandez - Timing Opportunity

Guest: @ Obie Fernandez talks with Dave Rael about attention, connecting varied interests, lifestyle, timing, and meaningful impact Obie Fernandez resides in Mexico City and runs a boutique tech...
Dave Rael author

Episode 323 | Don Syme - Languages and Stories

Guest: @ Don Syme about Microsoft Research, languages, F#, exposure to software development for children, and deconstruction of ideas Don Syme is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Mobile Tools...
Dave Rael author

Episode 322 | Ken Versaw and Dave Fancher - Software Trends

Guest: @ Ken Versaw and Dave Fancher talk with Dave Rael about software trends, what to expect in the future of software, and the Indy Code conference coming in April 2018 Ken Versaw is a co-fou...
Dave Rael author

Episode 321 | Craig Sproule - Better Experiences

Guest: Craig Sproule @Crowd_Machine Craig Sproule talks with Dave Rael about building distributed systems, Crowd Machine, business, quality of life in building software, and planning for change C...
Dave Rael author

Episode 320 | Scott Drake - Future Proof

Guest: Scott Drake @tscottdrake Scott Drake talks with Dave Rael about building, learning, education, and becoming a genius maker rather than an genius Scott Drake is the Vice President of Techno...
Dave Rael author

Episode 319 | John Best - How You Respond

Guest: John Best @wintermute21 John Best talks with Dave Rael about limitations, philosophy, DevOps, empathy, and choosing your responses John Best is a .NET Framework specialist for TrackOFF inc...
Dave Rael author

Episode 318 | Sean Casto - Attention for Your Apps

Guest: Sean Casto @seancasto Sean Casto talks with Dave Rael about motivation, marketing, making great things, and the impact of a marketing strategy for application developers Sean Casto is the ...
Dave Rael author

Episode 317 | Steven Hicks - Scary Things

Guest: Steven Hicks @pepopowitz Steven Hicks talks with Dave Rael about conference speaking, solving problems, JavaScript, and Steven Hicks is a full-stack web developer with nearly 20 years exp...
Dave Rael author

Episode 316 | Chris Ferdinandi - Idea to Living Thing

Guest: Chris Ferdinandi @ChrisFerdinandi Chris Ferdinandi talks with Dave Rael about teaching and learning, self-discovery, JavaScript, and delivering value Chris Ferdinandi helps people learn va...
Dave Rael author

Episode 315 | David Hussman - From Success to Fulfillment

Guest: David Hussman @davidhussman David Hussman talks with Dave Rael about why and how, health and motivation, cancer treatments, and significance David teaches and coaches the adoption and impr...
Dave Rael author

Episode 314 | Jim Holmes - Breaking Bad Dynamics

Guest: Jim Holmes @aJimHolmes Jim Holmes talks with Dave Rael about the nature of leadership, the leadership journey, applying lessons from athletics to professional teams, resetting negative dynamics,...
Dave Rael author

Episode 313 | Joel Beasley - Incremental Improvement

Guest: Joel Beasley @moderncto_io Joel Beasley talks with Dave Rael about Modern CTO, his ambitious history in software and business, code quality, and the human elements of great software products and...
Dave Rael author

Episode 312 | Chris DeMars - Doing Something with His Life

Guest: Chris DeMars @saltnburnem Chris DeMars talks with Dave Rael about community involvement, JavaScript pain, creating awesome user experiences, and overcoming obstacles Chris DeMars is a UI d...
Dave Rael author

Episode 311 | Jason Swett - Growing Socailly

Guest: Jason Swett @JasonSwett Jason Swett talks with Dave Rael about job search skills, growing socially, the nature of software careers, and the rewards of creating useful stuff Jason Swett has...
Dave Rael author

Episode 310 | Sonia Gupta - Figuring It Out

Guest: Sonia Gupta @soniagupta504 Sonia Gupta talks with Dave Rael about moving from law into software development, gaining self-awareness, and the powerful draw and potential for good of technologists...
Dave Rael author

Episode 309 | Rob Richardson - Force Multiplier

Guest: Rob Richardson @rob_rich Rob Richardson talks with Dave Rael about passion for software development, scaling impact, community, teaching, and taking action Rob Richardson is a software cra...
Dave Rael author

Episode 308 | Jose Gonzalez - Mind, Body, Soul

Guest: Jose Gonzalez @JoseGonz321 Jose Gonzalez talks with Dave Rael about humble beginnings, fortuitous turns, dark times, receiving by giving, and self-acceptance Jose Gonzalez is a husband, da...
Dave Rael author

Episode 307 | Jeff Casimir - Favor Decades Over Years

Guest: Jeff Casimir @j3 Jeff Casimir talks with Dave Rael about education, feedback, software and people, and fortunate circumstances Stretching back to 2005, Jeff has more experience teaching Ru...
Dave Rael author

Episode 306 | Phil Japikse - Creating Co-Conspirators

Guest: Phil Japikse @skimedic Phil Japikse talks with Dave Rael about creating content, saving lives, learning from experts, community involvement, and getting useful engagement from actual users ...
Dave Rael author

Episode 305 | David Pine - Positive Brand

Guest: David Pine @davidpine7 David Pine talks with Dave Rael about building a brand for software developers, being a source of positivity, and the importance of mentors David Pine is a Technical...
Dave Rael author

Episode 304 | Nate Walkingshaw - Human-Centered

Guest: Nate Walkingshaw @nwalkingshaw Nate Walkingshaw talks with Dave Rael about user experience, leadership, perspectives, types of users, Pluralsight, and hard lessons Nate Walkingshaw started...
Dave Rael author

Bonus Episode - Remote Conference With Jeremy Clark

Guest: Jeremy Clark @jeremybytes Jeremy Clark and Dave Rael chat about the Developer On Fire Remote Conference The Developer On Fire Remote Conference is January 22-24, 2018. It's an opportu...
Dave Rael author

Episode 303 | Kyle Prinsloo - Business and Freelancing

Guest: Kyle Prinsloo @study_web_dev Kyle Prinsloo talks with Dave Rael about education, schooling, business, marketing, freelancing, and exchange of value Kyle Prinsloo is the creator of studyweb...
Dave Rael author

Episode 302 | Kent Beck - Primary and Secondary Emotions

Guest: Kent Beck @KentBeck Kent Beck talks with Dave Rael about his experiences with understanding, embracing, and managing his emotions Kent Beck is an American software engineer and the creator...
Dave Rael author

Episode 301 | Marco Pivetta - Worth Doing

Guest: Marco Pivetta @ocramius Marco Pivetta talks with Dave Rael about life as a consultant, lessons learned from experience, open source involvement, and Marco "Ocramius" Pivetta is a software...
Dave Rael author

Episode 300 | Richard Taylor - Full Throttle

Guest: Richard Taylor @rightincode Richard Taylor talks with Dave Rael about community involvement, leading teams, influencing teams in better directions, and managing time to live and deliver Ri...
Dave Rael author

Episode 299 | Bill Sourour - Paying It Forward

Guest: Bill Sourour @BillSourour Bill Sourour talks with Dave Rael about lessons learned the hard way, making lessons accessible, software consulting, different types of organizations, and making the w...
Dave Rael author

Episode 298 | Melinda Thielbar - Understanding In Depth

Guest: Melinda Thielbar @mthielbar Melinda Thielbar talks with Dave Rael about software, deep knowledge, data science, organizing communities, and empathy As a Ph.D. statistician with 15 years of...
Dave Rael author

Episode 297 | Howie Ross - Unlocking Potential

Guest: Howie Ross @howdiz Howie Ross talks with Dave Rael Howie Ross has been taking things apart and putting them back together for over 30 years. He has been building software, primarily for t...
Dave Rael author

Episode 296 | Tiffany White - Shared Learning

Guest: Tiffany White @TiffanyW_412 Tiffany White talks with Dave Rael about community, writing, emotional darkness, the appeal of software, supportive organizations, and being lit up Tiffany Whit...
Dave Rael author

Episode 295 | Matt Watson - Cloud, DevOps, and NoOps

Guest: Matt Watson @mattwatson81 Matt Watson talks with Dave Rael about Stackify, business and development, DevOps, NoOps, and content creation Stackify was founded in January 2012 by Matt Watson...
Dave Rael author

Episode 294 | Reid Evans - Connected Mindset

Guest: Reid Evans @ReidNEvans Reid Evans talks with Dave Rael about conference speaking and organizing, balancing priorities, functional programming, habits, encouragement, accountability, and...
Dave Rael author

Episode 293 | Debo Olaosebikan - Serving Billions

Guest: Debo Olaosebikan @dolaoseb Debo Olaosebikan talks with Dave Rael about shooting for the stars, lessons from physics, learning from mistakes, thinking positively, and delivering solution...
Dave Rael author

Episode 292 | Amir Fassihi - Study Love

Guest: Amir Fassihi @ahfassihi Amir Fassihi talks with Dave Rael about game development, learning, teams, mythology, psychology, love, and self-awareness Amir Fassihi fell in...
Dave Rael author

Episode 291 | Daniel Rice - Winning Horses

Guest: Daniel Rice @thedrbits Daniel Rice talks with Dave Rael about deep interests, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, the importance of demand for what you offer, and niches Dan...
Dave Rael author

Episode 290 | Eric Evans - Tackling Complexity

Guest: Eric Evans @ericevans0 Eric Evans talks with Dave Rael about useful models, science as a way of life and source of modeling examples, relative benefits and costs of choices, and using d...
Dave Rael author