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Satanism, Occultism, paganism, topical news, blogging and social issues. Intro music: Happy Apple Poison by Lovedrug, Saturday Nights, 8pm Eastern
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Catching Up with Beliefs

Join us for a round table discussion about current events, strange beliefs and the staging of Social Media
SIN JONES author

But Your Honor...

But Your Honor... Snitching it up to win an argument.  Joining me is Robert Fraize to discuss his own legal cases and whether or not it wins the argument in Social Media. What's with all the legal cases between Witches and Satanists?  Is there any hon...
SIN JONES author

All of Them Witches

Witch Trial in Salem? Tune in this week with Sin Jones & Christian Day. ¬†Bio: Christian Day is a modern day Warlock living in the ‚ÄúWitch City‚ÄĚ of Salem, Massachusetts. Practices¬†the ancient arts of Witchcraft;¬†a spiritual path devoted to old world...
SIN JONES author

Cults of Personality: Are there any perks?

Cults of Personality, can't be all bad, surely there's perks.  Who benefits the most?  Do cult leaders excuse their followers from self-responsiblity?  Tune in tonight at 10 pm EST, live callers are always welcome. Items of Interest: Satanic Church L...
SIN JONES author

Rape Culture?

An 11 Year old girl in Paraguay denied abortion, sparks criminal case and fires off Feminist Theory of Rape Culture. So what is Rape Culture and why should I care?  Tune in at 10 pm Eastern with your host Sin Jones!
SIN JONES author

Aligning with the Devil

Join me Saturday August 8th to discuss what happens when you align with the Devil.  How do your friends & family react?  The general public?  Is it important to identify as a Satanist and if so why?  Joining me is Blake Turner, a 31 year old proud ...
SIN JONES author

The Vixen's Vault with Nancy Planeta& Sin Jones

Tune in with Nancy Planeta and Sin Jones on iPBN.fm alternative Radio.  Reality or Perception?  How does Pop Culture affect our beliefs?  Does it truly embrace our ideological differences or is it destroying them?
SIN JONES author

What's with this flag business?

Tune in this week with your host Sin Jonese and guest commentator, the Sinister Minister Pope Fraize, as we discuss this s flag business.  What's up with that?  Much shit will be talked about this madness!!! Useful stuff:  SC HR344, Veteran's Benefits
SIN JONES author

Interview with James D. Hale

Tune in this week with your host SIN JONES for a round table discussion with James D. Hale founder of the former Church of IV Majesties responsible for a media whirlwind in Oklahoma City, when his group scheduled a mock-exorcism at the Civic Center in ...
SIN JONES author

Abuse of Women in the Occult: Who is Accountable?

Tune in for a round-table discussion about the abuse of women in the Occult.  Who is responsible?  Who is the Victim?  Shouldn't women be held accountable?
SIN JONES author

We Must Restrain You Pope Fraize!

Restraining Orders?  Calling the Cops?  What's all the to do about the Traditional Church of Satan's  Pope Fraize?  Tune in this week for candid talk and learn how Big Brother shook hands with the Sinister Minster.  Live callers are both welcome and en...
SIN JONES author

Ritual Sacrifice with Nargargole

Tune in 2pm EST/8pm GMT for a candid discussion with one of the Devil's Disciples otherwise known as Nargargole from Youtube,  We will be discussing Ritual Sacrifice to summon the Darkness and other relevant subjects as it pertains to acquiring more po...
SIN JONES author

Empathy for Animals: Satanists love them too!

Tune in for a follow-up to Animal Sacrifice  in religious practice.  Is it wrong? If so by what metric?  Melissa-Colton joins us to weigh in and present her thoughts and feelings about the subject. I will take a few minutes for live callers.  Keep ques...
SIN JONES author

Animal Sacrifice - Taboo to Satanists?

Tune in Saturday as I discuss Animal Sacrifice with Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik of Temples of Satan.  Do some Satanists actually commit sacrifice or is this a pop-culture meme?  The Temples of Satan is a Theistic Satanic Temple and maintains charters and lo...
SIN JONES author

Traditional Satanism vs. The Atheists

Featured Guest:  Tom Erik Raspotnik, Temples of Satan.  Join us for candid talk regarding Monotheistic Religious Satanism vs. Atheism dressed in the Devil's duds.  What differences stand out?  Where does the Temples of Satan stand on socio-political is...
SIN JONES author

Monumentally... Space Pope!

Join me this week to catch up on the hoo-ha about the 10 Commandments monument in OKC, Satanists vs. Devil-worshipers, cyber-stalking, and space pope!   Same bat time... Same bat channel...
SIN JONES author

Pagans behaving badly: Follow-up

A follow-up to last week's show, Link to Episode.
SIN JONES author

Pagans behaving badly: Christian Day

What to do when pagans behave badly? Tune in for a round table discussion and archive of Stalky Bananas Radio Show. Links:  Cowardly Christian Day, Browncoats of Facebook, Christian Day on Reddit, Christian Day & Rape, A Right to Moral Self-defens...
SIN JONES author

What Bullshittery is This?

Join your host Sin Jones and special guest the Sinister MinisterPope Robert Fraize  for a frank discussion about recent events such as The OKC Black Mass, ArchBishop's Bogus Law Suit and other weird Satany stuff.    What Bullshittery is This?     S...
SIN JONES author

Hypnotism: Quackery or Quite Real?

Join your host Sin Jones Saturday Night, August 2nd, 8pm EST to cast Hypnotism into the fire.  Callers are both encouraged and welcome.  60 minute show:  1st half, an introduction to the subject.  2nd half, caller feedback and commentary.  Resources me...
SIN JONES author

The State of Satanism Today

Join us Saturday, July 26th @ 8pm Eastern for a round-table discussion of the state of Satanism today.   Offering perspective:  Reap Paden, host of The Angry Atheist & Modern Satanism podcasts, ReapSow Radio and priest of The Satanic Temple.  Reap...
SIN JONES author

Interview with author Darryl Hutchins II, The Sinister without Superstition

Join us Saturday Night, 8pm Eastern!  Special Guest:  Darryl Hutchins II, author of "The Sinister without Superstition", and forerunner of the Transhumanist Nexion Concomitant Dissidence. Darryl is a 32 year old (sometimes) college student residing in ...
SIN JONES author

The Gospel of Satan

The Gospel of Satan, a book written by The Grand Mufti of Satanism - Troll Towelhead Bio: "Troll Towelhead converted to Satanism in 1996 out of compassion for victims of moral panics and hate crimes. He signed a Blood Pact for mutual defense, then wr...
SIN JONES author

What have you done for Satanism lately?

Kicking the dust off!  The pod-cast is BACK, up-coming shows:   July 12th - The Gospels of Satan July 19th - The Sinister without Superstition July 26th - The State of Satanism Today   Tune in Saturday Nights at 8pm!
SIN JONES author

Into the Fire!

Into the Fire!  Issue #2 has been released and shared.  An update on the Ezine and what's new.  Sin-pin of the week: Fire! Fire! Fire!
SIN JONES author

GOD of my domain!

Blocking, socking and doxing!  I am the GOD of my domain!  Tune in tonight for the Sin-pin of the week:  You mad bro?
SIN JONES author

Poison Apple Radio: Where have you been Sin?

You've been asking, so here it is people:  The Update.  What's new with Sin Jones, Poison Apple Radio and projects in Social Media.   Main Website:  www.sinjones.com Into the Fire:  http://intothefire.cc Circle of Descent:  http://circleofdescent.co...
SIN JONES author

Zimmerman vs. Martin

Topic:  The Zimmerman Trial may be over but the discussion continues.   Did the State prosecute Zimmerman in reaction to public outcry or was there truly enough evidence to present a case? How much did both Age and Race play a role in the Verdict? ...
SIN JONES author

Something went down in Beantown!

Something went down in Beantown, but What?  Do you know?  Are you sure?   Tune in with host Sin Jones, 11pm Eastern
SIN JONES author

Why is Loki so pissed?

Loki, the trickster, shape-shifter and Sly-god of Norse Myth.  He's got a bone to pick, but why? Why is Loki portrayed as an angry brat?  The recent Avengers film shows a rather amusing side to Loki with a Hulk Smash of this puny god!  Why does Loki ge...
SIN JONES author

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance, a theory first proposed by Leon Festinger in 1956, a belief disconfirmation, induced compliance, 'Free' choice, and effort justification paradigm which modifies behavior.   Tune in for a quickie with Sin Jones!
SIN JONES author


What does it mean to be Responsible? Listener Question: Lex Talionis, aren't you Satanists being hypocrites? Tune in, Sunday at noon, Eastern!
SIN JONES author

Pacts with the Devil!

Want to sell your soul to Satan?  Make a pact with the Devil?   Tune in for the SIN-pin of the week: Intellectual Bankruptcy!
SIN JONES author

Opinions vs. Facts

Opinion: A)The professional judgement of an expert, B)The belief of judgement that there is not enough information to produce a certainty of knowledge C)Judgement or a person or thing with respect to character or merit D) a generally held view.  [Synon...
SIN JONES author

What Puts the 'Para' in Paranormal?

Coined in 1905, para+normal implies events or perceptions that cannot be explained scientifically.  It includes the super-natural phenomena that seems to exceed the parameters of natural laws.  The field of para-psychology developed in the late 19th ce...
SIN JONES author

Are all men guilty?

As much as American Society addresses cultural taboos, the letter of the law is often interpreted to both persecute and prosecute instances that may not necessarily qualify. Every now and again, the taboo is explored with a focus on its affects on any...
SIN JONES author

Pockets of Chaos!

Conspiracy Theories, Mass Shootings, and Citizens on Rampage...Little Pockets of Chaos where organization is amiss! Tune in this week, for MOAR Satanic Panic!
SIN JONES author

The Catholic Conundrum ?

The Catholic Church has taken a strong-position on regarding the un-born under Sanctity of Life.  A recent case hit headlines in Colorado, in which a Woman and her twin 7 month old fetuses died from complications.  Husband and father, Jeremy Stodghill ...
SIN JONES author

A Christian and a Satanist...

Video Interview 'A Christian and a Satanist' on youtube, with follow-up commentary by Jake (Flibberbiscuits).    Join host Sin Jones for an interesting set of interview questions and follow-up commentary afterwards.   Live-shows every Friday Night ...
SIN JONES author

Listener Request: Sin, why do you hate women?

A listener request, about women, female behavior and why people think that Sin Jones hates women.   Tune in tonight, 7pm eastern for the Sin-pin of the week: Men, I commiserate with you!  Women are batshit crazy!
SIN JONES author

The Pagans!

Tune in with host Sin Jones as she changes gears to address being pagan in a modern society.   Modern pagans have a great number of concerns such as raising pagan children, and having their religion recognized in the country where they live. How damagi...
SIN JONES author

Watch out Baby Daddy!

Have people lost their ever-lovin' minds?  WTF is wrong with people that have these ideals of having a huge family, but no real plan on supporting them? Why should tax payers pick up the bill? Kansas doesn't recognize same-sex unions, a Lesbian couple ...
SIN JONES author

Theistic Satanism - A Year in Review

2012 comes to a close, as does the Year in Theistic Satanism. Tune in this week with your host Sin Jones for a wrap up.   Interviews with Vayu Tiger, Pomahazael Draconis, Venus Satanas, Pope Robert Fraize, Tom Erik Raspotnik, Adam Daniels, Michael W. ...
SIN JONES author

12/21/12: End of the world code?

Anti-climatic 12/21/12 - End of the World!  Tune in this week for the Sin-pin of the week: Mayan Long-count:  You're doing it wrong! End of Days cults Hysterical whack-jobs Survivalist Propaganda Happy 13th B'ak'tun!    And away we go!   7pm Eas...
SIN JONES author

Bang! Bang! Triggering Mass Shootings!

A mass shooting in Newtown, CT at an elementary School, a shooting in an Oregon Mall . and that's just in the last week!  The U.S. is providing a time line of Mass Shooting 'History', as more and  more of these events make headlines.  As people mourn t...
SIN JONES author

Interview with Robert Powell: The Vayu Tiger

Author of  Consilium xviii: Book of Phoebus, available on Amazon.com, produced by automatic writing through a Metaphoriel of Will.  Robert has spent many years studying the Occult, which led him to create Yesodic Order of the Crystal Tower and Templi S...
SIN JONES author

Satanism Series: Interview with Pomahazael Draconis

Founder of the Temple of Adversarial Forge, Draconis Pomahazael began his studies in the Occult at an early age.  His explorations brought him to initiate in a diverse set of philosophical and magical paradigms such as Traditional Wicca, Neo-Druidry, D...
SIN JONES author

An Esoteric Agenda

Tune in tonight, 7pm Eastern for a review of 'An Esoteric Agenda', and insights offered by Maxwell Igan from American Voice Radio.   A piece entitled Education, Intention & Luciferianism.  An approach towards changing the world through Esoteric mea...
SIN JONES author

Hostess Strike!

No more Twinkies?  The New World Order?  End of the World? Hostess CEO Rayburn warned employees that the Strike would be the end of Hostess and it looks like it's the beginning of the end folks!  This means an increase in unemployment rates, and its a...
SIN JONES author

Obamanation: The U.S. post-elections

Obamanation! A post-elections discussion about the state of the U.S. during the last session and the up-coming second term of President Barack Obama.  Tune in this week for a round table discussion, Friday at 4:30pm, an early show!
SIN JONES author