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A Talk Show Where Torontonians talk about Toronto
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Episode 9 — Love Hunters

Earlier this year, Katie Fotheringham made a hilariously terrible life decision. A work friend turned around one day and asked if she wanted to try out for a reality TV show (To watch the episode online, click here). Katie: “I think when I heard it was...

Episode 7 — Ch, Ch, Changes, Rise of City Council’s mushy middle& sexism on the radio

Real Talk T.O., Real Talk (Click on the logo or on the text Episode 7 to download)  Episode 7 Topics: Straight from the horse’s mouth What do you love about Toronto? What do you hate about Toronto? Rocket Reactions Onwards Queen St. West Gentrification...

Episode VI: It’s time to grill The Grid

On May 12, 2011, EYE WEEKLY became The Grid, a city magazine for people in their 20s and 30s. “A younger, hipper, more provocative version of Toronto Life in a weekly guise,” was the soundbite from publisher Laas Turnbull. On June 7, some people willin...

Episode V — Peddling Cereal to Children, Billboard Taxes& a special rating game

Real Talk T.O., Real Talk (Click on the logo or on the text Episode 5 to download) Episode 5 Topics: Is it wrong for advertisers to use cartoon characters on cereal boxes? Should billboards be taxed to help fund art? We’ll play “Overrated, Underrated, ...

Episode 4 • Hydro Rates Keep On Rising, plus Politricks

Real Talk T.O., Real Talk (Click on the logo or on the text Episode 4 to download) Episode IV (Please excuse the audio issues. I’m working to address them for next time.) Topics: We discuss hydro electricity, raising rates, the politics of greening Ont...

Episode 3 — Trouble with usage based billing, the CRTC and the Internet

Real Talk T.O., Real Talk (Click on the logo or on the text Episode 3 to download) Episode 3 Topics: We discuss usage-based billing and the CRTC decision that affects smaller Canadian ISPs and the way Canadians consume media online. Should the Internet...

Episode 1 — Asian Post-Secondary Invasions, (Our) Lake Shore& Ford Haterade

Real Talk T.O., Real Talk Episode 1 Host/Moderator: Pierre Hamilton Guests: Adam Kohn, Project Manager at Kubik and Georges Gabereau, Freelance Web Designer. Topics: Are some Canadian universities “Too Asian,” as Maclean’s reports; Lake Shore (Toronto’...

Episode 2 — Women, WikiLeaks& Lefty Pinkos

Real Talk T.O., Real Talk Host/Moderator: Pierre Hamilton Guests: Tiyana Grulovic, Globe and Mail Style Editor; Andrew Addison, PR Guru; Adam Kohn, Project Manager, Kubik. Topics: The Rise of Women in the Workforce; WikiLeaks; Don Cherry and the lefty ...