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Evgeny Morozov in conversation

In a joint Demos and Prospect Magazine podcast Tom Chatfield of Prospect interviews Evgeny Morozov, one of the key thinkers on the relationship between politics and the internet.
Demos author

The Power Gap

Listen to the launch of a new Demos power map with Dan Leighton, the author of the report, James Purnell MP and David Finkelstein of The Times. The map represents a new way of looking at power in contemporary societies.
Demos author

Bill Ivey and Expressive Lives

In June Demos launched 'Expressive Lives', a collection of essays about why expression is important for our citizenship and democracy. Just after the launch, Peter Bradwell and Samuel Jones caught up with Bill Ivey, whose book Arts Inc. inspired the wo...
Demos author

Hasan Bakhshi on 'Measuring Intrinsic Value'

Demos' Samuel Jones talks to Hasan Bakhshi, Director of Creative Industries at Nesta, about how economics can provide the tools to 'measure' and validate the intrinsic value of art. Hasan is co-author of 'Measuring intrinsic Value', and here argues tha...
Demos author

Compelling or compulsion? Young people and volunteering

On 2nd June Demos hosted a roundtable, with 'V', looking at new MORI research into young people's attitudes to volunteering. Is it a good idea to compel young people to perform a kind of national civic service? Or should volunteering be something young...
Demos author

The Mobile Conference

A podcast about The Mobile Conference, a day-long event held by Camberwell School of Art and South London Gallery. It follows Demos' work with Peckham Space looking at the relationship between art and social change. After some clips from the closing pa...
Demos author

Community Resilience: Social media

Can social media help make people and communities more resilient? Head of Demos' Security programme Charlie Edwards talks to Dominic Campbell of FutureGov; David Steven of Global Dashboard; and Justin Kerr-Stevens, strategic communications expert.
Demos author

What does it mean to be progressive?

This week Demos launches a new project called 'Progressive Conservatism'. Here, Demos Director Richard Reeves discusses what he means by progressive. He touches on how progressive the political parties are, whether the economic downturn threatens progr...
Demos author

Community Resilience: the voluntary effect

What is the role of volunteers and volunteering in helping to build community resilience? Charlie Edwards talks to Jacqui Campbell, of Dacorum Borough Council; Mary Dhonau of the National Flood Forum; Martin Fenlon of the Emergency Planning College; Ka...
Demos author

The US elections

Last Monday, 20th October, we hosted a fantastic panel discussion about the upcoming US elections. Demos director Richard Reeves chaired, and we welcomed Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland; Rick Perlstein, author of 'Nixonland'; Jim Sciutto, Senior ...
Demos author

St. Mungo's on Health and Homelessness

Jack Stilgoe spesks to Peter Cockersell of St. Mungo's about the challenges of addressing the combined issues of health and homelessness, and their campaign, Homelessness: it makes you sick.
Demos author

Liam Byrne on A More United Kingdom

Liam Byrne, Minister for Borders and Immigration, talks to Demos' Peter Harrington about his new pamphlet A More United Kingdom. In it, he argues that shared standards are the secret to preserving harmony in a more diverse society.
Demos author

Social Change and Contemporary Art

Sam Jones talking at a Peckham Space event on the relationship between art and social change. The podcast features clips from talks by Harold Offeh, Saul Albert of the People Speak, and excerpts from the audience discussion.
Demos author

George Osborne 'On Fairness'

On Wednesday, Shadow Chancellor George Osborne delivered a speech at Demos entitled 'On Fairness'. In this Demos podcast you can listen to our new Director Richard Reeves' introduction to the event, and the Shadow Chancellor's speech.
Demos author

Hello everybody...Clay Shirky at Demos

We had the pleasure of hosting Clay Shirky in the Demos event space yesterday lunchtime. He was in conversation with Demos Associate and School of Everything CEO Paul Miller, talking around the ideas thrown up by his book Here Comes Everybody.
Demos author

Wicked Jihad

This week, Jamie Bartlett explains why we need to understand what the appeal of al-Qaeda might be, from a sense of adventure and feelings of personal agency through to street credibility.
Demos author

The Politics of Public Behaviour

Duncan O'Leary talks about the role of government in influencing people's decision making, arguing that this is a new battleground for politics.
Demos author

Talking Cures

Duncan O'Leary catches up with Jack and Faizal, to talk about their new pamphlet The Talking Cure. Jack and Faizal explain why the future of the NHS will not just be secured by structural or organisational reforms from the top. We need to also think ab...
Demos author

Going Dutch

Over tea in the Demos kitchen, Rachel Briggs caught up with David Goodhart, editor of Prospect magazine, and Professor Paul Schnabel, General Director of the Social and Cultural Planning Office of the Netherlands, after the third and final seminar in a...
Demos author

The Everyday Democracy Index

The Everyday Democracy Index sets out the first attempt to measure how powerful citizens from a range of countries are in everyday spheres of life - such as neighbourhoods, workplaces, and even the family. Here, Duncan O'Leary talked to authors Kirsten...
Demos author

Be a Podcast: Career Innovation

In this episode of the Be A Podcast series, Peter Bradwell spoke to Jonathan Winter and Tony DiRomualdo of Career Innovation, authors of The Manifesto for the New Agile Workplace. The Manifesto set out to identify people's attitudes towards non-traditi...
Demos author

Making It Personal

Just before the launch of the pamphlet Making it Personal at a day-long conference, Peter Bradwell spoke to two of the authors, Niamh Gallagher and Jamie Bartlett. The pamphlet explores the next stage of a personalising approach to public services: peo...
Demos author

The Dreaming City/Glasgow 2020

Glasgow 2020 was a project to imagine the future of Glasgow through storytelling, wish-making and a series of discussions with people across Glasgow. It was an experiment in ways to improve the relationship between the people that live in a city, and t...
Demos author

Community Based Counter-Terrorism

Last week Jamie Bartlett gave a lecture about community based approaches to counter terrorism in Canada - the terror threat may come from global networks, but it’s in local communities that young Muslims become radicalised. Jamie's lecture makes up thi...
Demos author

Out Of Step

There is a new pamphlet about the future of the British Armed Forces. "Out of Step - The case for change in the British Armed forces" argues that the armed forces are constrained from responding to the 21st century challenges by tradition and hierarchy...
Demos author

One healthy conversation

Last Thursday, we hosted a conversation among various people interested in the changes to the ways that patients talk to doctors and to each other. Here you can hear the talks from Harry Cayton and Angela Coulter, who have both been at the heart of deb...
Demos author

So what *do* you do?

In this podcast, Jack Stilgoe talks with Charlie Tims, co-author of the pamphlet "So, what do you do?". Charlie talks about why the Creative Industries matter, and the crucial role of public policy in supporting the creative economy.
Demos author

Seen and Heard

Celia Hannon, Joost Beunderman and Peter Bradwell, authors of Seen and Heard, argue that children have been written out of public space - they can stay inside, go to the park or they can forget it. But rather than containing kids in playgrounds and ska...
Demos author

Cultural Diplomacy

John Holden, Samuel Jones and Kirsten Bound discuss their pamphlet 'Cultural Diplomacy', published earlier this year. The report looks at the emerging role of culture in international relations, and how our perceptions of the world around us are shaped...
Demos author

Catching up in an age of global english

Samuel Jones and Peter Bradwell talk about their pamphlet "As you like it". Sitting outside St. Paul's Cathedral a few weeks ago, they talk about how globalisation is changing English and has removed the natural competitive advantage it used to assure ...
Demos author

Cultural Value

After the recording of the radio 4 show National Treasures last Wednesday, John Holden and Robert Hewison met in a pub to a record a podcast with Charlie Tims. They discussed why an understanding of cultural value can address the "crisis of legitimacy"...
Demos author

Carbon neutralizers

Molly Webb, one of the co-authors of The Disrupters, talks about why, if we are going to make the transition to a low-carbon society, we need to develop entirely different ways of building, travelling, shopping and even eating. It is the Disruptors - p...
Demos author


The Bristol Urban Beach was an attempt by Melissa Mean, head of the Self-Build Cities programme to create a new kind of public space in Bristol. Here, on the beach itself, Melissa explains how it happened and why on earth, of all things, a think tank s...
Demos author

Service Design

Sophia Parker discusses the pamphlet "The Journey to the Interface". She explains how users of public services such as Education and Health can inform how those services are designed and used - an approach that is "less about competition and contestabi...
Demos author


Simon and Sophia Parker, the editors of Demos collection Unlocking Innovation, discuss why innovation in public services doesn’t come from spanking new computers, policy gurus or, for that matter, think tank whizz kids but from public service designers...
Demos author

Collaboration Nation

Simon Parker, Head of Public Services at Demos, discussing the Demos collection Collaborative State. Simon argues that if we want to sustain public service improvements into the next decade, then we need a new generation of reform that builds on experi...
Demos author

Nanodialogues Podcast

Jack Stilgoe talks through his public engagement experiments that bought groups of people together with scientists to discuss the implications of nanotechnology.
Demos author

EasyJet to EasyCare?

What might a care ethic in policy look like? Compassionate conservatism? Big brands? Would you entrust your granny to EasyCare the way you entrust your luggage to EasyJet? Listen to Charlie Leadbeater's talk at the Demos Care Conference on March 21st ...
Demos author

Be a Podcast: DK - Mediasnackers

DK is the founder of Mediasnackers - a blog looking at the changing ways young people are interacting with new digital technologies. Here, he explains who mediasnakers are and how the generational divide is not between mediasnackers and their parents b...
Demos author

Be a Podcast: Bryony Randall

Dr Bryony Randall is a lecturer at The University of Glamorgan, author of “Modernism, Daily Time and Everyday Life” (Cambridge University Press), a work of literary criticism looking at the conceptions of “everyday life” in modernist writing. Here she ...
Demos author

Be a Podcast: Tim Drake

Tim Drake is an entrepreneur, speaker and writer. In this podcast he argues that the falling price of material goods and an increasing awareness of problems around us, are leading more people to want to make a difference to the people around them.
Demos author

Look Into My Ideas Podcast

A podcast from the Look Into My Ideas event; a record of what happened, why people were there and what some of their ideas were. After an introduction from Charlie Tims, we spoke to Baroness Lola Young and some of the other participants who had found u...
Demos author

Be a Podcast: Mark Irving

Mark Irving is a journalist and broadcaster. Based on research at some of Britain's top art galleries, including Tate Britain and the Serpentine, here Mark looks at approaches for harnessing the collective intelligence of employees.
Demos author

Be a Podcast: Anamaria Wills

Anamaria Wills is the Chief Executive of the Creative Industries Development Agency (CIDA). In this podcast she talks about what distinguishes Creative Entrepreneurs from normal entrepreneurs and why institutions aren’t configured to support them.
Demos author

Be a Podcast: Richard Sandell

Richard Sandell, Deputy Head of Department of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester, talks about the role of museums in combating prejudice. The Be a Podcast series invited people to record a Demos podcast about their ideas, research or project...
Demos author

Their Space

Hannah Green and Celia Hannon talking about the report Their Space: Education for a Digital Generation, which explores the skills that young people are learning through their use of new technologies.
Demos author


Just prior to his talk, Ian Bremmer discussed nations, states, openness and his theory of J-Curves with Catherine Fieschi.
Demos author

Science and Society

Professor Kathy Sykes, Collier Professor of Public Engagement in Science and Engineering at Bristol University in conversation with Jack Stilgoe. Kathy and Jack talk about the legitimacy of scientists to act in the public interest, and the role of the ...
Demos author

Alright! Stop, Collaborate and Listen.

Hannah Lownsbrough and Charlie Edwards John Reid's Demos talk, and how information sharing and a new approach to community relations should sit at the heart of building our collective security.
Demos author

Security Podcast

Charlie Edwards talks about Demos' recent work on security, and puts a bit of flesh on what it means to think of security as something that is collaboratively produced by people and professionals.
Demos author