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On each episode of our podcast we discuss a person, text, or issue in the broader world of Patristic studies. We assume that you know nothing about the topics we discuss (maybe not even how to pronounce the names!) and give a solid introduction to the subject.

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An Irreverent Discussion on Our Most Revered Traditions
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Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author  
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Episode 9: Emperor Worship and American Idolatry

What do ancient Rome and modern America have in common? What can we learn from early martyrs about how to view the empires of this world? Jake Raabe joins us to discuss.
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Episode 8: Tertullian (Interview with David E. Wilhite)

Dr. David E. Wilhite is Professor of Christian Theology at Baylor's Truett Seminary. In this episode, he joins us to talk about Tertullian the African and his upcoming book on Ancient African Christianity.
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Episode 7: Athanasius

Episode 7 traces the life, thought, and writings of one of the most important people in church history: Athanasius. This saint is revered for his fight against Arianism. But is the traditional picture of Athanasius true?
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Episode 6: Constantine

In 274 CE a hero was born. Or a demon, depending on how you look at him.
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Mini Episode 5 – The Evolution of the Pope

The episode tracks the idea of authority figures in the church from the days of the New Testament to the first modern-style pope, Julius of Rome (337-352 C.E.).
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Mini Episode 4: Lent

The Lenten Fast is one of Christianity's oldest traditions. In this episode, Tylor discusses the history and meaning of this sacred season.
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Mini Episode 3: The Nicene Creed

The Nicene Creed is unquestionably the most important document in church history. In some circles the text of the creed is simply synonymous with "orthodoxy." In this episode Gerhard explains the creed and its meaning line by line.
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Episode 5: Arius

If you know anything about early church history, you've probably heard of the Council of Nicaea and the heretic, Arius. But the story is shrouded in mystery. In this episode, we try to untangle the web of legends and lies to find the true story of Ariu...
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Mini Episode 2: What is Heresy?

As modern Christian leaders continue to call their opponents "heretics," it might be a good idea to understand what heresy actually is. Tylor hosts this mini episode and discusses what the early church meant by the term.
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Episode 4: John Chrysostom

St. John Chrysostom’s unmatched skill in public speaking led him to become one of the most famous preachers in his own day and in ours. Paradoxically, it also led to his own death. Listen to this episode to find out how he became such a great speaker, ...
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Mini Episode 1: Ephrem on the Nativity

In this episode, Gerhard talks about St. Ephrem the Syrian. Ephrem might rightly be called the Church's greatest theologian-poet. Listen to this episode and you'll find out exactly why, as Gerhard reads one of his hymns on the Nativity.
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Episode 3: Origen

In this episode we introduce you to one of the most famous--or infamous--church fathers: Origen of Alexandria, who was the first Gentile Church Father to learn the Hebrew Language, who created a way to interpret scripture that dominated Christian exege...
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Episode 2: The Didache

On this episode we discuss The Didache, one of the earliest and therefore most important texts from early Christianity. The Didache is so early that it claims to have been written by the Apostles themselves. This little document was believed by many of...
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author

Episode 1: Introduction

This episode introduces the podcast and answers the question: Why study Patristics?
Tylor Standley and Gerhard StĂĽbben author