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Plot Culture is the Culture Crash YOU NEED! We are all about reconciling progressive ideas with an enjoyment of cinema history and culture. We take a moderate but critical view towards older films, both in their storytelling and their substance, while promoting and striving for better representation in modern films.
We also watch modern TV shows, like Dancing with the Stars, and fuel you with our opinions, which we've been told can be used to keep you warm in the winter.

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Podcast: Naked Gun 2

The Naked Gun 2 – or The Naked Gun 1 with a little less cringe, a little more wonk, and a lot of Priscilla PresleyThe postPodcast: Naked Gun 2 appeared first onPlot Culture.
Plot Culture author


What’s better than bad kung fu? Bad KungFu that deconstructs the white savior trope! Check out PlotCulture’s take on Big TROUBLE in Little ChinaThe postPodcast: BIG TROUBLE in LITTLE CHINA appeared first onPlot Culture.
Plot Culture author

Podcast: Not Another Teen Movie

NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE!?!?!?!   PlotCulture tackles the teen movie satire – Not Another Teen Movie. Between Chris Evans Banana Split and the epic Prom musical number, can the girls name all the film references?The postPodcast: Not Another Teen Movie ap...
Plot Culture author

Podcast: Barbarella– QUEEN OF THE GALAXY!!!

Barbarella – Queen of the Galaxy Plot Culture delves into the seedy underbelly of old softcore sci-fi cult classic Barbarella. Does it hold up to the test of time… or feminism? Scifi spaceships never looked so…..furry?The postPodcast: Barbarella – QUEE...
Plot Culture author

Podcast: The Naked Gun!

PLOTCULTURE REVIEWS THE NAKED GUN! If you like spoofs, slapstick, and Leslie Nielsen, …well you’ve probably already seen this movie. But you haven’t heard our opinion on it and that’s clearly what is missing in your life. If you haven’t seen the film, ...
Plot Culture author

Podcast: Calamity Jane

PlotCulture reviews the classic Doris Day musical “Calamity Jane.”  Saddle up Cowboys and get ready for a rolicking rip roaring adventure into the Old West….of 1950s Hollywood Musicals anyway. A story based very very loosely (READ: Not at all) on the l...
Plot Culture author

Podcast: 007 SPECTRE Predictions and Bond Talk- No Spoilers!

We here at PlotCulture have a deep and abiding love of all things Bond. In fact, we started the podcast as a way to talk about James Bond. We are major Bond (fan)Girls. So in this episode of PlotCulture, recorded BEFORE seeing the new James Bond film S...
Plot Culture author

Podcast: PlotCulture Interviews Amber Benson

Interview with a Vampire Slayer’s Best Friend’s Girlfriend’s Actress, Who is now an awesome Writer/Director/Actress/Person in the Alive Box.   PlotCulture interviews Amber Benson, the Director/Writer/Actress best known for her role of Tara McClay in th...
Plot Culture author

Podcast: Mortal Kombat + Drinking Game!

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! Ready. Set. FIGHT! Today we are reviewing the 1995 film Mortal Kombat, based on the video games of the same name. This film is epic(ly bad)! With Puppets! and Fight Scenes! and Human Corpse Candle Holders! (ew…) We at Plot Culture thi...
Plot Culture author

Podcast– Netflix Original Series: Richie Rich

Generally speaking, Netflix Originals are things to be savored, cooed over, and adored. And then you get Netflix Original “Richie Rich” Reboot. Richie Rich, as a series, is the atomic wasteland of Netflix original programming, and not in a fun Dystopia...
Plot Culture author

Podcast: Fifth Element

Topaz Tallywhacker here to report on the epic scifi flick The Fifth Element! It seems that the planet of Culture in the Galaxy of Plot has sent out a new radio transmission! These transmissions have been getting more and more frequent lately and we her...
Plot Culture author