Pioneering Today with Melissa K. Norris

Inspiring your faith and pioneer roots. Modern homesteading, heirloom gardening, food preservation, and traditional cooking.

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Pioneering Today focuses on inspiring your faith and pioneer roots with Melissa K. Norris and all aspects of old-fashioned living from heirloom gardening, preserving the harvest, cooking from scratch, raising livestock, traditional kitchen and skills, faith, family, frugal living, and modern homesteading.
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Sheet Mulching: the Easy Way to Build Soil & Compost in Layers

This is my favorite "lazy" way to compost and build up our vegetable garden soil. If you didn't get to cover crops or a traditional compost pile, you're going to love my sheet mulching method. Learn which manures are best and what materials I prefer fo...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading author

When Butchering a Cow the Best Cuts of Meat to Get

What you need to know to get the best cuts of meat on your cut and wrap order, what to tell the butcher, and the cuts you MUST ask for that the butcher won't offer unless you do. Learn how to make sure you get the most out of your beef and choose the b...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading author

Baking Hacks & Tips for Busy Nights: How to Freeze Dough

These baking hacks and tips show you how to freeze dough for delicious and easy homemade baked goods during busy nights and times without sacrificing any time or flavor! It can be a struggle to always get homemade food served, but these tips come in ha...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading author

Grass Fed Beef - What You Need to Know on Butcher Day

When raising grass fed beef there are key things you need to know on butcher day to get the most out of your cow. What to do before the butcher arrives and what cuts to ask for, and some are going to surprise you. How to get the best flavor on your mea...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading author

How to Grow Vegetables All Year: Plant Covers for Cold Weather Gardening

How to have vegetables growing all year long (or as close as possible), including which plants will still grow during frosts and hard freezes, which ones can be left in the ground, and for those more tender veggies, how to use plant covers to extend th...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading author

6 Tips for Hygge Style Living on the Homestead

Learn what hygge means and 6 tips for implementing it on the homestead (and why you should!). Melissa talks with Kathie from seasonal homespun living on why embracing hygge during the winter months is good for both the body and soul and practical tips ...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading author

Bread Baking Tips for the Perfect Loaf (including sourdough)

Snag these tips for bread baking to help you get the perfect homemade loaf. If you've ever had bread turn out too dense and heavy or your sandwich loaves are crumbly or too dry, these tips will help you turn them into delicious perfectly textured loave...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading author

Cheap Garden Ideas for Your Homestead that Make a Big Impact

These cheap (or free) garden ideas will save you money and have a big impact on your garden and homestead success. Melissa dives in with Amy from the Sow Edible Podcast on how to improve red clay soil, an easy cheap (and all natural) way to fertilize a...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading author

How to Improve Soil Health- the single BIGGEST factor on garden success

Almost all of your garden success comes back to the health of your soil and learning how to improve soil health is the answer to virtually every gardening issue you have. Plants not actually producing food, stunted growth, lots of green growth but your...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading author

7 Health Benefits of Maple Syrup & Ways to Use It

Learn the surprising health benefits of maple syrup, an old-fashioned sweetener with wonderful properties beyond the flavor, that no other sweetener has, from antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals, immune boosting, prebiotic and more. PlusĀ usin...
Melissa K. Norris author

How to Treat Fruit Trees Organically: When to Spray for Disease

6 tips on how to treat fruit trees organically and when to spray for disease and pests. Learn what steps to take now in the fall for your fruit trees to decrease pest and disease load, what times of year to spray your fruit trees organically, and optio...
Melissa K. Norris author

Self Sufficient Homesteading Tips for the Long Haul

Self sufficient homesteading tips for the long haul from beginning your homestead journey to more experienced. Melissa talks with Anna who started her homesteading journey in a city apartment and in just four years has moved out of the city to their ho...
Melissa K. Norris author

How to Care for Berry Plants in the Fall (to increase next year's harvest)

Learn what to do with your berry plants in the fall to increase your harvest next year. How to evaluate overall health and location of the plants, when to move the plants if need be, fertilize and mulching, and more so you have the best berry productio...
Melissa K. Norris author

Raised Bed Gardening Tips - 9 Things You Need to Know

Raised bed gardening tips, we'll discuss the pros and cons of raised beds, which type of soil and crops are best for raised beds, what you need to consider before constructing, weed management and pest/animal solutions with raised beds with Melissa and...
Melissa K. Norris author

5 Tips for Organic Pest Control for Vegetable Gardens

Learn organic pest control for vegetable gardens. Melissa shares how to identify which organic options is the right one, preventative vs infestation use, plus her two favorite options, one is a powder and one is a spray that are like a swiss army knife...
Melissa K. Norris author

Best Herbal Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

Learn how to choose the best herbal home remedies during the cold and flu season for your body. Melissa interviews clinical herbalist Rosalee De La Foret on how to use the 4 components of energetics when you're not feeling well to determine which herb ...
Melissa K. Norris author

What is Organic Gardening & How to Start Using Organic Practices at Home

What is organic gardening and how to incorporate these practices into a home garden. Learn what organic gardening actually means, tips on how identify if your soil is organic and steps to take if it's not to get it there. Do you need organic seed and s...
Melissa K. Norris author

How to Improve Soil for Gardening *Win my families 100-year-old strain of bean seed

Healthy garden soil is the foundation of your entire garden. If you get this right, you'll drastically improve your harvest and health of your plants. These tips break down what you need to look at in your soil, where to improve it, and how to improve ...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading Educator author

Plant these Herbal Flowers from Seed Now for Spring

A few quick time saving tips on getting your medicinal herbal flowers ready now for next spring. What to do with the flowers you have in the garden this year and how to get a jump start on next spring's herbal flowers, especially those that require see...
Melissa K. Norris author

9 Garden Hacks to do This Fall for a Better Garden Next Year

These 9 garden hacks will help you access this year's garden to increase next year's harvest and give you a clear plan of action to improve your garden to fit you and your families needs. Melissa walks you through how to look at this year's harvest yie...
Melissa K Norris author

5 Tips to Harvest Herbal Flowers for Medicinal Purposes

Learn the best time to harvest your herbal flowers for medicinal purposes. Melissa walks you through her favorite top pics for medicinal herbal flowers, how to use all 3 parts of the echinacea, as well as lavender, chamomile, and calendula. You'll get ...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading Educator author

9 Tips How to Prepare for Emergencies and Winter on the Homestead

Learn these 9 tips on how to prepare for winter and emergencies on the homestead now. Melissa walks you through where to start if you're beginning, how to do so without being overwhelmed, and where to build once you have your foundation so you're prepa...
Melissa K. Norris author

5 Tips to Reduce Liquid Loss in Canning Jars

Siphoning, or liquid loss after canning, is common among canning problems. Learn these 5 easy steps to help prevent it and the guidelines for safety (when is too much liquid loss unsafe). What you need to know about headspace, temps, and more in this c...
Melissa K. Norris Homesteading Educator author

8 Tips on How to Cure Onions for Winter Storage

Learn how to cure onions for long term winter storage, how to pick the best spot for drying, two methods to use for drying your onions (pro's and con's of each) and how long to cure onions before bringing them inside to store for winter.Ā For video and ...
Melissa K. Norris author

How to Harvest Onions for Long Term Storage

Learn how to harvest onions at the right time for best long term storage, what to do if onions have bolted (flowered), and best type of onions for winter storage on the pantry shelf.Ā For video and full blog post show notes go to https://melissaknorris....
Melissa K. Norris author

Pole Bean Growing Guide When to Pick for Eating, Shelling & Seed

Your pole bean growing guide, we'll go over when to pick pole beans based on the different stages for eating, shelling and seed saving. Troubleshoot common pole bean problems, like blossoms but no beans, hot weather and frosts, and benefits of pole bea...
Melissa K Norris Modern Homesteading Mentor author

14 Vegetables to Plant in August for Fall Garden Crops

Learn what to plant in August for fall and winter garden crops. Melissa breaks how to tailor planting time for your gardening zone and climate, what should be done from seed, and what plants can be put in as seedlings. This is a great way to get as clo...
Melissa K. Norris author

Canning in Electric Pressure Cookers & Other Pressure Canning Questions

Canning in electric pressure cookers and other pressure canning questions. What you NEED to know about using electric pressure cookers as a pressure canner (despite what the manual may say), what to do if the pressure falls, using well water in canners...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading Mentor author

5 Tips on How to Avoid Overwhelm on the Homestead

5 tips on how to avoid overwhelm on the homestead, because let's face it, this old-fashioned way of life, it adds another layer of work and tasks. It's worth it, oh is it worth it, but it's important to make sure we're enjoying the process and not allo...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading Mentor author

Best Way to Water Your Vegetable Garden Organically Increase Harvest & Eliminate Disease

The best ways to water your vegetable garden to help organically increase your harvest yield and eliminate disease, all in the way you water your vegetables! Melissa shares how often to water your vegetables in summer and best techniques for both the p...
Melissa K. Norris Modern Homesteading Mentor author

How to Make Money Homesteading - Earning a Living from Your Homestead

How one makes money homesteading, they went from the suburbs to their homestead and earning their living on their homestead in three years time. Melissa talks to Todd fromĀ Sustainable Simple Living Family about their main forms of income from their hom...
Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader author

How to Design a Cottage Garden - Forgotten Medicinal & Edible Plants

Learn how to design a cottage garden or pull elements of one into your own yard. Melissa interviews Carolyn Thomas of Homesteading Family for a close up look of creating a cottage garden with plants that have forgotten medicinal and edible properties. ...
Melissa K. Norris author

How to Store Home Canned Food Safely - Jar Stacking & Canning Rings

Learn how to store you home canned foods safely, what the official sources actually say about storing jars with the canning rings (bands) on or off and what you need to know about jar stacking. Which practices Melissa uses on her canning of 600+ jars a...
Melissa K. Norris author

Tips for Home Food Preservation - Seasonal Preserving Each Month

Use these pro tips for home food preservation so you know which foods are ready seasonally by the month and the best ways to handle and preserve them so you aren't overwhelmed with all the summer produce coming on, either from your garden or purchased ...
Melissa K. Norris Homesteading Podcast author

Off Grid Living - What You Need to Know Before Starting

What it's really like to live off grid, tips you can take and use now, even if you're not off grid, and if you're planning to go that way, what you need to know before starting. Melissa interviews Doug & Stacy, a couple of self-proclaimed city slic...
Melissa K. Norris author

8 Medicinal Herbs and Their Uses for Growing an Herbal Tea Garden

Learn how to use and grow these 8 medicinal herbs and their uses for an easy herbal tea garden. Harvesting tips, medicinal uses and preparations, cautions to be aware of and best growing tips. Know which do best in containers, location, and growing hab...
Melissa K. Norris author

5 Tips to Maximize Your Garden Yield & Beat Overwhelm

Use these 5 tips to maximize your garden yield (aka more vegetables) & beat overwhelm. How to ensure you have a continual harvest of fresh vegetables rather than a huge glut all at once for your non-preserving crops, how to make sure you don't miss...
Melissa K. Norris author

10 Tomato Growing Tips - Secrets to a Disease Free Large Tomato Harvest

In this podcast, Melissa shares 10 tomato growing tips from planting, what your leaves are telling you your tomato plants are low on, how to avoid blight and blossom end rot, crop rotation, if indeterminate or determinate tomato varieties are best for ...
Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader author

How to Start Beekeeping- Beginners Guide to Natural Beekeeping

Learn how to start beekeeping with in depth guide on choosing the right place for your hives, types of hives, where to buy bees, how to choose the best bees based on your climate, what supplies you must have to get started (and some frugal options), wh...
Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader author

Natural Weed Control & Heirloom Flowers in the Garden

In this episode Melissa and guest Shaye Elliot from the Elliot Homestead share their tips for natural weed control at planting time so you can spend less time weeding and more time enjoying your garden, especially with the addition of heirloom flowers....
Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader author

Traditional Fire Cider Recipe & Benefits Guide Rosemary Gladstar

In this episode Melissa shares about traditional fire ciderā„¢ including it's medicinal benefits, recipe, and the controversy involving trademarks of old time herbal remedies and recipes. Melissa brings on Rosemary Gladstar, one of the founders of the fi...
Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader author

Urban Homesteading - Tips for Small Space Self-Sufficiency

Learn how to homestead in small spaces for self-sustainability with both a garden and your own meat practicing urban homesteading. How to evaluate your space for maximum crops, what to raise instead of chickens if they're against the law where you live...
Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader author

Best Way to Germinate Seeds - How to Germinate Seeds Faster

Learn some easy tips to germinate your seeds, aka, get the seeds to sprout and grow faster. Because the faster your seeds sprout the sooner you get to harvest. Plus, how to gauge the weather for the fastest growth of your seeds. For all the links and r...
Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader author

How Much Time Does it Take to Raise a Year's Worth of Food

Learn how much time it really takes to raise a year's worth of food, can you really raise a large vegetable garden and fruit with just 2 hours of work per week? Melissa breaks down the amount of hands on time they spend on their fruit plants and vegeta...
Melissa K. Norris author

Traditional Cooking Tips to Get Homemade Food On Your Table Every Day

Get real life tips on how to get homemade traditional foods on the table every day when you're busy, plus, some confessions on what it really looks like in a homesteader's kitchen and how cooking like Ma Ingalls meets real life. Join Melissa and Jill f...
Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader author

Spring Gardening Tips to Increase Harvest Yield To Do Now

These easy spring gardening tips with help increase your harvest yield and the amount of fruit and vegetables you bring in this summer. Do these now during early spring to set yourself up for an exceptional growing season. Learn how to apply these tips...
Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader author

10 Unique Heirloom Vegetables To Grow In Your Home Garden

Learn why every garden should have heirloom vegetables growing in it and some of our favorite 10 unique heirloom vegetables to grow in your garden and homestead this year. Why heirloom seeds are the true homesteading garden seed and what makes them so ...
Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader author

6 Tips to Prepare for a Snow Storm Homesteader Style

How to prepare for a snow storm or any extreme weather emergency on your homestead without running to the stores or heading out into the weather. Melissa shares the exact steps she goes through when a storm is on the way, including livestock prep. Get ...
Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader author

5 Tips to Starting an Orchard & Growing Fruit

Starting an orchard with the correct fruit trees and berry plants for your climate is crucial to getting a harvest. Choose the correct variety and pollination type for your area with these tips. Melissa walks you through the best fruit types for small ...
Melissa K. Norris 5th Generation Homesteader author

How to Use Herbs and Natural Remedies At Home

Learn how to use herbs and natural remedies, how to build your own natural medicine cabinet using plants that you can either grow at home or get fairly easily, and when to use home remedies and when to turn to modern medicine. All this and more as Meli...
Melissa K. Norris author