PHONOGRAPHY: Writing In Sound

Think This American Life. Think Radio Lab. Phonography is a collection of stories that tries to blur the lines between literature and news, memoir and music.

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Stories By Ryan Scammell
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The Horologist

A man obsessed with time builds a house that's a giant clock.
Ryan Scammell author


Finally you can watch the entirety of "IMMUNE!" now released in all 4 parts (plus a prologue) Part fiction, part narrative, part superhero origin story (kinda), part personal narrative, part graphic novel, the film takes a deep...


Blind people playing baseball?  Yeah.  That's right.   All you need is a ball that beeps.(photo credit: "baseball" by theseanster93 via flickr creative commons)

Go Do by Jonsi

As a small change of pace from the rest of the podcast, here's a short music video I put together made entirely out of letters.  The video was created for a two-week run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as part of a live show I was doing alongside come...

Door Belle

The alternate title for this was going to be the Isaac Hayes-esque "Girl, I Wanna Get You In My Belly Button T-Shirt Hole" but the mp3 title field wouldn't fit it.  But now that you know that, I mean, c'mon, aren't you curious....? 

Beneath the Surface (ENHANCED)

Because this is a much longer piece than I normally produce, and because in writing it, it naturally broke down into seven distinct parts, I wanted to give the listener the option of listening to the piece as a whole or to each section individually. So...

Beneath the Surface

This project started because I was interested in the hundreds of towns around America that have been evacuated and then purposely flooded in order to make reservoirs. In many cases, the streets, the buildings, still exist underwater. When droughts ha...

A Lesson in Social Confusion: Or How I Essentially Became a Street Kabuki Performer Entirely By Accident

I mean, seriously... The piece is 3 1/2 minutes. With a title like that, do I really have to write a description to convince you to listen to it? (Non-fiction?)

Stories of Lost and Found #4: Through the Window and Across the Street

Ryan Scammell finds some pages from a young girls' diary (?) in the closet in his apartment building. He reads us something she had written about the deaf man who lived across the street from her and what happened when she finally tried to talk to him....

Stories of Lost and Found #2: A Phone Conversation

When a woman finds the wind-chimes she made in 8th grade shop class, she calls an old friend to talk about the thing they did and why she still can't forgive herself. If you're interested, please visit the website for information about the origins of t...

How To Be A Man...(sort of)

As a special Thanksgiving episode, this is a story about fathers, sons, the woods, and the never-ending quest to figure out what it means to be a man. (Non-fiction)

Stories of Lost and Found #3: The Letters

One of a series of short-short pieces about things lost and things found. A couple receives a letter from a friend who has been dead for almost a year. (Fiction)

And I Have No Idea What Happened To Him After That

We like to believe that we have control on our lives. That we can sculpt perfect moments around us. That if we put ourselves in the right setting with the right people everything can be everything we want it to be. A few weeks ago, two of my best fri...

One Reason When Visiting Sacred Sites It's Important To Remember That You Are Not An Aboriginal But Grew Up In The Suburbs

Or: How not to commune with foreign cultures. -- I lived in Australia for seven months in 2003 and 2004, almost half of which I spent travelling in a car with my friend Dave and a german girl named Susanne. This is a story about an experience I had at...

The Rabbi

What it means to be 20 years old. (Non-fiction)

A Length of Time is Measured By the Space Between 2 Hands

This is not a radio piece. It's actually the last film that I made. (Which means if you don't have a video ipod you may want to watch this online at For the last two years, it's been sitting in a drawer being watched only by dust-bunn...

The Other

There's a million ways to fall in love, and a million ways to fall apart. Sometimes all it takes is an email. (Non-fiction)

It's Just A Matter of Time

Liza Minnelli is downing red wine in her tour bus. The stagehands all together look like a Judas Priest cover band. Coney Island is a Ferris Wheel slowing to a stop. Andy Warhol! Incubated babies! Lawsuits! Lions in flames! It all comes together at...