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The Pennsic Independent is the newspaper at Pennsic, an SCA event held each summer with over 10,000 attendees. This podcast is run by some of the staff of the Pennsic Independent newspaper. We hope to highlight the many hidden and wonderful aspects of Pennsic.

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A show about Pennsic, the SCA, and fun
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E029 - Duke Cariadoc

Announcements:NoneMain Feature:Interview with David D. Friedman, a.k.a. Duke Cariadoc the Bow.Related Links:
Leif the Grumbler author

E028 - Combat Camera Corps

Announcements:MidRealm& East Kingdom are allies this year.MidRealm, East Kingdom,& Allies use purple tape.Aethelmearc, Atlantia,& Allies use green tape.Known World Auction and GalaHeld on August 7.Photos and descriptions available on http:/...
Leif the Grumbler author

Heralds' Point

This is episode number 27, for May, 2012.Main feature:Interview with Marie de Blois, Herald's Point Coordinator for Pennsic 2012.Related Links:Online System for Commentary And Response:
Leif the Grumbler author

E026 Viking Boat Burning

This is episode number 26, for March, 2012.Main feature:Viking boat burning ceremony.Related Links:Discussion group for the building of the boat:
Leif the Grumbler author

E025 Mapping Pennsic

This is Episode number 25, for January, 2012.Announcements:Pre-registration open:http://www.pennsicwar.orgNew check-in process.Tablets for sign-in at Troll.2 week pre-reg available.$0 pre-reg available.New Android app:
Leif the Grumbler author

E024 Lord Ambros Kyrielle

This is Episode number 24, for November, 2011.Announcements:NoneMain feature:Interview with Lord Ambros Kyrielle, the maker of many chalk labyrinths.Notes:Listener email about episode #11, Zombie Walk at Pennsic 38.Related Links:Email:A.K.Labyrinth@gma...
Leif the Grumbler author

E023 - King Morgan Olander& Queen Lusche della Cassiago of Northshield

This is Episode number 23, for September, 2011.Main feature:Interview with His Royal Highness, Morgan Olander and Her Royal Highness, Lusche della Cassiago, King and Queen of Northshield. Covers Northshield Network News and the Valkyrie Cheerleaders.Re...
Leif the Grumbler author

E022 Beowulf the Event

This is Episode number 22, for July, 2011.Main feature:Interview with creators of Beowulf: The Event.Notes:Beowulf: The Road Show (part 1 of 2) will be performed in N20 on Monday of War Week at 8pm.Beowulf's Beacon:
Leif the Grumbler author

E021 Blue Feather

This is Episode number 21, for June, 2011.Main feature:Interview with Joshua the Imperfect of Clan Blue Feather.Related
Leif the Grumbler author

E020 Torvaldr Torgarson

This is Episode number 20, for April, 2011.Main feature:Interview with Torvaldr Torgarson.Related
Leif the Grumbler author

E019 - Bardic Practice

This is Episode number 19, for February, 2011Main feature:Conversation with Master Toki Redbeard and Lady Aoife Inghean Conchobair about how to start a recurring bardic workshop, being a better SCA performer, and more.
Leif the Grumbler author

E018 - Claus the Toymaker

This is Episode number 18, for December, 2010.Main feature:Interview of Claus the Toymaker
Leif the Grumbler author

E017 - King of Aethelmearc Malcolm MacEoghain

This is Episode number 17, for September, 2010.Main feature:Interview of the King of Aethelmarc, Malcolm MacEoghain
Leif the Grumbler author

E016 - Troll

This is Episode number 16, for July, 2010.Announcements:PI newspaper sold Friday (Aug 6) to Friday (Aug 13).Missing newspaper subscriptions. Contact feature:Interview of Head Troll at Pennsic 38.
Leif the Grumbler author

E015 - Lake Pride

This is Episode number 15, for June, 2010.Main feature:Lake Pride ParadeInterview with Mayor of Morningwood about Lake Pride
Leif the Grumbler author

E014 - Efenwealt Wystle

This is Episode number 14, for April, 2010.Announcements:Back from hiatus.Main feature:Interview of Efenwealt Wystle at Pennsic 37.
Leif the Grumbler author

E013 - Musical Arts and Sciences

This is Episode number 13, for December, 2009. Announcements:Hiatus until April 1, 2010.Request for articles for Complete Main feature:Interview from A&S display at Pennsic 38.
Leif the Grumbler author

E012 - Bunnies

This is Episode number 12, for November, 2009. Main feature: Interview with Maureen from Pink Fuzzy Bunnies
Leif the Grumbler author

E011 - Zombie Walk at Pennsic 38

This is Episode number 11, for October, 2009. Main feature: Interview with Zombie Walk organizers. Bonus Feature: Music by Jonothan Coulton.
Leif the Grumbler author

E010 - After Pennsic 38

This is Episode number 10, for September, 2009. Announcements:New call-in phone number.Show now distributed in higher quality files. Main feature: Some things seen at Pennsic 38. About 15 minutes of audio from the merchant area.
Leif the Grumbler author

E009 - King Andreas Eisfalke Von Ulm

This is Episode number 9, for August, 2009. Main feature: Interview with Andreas Eisfalke Von Ulm, King of the East Kingdom. Announcements:Pennsic now open. Now on Twitter as pipodcast. Archery updates. Pennsic has a lot of rain.
Leif the Grumbler author

E008 - Inside the Pennsic Independent

This is Episode number 8, for July, 2009. Main feature: Interview with Pennsic Independent's publisher and a look at how the paper works. Announcements:Pre-registration is closed.Relocations at Pennsic.A&S class list available.Blood drive.
Leif the Grumbler author

E007 - Fighters

This is Episode number 7, for June, 2009.Main feature: An announcement from the kings of Pennsic 38 is read. We get one fighters thoughts on it, last year's announcement of peace, and related issue.Other topics:Registration deadlinesPost office may cl...
Leif the Grumbler author

E006 - Regnesfolke Pit Pig Roast Massacre

This is Episode number 6, for May, 2009.Main feature:Regnesfolke Pit Pig Roast Massacre * A Song in the general gist of "Alice's Restaurant" * By Sayyida (Lady) Ysoria Baska, known as The Depraved * Performed by John Harvey, with an audience.
Leif the Grumbler author

E005 - Post Pennsic 2008

This is Episode number 5, for December 2008. Main feature: Google maps, chocolate milk change, new McDonalds, Lyme, changing merchants,& no war points. Listener phone number announced. Sounds from the food court.
Leif the Grumbler author

E004 - Peace at the War - Eastern King

This is episode number 4, for August 6, 2008Main Feature:His Royal Magisty Konrad of the East Kingdom joins us with the thoughts behind his surprise announcement at the opening ceremonies.
Leif the Grumbler author

E003 - Peace at the War - MidRealm Herald

This is episode number 3, for August 5, 2008Main Feature:The Dragon Herald of the MidRealm joins us with a report of a surprise announcement at the opening ceremonies.Please note that we should have an interview with His Royal Magisty Konrad of the Eas...
Leif the Grumbler author

E002 - Interview with Michael Longcor

Episode 2 features an interview with Michael Longcor, a.k.a. Duke Baron Moonwulf Starkaaderson, recorded on site at Pennsic 36 in 2007. Also in this show, a few reminders and tips to get you moving toward Pennsic. Links from the show include: SCA Toda...
Leif the Grumbler author

E001 - Episode of Firsts

This is our first episode. It includes an interview with Petra at her first Pennsic, in 2007. Recorded in a small room full of typing and computer noise, so please be kind.
Leif the Grumbler author

E000 - The Show About The Show

This is "episode zero." We cover what this show is and what you can expect from it.
Leif the Grumbler author