Over thinking world events

Producer Bruce never believes conspiracy theories. After Lodge Jason loves them all. Col. Brian loves to call bull. Every show Jason and Bruce will argue about a different Conspiracy while Brian argues against both of them.

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Every show Jason tries to show Bruce a conspiracy theory is true while Bruce shows him all the reasons it not. Col. Brian is along for the ride to mediate and judge.
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The Mini show one

Jason, Bruce and Brian have a chat before starting the next big topic. The C,I.A. leaks , Russian hacking and internet aliens. Which soon because Jason talking about every possible way he see the world ending and Bruce saying we will figure it out.   F...

Paul is dead part four

The last part with our final evidence of Paul being dead. Listen to whats in the last albums and some of after the Beatles split up. At the end you'll hear what we really think and finally hear who swayed Brian. Find us on the web: www.eldoradostudio.n...

Paul is dead? part three

Part three. More reasons for the cover-up. More Sgt. Peppers. Join us next week for the last part of Paul is dead? Find us on the web: www.eldoradostudio.net Join us on Facebook Email us: Overthinkingworldevents@gmail.com Album Art by Jazz Find us on...

Paul is dead ? Part two

We are back with "Paul is dead?" part two. This week cover tours, the butcher cover and Sgt. Peppers on this show make sure you look for part 3 in a week. If you haven't seen it make sure you check out the album art over on eldoradostudio.net/otwe. A a...

Paul is dead episode one

We kick off our premier episode of Over Thinking World Events with the topic of whether Paul McCartney of The Beatles is still the original Paul McCartney. On this show we join Afterlodge Jason, Producer Bruce, Colonel Brian and Amy for an in depth dis...